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Herron Cemetery Update

Herron Cemetery (sometimes called the Calhoun Cemetery) is located on Indian Village Road out of Clayton, Louisiana.
Surveyed and photographed on the 10th of November, 2006 by Gerald Waldon and Fay Dell Gallender.

This cemetery has a steel gate between two brick pillars. Once inside the gate there is a driveway from the gate, straight to the back fence. This is on the east side of the cemetery. There is a small ditch that outlines the driveway. We started our survey working from the driveway and the nearest side to the road, going towards the back of the cemetery. (The rows in this cemetery are not straight, which is not unusual.)

This cemetery is sometimes referred to as the 'Calhoun Cemetery'. I will try to explain this, as well as other things.

The History of this cemetery ; Mr. Joseph Lee Calhoun owned the property and operated the farm in the early 1950's.
Mr. Joseph Lee Calhoun and Mrs. Stella H. Calhoun set aside this property to be used as a private cemetery. This cemetery was to be used by the Family members and the Friends of Mr. Joseph Lee Calhoun and Mrs. Stella H. Calhoun. I suppose the name "Herron Cemetery" came from the fact that John William Herron was the first one to be buried in this cemetery. Back in the late 1950's or early 1960's Mr. Joseph Lee Calhoun himself, set aside a part of the back of this cemetery for the use of the Family of James Crawford Chandler. Who was a friend of Mr. Lee Calhoun's for many years.
James Crawford Chandler was my Grandpaw.

I remember 'Mr. Lee' coming to our house. For a drink of cool water was his excuse. As he would be in the fields next door working. He said our well, "put out better water than mine, next door." I think he really wanted to sit in the shade to cool off some, have a cool drink of water and a some good conversation with people that he had known for many years. You see, we lived on the other side of the drainage ditch from the Herron Cemetery for many, many years. Mother lived there for 47 years, before moving three years ago. When I was growing up, I would keep the critters from digging holes all in the cemetery. Heck, I thought they put that iron furniture over there just for me to sit down to rest when I was over there
cleaning the place up. Of course the cast iron benches and table are long gone now. But the memories I have of sitting in the cemetery at night with a 22 rifle to get the armadillos out of the cemetery are still just as vivid today as they were back then.
I hope you enjoy looking at this as much as I enjoyed doing it.



Double Markers are noted by: D/M

Missing dates will be blank and a note made in the Notes column.

If there is no Death Date and the person is 'Still Living', this will be noted in the notes column.

Inscriptions are written as they appear on the marker but all Notes will be in parentheses.


Date of Birth

Date of Death

Inscriptions and Notes


Michael Lee New

Aug. 21, 1962

Oct. 13, 1962

Son of Frankie and Boyce New

(Frankie or Frankie Jean Lewis is the oldest Daughter of Mamie H. Lewis and Elmo K. Lewis, Sr.)

(There is about fifteen feet between these graves.)

Jacobs D/M

James T. (J. T.)

May 02, 1920

July 12, 1998

None knew him but to love him

(This side is blank for his wife, who is Still Living.)

Calhoun D/M

Stella H.

May 02, 1910

Sept. 9, 1996

A tender Mother and a faithful friend

Joseph Lee

Feb. 20, 1887

Dec. 16, 1969

A loving Husband and Father, tender and kind, what a beautiful memory you left behind

(She was the Daughter of Theresa Lee Herron and John William Herron)

Herron D/M

Theresa Lee

May 12, 1876

Dec. 26, 1955

John William

Dec. 6, 1869

March 19, 1955

(This couple are the Parents of Stella H. Calhoun, Mamie H. Lewis, Minnie Bell Swaggart and Henry C. Herron)

Henry C. Herron

May 28, 1914

Feb. 2, 1983

(He was the Son of Theresa Lee Herron and John William Herron.)

(Also, he took care of this cemetery for years.)

Tamela Dawn Ensminger



(She was the Daughter of Ja'Net Swaggart Ensminger.)

Minnie Bell Swaggart

Feb. 15, 1917

June 09, 1960

Born on earth to live in Heaven

(She was the Wife of "Son" Swaggart and the Mother of Ja'Net Swaggart Ensminger.)

"Son" Swaggart

(There is no marker here for "Son" Swaggart.)

("Son" Swaggart was the Husband of Minnie Bell Herron Swaggart.)

(At present I have no dates or full name on this person.)

(The blank Funeral Home Marker is missing from the time of Bessie Ferrell's recording and there is no other marker here.)

Darvin Rodgers Ensminger

April 05, 1964

March 10, 1988

An inspiration to all who knew him

(He was the Son of Ja'Net Swaggart Ensminger and grandson of Minnie Bell Swaggart.)

Ja'Net Swaggart Ensminger

Oct. 28, 1942

July 19, 1999

(There is no marker here.)

(She was the Daughter of Minnie Bell Herron Swaggart and "Son" Swaggart.)

(She was also the Mother of Darvin Rodgers Ensminger and Tamela Dawn Ensminger.)

(Comer Funeral Home marker from the time of Bessie Ferrell's recording is no longer here.)

(This information is from the survey done by Bessie Ferrell.)

(There is about twenty five feet between these graves.)

Sanders D/M

Herman Ray

June 08, 1929

Dec. 22, 1994

Rosalie Tyler

Oct. 26, 1932

(Still Living)

Center inscription - Memory Lane - Love is forever - Wed - Dec. 23, 1950


Beatty D/M

Melba R.


(Still Living)

Cecil L.



Center inscription at bottom - Married Jan. 5, 1963

(Comer Funeral Home Marker lists Cecil L. Beatty's dates as b. Nov. 30, 1932 and d. Aug. 21, 1996.)

(The information from Comer Funeral Home Marker is from Bessie Ferrell's earlier recording of this cemetery.)

(There is an empty space here.)

William T. Beatty

Sept. 25, 1956

Mar. 24, 2002

Those who knew him could not help loving him

Inscription at top of marker, above his name is - Father

(He was the Son of Margie Kirklan Beatty and Cecil L. Beatty.)

Chandler D/M

James Crawford

Aug. 16, 1894

Sept. 9, 1963

(He was born just outside Strong, Arkansas.)

Callie Nora

July 30, 1894

Jan. 4, 1977

(She was born at Huttig, Arkansas.)

(She was the Daughter of Dora Sanford Halsey and Duncan D. Halsey.)

(She was a cousin to Admiral William "Bull" Halsey, Commander of the US Navy's Pacific Fleet during World War II.)

(James Crawford Chandler was the Son of Viola Lazarus "Laz" Pearce Chandler and William Jefferson Chandler)

Douglas Heart Chandler

March 17, 1920

April 17, 2002

R V Waldon Chandler

Jan. 4, 1923

Nov. 24, 2004

(No Markers will be placed for these two)

(This couple lived in Texas. They were cremated and their ashes brought here by Family Members.)

(About June of 2005, the ashes of this couple were spread over the graves of the parents of Douglas Chandler.)

(Douglas Heart Chandler was the Son of Callie Nora Halsey Chandler and James Crawford Chandler.)

(R V Waldon Chandler was the Daughter of Lillian Mae Allen Waldon and Ernest Talmadge Waldon.)

(R V Waldon Chandler was the Sister of Ernest Clyde Waldon, T J Waldon and Donis Mae Waldon McClain. All deceased.)

(There is about twenty feet between these graves.)

Gallender D/M


Aug. 20, 1922

Apr. 27, 2002

At his foot, Military Service Marker - Oliver Gallender, SF2, US Navy, World War II, Aug 20 1922, Apr 27 2002

Fay Dell Chandler

Aug. 15, 1930

(Still Living)

Inscription on the back of his marker - Pickin' his banjo in Heaven

Inscription on the back of her marker - Children ; Linda Waldon, Gerald Waldon, Ava Gallender

(Fay Dell Chandler Gallender is the Daughter of James Crawford Chandler and Callie Nora Chandler.)

(Oliver Gallender was the Son of Pearl Loudena Patterson Kirby and Alcied Montgomery Gallender.)

Chester M Chandler

Jan. 9, 1926

Jun. 24, 1995

(This is a Military Service Marker)

Military Service Marker - Chester M Chandler, PFC, US Army, World War II, Jan 9 1926, Jun 24 1995

(Chester Matthew Chandler was the son of Callie Nora Halsey Chandler and James Crawford Chandler.)

Chandler D/M

Carl "Knocker" Chandler

Oct. 29, 1923

June 15, 1993

Think not of their passing...Remember the Glory of their Spirit.

Dorothy Netherland Chandler-Bryan

 Apr. 16, 1928

(Still Living)

Front center inscription - Married 47 years

Back center inscription - Parents of ; Carolyn, Barney, Darlene

Military Service Marker - Carl D Chandler, SF3, US Navy, World War II, Oct 29 1923, Jun 15 1993

(Carl Donald "Knocker" Chandler was the son of Callie Nora Halsey Chandler and James Crawford Chandler.)

(Dorothy Netherland Chandler-Bryan is the Daughter of Lillie E. Netherland and James "Will" Netherland.)


Steve Allen Lewis

Feb. 27, 1959

April 22, 1962

Son of Myra and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Elmo K. Lewis

Jan. 8, 1902

July 21, 1979

He gave his today for our tomorrow

Inscribed above his name on the marker - Daddy

(Husband of Mamie H. Lewis. He would have been Elmo K. Lewis, Sr.)

Elmo K. Lewis Jr.

Oct. 11, 1929

Aug. 6, 1938

Born on earth to live in heaven

(Son of Elmo K. Lewis, Sr. and Mamie H. Lewis.)

Mamie H. Lewis #1

photo #2

March 17, 1912

April 21, 1971

A Mother who was the sunshine of our

world will remain in our loving memories

(Mamie H. Lewis was the Wife of Elmo K. Lewis, Sr.)

(She was the Daughter of Theresa Lee Herron and John William Herron.)

Jerry Lee Lewis, Jr.


Nov. 2, 1954

Nov. 13, 1973

Inscription - His life was gentle, and the elements so

mix'd in him, that nature might stand up

and say to all the world, "This was a man"

(Jerry Lee Lewis, Jr. was the Son of Jerry Lee Lewis.)

Shawn Michel Lewis

Aug. 24, 1983

(No Birth Date on this marker.)

(She was the Wife of Jerry Lee Lewis.)

(There are about twenty feet between these graves.)

Rev. Doss H. Tipton

July 06, 1911

March 03, 1971

I have fought a good fight, I have

finished my course, I have kept the Faith.

(He was the First Husband of Mary Viola Chandler Tipton - Mize.)

(Doss Henry Tipton was born in El Dorado, Arkansas.)

Viola Tipton - Mize

Aug. 18, 1915

Feb. 1, 1983

O' Lord, how great are thy works,

and thy thoughts are very deep.

Additional Photo

(She was the Wife of Rev. Doss H. Tipton and later the Wife of 'Bob' Mize.)

(Mary Viola Chandler Tipton - Mize is the daughter of Callie Nora Halsey Chandler and James Crawford Chandler.)

Netherland D/M

James "Will"

April 1, 1896

July 13, 1978

His memory is blessed

Lillie E.

March 02, 1909

Sept. 25, 1986

Her memory is blessed

(They are the Parents of Dorothy Netherland Chandler - Bryan, Louie Netherland and Douglas Netherland.)

(Also they are the adopted parents of Earlene Netherland.)


(against the back fence)

Ann E. Porter

Dec. 25, 1920

Oct. 23, 1971

(Wife of Robert Lee Aubrey.)

(Ann E. Porter's Maiden Name was Ellis.)

Robert Lee Aubrey

Jan. 7, 1896

June 08, 1955

Military Service Marker - Oregon, Cpl, HQ TRP, 4 Army Corps, World War I, January 7 1896, June 8 1955

(This is a Military Service Marker.)

(He was a Friend of Joseph Lee Calhoun.)

Barney Levell Morace

July 10, 1947

Dec. 23, 1970

"Beloved Husband and Father"

(Barney Levell Morace was the First Husband of Darlene Chandler and the Son of Barney Levell Morace, Sr.)

(He was the Son-in-law of Dorothy Netherland Chandler - Bryan and Carl Donald "Knocker" Chandler.)

Transcription of the mini-cassette of the recording of the Herron Cemetery by Gerald Waldon and Fay Dell Gallender on 11 November 2006. I took pictures of all the grave markers and Mother standing at what should be the head of the known graves without markers.

As we moved through the cemetery I recorded on the mini-cassette tape recorder the information that would not be on the pictures, that I thought would be useful information to have included with the survey. As a note of reference I have heard this cemetery referred to as the Calhoun Cemetery.


Between Mini Bell Swaggart and Darvin Ensminger, who is the grandchild of Mini Bell Swaggart, is where that "Son" Swaggart  is buried and there is no marker here. I took a picture of Mama, standing between, ah, those other two markers.


Just on the other side of Darvin Ensminger is the grave of Ja'net Ensminger, who was the son...uh the daughter of Mini Bell Swaggart. There is no marker there. I took a picture of Mama standing beside Darvin Ensminger's marker.


It's approximately twenty-five feet on over to the Sanders double marker. Which is Herman Ray and Rosalie. And ah, Rosalie is...or lives right down the road from this cemetery.

That was the conclusion of the First Row.


Cecil and Melba Beatty are the first marker on the Second Row in this cemetery.

Mama saying that Cecil and Margie were married briefly.

Cecil Beatty's Son, that was by Margie Beatty is buried between Cecil Beatty's marker and William Beatty.

(11/14/06 Mama said this information about Cecil's son being buried in this space is not correct.)

As a note to this, William Beatty's wife was buried.....I asked Mama, "Where did you say she was buried"? Mama said, "Wait a minute now. I'm not sure....where." I said ,"OK, that information about William Beatty is not correct."

William T. Beatty is the Son of Cecil Beatty and Melba Beatty. (11/14/06 Mama corrected this to Margie Kirklan.)


There is approximately twenty feet between the Chandler's Double headstone and the Gallender's Double headstone.

And Ah! Oliver Gallender has a Military Marker as SF2, US Navy, World War II Veteran.

(this is the Third Row)

At Lillie and James "Will" Netherland I started at the back of the cemetery instead of the front. And I worked my way through to Viola Tipton - Mize and the Reverend Doss H. Tipton who are husband and wife. And then I moved on up to Shawn Lewis, moving back towards the front of the cemetery.


I moved on from the Third Complete Row in the cemetery, back. All the way to the back. To Barney Level Morace. And, there's only three graves back here. That's known graves. Barney Morace, then Robert Lee Aubrey, then his wife, who is Ann Porter.

(I named them off backwards.) And that concludes this cemetery.



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