Masons Creek (east part #2) page 29

Masons Creek (east part #2)

Transcribed, Proofed and Annotated
By Jimmie Combs
Additional comments added by Pat Horn

Magesterial District # 5
Masons Creek (east part #2)
Enumerated by Mrs Elizabeth McIntosh
From 2 Apr 1930 to 22 Apr 1930

And covered the following areas:

Jeff Pct # 23, Ky State Hwy Road, Jeff Public Road, Kenmont Coal Camp
Happy Pct # 6, Carrs Fork, Happy Coal Camp, Black Hawk Hollow, Acup Creek, Acup Hollow,
Defiance Coal Camp, Scuddy Coal Camp, Scuddy Hollow, Vicco Pct # 26, and Georges Branch
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