Please Support Our Troops!!!










Please Support Our Troops!                 


They need us as we need them!



Our troops need our help, please consider sending the necessities we take for granted to them!  I have been informed the following items are not given, they must be purchased by our brave men & women.

   The following information was sent to me by Sandy Brake, a Mother, whose son is station in Iraq.   


The address to send items to is:


HSC 84th ECB (H)

APO AE  09391


Please Send the following to our Men & Women Stationed around the world:

Most needed items are:

deodorant soap

shaving cream

disposable razors





lip balm with or without sunscreen


bug repellant


breath mints

hard candies  (nothing that could melt)

wet wipes for when they are on patrol for weeks at a time

granola or energy bars

pretzels etc in small bags

crystal light (to flavor their bottles of water)


Notes from Sandy:

These are things that I know each and every soldier can use.  You can be creative, add in your personal letters or cards of thanks and appreciation.  Give them your email address or mailing address so you can communicate with them. 


One of our schools, Ockerman Elementary, had a contest to see what class could bring in the most items.  Each class was assigned 2 or 3 items to bring in, as well as each student providing a letter or drawing.  The class with the most items won a pizza party.  Their Resource Center for the school packed the boxes and filled out the customs declaration.  They partnered with a bank to provide the postage.  The newspaper is coming out this week to do a story on the school and what they've managed to do. 


You could call/contact people you know that work for companies that would be willing to have their employees fill up some boxes, and then the company could send the filled boxes.  If they could only do one box, hey, it's one soldier with a smile on her/ his face and appreciation and gratitude in their heart.  Every box makes a difference, and children love to help.  Veterans societies do a great job with this.  Even if you print out flyers and post them at the grocery stores, church, bowling alleys, anywhere you can think, it would help.


Again, The address is:


HSC 84th ECB (H)

APO AE  09391


Flat Rate Boxes, Priority Mail can be obtained from the Post Office at no charge.  There are two different sizes, both hold about the same amount so the cost to ship is the same.....$8.10.


Customs Declarations and Dispatch Notes must be filled out and given to the postal clerk at the time of mailing to identify items going into Iraq.


"Thank you for any and everything you can do, or are willing to try.  It is so much appreciated.  Sandy"


God Bless Our Troops, God Bless You & God Bless America!