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Catahoula Parish Cemeteries

Cemetery NameAlternate Name Location
Aarons Cemetery
Ackland Creek Cemetery
Aimwell Cemetery
Alexander Cemetery
Andrews/Ford Cemetery
Barber Cemetery
Black Gum Springs CemeteryLocated on Hwy 8 about 10 miles west of Harrisonburg.
Boone Cemetery
Boothe CemeteryEl & Jincy
Bouie Cemetery
Brittain Cemetery
Calhoun Cemetery
Catahoula Baptist Cemetery
Cedar Ridge CemeteryAfrican-American Cemeteryadjacent to the Harrisonburg Cemetery
Cotton Cemetery
Cotton Family Cemetery
Crescent Plantation Cemetery
Cypress Grove Cemetery
Elmly Cemetery
End of the Trail Cemetery
Enterprise Cemetery
Eva Dale Cemetery
Fairplay Cemetery
Faulk Family Cemetery
First United Methodist Cemetery
Fisher Cemetery
Folk Cemetery
Forsythe Cemetery
Gillespie Cemetery
Gillis Cemetery
Girlinghouse Hill Memorial Cemetery
Glade Plantation Cemetery
Greenville Cemetery
Hamilton Cemetery
Harrisonburg Cemetery
Heard Cemetery
Highland Park Cemetery
Hope Well Cemetery
Huffman Cemetery
Joe Booth Cemetery
Johnson-Ourson Family Cemetery
King Family Cemetery
Lambert Cemetery
Lawrence Cemetery
Lidell Cemetery
Llanada Plantation Cemetery
Maitland Plantation Cemetery
Manning/McClendon Cemetery
Mason Cemetery
McDonald Cemetery
McFarley Cemetery
McNeely Cemetery
Moss Grove Cemetery
Moss Grove Plantation Cemetery
New Light Cemetery
New Salem
New Zion Baptist Cemetery
New Zion Cemetery
Pine Hill Church CemeterySicily Island Cemetery
New Spring Ridge Cemetery
Nicols Cemetery
Nolley Cemetery
Norris Cemetery
Oak Grove Cemetery
Old Boothe or William Boothe Cemetery
Old Daughters Cemetery
Old Mount Olive Cemetery
Old Salem Cemetery
Old Jordan Cemetery
Old Pinehill Cemetery
Old Spring Ridge Cemetery
Old Stafford Point Cemetery
Palo Alto Cemetery
Parhams Cemetery
Pease Cemetery
Peck Cemetery
Peniston Grove Cemetery
Pilgrim Hill Cemetery
Pine Grove Cemetery
Pine Hill Church Cemetery Sicily Island Cemetery
Pritchard Cemetery
Purlight Baptist Cemetery
Rosefield Cemetery
Security Plantation Cemetery
Siloam Cemetery
Smith Cemetery
St. Mark Baptist Cemetery
St. Mark Cemetery
St. Mary Baptist Cemetery
St. Mary Cemetery
Sunny Side Plantation Cemetery
Thompson Family CemeteryJ. C. Sr
Tiffee Hill(Harris) CemeteryJ. C. Sr.
Tiffee Cemetery
Trinity Presbyterian Cemetery
Trisler Cemetery
Unity Church Cemetery
White Ridge Cemetery
Whites Cemetery
Wurster Family Cemetery
Wyant Cemetery
Young Cemetery
Zion Baptist Cemetery