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Franklin Sharpshooters I am seeking information on men that served in the Franklin Sharpshooters, a company of men raised in Franklin Parish during the Civil War. They became Company E of the 8th Louisiana Infantry. Among the many men that served in this fine unit were German A. Lester, Newton Z. Guice, Joseph Bryan, Marcus Short, James and Samuel Baggett, Charles Small, several members of the Barfield family, A. J. Ensminger, and members of the following families: Ford, Fishel, Haas, Jolly, Kapps, Moore, Nestor, Oglethorpe, Price, Scott, Suddeth, Thorn, West, Youngblood and many more. I am seeking biographical and genealogical information for a regimental history of this fine Regiment and want as much info on the men as possible. Thank to  for his help with this page. "Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Masons" of La. for 1898. The Confederate veterans had a reunion and organization today. Quite a discussion as to what the name of this camp should be. Fitzhugh Lee was suggested, likewise R. E. Lee, R .L. Gibson, Stonewall (Jackson), Joe E. Johnson, General Taylor and Franklin Sharp Shooters but they decided on no one, but finally decided to adopt the last suggested name.

Franklin Sharpshooters Company E, 8th  Louisiana Infantry Regiment 1861 - 1865 Company Roster

Lester, German Albert, Captain Desha, James A., 4th Sgt.
Guice, Newton Zebulon, 1st Lt. Small, Charles, H., 5th Sgt.
Montgomery, Robert, 2nd Lt. Fishel, Charles, 1st Cpl.
Bryan, Joseph B., Jr. 2nd Lt. Guice, Moses Alexander, 2nd Cpl.
Guyer, Richard, 1st Sgt. Glasscock, Egbert A., 3rd Cpl.
Hamilton, Spencer G., 2nd Sgt. Stephens, Edward W., 4th Cpl.
Short, Marquis Augustus, 3rd Sgt. Dawson, R.N. - Surgeon         Guyer, Richard - Orderly 


Abney, Henry C. Covington, John Jefferson Jones, William E. Randolph, Angus B.
Aiken, Charles Dahn, Marcus Kapps, Theodore Raney, James W.
Allen, Abijah Davidson, Tyre S. Kerr, Charles, A. Renfro, Alfred
Allen, Samuel T. Dawson, Robert N. King, James W. Richardson, William H.
Arnold, William Doran, Malachi Lansdown, Frank R. Roark, Rufus
Baggett, James M. Doughten, Joseph B. Larey, Alfred E. Robinson, Edward B.*
Baggett, Samuel V. Doyal, Johnson R. Loper, Edward Ross, John. L.*
Baker, John Wesley* Egan, John Martin, Josiah N. Scott, Henry Montague*
Barfield, Benjamin Franklin* Ellis, Cyrus N. J. McClendon, Joel F. Scott, John D.*
Barfield, Francis M. Ellis, Josseph A. K. B. McGalliard, Samuel W. Scott, Robert Heath*
Barfield, George W. Ensminger, Andrew Jackson McGalliard, William Miller Shamblin, James W.
Barfield, Marion F.* Etier, Isaiah McKenna, Michael J. Sims, Benjamin Francis
Barfield, Zachariah T. Fenley, Joseph A. McKenzie, Allen J. Sisson, William Lane
Barnett, David H. Finley, George R. McVay, John B. Sudduth, James
Barrett, Andrew J. Ford, John D. Miller, George W. Swift, Richard
Barrett, John Foster, Wade H. Moore, Alonzo D. Oliver Tarver, Charles J.
Barry, James Fox, William H. Moore, Lorenzo N. Thomas, Joseph D.
Bigelow, Ira C. Grant, Matthew Moore, Robert Thomas, William A.
Blankenship, William Grant, Thomas Morgan, Louis L. Thomason, Ira G.
Boice, Edwin A. Haas, Isadore Neames, John B. Thomason, John J.
Bradley, Samuel T. Haggard, Jesse M. Nelson, Robert P. Thorn, Benjamin Thomas
Brendtner, Charles Hardesty, John Nestor, Hannibal Thorn, Jesse M.
Broughton, Thomas B. Hawthorne, Washington A. Norton, Edward P. Thorn, Stephen Moore
Burns, Reason Hicks, Thomas W. Norwood, Theophilus B. Tracy, Nathan K.
Bussinger, Anthony Higginbotham, F. Oglethorpe, James M. Vickers, James M.
Cannon, James Hilliard, John F. Oliver, Meredith W. Wall, John G.
Carraway, Charles G. Hindman, James A. Osterhoff, Herman Warner, James M.
Carroll, Alexander Hitt, Charles Pearce, Benjamin F. West, George T.
Carroll, James M. Hootsell, Joseph Peterson, Peter Wicks, James A.
Chambliss, J. W. Howell, James E. Phillips, Isaac Wicks, Wiley G.
Cissna, Theophilus M. Hughes, David Phillips, James E. Wiggins, Francis M.
Coats, Richard D.N. Hughes, James F. Porter, Joseph Wilkinson, Wiley
Coe, Benjamin F. Iler, John J. Posey, Daniel K. Williams, Jeremiah
Comerchi, John Iler, Mayberry A. Posey, David T. Wilson, Ebeneezer M.
Conway, Elijah H. Johns, Joshua O. Prewitt, William H. Wilson, Edward D.
Cook, Henry Johnson, John William Prewitt, William T. Wilson, Marcus L.
Cook, William Jolly, Simeon Price, Pillsworth Word, John W.
Cotton, Benjamin F. Jones, Benjamin A. Rains, Henry Youngblood, Francis M.
Courtney, Edward B.      


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