1860 Webster County KY census

1860 Webster County census

Post Office, Carlow, Ky. By P.D. Clayton, Ass't. Marshal
Page 46, 25 June, 1860

hold #
Surname Family
Occupation Real estate/
personal estate
Data from records of
Webster County researchers
319/315 Epley David 28 m farming
$   75
Caroline 24 f domestic
John   8 m
Martha   6 f
Mary F.   4 f
David   1 m
320/316 Morrow William 33 m farmer $2600
NC William A. Morrow married Sarah T. Cox 12 Feb 1854 Hopkins Co KY. Read his Perrin's biography. According to Gene Morrow, William A. Morrow is the grandson of William Morrow and Mary Underdown who married 08 Oct 1793 in Person Co NC. See Gene Morrow's web page for more information on the Morrows.
Sarah T. 24 f domestic
KY Sarah Temperance Cox Morrow, w/o W.A. Morrow is buried at Old Jackson Cemetery in Webster Co with the following dates: 20 Sep 1834-26 Jul 1896. Buried next to her is Ada Morrow, d/o W.A. & S.T., 18 Mar 1871-11 Jun 1891.
Mary A.   5 f
William C.   2 m
Siggers Marion 19 m farming
321/317 Childres John 39 m farmer $  700
$  600
VA John Childers married Susannah Townsend 19 Feb 1845 Hopkins Co KY.
Susanah 39 f domestic
Richard F. 14 m
Sally A. 12 f
Nancy J. 10 f
Charles W.   8 m
John   6 m
Jas. T.   2 m
322/318 Brame A.J. 30 m farming
$  200
NC Read A.J. Brame's Perrin's biography here. After the death of his first wife, Nancy Cavanah, A.J. Brame married Mary Frasier, the daughter of William Frasier (d. 1844) and Mary J. Coze (surname not confirmed). Mary was first married to James S. Osborn of this census, April 1879. A.J. Brame's father, Thomas Brame has a listing in this census also. Thanks to Sharon Noyes for new and corrected information on this family.
Nancy A. 30 f domestic
KY According to her husband's biography in Perrin's History of Kentucky, she was Nancy Cavanah. She died in Dec 1878.
Mary A.   3 f
KY Mary Alice Brame was deceased by 1895 when her father's biography was published.
David T. 5/12 m
Tapp James 18 m farmer $5000
323/319 Brands Alfred 22 m farmer
Eveline 21 f domestic
KY Evaline Frances Crowley was the daughter of Benjamin Harrison Crowley and Henrietta C. McClendon at household 315/311 of this census. She is mentioned as "Everline F. Brands" in her father's 1873 Webster Co KY will. She died Aug 1917.
William L.   1 m
324/320 Brand George 28 m farmer $1600
$  500
KY George W. Brann, 1st husband of Queen Isabella McClendon, was born 15 Sep 1831 and died 31 Aug 1860. He and his wife are both buried at McClendon/Chandler Cemetery in Webster Co. Bob Wallace
Queen I. 25 f domestic
KY Queen Isabella McClendon was the daughter of Joel McClendon at household 327/323 of this census. She was born 15 Dec 1828 and died 8 Jan 1912. Her second husband was William B. Chandler. Bob Wallace
William J.   8 m
Joel M.   6 m
Hugh B.   4 m
George W.   1 m
325/321 Chandler Hugh B. 33 m farmer $1000
NC Hugh Breckenridge Chandler is the 3great-grandfather of Michael Lee Chandler Jr. He was born 8 Jan 1827 NC and died 16 Jan 1909. He was the son of John Chandler, 1775 NC-1860, and Rebecca McVay, 1783 NC -1868 KY. Hugh B. Chandler and his wife are both buried at McClendon/Chandler Cemetery in Webster Co. 1850 Hopkins County census listing. Bob Wallace
Sarah J. 28 f domestic
KY Sarah McClendon, born 29 Dec 1830, was the daughter of Joel McClendon . She married Hugh B. Chandler, 27 Dec 1849 in Shawneetown IL. Bob Wallace
John 22 m
KY John L. Chandler married 1) Elizabeth Jones 12 Apr 1876 Webster Co KY and 2) Dolly (Cobb) Brann. He died 18 Aug 1930 and is buried at McClendon/Chandler Cemetery in Webster Co. Bob Wallace
Lafayette   6 m
KY Lafayette Chandler, b 12 Jul 1854, Ky; d 28 Aug 1931. He marr 1) Martha Buchanan, 1854-1897. The are both buried at McClendon/Chandler Cemetery. He marr 2) Ada Veasey 2 Feb 1898 Webster County.
Ben F.   4 m
KY Benjamin Franklin Chandler, b 2 Jul 1856 Ky. He marr 1) Alice Yarbrough; 2) Ida Powell. Jim Laffoon
Queen W. 6/12 f
KY Queen Webster Chandler, b 14 Jan 1860 Ky; d 8 May 1924. She marr Dave W. Wiley, 1857-1931, abt 1876. His obituary can be read online
326/322 Melton E.W. 44 m farmer $  840
$  400
NC Elbert Washington Melton (1816-1890) was the son of Samuel Norvell Melton and Sarah Mooney. He married Permelia "Milly" Allen 4 Aug 1837 Henderson Co KY.

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