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The name of this little cemetery is unknown. It is located on a hill at head of Cedar across from Hamilton Lane on property now owned by a Mr. Hamilton.
David Misenheimer visited this cemetery on April 22, 2007.  He found tombstones pilled against a large tree.  Apparently previous owners moved stones from
their original site, which Dave indicates is located closer to the road side of the hill.  He states about 15 years ago when visiting the cemetery he found a
few graves marked with rocks; but those are now gone. Three stones in this pile appear to have names or dates.

This is an example how and why our small family graveyards have disappeared. There was a day when families buried their dead in a
little piece of sacred ground on their family homestead.  Time passed, family died and moved away, the property was sold and no one
continued to care about this little piece of sacred ground.  Perhaps the final resting place of these individuals was located where a farmer
wanted to plant his crop, pasture his cattle or just too much trouble to mow around.  So the stones were moved and thrown in a pile and
no one knew about this little sacred piece of ground.

The statute below is supposed to protect our sacred burial grounds; however, it does not appear to work!
Kentucky Revised Statute 433.660 - Violating Graves
Any person who willfully mutilates the graves, monuments,
fences, shrubbery, ornaments, grounds or buildings in or inclosing
any cemetery or place of sepulture; or violates the grave of any
person by willfully destroying, removing or damaging the head
or foot stones, or the tomb over the inclosure protecting any
grave, or by digging into or plowing over or removing any
ornament, shrubbery or flower placed upon any grave or lot
shall be fined not less than ten dollars ($10.00) nor more than
one hundred dollars ($100.00) or imprisoned for not more than
six (6) months, or both.

The 3 children buried here are not listed in Gone, Forgotten, Now Remembered: Scott County, Kentucky Cemeteries, 1992.
Therefore, it would appear this cemetery has not be documented.

James Lewis Calvert, s/o E. & Nancy Calvert
Died Apr, 8, 1890
Aged 4 Yrs, 5 Mo, 18 Ds

H.C.H. Estes, s/o T.H. & L.J. Estes
Born Feb 4, 1892
Died Sept 30, 1892

Billey Wash
Born Feb 4, 1892
Died Sept 30, 1892


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