Roberts Family History Pendleton County Court & Land Records

Generously contributed to me by Linda Kaye Cope Lanier.  What a wonderful documentation!  Thank you so much Linda! 
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The Roberts Family of Pendleton County Kentucky

 By Linda Kaye (Cope) Lanier


My grandmother, Abbie Frances (Klaber) Cope was the granddaughter of Thomas Roberts and Elizabeth Lovelace.  The 1880 map of Pendleton County shows that the home of Thomas Roberts was located on Highway 22 just west of Elizabethville P.O.  Abbie’s mother, Julia (Roberts) Klaber was the second of twelve children born to Thomas and Elizabeth Roberts on that farm.


First Generation 


1. William ROBERTS. Born in 1808 in VA. William died in Cruises Creek near Walton, Kenton Co KY on 21 Aug 1859, he was 51. On 6 Apr 1826 when William was 18, he married Harriet HOWLETT, daughter of John HOWLETT (1770-) & Nancy INGRAM (1773-), in Boone Co. KY. Born in 1807 in NC. Harriet died  aft 1870, she was 63. They had the following children:

      2      i.      Malvina (1827-<1870)

      3     ii.      Thomas Piner (1830-1891)

      4    iii.      Nancy Frances (1834-1852)

      5     iv.      Electa (1840-)

      6      v.      Caroline (1843-<1929)

      7     vi.      Ezekiel (1845-1918)


Harriet and her children were sued in Pendleton County Court in September, 1859, by Willis Lovelace, to recover $75.00 on a note by William Roberts on April 12, 1859, to buy a horse.  Lovelace had signed as security for the note.  Four months later, on August 21,1859, William Roberts died.  On Sep 5, 1859, two weeks after William Roberts' death, a summons was issued in Pendleton County, KY for Caroline Galaspie, William Galaspie, Charles Riddle, Malvina Riddle, and Thomas P. Roberts.  It was executed on Charles and Malvina Riddle and on Thomas P. Roberts on Sep 26, 1859, but could not be executed on Caroline and William Galaspie because they could not be found in the county.  On Sep 7, 1859 a summons was issued to be served in Kenton County, KY on Harriet Roberts, Electa J. Roberts, and Ezekiel Roberts.  The summons was executed on Sep 27, 1859 on Electa J. Roberts, and on Oct 10, 1859 on Harriet Roberts and Ezekiel Roberts.  An amended petition was filed in Pendleton Co. Court on Oct 19, 1859 which reads as follows:  "Since filing this suit Lovelace has paid the note to and filed receipt of Wm. G. Marshall. Wherefore he prays as is his original petition.  Signed, Willis Lovelace."  On Oct 20, 1859, a judgment of the court stated that "the bay mare was to be sold, after advertising, and to pay the plaintiffs costs and debts from the proceeds, and that if any money was left over, that it would be paid to the defendants."




Second Generation

Family of William ROBERTS (1) & Harriet HOWLETT


2. Malvina ROBERTS. Born in 1827. Malvina died in Pendleton Co. KY  bef 1870, she was 43.  On 1 Jan 1844 when Malvina was 17, she married Charles RIDDLE, son of Robert RIDDLE (abt 1764-abt 1820) & Mary Ann SOUTHARD (abt 1784-abt 1823), in Pendleton Co Ky. Born in 1818 in Pendleton Co KY. Charles died in Bellefontaine, Logan Co. OH  abt 1900, he was 82.  They had the following children:

      8      i.      Arabella (1844-1932)

      9     ii.      Milton (1847-1862)

     10    iii.      Marion (1849-1890)

     11     iv.      Elmore (1853-1928)

     12      v.      Philander "Fie" (1857-1916)

     13     vi.      Arminta Elizabeth (1858-1916)


3. Thomas Piner ROBERTS. Born in 1830 in Boone Co KY. Thomas Piner died in Pendleton Co. KY in 1891, he was 61. Buried in on his home place, Pendleton Co. KY. On 5 Jun 1856 when Thomas Piner was 26, he married Elizabeth LOVELACE, daughter of Willis LOVELACE (1811-abt 1874) & Julia Ann RIDDLE (1814-aft 1879), in Pendleton Co. KY. Born on 9 Aug 1841 in Pendleton Co. KY. Elizabeth died in Franklin Co OH on 24 Nov 1914, she was 73. Buried in Columbus, OH. They had the following children:

     14      i.      Ida May (1860-1944)

     15     ii.      Julia Frances (1862-1955)

     16    iii.      Thomas Melvin (1863-1898)

     17     iv.      Lorenzo Dow (1865-1914)

     18      v.      Bluford Alvadore (1867-1884)

     19     vi.      Paulina (1870-~1910)

     20    vii.      Charlotte (1871->1880)

     21   viii.      Enolia (1873-1952)

     22     ix.      Raymond Richmond (1876-1962)

     23      x.      Harriet (1878-1934)

     24     xi.      Walter (~1879-~1930)

     25    xii.      Florence (~1883-<1955)


One year after the marriage of Thomas and Elizabeth, an unfortunate chain of events began that affected the lives of Thomas and Elizabeth for years to come.  It began with the death of J.B. Blackburn on April 2, 1857, whose death is recorded in the Pendleton County Death Records.  The cause of death is listed as, "by an affray." According to the dictionary, the definition of affray is "a noisey brawl or quarrel, a public fight or riot."  A note in the Barton Papers states, "Tom Roberts killed James Blackburn with a handspike."  Another note reads, "Thinks Roberts was cleared."


Two other pages in the Barton Papers relate to this matter. They are copied from Pendleton County Court Records, page 250 in a case entitled, "Rich Stowers, represented by Ireland and Duncan, vs Thomas P. Roberts, represented by Lewis Myers," petition filed Feb 6, 1867.  The record is very detailed and lengthly.   A brief summary of the court proceedings is as follows:  "In April 1857 Willis Lovelace sued T.P. Roberts in Quar. Court for $46.00 and obtained attachment against Roberts as a non-resident.  Judgement was for the plaintive and $15 realized from personal property.  Plaintive obtained an execution from Circuit Clerk's office, which was levied upon the interest of Roberts in a tract of land of 25 acres.   The land was sold subject to a lien of Richard Stowers.  In 1869 Stowers brought a suit in equity to obtain a deed, he having purchased the land at Sheriff's sale.  Held that the personal judgment in the Quarterly Court against Roberts on constructive service was void, and judgment reversed.  George C. Drave, Atty for Roberts in Court Appeals 1870.  W. W. Ireland, Atty for Stowers in Court Appeals 1870"


Included in the Court Records copied in the Barton Papers were depositions of several persons giving testimony for the differing parties.  Two of them read as follows:  (1) "Charles Riddle, April 17, 1868 - On Apr 2, 1857, T.P. Roberts left Pendleton County and was gone the biggest part of 2 years, lacking 4 months.  Don't know where he went."  (NOTE:  Charles Riddle was Thomas Roberts' brother-in-law.)  (2) "Willis Lovelace, Apr 7, 1869 - I have known R. Stowers 20 years and T.P. Roberts 20 years.  I informed T.P. Roberts of the sale of his land to Stowers.  Roberts was in prison when I informed him.  While Roberts was in prison, there were letters passed between us.  I have talked with Roberts about the land since he was released from prison.  The land was a part of Joel Blackburns' estate; I think he left 8 children.  Roberts purchased the interest of Mary Ekis, formerly Mary Jane Blackburn.  Joel Blackburn's widow is living."  (NOTE:  Willis Lovelace is Thomas Roberts' father-in-law.)


NOTE - In July 2002, I received a document obtained by Connie Roberts Gentle and Anita Roberts Alexander, great-granddaughters of Ezekiel Roberts, Thomas Roberts' brother.  They had been to Pendleton County Courthouse and found a record of the murder trial of Thomas Roberts.  According to the record, found in Pendleton County Court Records, page 210, Thomas Roberts was charged with the Crime of Murder on April 15, 1857 by striking and beating James Blackburn with a hand spike on the head.  The incident occurred on April 2, 1857.  A trial was held April 19, 1859.  There were three witnesses for the prosecution and 22 witnesses for the defense.  The jury was instructed by the Judge that if they found the evidence "clear and convincing that the defendant retreated from James Blackburn and that he was pursued and assaulted by him", then they should return a verdict of Not Guilty.  The jury returned with the following, "We the jury find the prisoner Not Guilty", signed by Thomas L. Garrard, Foreman of the Jury. 


NOTE - In February, 2006, I found a new listing on the Pendleton Co. KY Rootsweb site entitled "News Papers From the Past" transcribed by Nancy Bray.  I checked it out and began reading the many articles she had copied from a variety of newspapers, some dating back to the 1850.  I found the following article:  "Covington Journal, January 15, 1859, ARREST OF A HOMICIDE.  S.P. Roberts (it should have been T.P. Roberts), who is charged with the murder of J.B. Blackburn in Pendleton County, in April 1857, was arrested a short time since, in Kansas Territory, by the sheriff of Pendleton County, and is now in jail at Falmouth, awaiting the action of the next Pendleton Circuit Court.  As we have been informed, the facts connected with the homicide were these:  At a log-rolling Willis Loveless and James Blackburn got into a dispute, which resulted in a fight between these two men.  The peace was commanded by Esq. K. Blackburn, (father of James) when J.B. Blackburn (his nephew) undertook to part the combatants.  While thus engaged Roberts struck him with a handspike, the blow causing death in about 36 hours.  Roberts immediately fled, and nothing was known of his whereabouts until within a month or two past."  The finding of this newspaper article was very important to me, as I had been searching for a long time for more information regarding the arrest, imprisonment, and trial of Thomas for this crime.  Especially of interest to me was trying to find information to explain why the trial was held two years after the incident happened.  Information in this article explained that time difference.


Thomas and Elizabeth resumed their married life after Thomas' release from jail following his acquittal of murder charges.  No children were born to them prior to the "Blackburn incident"; however, after his return to Pendleton County, the couple had 12 children.  Their marriage lasted 35 years, ending in 1891 with the death of Thomas.


During the search through Pendleton County Court records for anything pertaining to Thomas Roberts, a record was found, dated June 11, 1874, for the sale of property in Pendleton County  by Thomas and Elizabeth Roberts of Pendleton County, Kentucky, to Ezekiel Roberts of Kenton County, Kentucky, for the sum of $1500. 


Elizabeth is mentioned in her father's will.  The will of Willis Lovelace is recorded in Will Book 2-12 in the Pendleton County Courthouse. A copy of the will is attached to this report.   A summary of parts of the will is as follows:  Willis Lovelace left all of his property, including, land, stock, farming utensils, house, household and kitchen furniture, to his wife Julia Ann Lovelace.  After her death it was it wish that all the above named property would be divided equally between, "my three children, Nicholas Lovelace, Andrew J. Lovelace, and Mary Ann Johns, wife of William Johns."    He further stated that it was his wish that after his death and all debts and funeral expenses were paid that, "the money and notes on hand be divided as follows: 1/3 to my wife Julia Ann Lovelace, then it is my desire that my daughter Elizabeth Roberts, wife of Thomas Roberts be paid the sum of twenty-five dollars, and the remainder be divided equally among my three children above mentioned."


4. Nancy Frances ROBERTS. Born in 1834 in KY. Nancy Frances died in Kenton Co KY on 10 Jul 1852, she was 18.  The death record in Kenton Co. KY records states, "age 18, single, born in Kenton Co. KY, at time of death was a resident of Boone Co. KY, occupation is listed as farmer's daughter, parents  are William and Hannah Roberts, cause of death is consumption."


5. Electa ROBERTS. Born in 1840 in KY. Electa died in died at the home of Thomas Roberts after 1880. Buried in buried at the home place of Thomas Roberts.  She never married.


6. Caroline ROBERTS. Born in 1843 in KY. Caroline died bef 1929, she was 86. On 10 Oct 1856 when Caroline was 13, she first married William GALASPIE. Born abt 1830.  They had one child:

     26      i.      James (~1860-)

Caroline second married John MILLER, son of Samuel MILLER. Born in 1840 in KY. John died bef 1911, he was 71. They had the following children:

     27      i.      Americus (1863-)

     28     ii.      Ionia (1865-)

     29    iii.      Jesse C. (1867-)

     30     iv.      Georgie (1871-)

     31      v.      Selanstine (1874-)


Caroline's name appears in court records of several northern Kentucky counties.  She is listed as a defendant in the court action of Willis Lovelace vs. Harriet Roberts and her children in Pendleton Co. KY in 1859 regarding her deceased father.  In 1904, John and Caroline Miller sign an oil and gas lease of 35 acres for one year.  In 1911, Caroline Miller sold a strip of land by a railroad.  That record indicates she is a widow.  In 1929, land belonging to John A. and Caroline Miller is sold by heirs, Georgia Boggess, Jessice C. Miller and Ira Miller to Edward Redman for $1 with exception of Miller Graveyard from tract No. 1 for privilege of ingress and egress.  John is listed in Campbell Co. KY, along with his brother-in-law, Ezekieal Roberts, as buying property in 1866.  Kenton Co. KY Court records indicate that John received 28 acres & 6 acres in a judgment of heirs of Samuel Miller.  Settlement of that estate range from 1879-1882.


7. Ezekiel ROBERTS. Born on 5 May 1845 in KY. Ezekiel died in Callaway Co MO on 31 Jan 1918, he was 72. Buried on 3 Feb 1918 in Callaway Co MO. On 4 Jan 1870 when Ezekiel was 24, he married Armilda LOCY, daughter of Thomas LOSEY & Mary Jane STRAUN, in Campbell Co KY. Born on 15 Apr 1854 in Greenup Co. KY. Armilda died in Sacramento, CA on 20 Jul 1931, she was 77. Buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery, Sacramento, CA.  They had the following children:

     32      i.      Enolia (1870-1872)

     33     ii.      Emaline "Lina" (1872-1900)

     34    iii.      William (1874-1949)

     35     iv.      Warner "Warnie" (1876-1950)

     36      v.      Mary Jane (1878-1924)

     37     vi.      Rose Etta (1880-1965)

     38    vii.      Iva Pearl (1882-1957)

     39   viii.      Johnnie (1884-1884)

     40     ix.      Walter Grant "Curly" (1885-1955)

     41      x.      Oliver Wilson "Ollie" (1887-1978)

     42     xi.      Anna Ethel (1889-1969)

     43    xii.      Nona Mabel (1893-1962)

     44   xiii.      Hattie Beatrice (1894->1988)

     45    xiv.      Nellie (1898-1972)


Ezekiel was a veteran of the U. S. Civil serving in the Union Army.  He first served in the Home Guards, then later joined the Navy and was a sailor on the Moszuiot Fleet, Ibex No. 10 on the Mississippi River.  He helped capture and destroy the rebel Ram ship.  He later refused a medal for this service.  After the Civil War, Ezekiel married Armilda Locy.   


A note in the Barton Papers indicates that Ezekiel moved his family to Oklahoma.  According to notes supplied by Connie Roberts Gentle, gg granddaughter of Ezekiel Roberts, Ezekiel and his wife Armilda originally left Kentucky with their family, moving first to Missouri, and then to Dewey County in Oklahoma Territory.  They left Kentucky in the autumn of 1886 by train and stopped in New Bloomfield, Callaway Co. Missouri, with the thought of going to Kansas, but they stayed in Callaway County MO. for 13 years. The old home in Missouri was about one mile north of Cedar City, and about three-fourths of a mile north of an artesian well.  In 1900 Ezekiel and Armilda  sold their land in Missouri and moved with eight of their children to County "D", later known as Dewey County, in Oklahoma Territory.  Their son,William, had moved to Oklahoma Territory in August 1897, and his home was located five miles south of Taloga, the county seat of Dewey County.  They left about April 16, 1900 in two wagons, one for the family and one for their belongings.  Joining them on the move to Oklahoma Territory was the Talbott family.  The first night they stayed with their son, Warner Roberts, in Jerferson City, MO. The second night they stayed near Cherryvale, Missouri.  that night it rained very hard.  The large wagon sheet was not water proof, so Ezekiel went into Cherryvale and rented a house for his rain-soaked family for two weeks.  After the rains, they resumed their journey.  They traveled over muddy roads, camped along the side of the road, and cooked their meals over a camp fire.  The Roberts and Talbott families separated at Kingfisher where the Talbott family first settled, while the Roberts family continued on to Dewey County.  The Talbotts later rejoined the Roberts family when they too moved on to Dewey County.  Upon arrivial in Dewey County, Ezekiel and Armilda discovered that the South Canadian River was up.  They decided to leave their covered wagon and the six smallest children with the Jacob Furnish family who lived near the river and try to cross the river in their family wagon, which was called a Hack.  As they plunged into the river, the water rolled over the horses backs, but the crossing was made.  One of the children, Ollie, remembered two men who helped them make the crossing of the river were Taylor and Hampton Bryant.  He said he remembers how important neighbors were in the early days as they relied heavily upon each other.  Ezekiel first filed on a claim about 12 miles SW of Taloga. Then in 1907, they moved to a place bought from his son, Warner, about 4 1/2 miles south of Taloga.  This was their last move. They lived on that farm until their deaths, raising their last eight children to adulthood.   When the family first settled in Dewey County there were schools for the children, but they soon followed.  Ezekiel was one of the first school board members of the Oak Valley School District where they first lived.  Ironically neither Ezekiel nor Armilda is buried at Taloga. Ezekiel died in 1918 in Cedar City, Callaway Co. Missouri while visiting his daughter Mary.  He was buried in a country graveyard near New Bloomfield, MO called Mount Zion Old Baptist Church Cemetery.  Armilda died in 1931 while living with her daughter Hattie, in Sacramento, California.  She is buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Sacremento, California next to her son-in-law, Elam Withers.




Third Generation

Family of Malvina ROBERTS (2) & Charles RIDDLE


8. Arabella RIDDLE. Born on 25 Dec 1844 in Pendleton Co Ky. Arabella died on 29 Jan 1932, she was 87.  On 27 May 1871 when Arabella was 26, she first married Darvis BAILEY, in Pendleton Co. KY. Born in 1831 in KY.  They had the following children:

     46      i.      Frank M. (1873-)

     47     ii.      Harriet (1875-)

     48    iii.      Charlie (1877-)

     49     iv.      Verner (1878-)

     50      v.      Julia (1880-)

On 21 Dec 1900 when Arabella was 55, she second married John W. BEAGLE, in Pendleton Co. KY.


9. Milton RIDDLE. Born in 1847 in Pendleton Co Ky. Milton died in Richmond, KY on 30 Aug 1862, he was 15.  Milton was killed in the Civil War.


10. Marion RIDDLE. Born in 1849 in Pendleton Co Ky. Marion died in 1890, he was 41.  On 26 Mar 1874 when Marion was 25, he married Isabella STEPHENS, in Pendleton Co. KY. Born on 16 Dec 1854. Isabella died on 4 Mar 1934, she was 79. Buried in Fairview Cemetery, West Liberty, OH.  They had the following children:

     51      i.      Etta (1875-1924)

     52     ii.      Walter (1876-1954)

     53    iii.      Emma F. (1880-1971)

     54     iv.      Alfred Lee (1887-1970)

     55      v.      Cora

     56     vi.      George (1880-1911)

     57    vii.      Emmert


11. Elmore RIDDLE. Born on 28 Feb 1853. Elmore died on 13 Apr 1928, he was 75. Buried in North Greenfield Cemetery, Logan Co. OH.  On 8 Sep 1884 when Elmore was 31, he married Catherine HANLEY, daughter of John HANLEY & Millie Jane [HANDLEY], in Pendleton Co. KY. Born in 1858 in Pendleton Co. KY. Buried in North Greenfield Cemetery, Logan Co. OH.  They had the following children:

     58      i.      Morton (1895-1952)

     59     ii.      Edith (1898-1946)


12. Philander "Fie" RIDDLE. Born on 15 May 1857 in Pendleton Co. KY. Philander "Fie" died in OH on 27 Apr 1916, he was 58. Buried in Fairview Cemetery, West Liberty, OH.  On 16 Dec 1885 when Philander "Fie" was 28, he married Ada DILLE, daughter of Zenas DILLE (1836-) & Harriett "Hattie" J. POPE (1846-1909), in Logan Co. OH. Born on 18 Oct 1868 in OH. Ada died on 6 Apr 1942, she was 73. Buried in Fairview Cemetery, West Liberty, OH.  They had the following children:

     60      i.      Florence

     61     ii.      Allie (1887-1962)

     62    iii.      Agnes (1893-1946)


13. Arminta Elizabeth RIDDLE. Born on 28 Aug 1858 in Pendleton Co. KY. Arminta Elizabeth died in Bellefontaine, Logan Co. OH on 5 May 1916, she was 57.  On 3 Nov 1874 when Arminta Elizabeth was 16, she married Elkaney McMILLIN, son of Robert William McMILLIAN & Martha Elizabeth FORNISH (31 Aug 1822-19 Dec 1881), in Pendleton Co. KY. Born on 20 Feb 1854 in Pendleton Co. KY. Elkaney died in Bellefontaine, Logan Co. OH on 26 Dec 1942, he was 88.  They had the following children:

     63      i.      Mollie Mae (1875-1968)

     64     ii.      Clara (1877-1972)

     65    iii.      Carrie Ellen (1877-1962)

     66     iv.      Robert C. (1879-1963)

     67      v.      Martha Elizabeth  "Lizzie" (1881-1970)

     68     vi.      Charles R. (1883-)

     69    vii.      James A.Garfield (1886-1963)

     70   viii.      Effie (1893-1993)

     71     ix.      Hazel (1897-1987)

     72      x.      George T. (1900-1983)

     73     xi.      Mary



Family of Thomas Piner ROBERTS (3) & Elizabeth LOVELACE


14. Ida May ROBERTS. Born on 6 Apr 1860 in Pendleton Co. KY. Ida May died on 7 Mar 1944, she was 83.  On 2 Mar 1882 when Ida May was 21, she married Charles Joseph MARQUARDT, son of Charles MARQUARDT (1837-) & Lena DAHMS (1838-), in Pendleton Co. KY.1 Born on 25 Dec 1860 in Pendleton Co. KY. Charles Joseph died in 1936, he was 75. They had the following children:

     74      i.      Julia M. (1886-)

     75     ii.      Harrison M. "Harry" (1888-)

     76    iii.      Velva Marie (1892-1970)


An obituary for Joseph was found on the Pendleton County, KY Rootsweb site.  It was submitted by Nancy Bray.  It reads as follows:

     CHARLES JOSEPH MARQUARDT.    Charles Joseph, son of Charles and Lena Dahms Marquardt, was born near Falmouth, Pendleton County, KY, Dec. 26, 1860.  Here with two brothers and two sisters, he grew to manhood on the home farm.  Each of his parents was born in Germany and were thrifty and industrious, and he enjoyed the advantages of a prosperous home.  On Mar. 2, 1882, he was united in marriage to Ida May Roberts by the late Rev. Marcus Arnold.  To this unison five children were born.  Two died in infancy.  Two daughters, Mrs. Ralph Fielding of Sydney, Ohio, and Mrs. Velva Dodson of Toledo, Ohio, and a son, Harry, at home, are left with Mrs. Marquardt to mourn the loss of a devoted father and husband.  Very dear to him were his two grandchildren, Iris Eileen and Harold Marquardt Dodson, whom he and his wife took into their home at the death of their father, Earl Dodson.  To them he was more than grandfather, as he tried to take the place of a father too.  Joe, as he was familiarly called by those who knew him best, was a fine friend and good neighbor.  He had lived almost 27 years on the farm where he died, and counted as a friend everyone in that vicinity.  Kindliness and generosity were the keynotes of his character.  He was a member of the Falmouth Methodist Church for almost 49 years.  While living he took a prominent part in all church activities.  He served as Sunday School superintendent several years, always enjoying music and church songs.  He was familiar with his Bible and was able to quote freely his favorite passages.  After an illness of seven weeks, unafraid of death and strong in his faith of a life hereafter, he sank peacefully to sleep Dec. 27, 1936, aged 76 years and 1 day.  He has a number of relatives and friends in Pendleton County and always enjoyed having some one read the news from his old home and his friends.  Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Dilbert of the Waynesville Methodist Church.  Miss Lucy Emly sang the two beautiful songs, "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere" and "Asleep in Jesus."  He was laid to rest in the Waynesville, Ohio Cemetery.


15. Julia Frances ROBERTS. Born on 16 Mar 1862 in Pendleton Co. KY. Julia Frances died in Franklin, Warren Co OH on 25 Jan 1955, she was 92. Buried in Woodhill Cemetery, Franklin, Warren Co OH. Occupation: Housewife, Was postmistress of  Gladys Post Office, Menifee Co KY from 18 Jan 1902 to2 May 1905. Religion: Catholic. On 6 Mar 1879 when Julia Frances was 16, she married Jacob KLABER, son of Jacob KLABER (7 Dec 1828-1894) & Elisabetha HETTISHEIMER (28 Nov 1829-1904), in Falmouth, Pendleton Co KY. Born on 20 Nov 1856 in Pendleton Co. KY. Jacob died in Franklin, Warren Co OH on 14 Jul 1928, he was 71. Buried in Woodhill Cemetery, Franklin, Warren Co OH. They had the following children:

     77      i.      Mary May "Molly" (1880-1981)

     78     ii.      Elizabeth "Lizzie" (1881-1967)

     79    iii.      Jacob "Jakie" (1884-1959)

     80     iv.      Henry Edwin (1885-1885)

     81      v.      Grace Lee (1887-1932)

     82     vi.      Abba Frances (1889-1979)

     83    vii.      Myrtle Ora (1892-1979)

     84   viii.      Fred R (1894-1970)

     85     ix.      Hattie Pearl (1896-1982)

     86      x.      Earle Raymond (1898-1931)

     87     xi.      Sherla Olive (1900-1934)

     88    xii.      Willard Piner (1903-1989)


Jacob and Julia were married in Pendleton Co. KY.  Attached to their marriage license which is in a marriage book in the Pendleton Co. courthouse is a small note which reads, "Mr. Holt, Let J. Claber have licenz to marry Juley Roberts.  T.P. Roberts."  W. C. Holt was the County Clerk of Pendleton County at that time and his name appears on the marriage license that was issued.  Three years later Jacob and Julia moved on to Menifee Co. KY where they lived for the next 20 years on a large farm located in the southern part of the county in an area the Klaber family called "Big Woods".  Jacob farmed the land and had a large fruit orchard.  They moved to Franklin, Ohio about 1920.


Julia's obituary which appeared in the Franklin, Ohio newspaper at the time of her dead read as follows:  REQUIEM MASS FRIDAY FOR MRS. JULIA KLABER

Requiem Mass will be celebrated Friday at 9:30 a. m. in St. Mary Catholic Church for Mrs. Julia Frances Klaber, 92, who died at her home on Pennyroyal Hill at noon Tuesday.  Officiating at the services will be Father Nicholas Schneider, with burial in Woodhill Cemetery.  The widow of Jacob Klaber, who died in 1928, Mrs. Klaber is survived by five daughters, Mrs. Lizzie Heizer, with whom she made her home; Mrs. Mollie Branham, of Germantown, Ohio; Mrs. Pearl Graham of Lebanon, Ohio; Mrs. Abbie Cope of Tecumseh, Oklahoma; and Mrs. Myrtle Cope of Cushion, Oklahoma; three sons, Jakie of Frenchburg, Kentucky; and Freddie and Willard, both of Franklin, Ohio; a brother, Raymond, of Springboro, Ohio; and a large number of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren.  Friends may call at the Unglesby Funeral Home from 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday.


Jacob's obituary which was published in the Franklin, Ohio newspaper at the time of his death read as follows: 

"Jacob Klaber, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Klaber, was born at Falmouth, Pendleton County, Kentucky, January 20, 1865 and died at his home near Franklin, July14, 1928.  Aged 73 years, 5 months, and 24 days.  He was of German parentage and one of a family of twelve children, eleven of whom survive him.  In 1883 he was united in marriage to Julia Frances Roberts of Falmouth, KY, and three years later moved to Mariba, of the same state.

To this union were born twelve children, five boys and seven girls, one boy passing into the Glory Land in infancy.  The remaining children are Mrs. G.W. Branham and Mrs. C.A. Denniston of Mt. Sterling, Kentucky; Mrs. Shelby Cope and Mrs. Leonard Cope of Bryant, Oklahoma; Mrs. Frank Harbach, Mrs. Pearl Trent, and Mrs. Raleigh Heiger of Franklin, Ohio; J. D. Klaber of Mariba, Kentucky; Earl Klaber of Winchester, Kentucky; and Fred and Willard Klaber of Franklin, Ohio.  He was a member of the Catholic Church from childhood and held to that belief all of his life.  By occupation, he was a farmer and loved Nature and old Mother Earth, seeing in them the goodness of his Maker.

He lived an honest and upright life, a man among men, dealing honorably and fairly with all.  A good neighbor, a kind and loving husband and father, he will be greatly missed and long remembered by those who knew him.  Eight years ago he left Mariba, Kentucky, and took up residence in the present home where the remaining years of his life were spent.  He leaves to mourn his loss, his beloved wife, four sons, seven daughters, fifty grandchildren, sixteen great-grandchildren, four brothers, seven sisters, and a host of friends and relatives."


16. Thomas Melvin ROBERTS. Born in 1863 in Pendleton Co. KY. Thomas Melvin died in Pendleton Co KY on 3 Jun 1898, he was 35. Buried in Short Creek Cemetery, Pendleton Co KY.  On 31 Mar 1892 when Thomas Melvin was 29, he married Eva Johana MONROE, daughter of John William MONROE, in Pendleton Co KY. Born on 25 Mar 1871 in Short Creek , Pendleton Co KY. Eva Johana died in Independence, KY on 20 Nov 1941, she was 70. Buried in Independence, KY.  They had the following children:

     89      i.      Melvin Roscoe (1894-)

     90     ii.      Reva Ruby

     91    iii.      Wilbur Monroe


17. Lorenzo Dow ROBERTS. Born in Sep 1865 in Pendleton Co. KY. Lorenzo Dow died in Campbell Co. KY on 7 Aug 1914, he was 48.  On 14 May 1891 when Lorenzo Dow was 25, he married Ida F. SHOUERT, in Pendleton Co KY. Born in Dec 1868 in KY. Ida F. died in Kenton Co. KY on 22 Feb 1955, she was 86.  They had the following children:

     92      i.      Beatrice (1892-)

     93     ii.      Margaretta (1897-)

     94    iii.      Unknown infant (<1900-<1900)


18. Bluford Alvadore ROBERTS. Born in 1867 in Pendleton Co. KY. Bluford Alvadore died in Pendleton Co. KY in 1884, he was 17.


19. Paulina ROBERTS. Born in May 1870 in Pendleton Co. KY. Paulina died in Pendleton Co. KY  abt 1910, she was 39.  On 22 Nov 1886 when Paulina was 16, she married John F FRYER, in Pendleton Co. KY. Born in Mar 1858 in KY. John F died in Pendleton Co. KY on 6 Nov 1945, he was 87.  They had the following children:

     95      i.      Ambrose Grant "Brodie" (1886-1914)

     96     ii.      Virginia (1890-)

     97    iii.      Loyd (1892-)

     98     iv.      John W. (1893-1965)

     99      v.      Charlotte (1899-)


20. Charlotte ROBERTS. Born in 1871. Charlotte died  aft 1880, she was 9.


21. Enolia ROBERTS. Born on 23 May 1873 in Pendleton Co Ky. Enolia died in Champaign Co OH on 30 Apr 1952, she was 78.  On 17 May 1897 when Enolia was 23, she married Curtis FERRYMAN, in Clark Co OH. Born on 5 Nov 1865 in Clark Co. OH. Curtis died in Champaign Co. OH on 30 Mar 1947, he was 81.  They had the following children:

    100      i.      Birtie (1894-)

    101     ii.      Hazel (1898-)

    102    iii.      Emma (1901-)

    103     iv.      Howard Franklin (1908-1988)

    104      v.      Frances (1912-)

    105     vi.      Robert (1913-)


22. Raymond Richmond ROBERTS. Born on 21 Jul 1876 in Pendleton Co Ky. Raymond Richmond died in Dayton, Montgomery Co. OH on 21 Jul 1962, he was 86. Education: Blackburn Chapel. On 3 Mar 1897 when Raymond Richmond was 20, he first married Hannah Anna Laura WILSON, daughter of Tom WILSON, in Pendleton Co KY.  They had the following children:

    106      i.      Cecil (1898-)

    107     ii.      Julia (1900-)

    108    iii.      Floyd Charles (1905-)

On 9 Mar 1921 when Raymond Richmond was 44, he second married Sarepta "A" METHOD, daughter of Martin METHOD & Mary Lou ENNIS, in Hamilton, Butler Co OH.  They had one child:

    109      i.      Thomas Emerson


Raymond was a World War I Veteran, serving overseas 2 years.


23. Harriet ROBERTS. Born in 1878 in Pendleton Co. KY. Harriet died in Montgomery Co. OH on 15 Dec 1934, she was 56.  In 1903 when Harriet was 25, she married Edgar JOHNSON, in OH. Born in 1868 in OH.  They had one child:

    110      i.      Wesley


24. Walter ROBERTS. Born  abt 1879 in Pendleton Co. KY. Walter died abt 1930, he was 51.


25. Florence ROBERTS. Born  abt 1883 in Pendleton Co. KY. Florence died  bef 1955, she was 72. Florence first married Jesse LANE.  They had one child:

    111      i.      Robert Edward (1905-)

Florence second married William GRAMM.




Family of Caroline ROBERTS (6) & William GALASPIE


26. James GALASPIE. Born  abt 1860.



Family of Caroline ROBERTS (6) & John MILLER


27. Americus MILLER. Born in 1863.


28. Ionia MILLER. Born in 1865.


29. Jesse C. MILLER. Born in 1867.


30. Georgie MILLER. Born in 1871.


31. Selanstine MILLER. Born in 1874.



Family of Ezekiel ROBERTS (7) & Armilda LOCY


32. Enolia ROBERTS. Born on 15 Nov 1870 in Campbell Co KY. Enolia died in Campbell Co. KY in Apr 1872, she was 1.


33. Emaline "Lina" ROBERTS. Born on 25 Apr 1872 in Campbell Co KY. Emaline "Lina" died in Taloga, Dewey Co. OK on 18 Aug 1900, she was 28.  Emaline "Lina" married Henry Phillips SANDERS. Born on 17 May 1869. Henry Phillips died on 12 Dec 1948, he was 79.  They had the following children:

    112      i.      Earl (<1900-)

    113     ii.      Unnamed (1900-1900)


34. William ROBERTS. Born on 28 Nov 1874 in Grant's Lick, Kenton Co. KY. William died in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co. OK on 27 Nov 1949, he was 74. Buried in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co. OK. On 3 Oct 1906 when William was 31, he married Lora Ella HARBOUR, in Taloga, Dewey Co. OK. Born on 16 Mar 1881 in IA. Lora Ella died in Oklahoma City, OK on 16 Mar 1967, she was 86. Buried in Oklahoma City, OK.  They had the following children:

    114      i.      Vivian (~1908-)

    115     ii.      Virgil

    116    iii.      Ila

    117     iv.      Hazel

    118      v.      Howard W.

    119     vi.      Denver


William moved from Kentucky to Missouri with his parents in 1886.  He moved on to Taloga, Dewey Co. Oklahoma Territory in August 1807.  The following March, 1898, he filed on a homestead, five miles south of Taloga, the county seat of Dewey County.  He proved up on his homestead in May, 1904.  William moved to Oklahoma City, OK in October, 1949.


The following obituary for William Roberts appeared in the "Taloga Times" on December 15, 1949:  WILLIAM ROBERTS

William Roberts, son of Ezekiel and Armilda Roberts, born near Covington, Kentucky, November 29, 1874, departed this life November 28, 1949, at the age of 75 years.  Recently he had purchased a new home at 1144 Meta St., Oklahoma City, where he was living at the time of his death.  When Will was 13 years old, his father moved to Callaway County, Missouri, where he grew to manhood.  At the age of 22 he came to D County, Oklahoma, taking a homestead 5 miles south of Taloga where he lived until about 1918 when he purchased a farm 1/2 mile east of Taloga where he reared his family.  In 1904 he was united in marriage to Lora Harbor.  To this union there were six children, Vivian Hebard, Denton TX; Virgil Roberts, Oklahoma City; Ila Gardner, Woodward; Rev. Howard Roberts, Apache, OK; Hazel Duckworth, Chickasha, OK; and Denver Roberts, California.  All children except Denver were at his bedside.  Will was well known to all of this neighborhood, having lived here more than 53 years.  At an early age he was converted, united with the Methodist church and lived a consecrated Christian.  Many times has he spoken Christ's words, "In My Father's house are many mansions, I go to prepare a place for you."  Will believed and has accepted this promise.  He leaves to mourn his passing his family, grandchildren, three brothers and six sisters.


35. Warner "Warnie" ROBERTS. Born on 13 Aug 1876 in Pendleton Co KY. Warner "Warnie" died in Wichita Falls, TX on 8 Jan 1950, he was 73. On 12 Sep 1897 when Warner "Warnie" was 21, he married Mable BROOM, in Jefferson City, Cole Co. MO. Born in 1880 in England.  They had the following children:

    120      i.      Joseph Frank (1903-)

    121     ii.      Ethel (1900-)

    122    iii.      Irene Marie (1906-)

    123     iv.      Mable "Myrtle" (1908-)

    124      v.      Mae


Warner's obituary taken from a newspaper clipping was accompanied with a picture and caption which read, "ARCHITECT DIES- Warner Roberts, 73, resident of Wichita Falls for 37 years, died early Wednesday afternoon in a Wichita Falls hospital.  The obituary reads as follows:

Warner Roberts, 73, architect who had lived in Wichita Falls for 37 years, died early Wednesday afternoon in a Wichita Falls hospital.  Funeral services will be conducted Friday at 2 p.m. from the Hampton-Vaughan-Merkle Chapel.  Rev. James Westbrook of the Grace Methodist Church and Rev. J.W. Newby of the Assembly of God Church will officiate.  Roberts, architect for the Lebenson Building in Wichita Falls, was also an inventor, teacher, and building contractor before his retirement.  He was a native of Kentucky and had lived in Missouri and Oklahoma before moving here.  He was married Sept. 13, 1897 in Jefferson City, MO.  Mr. and Mrs. Roberts celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 1947.  Roberts was a member of the Grace Methodist Church here.  He made his home at 112 San Antonio.  He is survived by his wife; four daughters, Mrs. R.D. Russell of Grand Prairie, TX; Mrs. Alva Phillips of Pampa, TX; Mrs. Dayton Perry of Borger, TX; and Mrs. Earl Trovinger of Denver, CO; one son, J.F. Roberts of Odessa, TX; six sisters, Mrs. J.T. Webb and Mrs. Alfred Farrell of Kansas City, MO; Mrs. Joe Thomason of Bethany, OK; Mrs. Pearl Jackson of Ringwood, OK; Mrs. Hattie Withers of Carmel, CA; and Mrs. Edgar Owens of Gridley, CA; two brothers, Walter Roberts of Oklahoma City, OK; and Olive Roberts of Taloga, OK; 13 grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren.


36. Mary Jane ROBERTS. Born on 8 Nov 1878 in Campbell Co KY. Mary Jane died in New Bloomfield, Callaway Co. MO in 1924, she was 45.  On 6 Dec 1898 when Mary Jane was 20, she married William F. BARNARD, in Jefferson City, Cole Co. MO. They had the following children:

    125      i.      Will Henry

    126     ii.      Elmer

    127    iii.      Chester

    128     iv.      Lilly

    129      v.      Warner Stanley (1908-1910)

    130     vi.      Fred "Jack"

    131    vii.      Lloyd

    132   viii.      Virgil

    133     ix.      Spencer

    134      x.      Oliver Earl


William had a saw/grinding mill at New Bloomfield, Callaway County, MO.  His brother, Sam Barnard, lived on an adjacent farm to Ezekiel and Armilda Roberts.


37. Rose Etta ROBERTS. Born on 17 Feb 1880 in Campbell Co KY. Rose Etta died in St. Joseph, MO on 4 Sep 1965, she was 85.  On 24 Dec 1902 when Rose Etta was 22, she married John WEBB. Born on 19 Aug 1867. John died in Jun 1954, he was 86.  They had the following children:

    135      i.      Charles

    136     ii.      Oliver

    137    iii.      Oren

    138     iv.      Harry

    139      v.      Hattie


38. Iva Pearl ROBERTS. Born on 1 Aug 1882 in Campbell Co KY. Iva Pearl died in Ringwood, OK on 5 Aug 1957, she was 75. Buried in Ringwood, OK.  Iva Pearl married David JACKSON.  They had one child:

    140      i.      Theodore Frank "Ted" (1908-2000)


39. Johnnie ROBERTS. Born in Jul 1884 in Campbell Co. KY. Johnnie died in Jul 1884 in Campbell Co. KY.


40. Walter Grant "Curly" ROBERTS. Born on 11 Jul 1885 in Campbell Co. KY. Walter Grant "Curly" died in Oklahoma City, OK on 10 Aug 1955, he was 70. Buried in Sunnylane Cemetery, Del City, Oklahoma Co. OK. On 30 Nov 1905 when Walter Grant "Curly" was 20, he married Ida Bertha Elizabeth AUFRANC, in Cedar City, Callaway Co. MO. Born on 6 Jul 1890 in Cedar City, Callaway Co. MO. Ida Bertha Elizabeth died in Oklahoma City, OK on 8 Nov 1942, she was 52. Buried in Sujnnylane Cemetery, Del City, Oklahoma Co. OK.  They had the following children:

    141      i.      Floyd Oliver (1907-1967)

    142     ii.      Viola Gwendolyn (1909-)

    143    iii.      Howard Grant (1912-1986)

    144     iv.      Olin William (1915-)

    145      v.      Mary Lillian (1918-)

    146     vi.      Helen Rosetta (1922-2000)

    147    vii.      Raymond Paul (1926-)


Walter's obituary reads as follows:  W.G. ROBERTS DIES FOLLOWING LONG ILLNESS

Walter G. Roberts, 70, of NW 31 and Peniel, Bethany, a retired carpenter, died at his home Wednesday morning after a year's illness.

Born in Grants Lick, KY, he made his home here for 33 years, having come to this city from Wichita Falls, TX.  A carpenter until his retirement five years ago, he was a member of the Capitol Hill Evangelical United Brethren Church.  Survivors are four sons, H.G. Roberts, 8300 NW8, Oklahoma City; F.O. Roberts, 1117 SW 52, Oklahoma City;  O.W. Roberts, 404 E. Northrupp Drive, Midwest City, OK; and R.P. Roberts, 702 S. Willow, Bethany; three daughters, Mrs. D.R. Elam, 4509 NW 11, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Warren Shibley, Tulsa, OK; and Mrs. Helen Gaston, of the home address; six sisters, Mrs. David Jackson, Ringwood, OK; Mrs. Ethel Thompson, NW 50th and Peniel, Bethany, OK; Mrs. Hattie Withers and Mrs. Mel Owens, Sacramento, CA; and Mrs. Etta Webb and Mrs. Nona Furrell, Kansas City, MO; and one brother, O.W. Roberts, Taloga, OK.  Services are pending at Capitol Hill Funeral Home.


41. Oliver Wilson "Ollie" ROBERTS. Born on 7 Mar 1887 in Callaway Co. MO. Oliver Wilson "Ollie" died in Thomas, Custer Co. OK on 25 Jan 1978, he was 90. Buried in Mound Cemetery, Taloga, Dewey Co. OK. In 1913 when Oliver Wilson "Ollie" was 25, he first married Fannie Lelia JOHNSON. Born in Mar 1890. Fannie Lelia died in 1967, she was 76.  They had the following children:

    148      i.      Waldo

    149     ii.      Delvis

    150    iii.      Wanda

On 17 Dec 1970 when Oliver Wilson "Ollie" was 83, he second married Lula Mae BENNETT. Born on 4 Dec 1886.


42. Anna Ethel ROBERTS. Born on 18 Oct 1889 in Calloway Co. MO. Anna Ethel died in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co. OK in Jul 1969, she was 79. Buried in Fairlawn Cemetery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co. OK.  Anna Ethel first married John PARRISH.  They had the following children:

    151      i.      Ralph

    152     ii.      Mildred

About 1920/1921 when Anna Ethel was 30, she second married Joseph Bervin THOMASON. Born on 1 Jan 1887. Joseph Bervin died on 29 Jan 1951, he was 64.  They had the following children:

    153      i.      Alfus

    154     ii.      Paul Apporal

    155    iii.      May


43. Nona Mabel ROBERTS. Born on 27 Dec 1893 in Callaway Co MO. Nona Mabel died in Houston, TX on 15 Jun 1962, she was 68.  Nona Mabel married Alfred W. FURRELL.  They had the following children:

    156      i.      Ralph

    157     ii.      Wyburn

    158    iii.      Paul

    159     iv.      Richard

    160      v.      Warner

    161     vi.      Mary


44. Hattie Beatrice ROBERTS. Born on 8 Oct 1894 in Callaway Co MO. Hattie Beatrice died  aft 1988, she was 93.  Hattie Beatrice married Elam WITHERS. Born in 1883 in PA. Elam died in Sacramento, CA on 23 Dec 1931, he was 48. Buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery, Sacramento, CA.


45. Nellie ROBERTS. Born on 6 Mar 1898 in Callaway Co MO. Nellie died in California in 1972, she was 73.  Nellie married Edgar OWENS.  They had the following children:

    162      i.      Walter

    163     ii.      Warner

    164    iii.      Floyd

    165     iv.      Virgil

    166      v.      Gladys



Fourth Generation

Family of Arabella RIDDLE (8) & Darvis BAILEY


46. Frank M. BAILEY. Born in 1873 in Pendleton Co. KY.


47. Harriet BAILEY. Born in 1875 in Pendleton Co. KY.


48. Charlie BAILEY. Born in 1877 in Pendleton Co. KY.


49. Verner BAILEY. Born in 1878 in Pendleton Co. KY.


50. Julia BAILEY. Born in 1880 in Pendleton Co. KY.



Family of Marion RIDDLE (10) & Isabella STEPHENS


51. Etta RIDDLE. Born on 8 Apr 1875 in Pendleton Co. KY. Etta died on 27 Oct 1924, she was 49.  Etta married Morton BELL.  They had one child:

             i.      Zilma


52. Walter RIDDLE. Born on 22 Nov 1876 in Pendleton Co. KY. Walter died on 31 Jan 1954, he was 77. Buried in North Greenfield Cemetery, Logan Co. OH.  Walter first married Minnie ROBERSON.  They had the following children:

             i.      Elba (1904-1986)

            ii.      Willard (-1969)

           iii.      Ulala (1928-)

            iv.      Levena (-1970)

On 21 Aug 1908 when Walter was 31, he second married Dorothy Elizabeth "Lizzie" DAVIS, daughter of Albert DAVIS & Alice WILGUS, in Logan Co. OH. Born on 19 Apr 1893. Dorothy Elizabeth "Lizzie" died on 3 Jul 1983, she was 90. Buried in North Greenfield Cemetery, Logan Co. OH.  Funeral Services for Elizabeth were held at Ballinger-Schnurrenberger Funeral Home in West Mansfield, Ohio.  They had the following children:

             i.      Freda (1911-1996)

            ii.      Maxine (1915-2003)

           iii.      Cletus (1918-1988)

            iv.      Eileen (1925-)

             v.      Pearl (1909-1997)


53. Emma F. RIDDLE. Born on 11 Nov 1880 in Pendleton Co. KY. Emma F. died in Dec 1971, she was 91.  Emma F. first married Le VAN.  Emma F. second married ADAMS.  They had the following children:

             i.      Earl

            ii.      Ray

           iii.      Kenneth

            iv.      Gladys


54. Alfred Lee RIDDLE. Born on 16 Jan 1887. Alfred Lee died on 22 May 1970, he was 83. Buried in North Greenfield Cemetery, Logan Co. OH.  Alfred Lee first married Mary "Etta" ROGERS, in Logan Co. OH.  They had one child:

             i.      Hazel Marie-Etta (1907-1991)

Alfred Lee second married Thora Josephine ASKIN. Born in 1891. Thora Josephine died in 1952, she was 61.  They had the following children:

             i.      George (1917-)

            ii.      Leo (1918-)

           iii.      Herbert (-2002)

            iv.      Ernest

             v.      Vivian

            vi.      Grace

On 5 Jun 1955 when Alfred Lee was 68, he third married Dorothy Elizabeth "Lizzie" DAVIS, daughter of Albert DAVIS & Alice WILGUS. Born on 19 Apr 1893. Dorothy Elizabeth "Lizzie" died on 3 Jul 1983, she was 90. Buried in North Greenfield Cemetery, Logan Co. OH.


55. Cora RIDDLE.  Cora first married KYLE.  Cora second married DICKERSON.  They had the following children:

             i.      Porter

            ii.      James

           iii.      Isabella

Cora third married KIRWIN.


56. George RIDDLE. Born in 1880. George died in 1911, he was 31.  George married Bertha HUMPHREY.  They had the following children:

             i.      Lois

            ii.      Iva

           iii.      Ruth (1904-1989)


57. Emmert RIDDLE.  Emmert married Gertrude [RIDDLE].



Family of Elmore RIDDLE (11) & Catherine HANLEY


58. Morton RIDDLE. Born on 19 Sep 1895. Morton died on 25 May 1952, he was 56. Buried in North Greenfield Cemetery, Logan Co. OH.  On 18 Aug 1923 when Morton was 27, he married Edna L. WEBSTER, daughter of Alfred Sidney WEBSTER (20 Apr 1862-17 Mar 1940) & Julia PLUMMER (23 Jan 1864-), in Butler, Pendleton Co. KY. Buried in North Greenfield Cemetery, Logan Co. OH.  They had the following children:

             i.      Ralph Sidney (1924-1994)

            ii.      Ernest Elmer (1925-1988)

           iii.      Mildred Jane (1930-1970)

            iv.      Carl Leo (1934-)


59. Edith RIDDLE. Born on 11 Aug 1898. Edith died on 5 Sep 1946, she was 48.  On 3 Jul 1914 when Edith was 15, she married Frank KUHN, in Tallicum, Washington. Born in 1888. Frank died in 1971, he was 83.  They had the following children:

             i.      Frank (1919-)

            ii.      Pauline (1915-1979)



Family of Philander "Fie" RIDDLE (12) & Ada DILLE


60. Florence RIDDLE.


61. Allie RIDDLE. Born on 18 Apr 1887. Allie died on 23 Dec 1962, she was 75. Buried in North Greenfield Cemetery, Logan Co. OH.  On 1 Oct 1910 when Allie was 23, she married Roy WILGUS, in West Liberty, OH. Buried in North Greenfield Cemetery, Logan Co. OH.


62. Agnes RIDDLE. Born on 28 Dec 1893. Agnes died on 2 Jul 1946, she was 52. Buried in Sunset Cemetery, West Jefferson, OH.  Agnes married Walter BOWER.



Family of Arminta Elizabeth RIDDLE (13) & Elkaney McMILLIN


63. Mollie Mae McMILLIN. Born on 31 Oct 1875 in Pendleton Co. KY. Mollie Mae died in Springfield, OH on 15 Aug 1968, she was 92. Mollie Mae married John Henry LUDWIG, son of Eliazbeth [LUDWIG] (abt 1838-). Born  abt 1874 in OH. John Henry died in OH in 1929, he was 55.


The obituary for Mollie Mae (McMillan) Ludwig reads as follows:  Hold Services for Mrs. Henry Ludwig.  JAMES DAY'S GREAT-AUNT SUCCUMS IN SPRINGFIELD;  SERVICES IN BELLEfontAINE

     Funeral services were held Friday morning in St. Patrick Roman Catholic Church in Bellefontaine for Mrs. Henry (Mae M.) Ludwig, 92, an aunt of Mrs. Lowell Rutherford and a great-aunt of James Day.  Mrs. Ludwig passed away last Wednesday in Mercycrest, Springfield, where she had been a resident since 1958.  A native of Kentucky, she was born, October 31, 1875 in Falmouth, a daughter of ElKana and Arminta Riddle McMillan.  On Aug 11, 1911, she was married to Mr. Ludwig, who preceded her in death in 1929.  She was a member of St. Patrick's Roman Cathlic Church in Bellefontaine.  Survivors include four sisters, Mrs. Clara Day amd Mrs. Henry Hill, both of Springfield, Mrs. Frank Ludwig of Huntsville, and Mrs. Arthur McMillen of Jacksonville, Fla; and a brother, George McMillan of Springfield.

The Rev. Robert J. Putnick conducted the requiem high mass and burial followed in Calvary Cemetery at Bellefontaine.  Serving as pallbears were James Day of this community, Robert McMillen of Springfield, David Clagg of Detroit, Mich., and Leo and William Sugrue and Robert Clagg of Bellefontaine. 

Also attending the rites from here were Mrs. Rutherford and Mrs. Day and son, Tim.


64. Clara McMILLIN. Born on 20 Feb 1877. Clara died on 9 Sep 1972, she was 95. Before 1899 when Clara was 21, she first married Unknown REED.  They had the following children:

             i.      Carrie (~1899-)

            ii.      Milton (~1911-)

After 1911 when Clara was 33, she second married Patrick DEE, in OH. Born on 24 Sep 1862 in Beaver Falls, PA. Patrick died in OH  bef 1930, he was 67.


65. Carrie Ellen McMILLIN. Born on 20 Feb 1877 in Pendleton Co. KY. Carrie Ellen died in Bellefontaine, Logan Co. OH on 22 Aug 1962, she was 85.  On 19 Jun 1893 when Carrie Ellen was 16, she married George Benjamin CLAGG, in Hardin Co. OH. Born on 12 Dec 1865. George Benjamin died in Bellefontaine, Logan Co. OH on 11 Nov 1947, he was 81. Buried in Bellefontaine, Logan Co. OH. They had the following children:

             i.      Albert (1894-)

            ii.      Minnie (1896-)

           iii.      Mary Elizabeth (1901-)

            iv.      Charles (1904-)

             v.      Frank (1908-)

            vi.      Robert (1912-)

           vii.      David (1915-)


66. Robert C. McMILLIN. Born on 1 Mar 1879. Robert C. died on 30 Dec 1963, he was 84.


67. Martha Elizabeth  "Lizzie" McMILLIN. Born on 10 Nov 1881 in Pendleton Co. KY. Martha Elizabeth  "Lizzie" died in OH on 10 Jan 1970, she was 88. On 20 Aug 1903 when Martha Elizabeth  "Lizzie" was 21, she first married Alfred EGELSTON, son of George Washington EGELSTON (17 Nov 1836-18 Sep 1923) & Nancy Jane RILEY (22 Oct 1835-27 Aug 1903), in Menifee Co Ky. Born in 1863 in Short Creek, Pendleton Co. KY. Alfred died in Logan Co. OH in 1913, he was 50. Buried in Egelston Cemetery, Tar Ridge, Menifee Co. KY. They had the following children:

             i.      Robert Duey (1906-1935)

            ii.      Roberta Grace (1908-)

           iii.      Forest Leo (1909-1995)

            iv.      Lela Pauline (1909-)

             v.      George Elkaney (1911-)

            vi.      Ernest Woodrow (1913-1993)

About 1921 when Martha Elizabeth  "Lizzie" was 39, she second married Frank LUDWIG, son of Eliazbeth [LUDWIG] (abt 1838-), in Logan Co. OH. Born in 1875 in OH.


Alfred's name appears in the Index to Deeds, Menifee County, KY. He purchased 100 acres on Fletcher Ridge from S.A. Farrar on 8 Dec 1899.


68. Charles R. McMILLIN. Born in Nov 1883.


69. James A.Garfield McMILLIN. Born on 20 May 1886 in KY. James died in Bellefontaine, Logan Co. OH on 4 May 1963, he was 76. Buried in Huntsville Cemetery, Huntsville, OH.


70. Effie McMILLIN. Born in Dec 1893. Effie died in OH on 9 Nov 1993, she was 99.  Effie married Henry M. HILL.


71. Hazel McMILLIN. Born in Dec 1897. Hazel died on 13 Jan 1987, she was 89.


72. George T. McMILLIN. Born on 21 Sep 1900. George T. died on 25 May 1983, he was 82.  On 17 Mar 1923 when George T. was 22, he married Dorothy E. RAINGNER. Born on 17 Mar 1907.


73. Mary McMILLIN.



Family of Ida May ROBERTS (14) & Charles Joseph MARQUARDT


74. Julia M. MARQUARDT. Born in Mar 1886 in KY.Julia M. married Ralph FIELDING. Born  abt 1882 in OH.


75. Harrison M. "Harry" MARQUARDT. Born in Nov 1888 in KY.  He never married.


76. Velva Marie MARQUARDT. Born on 8 Oct 1892 in Pendleton Co. KY. Velva Marie died on 3 Jul 1970, she was 77.  Velva Marie married Earl Anthony DODSON. Born on 24 Sep 1896 in Conway Springs, KS. Earl Anthony died on 15 Jan 1927, he was 30.  They had the following children:

             i.      Harold Marquardt (1922-2001)

            ii.      Iris Eileen (1920-)



Family of Julia Frances ROBERTS (15) & Jacob KLABER


77. Mary May "Molly" KLABER. Born in Jan 1880 in Montgomery Co KY. Mary May "Molly" died in Germantown, Warren Co. OH on 10 Aug 1981, she was 101. Buried in Germantown Cemetery, Germantown, Warren Co. OH.  In 1898 when Mary May "Molly" was 17, she married George BRANHAM, in Menifee Co, KY. Born on 26 Aug 1874 in KY. George died in Germantown, Ohio on 24 Dec 1963, he was 89. Buried on 28 Dec 1963 in Germantown Cemetery, Germantown, Warren Co. OH.  They had the following children:

             i.      Ida (1898-)

            ii.      Kelly (1900-)

           iii.      Bruce (1902-)

            iv.      Knox V. (1903-1904)

             v.      Inez (1905-1949)

            vi.      Reece Kash (1907-1963)

           vii.      Grace (1910-2000)

          viii.      Ernie Earl (1912-1942)

            ix.      Virgil


78. Elizabeth "Lizzie" KLABER. Born on 10 Dec 1881 in Montgomery or Menifee Co KY. Elizabeth "Lizzie" died in Franklin, Warren Co OH in 1967, she was 85. Buried in Woodhill Cemetery, Franklin, Warren Co OH.  About 1920 when Elizabeth "Lizzie" was 38, she married Raleigh H. HEIZER, in Menifee Co. KY. Born on 23 Mar 1894 in KY. Raleigh H. died in Menifee Co. KY on 10 Nov 1972, he was 78. Buried in Lovelace Cemetery, Menifee Co. KY.  They had no children.  They divorced after 1930.


79. Jacob "Jakie" KLABER. Born on 29 Sep 1884 in Montgomery or Menifee Co KY. Jacob "Jakie" died in Menifee Co, KY on 4 Apr 1959, he was 74. Buried on 7 Apr 1959 in Egelston Cemetery, Menifee Co KY.  On 8 Oct 1904 when Jacob "Jakie" was 20, he married Kate "Katie" KINNEY, daughter of William R. KINNEY (May 1840-18 Feb 1922) & Rebecca HALL (Feb 1853-7 Apr 1924), in Menifee Co. KY. Born on 11 Jul 1885 in Menifee Co, KY. Kate "Katie" died in Menifee Co Ky on 27 May 1953, she was 67. Buried on 30 May 1953 in Egelston Cemetery, Tar Ridge, Menifee Co KY.  They had the following children:

             i.      Pearl (1905-)

            ii.      Clyde (1908-1973)

           iii.      Ethel (1910-)

            iv.      Bethel (1910-1981)

             v.      Eunice "Una" (1913-)

            vi.      Augusta (1915-1971)

           vii.      Ray (1917-2003)

          viii.      Sybil (1919-1954)

            ix.      Della (1921-1997)

             x.      Marietta "Bertha" (1923-)

            xi.      Joette Leola (1925-1930)

           xii.      William Elwood "Bill" (1927-)


80. Henry Edwin KLABER. Born on 17 Nov 1885 in Menifee Co KY. Henry Edwin died on 17 Nov 1885 in Menifee Co KY.


81. Grace Lee KLABER. Born on 6 Jan 1887 in Menifee Co, KY. Grace Lee died in Moores Ferry, Bath Co. KY on 29 Mar 1932, she was 45. Buried in Fortune Cemetery, Lower Spencer, KY.  On 6 Nov 1909 when Grace Lee was 22, she married Charles Andrew DENNISTON, son of James W. DENNISTON (Sep 1856-) & Lina S. [DENNISTON] (Nov 1866-). Born on 27 Sep 1884 in Menifee Co Ky. Charles Andrew died in Stanton, Powell Co. KY on 28 Aug 1955, he was 70. Buried in Fortune Cemetery, Lower Spencer, KY.  They had the following children:

             i.      William Verney (1910-1974)

            ii.      Ruby Ellen (1912-2000)

           iii.      Ruth Anice (1914-1917)

            iv.      Mildred Pearl (1915-1916)

             v.      Herman Chester (1916-2001)

            vi.      Sally Frances (1919-)

           vii.      Earle Claude (1921-)

          viii.      Dorothy May (1923-1978)

            ix.      Dallas Morton (1926-2000)

             x.      Charlene Elizabeth (1928-)


82. Abba Frances KLABER. Born on 29 Jun 1889 in Frenchburg, Menifee Co. KY. Abba Frances died in Shawnee, Pottawatomie, OK on 25 Feb 1979, she was 89. Buried in Tecumseh Cemetery, Tecumseh, Pottawatomie Co. OK. Occupation: housewife. In 1908 when Abba Frances was 18, she married Lewis Shelby COPE, son of Alfred Buckner "Buck" COPE (18 Feb 1862-5 Jul 1934) & Mary Elizabeth "Molly" EGELSTON (8 Sep 1864-24 Mar 1951), in Frenchburg, Menifee Co. KY. Born on 7 Aug 1889 in Frenchburg, Menifee Co. KY. Lewis Shelby died in Shawnee, Pottawatomie, OK on 4 Feb 1972, he was 82. Buried in Tecumseh Cemetery, Tecumseh, Pottawatomie Co. OK. Occupation: farmer, worked as a teaming contractor in oil fields in early day Oklahoma. They had the following children:

             i.      Shelby Lavern (1909-1994)

            ii.      Elwood Thomas (1911-1985)

           iii.      Raymond Earl (1913-1995)

            iv.      Cecil Clay (1914-1967)

             v.      Jack Carl (1917-1986)

            vi.      Elmo Jake "Mose" (1919-1994)

           vii.      Nell Frances (1921-2006)

          viii.      Billy "Ruth" (1928-2001)

            ix.      Betty "Joan" (1930-)


83. Myrtle Ora KLABER. Born on 19 Nov 1892 in Menifee Co, KY. Myrtle Ora died in Overland Park, Johnson Co KS on 5 Dec 1979, she was 87. Buried in Little Cemetery, Seminole, Seminole Co. OK, Hwy 99. Religion: Lutheran.  In 1908 when Myrtle Ora was 15, Myrtle married John Leonard Cope in Menifee Co. KY.  They had the following children:

             i.      William Vaughn "Bill" (1909-1969)

            ii.      Fred (1911-1970)

           iii.      Virgil (1914-1984)

            iv.      Bessie (1915-1916)

             v.      Guy (1916-1986)

            vi.      Mildred (1919-1983)


Sometime between 1910 and 1920, Myrtle and John Leonard moved to Oklahoma.   


84. Fred R KLABER. Born on 4 Apr 1894 in Menifee Co, KY. Fred R died in Franklin, Warren Co OH in Oct 1970, he was 76. Buried in Woodhill Cemetery. Fred R married Elizabeth ARMITAGE. Born in 1902 in Menifee Co Ky. Elizabeth died in Franklin, Warren Co OH on 12 Jul 1990, she was 88. Buried in Woodhill Cemetery, Franklin, Warren Co OH. 


85. Hattie Pearl KLABER. Born on 17 Feb 1896 in Menifee Co, KY. Hattie Pearl died in Franklin, Warren Co OH in 1982, she was 85. Buried in Woodhill Cemetery, Franklin, Warren Co OH.  Hattie Pearl first married John TRENT.  They had the following children:

             i.      Bonnie (1914-)

            ii.      Chester (1916-)

           iii.      Julia Nell (1918-)

After 1920 when Hattie Pearl was 23, she second married Bebe GRAHAM, in Franklin, Warren Co. OH. Born in 1883. Bebe died in Franklin, Warren Co OH on 22 Jan 1938, he was 55. Buried in Woodhill Cemetery, Franklin, Warren Co OH.

They had one child:

             i.      Richard


86. Earle Raymond KLABER. Born on 27 Feb 1898 in Menifee Co, KY. Earle Raymond died in Florida??? on 1 Mar 1931, he was 33. Buried in Winchester Cemetery, Lot 38, Grave 11, Winchester, Clark Co. KY.  In 1920 when Earle Raymond was 21, he married Stanley PROFITT. Born in 1904.  They had the following children:

             i.      Raymond (1922-)

            ii.      Julia (1927-)

           iii.      Betty (>1930-)


87. Sherla Olive KLABER. Born on 19 Apr 1900 in Menifee Co, KY. Sherla Olive died in Franklin, Warren Co OH on 7 Aug 1934, she was 34. Buried in Woodhill Cemetery, Franklin, Warren Co OH.  In 1921 when Sherla Olive was 20, she married Frank HARBACH, son of Rufus HARBACH (abt 1865-) & F. Jane [HARBACH] (abt 1868-), in Warren Co. OH. Born on 19 Jul 1894 in Franklin, Warren Co OH. Frank died in Middletown Hospital, Middletown, OH on 19 Mar 1935, he was 40. Buried in Woodhill Cemetery, Franklin, Warren Co OH.  They had the following children:

             i.      Sarah E. (1922-)

            ii.      Frank E. (1924-2003)

           iii.      Charles S. (1928-)

            iv.      Edwin (>1930-)

             v.      Fred (>1930-)

            vi.      Frances (>1930-)


88. Willard Piner KLABER. Born on 11 Sep 1903 in Menifee Co, KY. Willard Piner died in Zepherhills, FL on 7 Dec 1989, he was 86. Buried in Woodhill Cemetery, Franklin, Warren Co OH.  Willard Piner married Pearl Ora COLLIER, daughter of George William COLLIER (1878-1969) & Hattie Belle NORTHCUTT (9 Apr 1876-1924). Born on 19 May 1906 in Menifee Co Ky. Pearl Ora died in Franklin, Warren Co OH on 14 Dec 1996, she was 90. Buried in Woodhill Cemetery, Franklin, Warren Co OH.  They had the following children:

             i.      Willard R. (1927-1985)

            ii.      Janet Irene



Family of Thomas Melvin ROBERTS (16) & Eva Johana MONROE


89. Melvin Roscoe ROBERTS. Born on 3 Dec 1894 in Pendleton Co KY.  Melvin was a veteran of WWI.


90. Reva Ruby ROBERTS.  Reva Ruby married Floyd TAYLOR.


91. Wilbur Monroe ROBERTS.



Family of Lorenzo Dow ROBERTS (17) & Ida F. SHOUERT


92. Beatrice ROBERTS. Born in Jan 1892 in Pendleton Co. KY.


93. Margaretta ROBERTS. Born in Oct 1897 in Pendleton Co. KY.


94. Unknown infant ROBERTS. Born  bef 1900 in Pendleton Co. KY. Unknown infant died  bef 1900 in Pendleton Co. KY.



Family of Paulina ROBERTS (19) & John F FRYER


95. Ambrose Grant "Brodie" FRYER. Born in Dec 1886 in Pendleton Co. KY. Ambrose Grant "Brodie" died in Pendleton Co. KY in 1914, he was 27. Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Falmouth, Pendleton Co. KY.  On 8 Oct 1910 when Ambrose Grant "Brodie" was 23, he married Stella BALLINGER, daughter of Robert F. BALLINGER, in Pendleton Co. KY. Born on 1 Jan 1889 in Pendleton Co. KY. Stella died in Yuma, AZ on 10 Apr 1922, she was 33. Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Falmouth, Pendleton Co. KY. They had the following children:

             i.      Pauline2 (~1912-)

            ii.      George2 (~1914-)


96. Virginia FRYER. Born in May 1890 in Pendleton Co. KY.  On 25 Jan 1913 when Virginia was 22, she married James TOMLIN, in Pendleton Co. KY.


97. Loyd FRYER. Born in Aug 1892 in Pendleton Co. KY.  On 15 Dec 1915 when Loyd was 23, he married Racie LONAKER, in Pendleton Co. KY.  They had the following children:

             i.      Lloyd (~1917-)

            ii.      Pauline (~1919-)


98. John W. FRYER. Born in Jan 1893 in Pendleton Co. KY. John W. died in Pendleton Co. KY on 23 May 1965, he was 72.


99. Charlotte FRYER. Born in Jun 1899 in Pendleton Co. KY.  On 20 Feb 1916 when Charlotte was 16, she married Walter HARMES, in Pendleton Co. KY.



Family of Enolia ROBERTS (21) & Curtis FERRYMAN


100. Birtie FERRYMAN. Born in 1894 in OH.


101. Hazel FERRYMAN. Born in 1898 in OHio.


102. Emma FERRYMAN. Born in 1901 in OH.


103. Howard Franklin FERRYMAN. Born on 27 Nov 1908 in Clark Co. OH. Howard Franklin died in Clark Co. OH on 13 Feb 1988, he was 79.  On 30 Dec 1935 when Howard Franklin was 27, he married Evelyn Alice MILLER, in Clark Co. OH. Born on 23 Aug 1916 in Madison Co. OH. Evelyn Alice died in Clark Co. OH on 19 Nov 1964, she was 48.


104. Frances FERRYMAN. Born in 1912 in Champaign Co. OH.


105. Robert FERRYMAN. Born in 1913 in Champaign Co. OH.



Family of Raymond Richmond ROBERTS (22) & Hannah Anna Laura WILSON


106. Cecil ROBERTS. Born in Jul 1898 in Pendleton Co. KY.  On 4 Feb 1917 when Cecil was 18, she married Bob HAMPTON, in Pendleton Co. KY.


107. Julia ROBERTS. Born in Jun 1900 in Pendleton Co. KY.  Julia married Harold BARRETT.


108. Floyd Charles ROBERTS. Born on 29 Mar 1905 in Pendleton Co. KY.  On 21 Apr 1923 when Floyd Charles was 18, he married Ora Marie BARNETT, in Pendleton Co. KY. 



Family of Raymond Richmond ROBERTS (22) & Sarepta "A" METHOD


109. Thomas Emerson ROBERTS.  Thomas Emerson married Victoria MERSHON, daughter of Fred MERSHON.



Family of Harriet ROBERTS (23) & Edgar JOHNSON


110. Wesley JOHNSON.



Family of Florence ROBERTS (25) & Jesse LANE


111. Robert Edward LANE. Born on 12 Apr 1905 in Springfield, OH.



Family of Emaline "Lina" ROBERTS (33) & Henry Phillips SANDERS


112. Earl SANDERS. Born  bef 1900.  Earl married Unknown [SANDERS].


113. Unnamed SANDERS. Born on 18 Aug 1900. Unnamed died on 18 Aug 1900.



Family of William ROBERTS (34) & Lora Ella HARBOUR


114. Vivian ROBERTS. Born  abt 1908 in Dewey Co. OK.  Vivian married Unknown HEBARD.


115. Virgil ROBERTS.  Virgil married Leone [ROBERTS]. 


116. Ila ROBERTS.  Ila married Unknown GARDNER.


117. Hazel ROBERTS.  Hazel married Unknown DUCKWORTH.


118. Howard W. ROBERTS.  Howard W. married Arminda Louise SHOOK. 


119. Denver ROBERTS.



Family of Warner "Warnie" ROBERTS (35) & Mable BROOM


120. Joseph Frank ROBERTS. Born in 1903 in Taloga, Dewey Co. OK.


121. Ethel ROBERTS. Born in 1900 in Jefferson City, Cole Co. MO.  Ethel married Robert D. RUSSELL.


122. Irene Marie ROBERTS. Born in 1906 in Taloga, Dewey Co. OK.


123. Mable "Myrtle" ROBERTS. Born in 1908 in Taloga, Dewey Co. OK.  Mable "Myrtle" married Alva PHILLIPS.


124. Mae ROBERTS.  Mae married Earl TROVINGER.



Family of Mary Jane ROBERTS (36) & William F. BARNARD


125. Will Henry BARNARD.


126. Elmer BARNARD.


127. Chester BARNARD.


128. Lilly BARNARD.


129. Warner Stanley BARNARD. Born on 29 Aug 1908 in New Bloomfield, Callaway Co. MO. Warner Stanley died in New Bloomfield, Callaway Co. MO on 2 Dec 1910, he was 2. Buried in Mount Zion Old Baptist Church Cemetery, Callaway Co. MO.


130. Fred "Jack" BARNARD.


131. Lloyd BARNARD.


132. Virgil BARNARD.


133. Spencer BARNARD.


134. Oliver Earl BARNARD.



Family of Rose Etta ROBERTS (37) & John WEBB


135. Charles WEBB. 


136. Oliver WEBB.


137. Oren WEBB.


138. Harry WEBB.


139. Hattie WEBB.



Family of Iva Pearl ROBERTS (38) & David JACKSON


140. Theodore Frank "Ted" JACKSON. Born on 18 May 1908. Theodore Frank "Ted" died in Mar 2000, he was 91.Theodore Frank "Ted" married Lavina Larra MITCHELL. Born on 6 Mar 1916.



Family of Walter Grant "Curly" ROBERTS (40) & Ida Bertha Elizabeth AUFRANC


141. Floyd Oliver ROBERTS. Born on 22 Feb 1907 in Cedar City, MO. Floyd Oliver died in Oklahoma City, OK on 19 Aug 1967, he was 60. Buried in Spring Creek, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co. OK.  Floyd Oliver first married Loretta LYONS.  Floyd Oliver second married Mittie Pearl LANTHROPE.


142. Viola Gwendolyn ROBERTS. Born on 4 Jul 1909 in Seiling, Dewey Co. OK.  On 9 Nov 1928 when Viola Gwendolyn was 19, she married Douglas Ragsdale ELAM, son of Andrew Hart ELAM (9 Aug 1878-bef 1930) & Sarah Frances "Fannie" [ELAM] (Oct 1880-aft 1930), in Oklahoma City, OK. Born on 6 Jul 1906 in Waco, McClennan Co. TX. Douglas Ragsdale died in Jackson Co. MO on 15 Oct 1992, he was 86. Buried in Her ashes are at the Floral Hills Cemetery, Raytown, MO.


143. Howard Grant ROBERTS. Born on 18 Jan 1912 in New Bloomfield, Callaway Co. MO. Howard Grant died in Oklahoma City, OK on 23 Jun 1986, he was 74. Buried in Spring Creek, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co. OK.  On 16 Jul 1935 when Howard Grant was 23, he married Goldie Lee PALMER, in Wheeler, TX. Born on 29 Jul 1912. Goldie Lee died on 11 Jun 1992, she was 79.


144. Olin William ROBERTS. Born on 23 Nov 1915 in Cedar City, MO.  On 19 Apr 1969 when Olin William was 53, he second married Ruth Elmore TOWNSEND. Born on 15 Dec 1922.


145. Mary Lillian ROBERTS. Born on 28 Aug 1918 in Cedar City, MO.  Mary Lillian married Warren Harding SHIBLEY. Warren Harding died on 4 Mar 1965.


146. Helen Rosetta ROBERTS. Born on 28 Jan 1922 in Oklahoma City, OK. Helen Rosetta died in Oklahoma City, OK on 7 Apr 2000, she was 78.  In 1944 when Helen Rosetta was 21, she first married Earl JONES.  Helen Rosetta second married Ocie C. "Pete" GASTON. Born on 23 Apr 1927.


147. Raymond Paul ROBERTS. Born on 25 Sep 1926.  Raymond Paul married Arlillian Ann CASH, daughter of Wilbur M. CASH & Annie Laurie. Born on 11 Sep



Family of Oliver Wilson "Ollie" ROBERTS (41) & Fannie Lelia JOHNSON


148. Waldo ROBERTS.


149. Delvis ROBERTS.


150. Wanda ROBERTS.  Wanda married John COWL.



Family of Anna Ethel ROBERTS (42) & John PARRISH


151. Ralph PARRISH.


152. Mildred PARRISH.



Family of Anna Ethel ROBERTS (42) & Joseph Bervin THOMASON


153. Alfus THOMPSON.


154. Paul Apporal THOMPSON.  Paul Apporal married Minnie [THOMPSON].


155. May THOMPSON.



Family of Nona Mabel ROBERTS (43) & Colonal Alfred W. FURRELL


156. Ralph FURRELL.


157. Wyburn FURRELL.


158. Paul FURRELL.  Paul married Minnie T. [FURRELL].


159. Richard FURRELL.


160. Warner FURRELL.


161. Mary FURRELL.



Family of Nellie ROBERTS (45) & Edgar OWENS


162. Walter OWENS.


163. Warner OWENS.


164. Floyd OWENS.


165. Virgil OWENS.


166. Gladys OWENS.



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