1860 Webster County census, page 1

1860 Webster County census

Post Office, Slaughtersville, Ky. By P.D. Clayton, Ass't. Marshal
Page 1, June 6, 1860

hold #
Surname Family
Occupation Real estate/
personal estate
Data from records of
Webster County researchers
1/1 Hancock Lewis T. 31 m farmer $  700
$  100
KY Lewis Hancock, the son of William Lewis Hancock and Sarah "Sally" Bradshaw at household 50/50 of this census, and Sarah E. Luck were married 1852 Christian Co KY. He married (2) Lucinda Blackwood 2 Mar 1874 Webster Co KY. Lewis T. Hancock was born 18 Oct 1829 and died 3 Jul 1887. His dates from Western Kentucky Journal, Vol IV, No 4, p 19-20.
Sarah E. 26 f housekeeper KY Sarah Luck was born 2 Aug 1833; married 30 Dec 1852 in Hopkinsville, KY. Tony Wooten
Lucy J.  7 f KY Lucy J. Hancock was born 27 Nov 1853 KY, died in 1940 at age 86. She married William N. Thomasson, b 19 Apr 1850, d. 03 Sep 1920, 17 Oct 1870. Tony Wooten
George P.  4 m KY George H. Hancock was born 14 Sep 1855 KY, died 28 Nov 1939 KY at age 84. Tony Wooten
William H.  2 m
KY William H. Hancock married Sarah Tomblinson. Clifton E. Hancock is their grandson.
Luck Martha F. 58 f VA Mother of Sarah Luck Hancock.
Orton Jasper 23 m farming
$  130
KY Elijah Jasper Orton was the son of Elijah Orton and his first wife Elenor Dunville, who were married in 1828 Hopkins County. Jasper Orton is listed with his father's family in the 1850 Hopkins County census. Jasper Orton married Sarah Katherine Coffman, d/o John Coffman and Eliza Irvin Cobb, 13 Dec 1866, Hopkins County.
Corbit Thomas 15 m KY Thomas Corbett was the son of Willis F. Corbett and Priscilla Timmons. He married Sidney A. Cobb, d/o Robert H. Cobb and Loretta "Locky" Branson, 13 May 1869 Webster County.
2/2 Timmons Elijah 39 m farmer $  500
$  300
KY Elijah Timmons died 28 May 1879 and is buried in Old Onton Cemetery, Hopkins Co KY
Catherine P. 39 f housekeeper IL Elijah Timmons and Catherine Dodge were married 8 Feb 1842, Hopkins Co KY
Mary T. 13 f KY Mary Tabitha Timmons married John Wesley Cobb, son of Greenberry Cobb and Julia Ann Ashby at household 8/8 of this census, 4 Jul 1865, Webster Co KY
Elizabeth S. 10 f KY Elizabeth Susan Timmons married 1) W.H. Saddler 11 Jan 1871 Webster Co. They had four children before he died in 1879 at age 31. She married 2) Jesse C. Cobb, son of Greenberry Cobb and Julia Ann Ashby, 11 Jul 1883 Webster Co. and they were also the parents of four children.
Hester A.   5 f KY Hester A. Timmons married Silas Chamberlain 24 May 1877 Webster Co KY
John 1/12 m KY
3/3 Rideout William H. 21 m farming
$  200
KY William H. Rideout was the son of Wm. Rideout and Jane Ashby, who were married 25 Aug 1836 Hopkins County. We cannot find the marriage record of William H. Rideout and his wife Catherine.
Catherine L. 23 f housekeeper KY
Sarah L.   1 f KY
4/4 Williams Alvis 21 m farming
$  100
KY Alvis' mother is the Sarah Williams listed at household 7/7 on this page. Alvis Williams and Pernicia Jane Stone were married 13 Jul 1857 in Hopkins Co KY. They would have one more child, Lucretia, before Alvis Williams was mustered into the Union army but died before going into active service 18 Oct 1862. Martie Williams Cashion
See Martie's web site My Tree Too
Pernesea J. 20 f housekeeper KY After Alvis' death, Pernicia married Anthony Williams (159/157), Alvis' uncle, 29 Jun 1865 Webster Co KY, and they had five children. Martie Williams Cashion
See Martie's web site My Tree Too
William A.   2 m MO William Anderson Williams married three times. He married 1) Margaret Jane Hawkins 2 Jan 1878 Webster County . They are both buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. See photo. Martie Williams Cashion
See Martie's web site My Tree Too . He married 2) Leslia Hampton 3 Aug 1904 Webster County; and 3) Mary Corbett 19 Nov 1905 Webster County.
David W. 2/12 m KY David W. Williams died before 1870.
5/5 Crowley William T. 32 m farming
$  100
KY W.T. Crowley, age 42, is listed in the 1870 Webster census. Living with him is Julia Crowley, age 39; in 1870 we do not know if Julia is his wife or his sister. However, in the 1900 Webster census, William Crowley, single, b Apr 1828 in KY is listed as head of household and living with him is Julia A. Williams, sister, b Jan 1830, a widow. W.T. Crowley, 13 Apr 1828-19 Nov 1906, is buried at Old Onton Cemetery next to Elizabeth Crowley, who is probably his mother.
Elizabeth 68 f domestic KY Elizabeth Crowley, wife of S., 1791-14 Apr 1866, is buried at Old Onton Cemetery.
Julia A. 25 f domestic KY A Julia Crowley married George Williams 12 Nov 1885 Webster Co KY.
6/6 Cobb Irvin 25 m farmer $  700,
$  200
KY Jas. E. Cobbs married Eliza J. Cobbs 8 Jan 1856 Hopkins Co KY. There is a marker with no dates for James E. Cobb at Old Onton Cemetery; the marker lists him as a Civil War veteran of Co. H, 17th Ky Inf. Buried next to him is Lorenzo D. Cobb, son of J.E. and E.J., 20 Jun 1860-3 Jan 1862.
Elizabeth J. 21 f housekeeper KY Eliza J. Cobb was the daughter of Greenberry Cobb at household 8/8 of this census, and his first wife, Nancy Reynolds.
Ellen P.   2 f KY Ellen P. Cobbs married Theodore Howell, 1858-1911, February 19, 1878, Hopkins Co., Ky. Theodore Howell was s/o John J. Howell, 1821-1875, and Ann Ashby b. ca 1826
7/7 Williams Sarah 40 f housekeeper
$   50
KY Rice Williams, the son of Burrell Williams, married Sarah Thompson May 30, 1836 Hopkins Co. Their son Alvis Williams is listed at household #7/7 on this page. Information on this family from Jim Laffoon.
Mary 18 f domestic KY
Judy 13 f KY Judith Elizabeth Williams, b 23 Jun 1847, d 29 Sep 1887, married Parmenius Stephen Williams, b 7 Dec 1842, d 5 Mar 1913, on 8 May 1862 Webster Co. He was the son of Anthony Williams and Margaret Herndon. Both are buried at McCoy Cemetery.
William   8 m KY
8/8 Cobb Greenberry 49 m farmer $5000,
TN Greenberry Cobb married (1) Nancy Reynolds 12 Dec 1831 Hopkins Co KY; he married (2) Julia Ashby 24 Jul 1843 Hopkins Co KY. He died 25 Jan 1865 and is buried at Old Onton Cemetery.
Julia A. 35 f housekeeper KY Julia Ann Ashby was the dau of Henry Ashby and Nancy Crews. In the 1900 Webster census, widow Julia A. Cobb, b Feb 1825, age 75, has had 10 children, 8 living.
Albert G.H. 24 m blind KY
John W. 15 m KY John Wesley Cobb was a Union soldier, U.S. Army, KY Infantry Oct 1861. He was only 15 years old when he enlisted. He and his wife, Mary Tabitha Timmons (listed at household 2/2 of this census) were married 4 Jul 1865 in Webster Co and had seventeen children. John W. Cobb died 29 Oct 1898; he is buried at Old Onton Cemetery. Of his seventeen children fifteen lived to be adults. Maynard Smith
Mary E. 13 f
KY Mary E. Cobb married George W. Branson, son of Bayless Branson and Ann Timmons, abt 1865. In the 1900 Webster Co census, she has had 7 children, 6 living.
Jesse 12 m KY Jesse Cobb married 1) Malisa Emily Allen, the dau of John Allen and Mary Ann Oliver, 25 Dec 1867 Webster Co KY; 2) Elizabeth S. Sadler 11 Jul 1883 Webster Co. Jesse C. Cobb is buried at Old Onton Cemetery in Webster Co. Robert Thomas Cobb
Sarah 10 f KY Sarah S. Cobb married (1) Sebron Crowley, son of Sebron Crowley and Parthalia Mathuld Ramsey 16 Jul 1867 Webster Co Ky and (2) Penn Keystone 22 Dec 1879 Webster Co KY.
Sydney  8 f KY
Greenberry  6 m KY Greenberry Cobb Jr. married (1) Eliza Griffin 11 Jul 1872 Webster Co KY and (2) Mary Pearce, the daughter of Thomas Pearce and Emily Major, 28 Sep 1899 Webster Co KY. Mary Pearce Cobb is buried at Slaughters Cemetery. Robert Thomas Cobb Greenberry Cobb Jr's first wife Eliza Griffin was the daughter of Bieson Griffin and Martha Sweeny. Eliza Griffin Cobb died 11 Dec 1896; she is buried Old Onton Cemetery. There were twelve children borne to this marriage, all living to be adults. Maynard Smith
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