Pendleton County African

Pendleton County African-American Records

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1850 Slave Schedule


1860 Slave Schedule


Slave Sales & Bounds


Miscellaneous Court Records

Emancipated Slaves

Runaway Slave Cases

McGee Family History

Ironton Register Newspaper Articles

Nellie Conrad Palmer

Kentucky Under -Ground Railroad

Kentucky Post Article

Pendleton Slave Colony

Kentucky & A Question of Slavery

Clark County Slave Narratives

Charity Southgate - John Singer 

Grant County Newspaper Articles

"Aunt" Polly Ingles 

Cresent Hill Cemetery

Falmouth News - The Cynthiana News - 1869 

Afro-American & Moonlight Schools 

Two African-American Cemeteries

Interview of Arnold Gragston

1910 Miracode

1870 Census - African-Americans

William Monday - grave of a forgotten soldier