The Nunnemaker Connection


The Nunnemaker Connection
Generously transcribed & submitted by Nancy Bray, thanks Nancy!      

This family was unknown to me until I started research into family records.  Henry Nunnemaker was born 11/22/1842 and died 4/14/1923.  He was buried at Short Creek.  His father George Washington Nunnemaker, and his wife was Anna Slater Nunnemaker.  Her father was Samuel Slater.  The children of Anna Slater and Henry Nunnemaker were:

1.  Isabelle who married Caley Lovelace.

2.  Mary, who married George W. Adams.

3.  Cora, who married William Smith, whose mother was Rhoda Smith.

4.  Laura who died at an early age.

Apparently Henry Nunnemaker's wife Anna Slater was the mother of John Lewis Marquette, the iligitimate child of my grandfather, John Julius Marquette.

Isabelle went to Tennessee and had these children:

1.  Wilbur

2.  Herbert

3.  Jesse

4.  Anne who married Bill Crouch.

The Crouch family were tenants on our farm in the 1920's and I knew them well, as the boys they raised were my playmates, but I had no knowledge of any family connection.  We built a three room house of rough lumber for them to live in and Bill Crouch and the boys worked by the day for us on the farm.

As I remember Mrs. Anne Crouch, she was a kind, considerate, and meek individual.  Her sons Bill, Clarence, and Raymond were good boys.  I believe they also had one daughter, but I do not recall her name.

From the files of Kenneth Marquette