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                          Note: Distances and locations given are approximate, and "as the crow flies."


Louisiana is the only state in the union to have parishes instead of counties so all CR (county road) designations say PR (parish road).

Place Name


Acme On PR 129; SW portion of parish
Argent Northern Eastern-most portion of parish on Maxwell Rd.
Armagh On PR 129, mid-western portion of parish
Athlone On US Hwy 84 near western edge of parish.
Ballina On PR 566, SE of Dunbarton, near northern edge of parish.
Bayou Cocodrie Nat'l Wildlife Refuge 13,104 acre bottomland hardwood refuge - access Hwy 15.  Write Bayou Cocodrie, P.O. Box 1772, Ferriday, LA 71334
Black Hawk On PR 15, southern portion of parish.
Bougere On MS River, just off PR 15, south of Deer Park
Canebrake & Canebrake Plantation Northern portion of parish, just off MS River on Maxwell Rd.
Clayton (Formerly known as Trivia.)  Northern edge of Parish on the Tensas River. Northern terminus of US 65.
Crosby Off PR 15, south of Deer Park
Deer Park On MS River, south of Vidalia on PR 15.
Delhi Plantation North East portion of Parish on Maxwell Rd.
Delhoste At PR 129 & Black Hawk - Acme Levee Road, southern part of parish.
Dunbarton Northern edge of parish, on PR 566, Dunbarton Levee Rd. On the Tensas River.
Elkhorn On PR 566, south of Dunbarton
Esperance Landing On MS River, south of Vidalia - Due east of Deer Park
Eva On PR 129 at local road 907 - western boundary of parish
Fairview South of Deer Park off PR 15. Near MS River
Ferriday -
Frogmore On US 65/84, west of Ferriday - at Junction of PR 566.
Gibson Landing Northern portion of parish on MS River off PR 569 and Maxwell Rd.
Helena Was located very close to Ferriday.  Location of the Concordia Lumber Company from the 1890s to about 1904, operating a post office called Hulda.
Thanks to Louis Crawford for contributing this information.
Hole In The Wall Plantation Northern portion of parish on Maxwell Rd, just west of MS River
Hulda See Helena
Lake Concordia A 1,000 acre MS River oxbow lake near Ferriday, that has been cut-off from backwater which it once received from the MS River. One of the two trophy-bass lakes in the state of LA.
Lake St. John Northern-most portion of parish just west of MS River. A 2,100 acre MS River oxbow lake. Relatively shallow, with most of the water less than 20 feet deep.
Lismore Near western boundary of parish on PR 565
Mileston Forks On PR 3196, northern portion of parish near MS River
Minorca On US HWY 65/84, west of Vidalia
Monterey On PR 129 at PR 565 - west side of parish. An un-incorporated farming community of about 1800 residents.
Moro On US Hwy 84
Morville On MS River, south of Vidalia
New Era On PR 129, western portion of parish. No longer a town, but an area known as New Era. 
See also: Donnelly Lake
Plantations .
Point Breeze Southern most portion of parish on Grand Bay, off PR 15
Red Gum Northern Edge of Ferriday on Cty Rd 900
Red River WMA Wildlife Management Area - 17,804 acres in lower end of parish - access Hwy 15 
Ridgecrest Off US HWY 65/84, between Ferriday and Vidalia
Saint Genevieve On MS River, south of Vidalia
Shaw On PR 15 at northern edge of Grand Bay, southern-most part of parish.
Stacy On US Hwy 84, at northern junction of PR 129.
Sycamore On US HWY 65/84, east of Ferriday
Taconey On US HWY 65/84, just west of Vidalia
Three Rivers WMA Wildlife Management Area - 23,061 Acres lower end of Parish.  Access Hwy 15.  For information contact:  LA Wildlife Dept 318-757-4571
Trivia (Old) Renamed "Clayton" in 1890
Union Point On MS River PR 15, south of Deer Park
Vidalia - Parish Seat On Mississippi River - Across from Natchez, MS. Named after Don Jose Vidal. Officially named by a legislative act in 1811. Incorporated by a special act of the legislature on Mar. 16, 1870. The town was moved completely, about 1 mile back, in 1940 when the U.S. Corps of Engineers set back the levee in a flood prevention program. On Sept. 26, 1940, a bridge opened, linking Natchez and Vidalia. Prior to that, ferries transported travelers across the Mississippi River.
Wildsville Near western edge of parish on US Hwy 84 - Just east of the Black River
Willetts On MS River, south of Vidalia

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