Descendants of John Michael Tomlin


Descendants of John Michael Tomlin

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John Michael Tomlin was born in Germany, or England; came to Culpeper Co. Virginia where he died in Apr 1802.He had land Grants in both Frederick Co. and Culpeper Co, Va according to Darrell Hooker. He received his first land in Frederick Co. by means of a Grant on 8/11/1789 VA Northern Neck Grants, Book Q, page 322/(Darrell Hooker( Decendant of Mary Tomlin)). 
John McMillian of Demossville, is quoted in the Barton papers as saying Micheal came from Scotland to Holland where he stayed for three years then came to Va. Pearl Hardin states that she remembers them saying that Michael left England for Germany due to religious reasons.
His wife's first name was Elizabeth her last name is not not known, they had six children:
1) Elizabeth born who married William Scroggins
2) Cathy married Jacob Cleavenger (see page 41 for more information)
3) Peter born 6/15/1779 died Clinton co Ohio in 1857buried in Lieurance Graveyard went to Ohio~1810 (see page 41 for more information)
4) William married Sarah Wright in 1801; moved to Brown Co., Ohio 
5) Christian who was born in 1780 on the Atlantic Ocean and died in Pendleton/Grant Co., Kentucky in 1851. According to the Barton papers he lived between Knoxville and Gardenersville and is buried across the creek from the Tomlin burial ground. This is supposed to be halfway between Knoxville and Gardenersville and between Gardenersville and Midfork Grassy Creek where the Unity Church originally was in a town named Jag called Unity by 1936 according to Isaac Tomlin Sr of Dry Ridge. (We have not yet found this buroial ground)
He married Lucy Wright (born ~1770/80) on November 26, 1801, in Culpepper Co., Virginia. Lucy's father was a Baptist Minister and a soldier in the American Revolutionary War
Christian was a Baptist Minister, who came to Pendleton, Co. in 1817 and received his license to preach in March 1818. According to John Mcmillian of Demossville Christian organized the Unity church in 1817.
6) Mary born 1783 in Culpepper Co., Virginia died in 1854 in Pendleton Co., Ky. Buried in Knoxville cemetery 
She was married to Moses Race. The 1850 census lists Moses Race as a farmer, born in Virginia. It lists a daughter Elizabeth Race age 39 born in Ohio and living at home
Son Moses married to Sarah_________ he is also listed as a farmer

Christian and Lucy had nine children:
I. Simeon born 1804 in Virginia, died 1881, Simeon was listed in the 1850 census as a farmer
He married Elizabeth Clements 12/22/1825.
He married Elizabeth Spegal on 6/16/1846(born 1821 died 1907) daughter of Martin and Mary M Shook Spegal
II. Jeremiah born 5/28/1806 in Ohio died 6/12/1891, He was a farmer
He married Jane Hawkins on 1/31/1827
III. Sarah (Sally) born 1808 in Ohio died in 1851 from Cholera
She married Thomas Harrison Smith on 11/3/1825, He was born in Virginia in 1798,and was first married to Sarah Clements with whom he had one son Larkin. Thomas died in 1851 from cholera.
IV. Isaac born 1810 married Julianna Dougherty on 7/11/1832. He was a farmer
He died of cholera in 1851
V. William born 8/28/1812 in Ohio died 2/26/1903.
He married Amanda Ashcraft in 1843 she was born in 1824 and died in 1860.
He married Jane M. Simpson Mileham in 1861
He married Mary A. Simpson on 1/29/1863
He bought the farm from Christian prior to his death (see will of Christian Tomlin)
VI. Asa born 8/15/1815 in Brown County Ohio died 11/22/1889
He moved to Pendleton Co. in 1817 with his parents, in 1836 he moved to Kenton Co. In 1838 he moved to Grant Co in 1839 he married Sarah Eliza Jane Franks. Asa was a Baptist Minister He was the minister of the Freewill Baptist Church in Grant Co. in 1858. The 1850 census lists Asa as a farmer.
He was the sixth of a family of nine children born to Christian and Lucinda White(sic) Tomlin. Christian Tomlin was born on the Atlantic Ocean. He was a son of Jacob. Mrs. Lucinda Tomlin was born in Culpeper County, Va. He has baptized 2,500 people during his long and useful life. Asa Tomlin is a Master Mason, owns 170 acres of land and has long been a Baptist minister in Grant County. Kentucky: A History of the State, Perrin, Battle & Kniffin, 7th edition, 1887
VII. Christian Jr. born in 1819 
He married Satira Jane Warren in 1839.
He enlisted in the 4Th Calvery Co D of the Confederate Army on 9/15/1862 in Pendleton Co.
He and Jane divorced in 1969 (see divorce decree)
VIII. Alecy born in 1821 
She married Squire Price in 1838
IX. John ? b 1812 
Pendleton co Marriages list John Tomlin Married to Rebecca A. ?Covenhoven
Copy of his will in 1831 mentions Recky and a daughter Eliza/Elizabeth

I. Simeon and Elizabeth had nine children:
1) Delilah born 1827, married Elisha Tomlin they had a son, Benjamine born 1849
2) Elisha born 1829 died 10/1851?cholera listed on the 1850 census as a laborer 
3) Sarah Jane died in infancy
4) Christian born 1832listed on the 1850 census as a laborer
5) Benjamine born 1835listed on the 1850census as a laborer according to John McMillian in the Barton Papers Benjamine ran away from home when he was a boy and went to Kansas. In the paper Mr McMillian refers to him as Doctor. 
6) Rachel born 1837 died 4/30/1874 from erysipelas
She married Buford Middleton on 4/30/1859
7) Melissa born 1839 died 1863
She married Mordecia Tomlin on 2/14/1856
They had a daughter Martha born 9/22/1859
After Her death He married Mary Barton on 3/20/64
8) Stephen born 1841 died 4/18/1863
He was a farmer in Pendleton Co., Ky. 
The 1860 census lists Stephen as being a laborer on the farm of Daniel W. Childers.
He married Francis Piercefield on 4/12/1859 (she is not listed on the 1860 census, which was done in August of that year)
He married Mary Jane Haggard on 7/15/1861 Daughter of Rice W and Mary Haggard. She was 29 and living at home on the 1860 census
Stephen enlisted with the Union Army 11/9/1861as a Private. He was mustered in in Paris Ky. on 2/8/62, for a three year period with Co. D 18th Ky. Volunteer Infantry. He died from chronic diarrhea while serving in Tennesse. His unit was stationed in Carthage,Tenn from Jan -April 1863. He is buried somewhere in Carthage Tenn. Mary Jane received a widow's pension of eight dollars a month ( cert# 23,882 pg 45 List of Pensioners on roll 1883).
It is unknown if there were children from Stephen's first marriage.
He and Mary Jane had one son born Esom B. while Stephen was in the military.
9) Sally Ann born 1845
Simeon and Elizabeth Spegal had ten children:
10) Eliza/Elizabeth Jane born in 1847 died in 1870
11) Jeremiah born in 1849 He married Laura Alice Boone
12) George born in 1851
13) Martin born in 1852 married Mary E. Stone
14) Andrew born in 1854
15) Hiram born in 1856
He married Patsy Stephenson
16) William Thomas born in 1858
17) Thomas Scott born in 1860, married Ollie Leota Smith in 1890, he died on 2/20/1896 from consumption in Grassy Creek where he was living at that time.
18) James Alexander born 1861/3 died 1934
He married Sarah Ella Baker
19) Asa born 1866 died 1934
He married Eunice Troutman Rich

In the Barton papers some people also mentioned another Ben and a Mary Francis, but I have no information on them.

I. Jeremiah and Jane Hawkins children:
Jane was the daughter of Sarah and Thomas Hawkins, after her mother's death she inherited part of her father's estate
1) Julia Ann born 1828 died 1897
She married Jessie Dougherty on 8/12/1847 She is buried in the Oldham-Daughtery Cem. Pend Co. There are no dates on her stone.
2) Noah born in 1830 died in 1897 listed on the 1850 census as a laborer
He married Ethelinda Belew on 6/29/1852
They had a daughter Eliza born 2/1/1855
Nancy born 1857
Parthenia born 1859
3) John born 1833/5 died before 1892
He married Catherine Middleton on 1/3/1855; she committed suicide by hanging herself on 11/20/1858
The Pendleton County death records lists a John A. born 1853 died of putrid throat 1 month prior to her suicide? their son?
a John Tomlin from Pendleto Co. is listed as enlisting in the 4th Ky Inf Co. D
4) Nathaniel born 1834 Married Martha Ann Roper
5) Joseph born 1836 was not listed on the 1850 census
6) Susannah DeMorris born 1837
She married William K Smith on 6/30/52
7) Louvena born 1840 died 1910
She married William M. Middleton on 4/25/1855
8) Rosa H. born 1842 
She married_____________ McHatton 
9) Zachariah born 1843/5
He married Susan (Anna) Simpson on 2/17/1864
He served in the Union Army in the 4th Ky Inf Co D 9/24/61-1/3/64 
He reenlisted 1/4/64-8/7/1865
10) Isaac/Isaiah born 1855
He married Evonda L. Stephenson
They had a daughter Dora B. born 9/8/1874
And a son James E. born 12/7/1876
11)Mary J. born 1855 she married_________Smith
III. Sarah and and Thomas Harrison Smith children:
1) Christian born 1827
2) Jeremiah A. born in 1830
He married Margaret Belew
3) Alecy Jane born in 1834
She married Hiram Hawkins 
4) William Perry born in 1834 died in 1918
He married Evaline Daugherty
5) Mary Malinda born in 1839
She married Jerry Lancaster
6) Noah Thomas born in 1843 died in 1923
He married Carrie Baker
7) Martha Matilda born in 1847
8) Frances W. born in 1849
9) Sarah born in
She married ____________ McMillian

IV. Isaac and Julianna children:
1) Oliver Perry born in 1834 died in 1861/3 
He married MaryAnn Middleton on 1/18/1854
Issac born 1/18/1855 married Sarah Clark
William Perry born 7/1/1856 died 1921 buried in the Knoxville cemetery
He married Sallie Tomlin, 2nd marriage Addie
Ellen born 1/10/1858
2) Joseph born 1833 
He married Nancy Middleton
Julian born 5/1855 died 4/10/1856 cause unknown
Asa born 11/10/1856
Bluford born 8/5/1857-died 9/1/1857 from "petrified throat "
Susan M born 9/1/1874
Cora born 11/1/1876
3) Asa born in 1837 
He never married
4) William Harve born 1841 (listed on the 1850 census as Harvey)
He never married
A Harvey Tomlin from Pendleton Co is listed as enlisting in the 4th Ky Inf Co D
5) Ezra born in 1845
He married Harriet A. Daniels on 9/19/1863
He served in Captain A.G. Wileman's Co. police guard Kentucky Central railroad 11/5/1861-11/17/1861. He enlisted in the Union Army on 11/11/1861 and was mustered in on 2/8/62 in Paris Ky. (same company as Stephen). Ezra was wounded at Richmond Ky 8/30/1862. He re-enlisted on 2/15/1864 in Covington. He was capture at Newnan Georgia on 7/30/1864 and sent to Andersonville prison. He survived Anderson, but died 4/9/1865 at Wilmington, North Carolina. Ironically this is the day of the surrender at Appomatic Court House. His unit was stationed in the field in North Carolina from March - April,it is unclear if he was with his unit or at another prison facility or hospital.
6) Cynthia born in 1848
6) Parthenia born in 1850 died in 1927
She married John Straub
V. William and Amanda children (see photo of Amanda )
1) Robert W. born in 1846
He served in A.G. Wileman's Co. policeguard Ky.Central Rail Road from 11/5/1861 to 11/17/1861
He enlisted in the Union Army; he was mustered in at Falmouth on 4/5/1862.
He was killed in action in Richmond Kentucky on 8/30/62.(See brief history of the battle of Richmond)
2) Elizabeth J. born in 1847
3) Asbury born 1848 died 10/6/1858 of " putrid Throat"
4) Lucinda born in 1849
5) Sarah Ann born in 1853
She married James Mann Sr.
6) Rosetta born in 1853
She married L.N. Kenney
7) James Mixhael born on 4/30/1857 died in 1933 
He married Hattie Crowder
8)& 9) Henry H. born on 12/19/1858
Female infant not named born 12/19/58 died 12/19/58
10) John Alfred born in April 1855

VI. Asa and Sarah Eliza Jane children:
Five children blessed this union; two living in 1887: John C. and James F
1) Elizabeth J. born in 1840 She was living at home at the time of the 1860 census
Married George Baker 1/28/73
2) John C. born in 1841 died in 1907
He married Fannie Bondurant 9/7/1865
two children Archie and Eva
Fannie died 8/1867 in Belle Plains Iowa
He marriedDora Stephens 9/7/1873 
children: R.Early; L.Tomlin;Ona ; Rosa ; Lidie And Panzie 
He enlisted with the Union Army as a corporal on 11/23/1861 and was mustered in on 2/8/1862 in Paris Ky. He served in the 18th Ky Inf Co. B made corporal and sargent before he was mustered out at Goldsbourgh NC April 4 1865
3) James F. not listed on the 1850 census; two years old at the time of the 1860 census
4) Nancy was listed as six years old on the 1850 census; She was not listed on the 1860 census
5) William was listed as four years old on the 1850 censuswas not listed on the 1860 census

Sandford born in 1843 not listed on the 1850 census; listed on the 1860 census as Sandford Daughtery

VII. Christian Jr. and Satira Jane children:
1) William C. born in 1841
He married Martha Jane Fornash
William B. born 6/10/1874
Martha E. born 3/1876
He enlisted in the Union Army on 8/20/1864 and was mustered in on 9/17/1864 in Covington, Ky. He was mustered out on 9/15/1865
2) Martha A. born 1843
Married John McKee
3) Amanda J. born 1845
4) Henry E. born 1849
He enlisted with the Confederate Army on 9/15/62 in Pendleton Co. Serving in the Calvary, Co D. according to the rooster of confederate soldiers.
5) Jeremiah born on 2/11/1858
He married Susan A. ___________
6) Lewis W. born in 1860
He married Margaret Hensley on 2/13/1877
7) John T. born 6/8/1856 died 8/21/ 1856 cause unknown in Short Creek at his residence.

VIII. Alecy and Squire had nine children:
1) Nancy born in 1840 in Ill.
2) Sarah born in 1842
She married Hugh Bird
3) James born in 1844 in Kentucky.
4) Alfred born in 1846
5) Amanda E. born in 1848
6) Anna E. born in 1854
7) Ailsy born in 1856
8) Susan born in 1858
9) Squire F. born in 1859
Simeon's son Stephen and Mary Jane had one Child:
1) Easom born on 6/29/1862 
was named after Mary Jane's brother
He married Fannie Works on 8/2/1878
He married Sarah Ashcraft , daughter of Jed and Margaret Ashcraft on 2/21/1887. Sarah was born on 5/2/1872 and died from a heart attack on 3/7/1940. She was living with her son Bill in Newport at the time of her death.
Easom was a shoe cobbler. He died from chronic nephritis on 2/23/1917.
They are both buried in the cemetery at the Short Creek Baptist Church in Pendleton Co., Ky.
It is unknown if Easom had children from his first marriage
Easom and Sarah had eleven children:
1) Henry Sherman born on 1888 died on 2/5/1946
He married Lucy Ellen Burns born in 1890 and died in 1957
They are buried in Williamstown cemetery
2) Etta Mae born on 5/4/1889 died on4/20/1956
She married Walter Amerman
second marriage was to Rev. John McClanahan
3) Harry Morton born on 9/18/1890 died on 9/21/1960
He married Jessie Grant Chipman born 9/16/1895 and died in 1969
They are buried in Floral Hills cemetery
4) Ernest Esom born in 1893 died in 1951 
He married Geneva Chipman ( Jessie's sister)
They are buried in Short Creek cemetery
5) William McKinley born on 8/5/1895 died in 1965
He married Jessie Crosswaite who died 988
They are buried in Floral Hills Cemetery
6) Nina born in 1897 and died in 1925 at age 28 she is buried in Williamstown cemetery
She married Claud Elders ~1916
7) Christian Ollie
Born 1899, died Dec 5, 1915 age 16 in Grant Co.
from pulmonary TB. He was crippled from infancy as a result of polio.
8) Rice Washington born on 9/22/1901 and died on 1/22/1961
He married Mary Sauter
9) Wesley born in 1904 and died in 1962
He married Evelyn Miller born 1911 died 1989
They are buried in Spring Grove cemetery
10) Sarah Jane born on 9/27/1906 and died on 11/5/1927 from complications of child birth. She is buried in Williamstown cemetery.
She married Albert Haynes 
11) Charles Levi born on 4/16/1913 and died on 6/7/88
He married Ella Mae Ratliff on 12/22/34 she died 6/2/71
They are buried in Floral Hills cemetery

Information was obtained from census papers, death certificated , the book "The First two Hundred years of Pendleton County", by Millie Bowen Belew and various web sites.