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During your family research you have probably come upon a reference to a landmark in Assumption Parish. Old letters and ledgers may make a reference to a plantation or river landing and old deeds may make a reference to a creek or river. The listing below gives the location of various county landmarks and also lists the USGS Quadrangle Map where the landmark is found.

There are several ways to obtain a map of any of the landmarks. You may wish to visit an online mapping site such as Here you can enter the name of the landmark and produce a map of the landmark area. You may also wish to obtain a printed map. A United States Geological Survey map can be purchased from many retail dealers. For further information, visit the USGS.


Latitude: first two numbers are degrees, second two numbers are minutes and third two numbers are seconds. Longitude: first three numbers are degrees, second two numbers are minutes and third two numbers are seconds. For North America, put a negative sign (-) in front of the degrees with longitude.

Feature Name Class Latitude Longitude Map
Coteau Frene Area 295308N 0905407W Madewood
Bay Heron Bay 295010N 0910339W Grassy Lake
Bay Marcalite Bay 294954N 0910301W Grassy Lake
Bay Sherman Bay 294606N 0910404W Grassy Lake
Bay Sylvester Bay 295001N 0910314W Grassy Lake
Pierre Bay Bay 295703N 0911137W Pierre Part
Second Bay Bay 294708N 0910204W Grassy Lake
Population Bend Bend 295720N 0911442W Pierre Part
Baker Canal East Canal 295511N 0905504W Madewood
Baker Canal North Canal 295806N 0905859W Madewood
Baker Canal South Canal 295407N 0905640W Madewood
Cancienne Canal Canal 295314N 0910330W Napoleonville
Glenwood Canal Canal 295644N 0910436W Napoleonville
Himalaya Canal Canal 294955N 0910137W Grassy Lake
Ike Canal Canal 295359N 0910731W Pierre Part
Magnolia Canal Canal 295953N 0910601W Napoleonville
Norman Canal Canal 295142N 0910542W Grassy Lake
SaintLouis Canal Canal 295828N 0910747W Pierre Part
Seatra Canal Canal 300141N 0905817W Donaldsonville
Talbot Canal Canal 295443N 0910753W Pierre Part
Westfield Canal Canal 295812N 0910631W Napoleonville
Whitmel Canal Canal 295729N 0910607W Napoleonville
William Canal Canal 294609N 0910302W Grassy Lake
William Canal Canal 295113N 0910433W Grassy Lake
Armelise Canal Canal 295921N 0910607W Napoleonville
Godchaux Canal Canal 295606N 0910534W Napoleonville
Evening Star Cemetery Cemetery 295420N 0910331W Napoleonville
Christ Cemetery Cemetery 300151N 0910255W Belle Rose
Christ Episcopal Cemetery Cemetery 295630N 0910135W Napoleonville
Saint Augustine Cemetery Cemetery 300107N 0910320W Belle Rose
Saint Jules Cemetery Cemetery 300315N 0910222W Belle Rose
Saint Martins Cemetery Cemetery 300231N 0910556W Belle Rose
Saint Philomena Cemetery Cemetery 295016N 0905721W Labadieville
Virginia Cemetery Cemetery 300031N 0910308W Belle Rose
Pierre Pass Channel 295726N 0911213W Pierre Part
Belle River Church Church 295436N 0911254W Pierre Part
Canne Church Church 295924N 0910211W Napoleonville
Mount Carmel Church Church 295312N 0905921W Madewood
Mount Pilgrim Church Church 295906N 0910352W Napoleonville
Sacred Heart Church Church 295354N 0911222W Pierre Part
Woodlawn Church Church 295457N 0905912W Madewood
Christ Baptist Church Church 300152N 0910255W Belle Rose
Christ Episcopal Church Church 295631N 0910133W Napoleonville
Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Church 295926N 0910125W Napoleonville
Rose Hill Baptist Church Church 300319N 0910259W Belle Rose
Saint Anns Catholic Church Church 295616N 0910134W Napoleonville
Saint Augustine Church Church 300106N 0910312W Belle Rose
Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church Church 295929N 0910319W Napoleonville
Saint James United Methodist Church Church 300307N 0910238W Belle Rose
Saint Jules Church Church 300313N 0910219W Belle Rose
Saint Martins Church Church 300231N 0910552W Belle Rose
Saint Philomena Catholic Church Church 295021N 0905717W Labadieville
Virginia Church Church 300030N 0910304W Belle Rose
Cedar Grove Plantation Pond Dam Dam 295242N 0905524W Madewood
Supreme Sugar Pond Dam Dam 295118N 0905930W Labadieville
Choupique, Bayou Gut 300058N 0910734W Lone Star
Crouix, Bayou Gut 300013N 0910957W Lone Star
First Bay Lake 294857N 0910209W Grassy Lake
Verret, Lake Lake 295300N 0911000W Pierre Part
Willow Lake Lake 294759N 0910223W Grassy Lake
Delia Plantation Locale 300113N 0905950W Donaldsonville
Belle Rose Plantation (historical) Locale 300300N 0910229W Belle Rose
Belle Wood Plantation (historical) Locale 295420N 0910330W Napoleonville
Hard Times Plantation Locale 295402N 0910119W Napoleonville
Locust Grove Plantation (historical) Locale 295635N 0910117W Napoleonville
Attakapas Canal Place 295330N 0910528W Napoleonville
Attakapas Landing Place 295103N 0910611W Grassy Lake
Bayou Crab Place 295202N 0910434W Grassy Lake
Brule Place 294919N 0905807W Labadieville
Cancienne Place 295400N 0910132W Napoleonville
Chula Place 295033N 0905719W Labadieville
Freetown Place 295125N 0905830W Labadieville
Leche Place 295142N 0905756W Labadieville
Freetown Place 300244N 0910233W Belle Rose
Kessler Place 300209N 0910334W Belle Rose
Percle Place 295206N 0910042W Grassy Lake
Munsons Place 295726N 0910152W Napoleonville
Albemarle Place 295257N 0905829W Madewood
Bayou Corne Place 300052N 0910918W Lone Star
Bruly Saint Martin Place 300245N 0910550W Belle Rose
Dwight Fields Place 295117N 0910304W Grassy Lake
Elm Hall Junction Place 295512N 0910231W Napoleonville
Grand Bayou Place 300054N 0910750W Lone Star
Klotzville Place 300055N 0910248W Belle Rose
Madewood Place 295555N 0905922W Madewood
Plaincourtville Place 295921N 0910331W Napoleonville
Ratliff Place 295639N 0910125W Napoleonville
Ursa Place 294002N 0910349W Amelia
Amehe (historical) Place 300005N 0910433W Belle Rose
Belle River Place 295316N 0911223W Pierre Part
Burbank (historical) Place 300335N 0910250W Belle Rose
Monty Place 300234N 0910325W Belle Rose
Star Place 300144N 0910345W Belle Rose
Belle Alliance Place 300304N 0910113W Belle Rose
Belle Rose Place 300301N 0910229W Belle Rose
Belle Terre Place 300410N 0910057W Belle Rose
Bellewood Place 295424N 0910405W Napoleonville
Bertie Place 295509N 0905916W Madewood
Brulie Maurin Place 300244N 0905918W Donaldsonville
Brusle Saint Vincent Place 295735N 0910413W Napoleonville
Cedar Grove Plantation Place 295130N 0905750W Labadieville
Church Spur Place 295852N 0910102W Napoleonville
Elm Hall Place 295602N 0910302W Napoleonville
Elmfield Place 295612N 0905943W Madewood
Enola Place 295632N 0910309W Napoleonville
Foley Place 295523N 0910129W Napoleonville
Georgia Place 295024N 0905918W Labadieville
Glenwood Place 295705N 0910237W Napoleonville
Himalaya Place 295057N 0905950W Labadieville
Ingleside Place 295353N 0905915W Madewood
Labadieville Place 295014N 0905722W Labadieville
Little Texas Place 295250N 0910109W Napoleonville
Lower Texas Place 295002N 0910221W Grassy Lake
Lula Place 300252N 0910403W Belle Rose
Magnolia Place 300014N 0910352W Belle Rose
Oakley Place 295225N 0910043W Grassy Lake
Pierre Part Place 295754N 0911211W Pierre Part
Plattenville Place 295919N 0910119W Napoleonville
Rosedale Place 295517N 0905825W Madewood
Saint Thomas Place 295336N 0910024W Napoleonville
Supreme Place 295133N 0905852W Labadieville
Sweet Home Place 300043N 0910150W Belle Rose
Upper Texas Place 295208N 0910525W Grassy Lake
Westfield Place 295903N 0910446W Napoleonville
Wildwood Place 295443N 0910323W Napoleonville
Woodlawn Place 295447N 0905827W Madewood
Paincourtville Place 295924N 0910318W Napoleonville
Boeuf Place 293940N 0910546W Amelia
Napoleonville Place 295625N 0910129W Napoleonville
Albemarle PO (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Madewood
Avoca PO (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Napoleonville
Belle Alliance PO (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Belle Rose
Belle River PO (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Pierre Part
Belle Rose PO PO 300301N 0910228W Belle Rose
Bertie PO (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Madewood
Honore PO (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Pierre Part
Klotzville PO (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Belle Rose
Labadieville PO PO 295024N 0905718W Labadieville
Laura PO (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Napoleonville
Napoleonville PO PO Unknown Unknown Napoleonville
Paincourtville PO PO 295935N 0910317W Napoleonville
Pierre Part PO PO 295815N 0911154W Pierre Part
Plattenville PO PO 295924N 0910130W Napoleonville
Riviere PO (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Pierre Part
Supreme PO PO 295140N 0905857W Labadieville
Winklertown PO (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Belle Rose
Cedar Grove Plantation Pond Reservoir 295242N 0905524W Madewood
Supreme Sugar Pond Reservoir 295118N 0905930W Labadieville
Alligator Bayou Stream 293739N 0910435W Amelia
Alcide, Bayou Stream 295731N 0911019W Pierre Part
Caroline, Bayou Stream 293932N 0910555W Amelia
Corne, Bayou Stream 300008N 0910843W Lone Star
Crouix, Bayou Stream 300309N 0910808W Lone Star
Etienne, Bayou Stream 295110N 0910351W Grassy Lake
Louis, Bayou Stream 294925N 0910441W Grassy Lake
Morgan City, Bayou Stream 294507N 0910255W Grassy Lake
Natchez, Bayou Stream 295750N 0911246W Pierre Part
Pierre Part, Bayou Stream 295753N 0911243W Pierre Part
Saint Vincent, Bayou Stream 295842N 0910121W Napoleonville
Hothman Bayou Stream 294559N 0910332W Grassy Lake
Little Bay Stream 295900N 0911156W Pierre Part
Little Bayou Long Stream 295649N 0911022W Pierre Part
Little Grand Bayou Stream 295608N 0910832W Pierre Part
Little Texas Bayou Stream 294924N 0910444W Grassy Lake
Nerville Bayou Stream 294626N 0905858W Labadieville
Ploton Bayou Stream 295021N 0910514W Grassy Lake
Gannevait, Bayou Stream 294921N 0910603W Grassy Lake
Grosbec, Bayou Stream 295645N 0911127W Pierre Part
Grand Bayou Stream 295640N 0911116W Pierre Part
Felix, Bayou Stream 294643N 0910545W Grassy Lake
Magazille, Bayou Stream 294935N 0910638W Grassy Lake
Sherman, Bayou Stream 294604N 0910607W Grassy Lake
Fourmile Bayou Stream 294708N 0910601W Grassy Lake
L'Ourse, Bayou Stream 294153N 0910540W Amelia
Bayou Sec Valley 295244N 0905553W Madewood


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