United Daughters of the Confederacy

Madison Infantry Chapter  #561

Tallulah Louisiana


United Daughters of the Confederacy,

to be located at Tallulah in the parish of Madison, State o f Louisiana.

The said Madison Infantry chapter No. 561 is authorized to perform all acts pertaining to the purposes of this Association, and to enact, for its, own government, such BY-Laws as may be deemed necessary provided they do not conflict with the Charter or Constitution of this Association.

In Testimony of which, we have hereunto affixed our signatures at Nashville, Tenn. this 15th day of March 1902.

signed: Hallie Alexander Rounsaville, President
Mrs. Jm. P. Hickman, Secretary


Mrs. Kate S. Holmes    Mrs. George S. Eisley   Mrs. Ollie M. Demoss

Mrs. Jos. L. Cason        Mrs. C. H. Lucas          Mrs. Wm. H. Harvey

Mrs. J. C. Yerger          Mrs. N. M. Allen         Mrs. Mary B. Yerger

Mrs. V. Noland            Mrs. J. S. Agee             Mrs. J. B. Bonney

Mrs. J. Witherow         Mrs. J. C. Hope            Mrs. E. C. Montgomery

Mrs. A. A Brooks         Mrs. S. O. Erwin          Mrs. M. E. Monette

Mrs. A. L. Slack           Mrs. A. E. Adams        Mrs. Julia M. Hebert

Mrs. A. T. Lane            Mrs. W. B. King          Mrs. W. H. McFarland

Mrs. E. C. Lacey           Mrs. Anna B. Long      Mrs. Virginia B. Evans

Mrs. A. S. Hardy         Mrs. M. Sparrow         Mrs. Charles Coltharp

Mrs. R. S. Adams         Mrs. James Sevier       Mrs. George Montgomery

Mrs. George Sevier      Mrs. Ida V. Johnson    Mrs. Tillie T. Thomas

Miss Amy J. Holmes    Miss Minnie Sparrow  Mrs. Amanda R. Stone

Miss Harvey                Miss Noland                 Miss Etta J. Witherow

Miss A. E. Sevier         Miss Lucy C. Seale       Miss Cornelia Montgomery

Miss Yerger                  Miss Lou Lucas             Miss Ginnie L. Seymore

Miss Cora Slack            Miss Cora McClellan    Miss Olivia Montgomery

Miss Emmie Monette   Miss Annie Currie       Miss Mary R. McFarland

Mrs. Fannie A. Gilpin


---And their successors to associate themselves together under the name and designation of Madison Infantry Chapter # 561.

(From Records of Hermione Museum, Tallulah, Louisiana. May 27, 2002)

Courtesy of Marilyn Bedgood