1860 Webster County KY census

1860 Webster County census

Post Office, Clay Ky. By P.D. Clayton, Ass't. Marshal
Page 89, 13 July, 1860

hold #
Surname Family
Occupation Real estate/
personal estate
Data from records of
Webster County researchers
620/615 Franklin Archelous 55 m dr & farmer $9500
$ 500
VA Archelous W. Franklin, one of 12 children of Benjamin "James" Franklin and Nancy Elizabeth "Peggy" Taylor of VA, married Mary Emmaline Asher 1 Mar 1850 Crittenden Co KY. He was a medical doctor and also taught school at one time. They had two children. Karla Franklin
Mary E. 27 f housekeeper
Franklin Benj.   7 m
KY B.F. Franklin married Mary D. King 16 Nov 1869 Webster Co KY. Karla Franklin
James   5 m
KY James W. Franklin married Nancy Mitchell 17 Oct 1874 Webster Co KY. Read his Perrin's biography
621/616 McCord John 27 m farming
Vanessa 28 f domestic
Tenzy A.   1 f
622/617 Kirkendall J.W. 29 m farmer $1000
KY James W. Kuykendall, the son of William Featherston Kuykendall and Lucy Wallace, was born 11 May 1831, Union Co KY and died 22 June 1890 KY. He is buried at Old Rock Springs Cemetery Webster Co KY. Some information on this family from Helen Griffith. There is more information about this family in the Descendants of Edward Curry file.
Catharine 27 f housekeeper
KY Catherine James, the daughter of Gideon James and Catherine Baker, was born 1 Sept. 1832 KY and died 22 Aug 1895 KY. She is buried at Old Rock Springs Cemetery Webster Co KY.
Robert H.   8 m
KY Robert Henry Kuykendall was born 4 May 1852 KY and died 11 Aug. 1921 KY. He married Nancy B. Williams, dau. of Stephen Williams and Lucy Curry, 11 Dec 1878 Webster Co KY. He is buried at Old Rock Springs Cemetery Webster Co KY
Mary J.   7 f
KY Mary Jane Kuykendall was born 2 Nov 1854 KY, m. Luther G. Monroe 30 Jun 1879 in Gallatin Co., IL. Bill Cook
William L.   5 m
KY William Elihu Kuykendall was born 25 Nov 1855 KY and died 21 Jan 1929 KY. He married Cordelia Luro Williams, dau. of Dr. James M. Williams and Mary Rebecca Imboden, 11 Dec 1878, Webster Co KY. He is buried at IOOF Cemetery, Clay KY.
Clelia A.   3 f
KY Celila Kuykendall, born 13 Dec 1857, Union Co KY, married James Asher 12 Apr 1877 Webster Co KY.
Lucy C. 4/12 f
KY Lucy Kuykendall married Rufus Ekert Nall 12 Oct 1882 Webster Co KY. Both were murdered while living in Arlington Kansas. Bill Cook
Ramsey Thomas 22 m farming
623/618 Ash U.V. 44 m farmer $1200
Virginia 43 f housekeeper
Margaret E.   5 f
James B.   2 m
624/619 Mabry John 43 m farmer $  400
$  350
NC John Mayberry married Evaline McClendon 27 May 1844 Henderson Co KY. Tina Hall
Eveline 30 f housekeeper
John C. 13 m
Clementine 11 f
Eveline J.   8 f
Cordelia   6 f
Elizabeth   5 f
KY Elizabeth Mabry married John Wesley Melton 13 May 1867 Gallatin Co, IL. They are both buried at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery in Webster County.
Samuel   4 m
Queen I.   2 f
Mary 4/12 f
625/620 Monroe Charles 26 m farmer $ 230
$ 276
VA Charles D. Monroe married Margaret Mitchell 2 Dec 1850 Union Co KY. Helen Griffith. Sometime after 1880, Charles D. and Margaret Monroe moved from Clay, KY to Stoddard County Missouri, where several of their sons born after the 1860 census married and settled permanently. Becky Rice
Margaret L. 23 f housekeeper
KY Camilla Waggoner was the mother of Margaret Mitchell Monroe. Helen Griffith. Margaret L. Monroe's tombstone in Stoddard Co Missouri reads: Margret L. Monroe, May 2 1839 - March 16 1910. Becky Rice
Luther J.   7 m
Lonzo   5 m
Permelia J.   3 f
Lavina E.   1 f
KY Vina Monroe married William Oakley 29 Sep 1881 Webster Co.
Monroe James 23 m farming
KY James Monroe was living with George Monroe and Nancy 628/623 of this census in 1850.
626/621 Wallace Elijah 46 m farmer $4500
$  915
KY Elijah Wallace, was the only child of Elijah Wallace and Lucy Curry. He was born 1 Apr. 1813, one month after the death of his father, Elijah, from drowning in the Saline River in Ill. Elijah Wallace married (1) Ceressa Kuykendall, daughter of Simon T. and Betsy Thompson Kuykendall 7 Dec 1835 Union Co KY. He married (2) Eliza Jones 7 Jan 1848 Hopkins Co KY. Children by Ceressa Kuykendall Wallace were: Lucy, William C., and Mary, below, as well as Eliza Wallace born 12 May 1840 Union Co KY. Children by Eliza Jones Wallace were: James W., Nancy J., Sarah F., John C., and Ben C., below. Information on this family from Helen Griffith. There is more information about this family in the Descendants of Edward Curry file.
Eliza 35 f housekeeper
KY Eliza Jones was the daughter of John J. Jones and Jane McDowell.

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