Photo Album


Photo Album

Do you have photos of Beauregard Parish, whether it be people, or places that you would like to        share......just holler at me and I will be more than happy to post them here....Sharon


* William Lee Taylor Family - Allen Taylor

* Mason Lodge DeRidder - Joan Cooper

* Cooper Church (Community Bldg) Jan & Joan Cooper in descendants of Isaac Cooper,
    near Cooper Cemetery - Joan Cooper

* Merryville downtown, 1920's (?) - Joan Cooper

* Merryville High School - unknown date - Joan Cooper

* Courthouse at DeRidder  1937

* Gen. Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard - namesake of this parish

* Barney & Ruth Austin Moses Family Album - Michele Derrough Smith

* Potato Curing Plant - Merryville, J A Lawless, Contractor.  Does anyone know who these men are?
submitted by Charles Hodges

* McCullough Grocery & Market guys....taken Nov 1950 in DeRidder
submitted by Bill McCullough, courtesy of George & Lillian Hitt McCullough
L-R A Piece, Jack Noland, Bobby Noland, Robert McCullough Sr, George
McCullough, Jr, Ray Welborn

* L-R Henderson & Andy Burge, and Seab Rogers - ca 1895
near Singer.  - submitted by Tony Burge

* County Jail - early 1900's

* Dave McCullough (son of Zimmerman & Nancy) prize fighter in SW Louisiana this picture from his last fight in 1930 - submitted by Bill McCullough 

* Dave McCullough taken in DeRidder-Age 17.  He raced horses around town for money.  1914 - submitted by Bill McCullough  

Zimmerman & Nancy Davis McCullough - Bill McCullough   

* Does anyone recognize these kids or the teacher???? Let me know--found in a flea market place in Burnet, Texas, which is located in central Texas kind northwest of Austin, Tx.  Teacher looks like Ron's teacher at Rosepine Elementry, Mrs North???
Submitted by Ron Thompson (Formerly of Rosepine, La. Graduated in 1959)
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* George McCullough Pictures - Bill McCullough  

* DeRidder Fire Dept ca 1940 - Jimmy Cooley  

* DeRidder FD Reunion 1962 - Jimmy Cooley  

* Mr & Mrs Santa Claus "Pollacia" - Phil Pollacia   

* Pollacia’s Goodyear Shoe Hospital - Phil Pollacia     

* Mayor F Mitch Roberts with fire trucks 1962 - Jimmy Cooley 

* DeRidder Volunteer Fire Dept 1924 - submitted by Jimmy Cooley 

* DeRidder Fire Dept Christmas Party 1950's - submitted by Jimmy Cooley

* Washington Ave in DeRidder 1930     

* 316 N Pine St DeRidder - home of Barry Hutton's grandmother for many years.      

* Singer Depot ca 1920 - submitted by Tony Burge    

* Buhler Family Album - submitted by Barry Hutton     

* Samuel & Dorothy Buhler Hutton - submitted by Barry Hutton       

* Dan & Ras Shirley in DeRidder - submitted by Dan Shirley, Jr   
                      Note Train Station to the left.
Marion, Dan, Tine, Erastus (Ras) Shirley at Bon Ami   
                         submitted by Dan Shirley, Jr

* Bon Ami Mill Site - submitted by Dan Shirley, Jr   

* This looks to be a funeral (possibly at Lindsey Cemetery) Markings of J W Miller, Monroe Lindsey, and W F Lindsey ca 1912.  submitted by Linda Bowden
UPDATE:  This is the setting of the WOW marker on Elizabeth Bell's grave at Lindsey Cemetery.

* John McNeese Lindsey & Georgia Lindsey - submitted by Gayle Garner

* Robert Manning Lindsey - submitted by Gayle Garner   

* Jeff & Inez Singletary Ford   

* Aubrey Singletary    

* Mrs Mary Jane BaileyLindsay - Senior Citizen - 96 years young.  

* Asbury M Lindsey & Ellen L Bilbo Lindsey   

* Christia Pearl Lindsey Garner     

* Susan Bilbo McNeese - wife of John McNeese   

* Huldah Cole Bilbo - mother of Ellen & Susan   

* Burkitt Lindsey & his wife Harriet Williams Lindsey      

* William Burkitt Lindsey

* Unknown school picture - attempting to find out more information. ca 1895
   Update: the name of the school is Mt Moriah.  Now have a listing of students.

* Methodist Episcopal Church - DeRidder 1910    

* Honea Family Album   

* The Hon. John Henry Kirby addressing the Brotherhood of Timber Workers on    Aug. 1, 1911, at DeRidder, LA; shows hundreds of people gathered for the event in front of the Bessie Lee Hotel.     

* Loggers and timberworkers - assorted pics from early 1900's   

* downtown DeRidder - 1907

* Fish Family ca 1911     

* Lueana Jones Jury   

* Union workers in jail after Grabow Riot     

* First Methodist Church - DeRidder 1939    

* DeRidder Post Office -1941     

* DeRidder's First Hotel - no date

* Bakery & Confectionery 1937 DeRidder

* Aerial view of DeRidder 1950's

* H.R. Weaver, singer of "Ox-driving song" at his home, Merryville, La  ca. 1940

The following pictures are from the James Albert Johnson collection
submitted by BevAnnie

* Singer School 1926

* Brushy Creek Baptist Church - no date

* Commisary at Fields 1

* Commisary at Fields 2

* Fields Merchandise Co.

* Deputy Sheriff -- Fields - we now have an identification-Louis A Ford.

* Hyatt School Group

* Loggers -- Fields

* Rail road shop - Fields 1

* Rail road shop - Fields 2

* Central Coal & Coke Company Office - Carson