Pleasant Hill Church Charter Members


Pleasant Hill Church Charter Members


Pleasant Hill Baptist Church is located in the Sunnybrook community in the southwest corner of Wayne County, Kentucky.  The church and cemetery stand on a hill above Hwy 200 and the valley of Carpenter's Fork of Otter Creek, obscured from the road by trees, and surrounded by pastureland, with a beautiful view of the mountains.  It is a serene location for serving the present congregation of approximately 120 members.  Many of these members are direct descendants of the Revolutionary War soldiers and other early pioneers who came from Virginia and the Carolinas in the early 1800's and settled or passed through Wayne county.

  The church was founded in June 1841 with 29 charter members who desired a place to worship near their homes.  They were "given up" by Otter Creek Church of United Baptists (now Gap Creek) in Wayne County and by Clear Fork Baptist Church which was across the mountain in Clinton County.

Charter Members of Pleasant Hill Church which was constituted June 12th, 1841:

Lois Koger
Henry Blevins (dismissed by letter Dec 1844)
Emilla Blevins (dismissed by letter Dec 1844)
Joel Bertram (died Apr 19,1885)
Elizabeth Bertram (died Nov 16, 1868)
Elijah Bertram (dismissed by letter Nov 1847-died Aug 17, 1859)
Camealy Bertram (dismissed by letter Nov 1847)
Ephraim Bertram (dismissed by letter Nov 1855-died Oct 23,1886)
Laruhanna Bertram (dismissed by letter Nov 1855-died Apr 19,1887)
Jacob Bertram (dismissed by letter 1845-received by letter Jun 1873-died Nov 13, 1909)
Lourana Bertram (dismissed by letter 1845-received by letter June 1873-died Oct 1, 1881)
Ahial Bertram (died Jun 10, 1901)
Rowena Bertram (died Jun 25, 1900)
Andrew Young (died Aug 31,1847)
Eady  Young (died Feb 1894)
Jonathan Bertram (excluded 1850-restored Sep 1868-died Oct 12,1894)
Feroby Bertram (died Nov 13,1909)
Lilley Brown (died Jan 22, 1897)
Benjamin <of color> (dismissed by letter Apr 1849)
Eda <of color>
Martha Savage
William Bertram, Jr (died Jan 10, 1902)
John Koger (excluded Mar 1846)
Rachel Koger (excluded Mar 1846)
Vicy Deering
Rhods G. Rains (dismissed by letter Feb 1845)
Nimrod Stinson (died Mar 25, 1909)
William Bertram, Sr
Nancy Bertram (died Sep 22, 1855)

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