Scott County (Kentucky) Historical Society Past Presidents
Scott County Historical Society, Inc.
Georgetown, Kentucky

Founded 1957

Scott County Historical Society Presidents

Ron Williams2015, 2016
Ron Vance2013, 2014
Joann Sharpe2011, 2012
Glen Taul2009, 2010
Ellie Caroland2007, 2008
Will Stark2005, 2006
Dr. Lindsey Apple2003, 2004
Gail Austin-Ellman2002
James W. Grever2000, 2001
Dorothy Joy Knox1999
Dr. Horace T. Hambrick1997, 1998
Clay McKnight1994, 1995 x
Dan Goodman1992, 1993
Dr. Lindsey Apple1990, 1991
Vivian Hall1987, 1988, 1989 x
John Toncray1986
Jane Lawson1984, 1985
Clay McKnight1982, 1983
Elizabeth Greer1980, 1981
Father James R. O'Rourke1978, 1979
Kelly Osborne1976, 1977
Dr. Carl Fields1975
Dr. J. Robert Snyder1974
T.K. Shuff1973
Patricia Mudd1972
C.A. "Chick" Mifflin1970, 1971 x
Marjorie Penn1968, 1969
Virgil Pryor1963-64, 1964-65 x
Marjorie Penn1961-62, 1962-63
Dorothy Sutterfield1959-60, 1960-61
Dr. Horace T. Hambrick1957, 1958-59
x Some of the meeting minutes from our early years are missing; the above list is the most comprehensive one available.