Pendleton County Kentucky Ancestor Histories


Pendleton County Ancestor Histories

Pendleton County Family Biographies, Histories and Outlines, generously contributed by their descendants. Thanks to all our contributors!

Our goal in submitting our family histories is to provide information to assist you in your research.  Each of us has tried to document our families to the best of our abilities; however, we can not guarantee complete accuracy.  Hopefully our research will provide you with a base on which to build your own family documentation. If you find a discrepancy, please contact the submitter, I can't change their documentation, thanks!

William Anness

Arnold Ancestors

Jediah Ashcraft

Keyran Aylward Descendants

Zachariah Benson 

Bentle Family

William Johnson Biddle    

The Brandt Family

Joseph M. Britton

Bruestle Family

Cahill Family

Cash Family Ancestry

William Clark & Family

The Clingner Family

Jesse Daugherty

Joseph Harrison Daugherty

Obediah Dougherty/Daugherty

John Dougherty

The Downard Family

Benijah Dunn

Egleston Family History

Sebastian Emminger

Matthew Fields

Fossett Family

William Frakes

Hezzekiah J. Hardin Descendants

The Hart Family

Gottlieb Helmich

Joseph Hitch Family

Kelly-Cahill Family

Kenton Harper Kinney  

Klaber Family History

Levengood Ancestry

George Lewis and Some of His Descendants

Lovelace Family History

John Hensley Marksberry

John Julius Marquette - This is a PDF Document and will open on any computer

Charles Marquardt, Sr.

Marquette Families

Arthur McClain

Jonas McKinley

Nathan McMahan

Thomas McMillian

William Mire

James Moore Family

William Moore Family

Amos Morehead

Mullins Family

Andrew Wesley Newman Descendants 

John Norton

Nunnemaker Connection


Franklin Pierce Pfanstiel

Pfanstiel History

Moses Race

Samuel "Baldy" Ravenscraft 

Riddle Family History

Riley Family History

Roberts Family History

Jacob Robinson

Jane Bowles Shanks

The Family of Boston Steele

The Lewis Stephens Family

Stephens/Rice Ancestors

The Peter Talbott Family

John Michael Tomlin 

George Valandingham

James Austin Webb 

Abram Wileman and extended families

Samuel Wilson

George Lewis Wolf