Pendleton County Court & Land Records

Pendleton County Court & Land Records



Old Surveys & Deeds includes images!

Pendleton County Land Patents many with actual images and surveys!

Court Records  1847 - 1848  

Delinquent Tax Records 1799-1813

Delinquent Tax Records 1814  & 1816

Pendleton County Naturalization Records 
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Stray Stock
Early Kentucky Settlers were required to have their stock recorded and appraised. 

Guardianship Bonds

Tavern Keeper's Bonds  

County Deeds 1801 - 1805 plus  

Pendleton County Tax List - 1806   

1799-1805  Abstract Court Records

Early Pendleton County "Bad Boys"

1805-1814  Abstract Court Records

Miscellaneous Delinquent Tax Rolls

1884 Pendleton County Atlas Subscribers 

Miscellaneous Court Records  

1820-1824 Grant County Order Book I
Many, of the people mentioned were former residents of Pendleton County.

The First Taxpayers of Grant County
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The Bully of Batchelor's Rest

Pendleton County Land Grants 

Early Bracken County  Land Grants

Early Campbell County Land Grants