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The Arthur McLain Family
Documented and Compiled by Numerous McLain Researchers
Transcribed &Submitted by Sandra Burbridge
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Note: I have quoted and relied upon several major McClain researchers. They are not in complete agreement. I provided the documentation that was provided to me to allow the reader to make their own determination. This family is related to the Milner, Dunn, Groves, New, Wolfe, Anness and several other Grant & Pendleton Co. families, though not all family connections are proven here.

Generation No. 1

1. ARTHUR MCCLAIN was born Bef. 1765 in Pennsylvania (Marriage bond of son, Samuel McClain), and died November 1828 in Harrison County, Kentucky. (Harrison Co KY Wills) He married SARAH. ARTHUR McCLAIN is PROBABLY the brother of a JOHN McCLAIN who died around 1819 in Hardin County, Kentucky - and whose will (dated 9-7-1818) mentions SARAH, wife of his brother ARTHUR. Hardin Co. formed from Nelson Co. KY. ARTHUR was in Nelson Co. around 1790/1791.

ARTHUR McLAIN. Harrison County Wills, Will book C, Page 134. Names wife SARAH;
Written March 29, 1824. Probated November 1828.

Harrison County KY probate abstracts 1815-1832
Will of Arthur McLain being old and very sick.....
Son, Joseph , who is executor, daughter, Jane Dunn, son Samuel, daughter, Mary McLain, son, Johnathan, daughter, Susan McLain.
Wife; Sarah- all my land, which at her death is to be divided amongst her children.
Written March 29, 1824; probated November 1828.
Arthur signed with a (X)
Witnesses: Thomas Thompson, Aaron Miller
Volume B, page 3944

Arthur moved to Harrison Co about 1815 from Nelson Co.

Children of Arthur McClain and Sarah are:

JOSEPH3 MCCLAIN, b. Abt 1790; m Polly Miller d. Bef 1838.
MARY (Polly) MCCLAIN, b. Abt 1792; m. JOHN MCCLAIN, March 25, 1809 Nelson Co.
SUSANNA MCCLAIN. m. Johnathan MCClain, James Dunn 1-23-1831.
JANE MCCLAIN, b. Abt 1793; m. SAMUEL DUNN, October 18, 1821.
SAMUEL MCCLAIN, b. Abt 1802, Nelson County, Kentucky. m.1824 Margaret New, m. Nancy New, m. Savannah Wood

Notes From: "Don Marsh, Editor"McClainExchange"
There were indeed TWO SAMUELs in Harrison Co. KY. No other explanation
fits the few known facts.

SAMUEL who married ELIZABETH MILLER/MILNER died arnd 1845
His widow is living in 1860 Grant County, KY with her daughter and son in law
There were two Samuel McClains' of nearly the same generation. This Samuel McClain is not the son of Arthur McClain.
Samuel McClain b. 2-20-1796 d. 1-15-1845, married Elizabeth Milner, daughter of Nicholas Milner (d.July 1842), marriage bond signed by her brother, Vincent. Will Bk D, p 421, names Elizabeth McClain. Samuel McLain, wtns. They were married Sept 26, 1815.
1. Sally McClain, born 12-18-1817 died 11-25-1852
2. William McClain born 10-6-1819 died 8-23-1841 m. Mary Shropshire 12-5-1855
3. Hannah McClain born 12-25-1821 (must have died young-name repeated)
4. Hannah Jane McClain born 2-10-1823 died 6-26-1892 m. James Oder 8-15-1839
5. Margaret McClain born 8-15-1825 m. Ninnion R. Carter 7-28-1846
6. Elizabeth McClain born 10-16-1827 m. George W. Dunn 2-28-1854
7. Mary McClain born 10-17-1829 m. Zachariah R. Carter 7-11-1850

Harrison Co., KY Record Book F, 1835-1848Division of Lands: Samuel McClain81 1/2 acres tract is inclued in the estate widow; mentioned but not named. Heirs; Elizabeth Ann McClain, Nininon B. Carter, Mary McClain, Joel Beagle, James Odor, and Jeremiah Ramy.
15 January 1847 F: 481

Record Book G, 1848-1856
Estate of Samuel Mcclain
Administrator: Elizabeth McClane
21 April 1849
G: 78

The above record furnished by Mrs. Jay H. Ross, Great Granddaughter of Zacariah and Mary McClain Carter. Substantiated by Harrison Co. marriage records. In the 1860 census of Grant Co., Elizabeth McClain is living in the household of her son in law, George Dunn and her daughter Elizabeth in the 1860 Grant Co census. SAMUEL who married ELIZABETH MILLER/MILNER died around 1845.
1860 Grant KY census

The following article establishes the children and the spouses of Arthur and Sarah McClain according to court documents:

Kentucky Ancestor
October 1967
Mr Ross C. McClain writes:
October 24, 1833 Samuel McClain appointed administrator of the estate of Sarah McClain, Dec'd Harrison Co, KY

In 1848, In Harrison Co, a deed "Samuel McClain and others" reads in part: Between Samuel McClain and Margaret McClain, his wife, Samuel Dunn and Jane Dunn, his wife and Margaret McClain, all of Harison County; and George Groves and Rebecca his wife of Grant Co, Ky, a tract of land owned by Arthur McClain to Benjamine Robinson, lying in the County and State aforesaid on the North side of the North Fork of Raven Creek, 60 acres more or less.

As per Mrs. Oscar Vontz , a descendant of Eliza Dunn daughter of Samuel Dunn and Jane McLain,
Lawsuit of Arthur McLain hiers against Samuel Dunn and Jane McLain Dunn involved 60 acres of land previously owned by Arthur McLain and purchased by Samuel Dunn and wife Jane for which he had a receipt. Lawsuit was resolved and land was sold to Ben Robinson and proceeds divided among heirs.

Samuel McClain son of Arthur and Sarah McClain, b. 1804 married August 4, 1824 to Margaret New, b. 1804 who was the daughter of Peter New and Rachel New.
children of Samuel McClain and Martha New
1. George McClain born 3-31-1825 died 9-11-1901 married Sarah Ann Rulon
2. William H. McClain born 1827, married Mary E. Shropshire
3. Sarah McClain born 1831 died 1-25-1852
4. Mary Ann McClain born 1837 married Thornton Wheat
5. Peter McClain, born 1840 died 8-21-1856
6. Elizabeth McClain born 1843
7. Susan McClain born 1846 married William Boggess.

Kentucky Ancestor
After October 1967
CORRECTION: by Mrs. Oscar W. Vontz Arthur McClain descendant
McClain Family

I am writing you regarding the article "McClain Family" on page 70 of October (1967) issue of Kentucky Ancestors.... the additional information Mr. Ross McClain sent on the marriages of two Arthur McClain's children, namely Jonathan and Susanna, is incorrect... a law suit in Harrison Co is very important to this family...this lawsuit is probably the only record of the children of Joseph, at least I found no other in the counties searched.

Circuit Court, Harrison County, Kentucky
Suit # 9597 Arthur McClane's heirs ads. Samuel Dunn and Wife
July 4, 1839 suit resolved 1848

"Arthur McLain (sic) is dead leaving the following heirs, Joseph McLain who has since died leaving the following children Bethia McClain married Jarrett Rile, Jonathan, Dudley, Allen, Lewis and Susan. The last four infants under 21 and all reside in Illinois. Polly McLain his daughter who had married her cousin John McLain. Jane Dunn who had married Samuel Dunn the complainant, Samuel McLain, Susan McLain who has married her cousin Jonathan McLain, she died since her father's death having two children Harriet Margaret McLain and Rebecca the latter being an infant. Arthur had a son Jonathan who died before his father. He had a family but names of his children not known." (all names and spelling copied exactly as written)

Harrison Co. Order for Dec. 1824 show that Susan McClain was appointed administrator of the estate of Jonathan McClain, deceased. (this was the son, Jonathan, that proceeded his father in death) I have no record of this marriage but his widow Susan may be the Susan McClain that Married James Dunn 23 Jan 1831. The marriage bond #2467 in Harrison Co. was witnessed by Samuel McClain and James Dunn.

Marriage Bond # 1009 in Harrison Co. between Jonathan McClain and Susannah McClain was witnessed by Johnathan McClain and Arthur McClain. Date of marriage 1 Jan 1815. This Sussannah was the daughter of Arthur McClain and the mother of Harriet Margaret and Rebecca (Groves) as mentioned in the deed of 1848. (Susannah and her husband, Johnathan, both were dead by 1848 and Samuel Dunn was appointed guardian of Margaret and Rebecca. I'm sorry I do not have book and page numbers for this reference)

The following marriage is recorded in Grant Co., Ky. Rebecca McClain married George Groves 9 November 1843. The 1850 census for Harrison Co gives Margaret McLain as age 33 and Rebecca Groves as age 26.

Eliza Dunn, the daughter of Jane (McClain) and Samuel Dunn married John Mozee as per their great granddaughter Mrs.Vontz.

Additional Notes by Mrs. Vontz
Oct. 24 1883 Samuel McClain was appointed administrator of the estate of Sarah McClain, dec'd. Harrison Co. KY

There are on deeds recorded in Harrison Co. showing that Aruthur McClain owned any land, however, in Circuit Court records in 1839 a lawsuit resulted over land owned by Arthur McClain, sixty acres was purchased by his son-in-law, Samuel Dunn, and the following receipt was introduced into court and accepted by the court; "12 Jan, 1828 - sold to Samuel Dunn sixty acres, land on South side of North Fork of Ravens Creek adjacent to the lands of Benjamin Robinson and Vincent Milner and Aaron Milner. ($160.00)

The balance of 60 acres was later divided among the heirs of Arthur McClain.
The lawsuit in 1839 contains the following statement:
"Arthur McLain is dead leaving the following heirs: Joseph McLain who since has died leaving the following children: Bertha McLain married to Jarrett Riley, Jonathan, Dudley, Allen, Lewis and Susan, the last four infants under 21 and all reside in Illinois. Polly McLain his daughter who married her cousin John McClain, she died since her father's death having two children Harriet Margaret McLain and Rebecca, the latter being an infant. Arthur had a son Jonathan who died before his father, he had a family but names of his children not known."

Harrison Co. 1848 a deed "Samuel McClain & Others" reads in part- "year 1848 between Samuel McClain and Margaret McClain his wife, Samuel Dunn and Jane Dunn his wife, and Margaret Mcclain all of Harrison County and State of Ky and George Groves and Rebecca his wife Grant Co. Ky to Benjamin Robinson, a tract of land owned by Arthur McClain deceased, lying in the County and State aforesaid on North Side of North Fork of Raven Creek, 60 acres more or less."

Children of Arthur and Sarah McClain
1. Joseph Mcclain m. Polly Miller (Milner) 26 sept. 1810 Fayette Co., KY. Joseph moved to Clermont Co. Ohio and is listed in the 1830 census. His daughter, Bethia married Garrard W. Riley 27 July 1833 Clermont Co., Ohio Marriage Book 2 page 483.
The lawsuit 1839, Harrison Co. gives information on heirs.

2. Jonathan McClain, born ca 1785 married his cousin Susannah McClain. This information given in the Harrison Co. 1839 lawsuit. I have found no record of mariage date. Jonathan was living at the time his father's will was written -29 March 1824. He died before his father (lawsuit 1839)
Harrison Co. Ky court Record: Jonathan McClain deceased 1826.
Witness: wife Susannah and Samuel Dunn

3. Mary (Polly) McClain born ca 1793, married her cousin John McClain. 25 March 1809 Nelson Co., Ky (lawsuit Harrison Co. 1839)

4. Jane McClain, born 1804, Married Samuel Dunn, born 1801, 18 October 1821, Harrison Co. Ky. Bond #1535 married by Jessie Robinson.
Ages taken from the 1880 census Grant Co., Ky.

5. Susannah McClain married her cousin Jonathan McClain 1 June 1815 Harrison Co., Ky signed by Arthur McClain.
Susannah deceased by 1839 (Harrison co. lawsuit of 1839)
Harrison Co., Ky Order Book - December 1824 - Estate of Jonathan Mcclain, Susan McClain, Adm. Jonathan apparently deceased when Arthur wrote his will which would explain Susannah receiving the larger inheritence.

6. Samuel McClain, born 1802, married Margaret New 4 August 1824 Harrison Co. Ky. signed: Samuel McClain and Peter New (Deed of 1848 Harrison Co. lists Samuel McClain with wife Margaret)
Margaret deceased 6 January 1852 Harrison Co. Ky.

Samuel McClain married 2nd, Nancy New 3 February 1853 Harrison Co., Ky
Bond #4560- Samuel McClain of Harrison County, age 51 yrs born at "his father's in Nelson Co., Ky, widower
Nancy New of Harrison Co. age 42 yrs, born at her fathers in Harrison Co. single
Both of age

Samuel McClain married 3rd Savannah Wood 12 Feb 1869 Grant Co Ky at residence of Savannah Wood.
Groom of Harrison Co., Ky, age 66 yrs, farmer born Nelson Co., Ky.
Both parents born Penn.
Bride of Grant Co. Ky age 44 yrs, 2nd marriage born Harrison Co. Ky.
Witness: Thornton Wheat and George McClane.

End of Notes by Mrs. Vontz

Generation No. 2- JOSEPH2 MCCLAIN (ARTHUR1)6 was born Abt. 1790, and died Bef. 1838 He married POLLY MILLER September 26, 1810 in Fayette County, Kentucky.

Children of Joseph McClain and Polly Miller are:
JONATHON MCCLAIN, b. Abt 1814, Bracken County, Kentucky.
DUDLEY MCCLAIN, b. 1818, Harrison County, Kentucky.
ALLEN MCCLAIN, b. May 04, 1823, Harrison County, Kentucky; d. November 28, 1899 m. ELIZABETH BUSEY, January 24, 1864.
SUSAN MCCLAIN, b. 1824, Harrison County, Kentucky; m. WASHINGTON NEBAKER.

Named executor of his fathers estate.

Generation 3 - Children of Joseph McClain grandchildren of Arthur and Sarah McClain
JONATHON3 MCCLAIN (JOSEPH2, ARTHUR1) was born Abt 1814 in Bracken County,Kentucky. He married MARY J GORDON July 11, 1838 in Edgar County, Illinois.
Children of Jonathon McClain and Mary Gordon are:
WILLIAM A. MCCLAIN, b. 1846, Illinois.m. Josephine

DUDLEY3 MCCLAIN (JOSEPH2, ARTHUR1) 29 was born Abt. 1818 in Harrison Co, Kentucky30 He married REBECCA HANNAH October 18, 1837 in Edgar Co, Illinois30.

Children of Dudley McClain and Rebecca Hannah are:
JAMES D.5 MCCLAIN, b. 1845.
MARY F. MCCLAIN, b. 1852.

Generation 2 Mary (Polly) McClain (ARTHUR1) Born around 1793 married her cousin John McClain March 25, 1809 in Nelson Co KY
2nd marriage for Polly McClain
Abstract County Court Records Janet Pease Vol XI
Early Pendleton County Marriages

Fogle, William and Polly McClain Bond #4, Bonds 1821-1826
Bond Date: 6 February 1821 Bondsman: Daniel McClain
who signs as Daniel McClains
no ministers return found
Marriage Register 1799-1849: no marriage date found. Personal consent given b her father. License page 110,

Generation 2 JANE2 MCCLAIN (ARTHUR1)15 was born 1804. She married SAMUEL DUNN October 18, 1821 in Harrison County, Kentucky16.
Marriage Notes for JANE MCCLAIN and SAMUEL DUNN:
Grant Co KY census 1860 Samuel and Jane are listed in 1860 Grant Census with three children; James 23, William 19 and Taylor 10.
Cordova pg 6 or 812
36 Dunn, Samuel 60 M KY farmer $200
Jane 56 F KY
James 23 M KY farmer $430 $200
William 19 M KY farmer
Taylor 10 M KY

Notes for SAMUEL DUNN: The parents of Samuel Dunn are undetermined as there were several Dunn families in the Grant Co. area.
Samuel Dunn was appointed in 1836 to be guardian of Susannah and Johnathan McLain's children.
He was married to Jane McClain's sister of Susannah and Aunt of Rebecca McClain.

Marriage from MClain Exchange on Internet.
Children from 1860 Grant County Census.

Children of JANE MCCLAIN and SAMUEL DUNN are:
JAMES4 DUNN, b. 1837.
WILLIAM DUNN, b. 1841.
TAYLOR DUNN, b. 1850.

ELIZA3 DUNN (JANE2 MCCLAIN, ARTHUR1) She married JOHN MAUZEY32 March 08, 1843 in Grant Co, Kentucky33.

Notes for JOHN MAUZEY:(Variant spellings Mauzy, Mozee)
Son of Henry Mauzey, grandson of John Mauze and great grandson of Peter Mauzey both Revolutionary War Solider as per Mrs Oscar Vontz, a direct descendant.

Marriage Notes for ELIZA DUNN and JOHN MAUZEY:
Mozee, John and Eliza Dunn. Bond Date: 8 March 1843
Bondsman: Samuel Dunn. The groom is 21 years old.
The father of the bride was personally present and consented.
Bond Book 1838-1847 pg 89
Mariage March 3, 1843


Generation -2. SUSANNAH2 MCCLAIN (ARTHUR1) died 1828-1839. She married (1) JOHNATHAN MCCLAIN June 01, 1815 in Harrison County, Kentucky4, son of WILLLIAM MCCLAIN and ELIZABETH. She married (2) JAMES DUNN January 23, 1831.

Notes From: Don Marsh McClainExchange an excellent source for all McClain family records:
SUSANNA McCLAIN was daughter of ARTHUR and SARAH (________) McCLAIN of Nelson and Harrison Co KY.
SAMUEL DUNN married, on 10-18-1821, SUSANNA's sister JANE.
SUSANNA's brother JOSEPH married, on 9-26-1810 in Fayette Co KY, to POLLY MILLER/MILNER.
SUSANNA McCLAIN, after the death of JONATHAN, married JAMES DUNN on 1-23-1831.

HARRIETT MARGARET4 MCCLAIN, b. 1817; d. After 1850, Res Grant County, Ky.
REBECCA MCCLAIN, b. 1824; m. GEORGE GROVES, November 09, 1843, Grant County, Ky. d. 1855-1859
JAMES MCLAIN, b. Bef. 1824.( James is only mentioned once in original guardianship, probably died young)

Generation No. 3 RABECCA4 MCLAIN (SUSANNAH2 MCCLAIN, ARTHUR1) was born 1824, and died 1855-1859. She married GEORGE W. GROVES November 09, 1843 in Grant County, Kentucky23, son of JOHN GROVES and PRISCILLA SHIPP.

The father of Rebecca, Margaret and James apparently died around 1832 and Samuel McClain was made guardian.

Kentucky County Court Records-Pease Vol IV
Harrison Co. Kentucky Minute Book G, June 1832-1835
GUARDIANSHIP: Samuel McClain is appointed guardian to Margaret, James, and Rebecca McClane - infant orphans of Johathan McClane dec'd.
Securities: Thomas Thompson and James Oder. December, 1832. g 75

GUARDIANSHIP: Margaret McClane, infant orphan of Johnathan McClane, being over the age of 14, chose Lewis Kendall as her guardian and the said Lewis Kendall was then appointed guardian to James and Rebecca McClane, Infant orphans of the said Johnathan. Security: Haman Million. February, 1834. (According to KY biographies, Louis Kendall owned a homestead north of Williamstown and "an old pioneer and large landowner in Grant Co) G 242

GUARDIANSHIP RELEASE: Lewis Kendall is released as the guardian to Johnathan McClane's heirs; Samuel Dunn is appointed in his place.
Security: Samuel McClane. November, 1836. H 91
(Samuel Dunn is brother in law of Susannah McLain mother of Rebecca)

GROVES, George and Rebecca McLAIN, Bond Date: November 8, 1843
Bondsman Samuel MCLain.
Bond Book 1838-1847 page 103
Marriage Date: November 9, 1843
Grant Co, Kentucky
Samuel McLain is the bondsman for her marriage. (Assumed to be brother of Johnathan or Susannah)

In 1848, In Harrison Co, a deed "Samuel McClain and others" reads in part: Between Samuel McClain and Margaret McClain, his wife, Samuel Dunn and Jane Dunn, his wife and Margaret McClain, all of Harison County; and George Groves and Rebecca his wife of Grant Co, Ky, a tract of land owned by Arthur McClain to Benjamine Robinson, lying in the County and State aforesaid on the North side of the North Fork of Raven Creek, 60 acres more or less.
Rebecca McLain files suit in Harrison county against the heirs of Johnathan McLain in 1855 proving she was alive at that time. Listed as Bundle 373 Harrison County Records in Frankfort, KY.
Grant County Records Volume IV
1850 Harrison County Census District No. 2
George W. Groves 28 Yr. Farmer R Est $300
Rebecca 26 Yr
William N. 4 Yr
Priscilla 2 Yr

Rebecca dies before 1860. Information on children born to George and Rebecca after 1850 is not available.
George Groves marries Mahala Wolfe in 1860. See Marriage Notes
Where are Rebecca s children?
See Groves Family for notes on George Groves.

Generation 4- Children of RABECCA MCLAIN and GEORGE GROVES are:
WILLAIM NOAH4 GROVES, b. November 16, 1846, Harrison County, Ky; d. March 31, 1880; m. LUCY JANE NELSON, March 24, 1874, Grant County, Kentucky.


William Noah Groves went by the name of Noah. He died in 1880 leaving three children. His wife, Lucy Groves then married Henry Spears. Noah Groves, Nancy Groves and Henry Spears are buried in the Nelson family cemetery along with his father, George Groves and the Dunn family. William Groves lived on farm next door to Nelsons.

Marriage Notes for WILLAIM GROVES and LUCY NELSON:
William N. GROVES to Lucy Jane NELSON.
Bond Date: 21 Mar 1874.
Bondsman: N. B. Nelson
Groom of Grant Co. ag 28y, 1st marriage, farmer, born Grant Co.
Both parents born Ky.
Bride of Grant Co. age 18y, 1st marriage, born Grant Co.
Both parents born Ky.
Married at the residence of the bride's father.
"father of bride present and consents"
Married at the residence of N. B. Nelson by Thos. Rankin.
Married: 24 Mar 1874. [Page 173]

Walter Frank Groves b.1874 d.1959
Hettie Groves b. 1877 d. 1896
Luther Groves b. 1879 d.1952

PERSCILLA GROVES, b. 1849, Kentucky; d. May 26, 1936, WIlliamstown, KY24; m. JOHN L. DUNN, May 07, 1873, Grant County, Kentucky25.

Priscilla Groves, listed in 1860 Harrison County Census living with
Benjamine Robertson pg.489
She is 11 years old.
Benj. Robertson 62 y male farmer b. Virginia
Caltha 49y female
William 24y male constable Kentucky
William Jones 16y male farmer Kentucky
Pricilla Groves 11y female Kentucky
(Pricilla Groves is the daughter of George Groves and Rebecca McLain who
presumably died before 1860. (Do not know who William Jones is, similar age to her brother)

Notes for JOHN L. DUNN wife of Priscilla Groves son of Abram Dunn and Agnes Smith Robinson
John is reportedly twin of James Dunn

Marriage Notes for PERSCILLA GROVES and JOHN DUNN:
John L. Dunn to Priscilla GROVES
Bond Date: 27 May 1873
Bondsman: Abram Dunn
Consent of "Prillar" Groves given May 6th for the marriage of "John Dunn and
Priscillar Dunn both of Grant Co (no relationship stated)
Attest: Abram Dunn, W.A. McClain
Groom of Grant County age 29 y, 1st marriage, farmer, born Harrison Co KY
Both parents born Grant Co
Bride of Grant Co age 23 y, 1st marriage, born Grant Co, Ky
Both parents born KY
Married at the residence of A.J.Austin
"certificate proven by oath of A. Dunn
Married: 07 May 1873. (page 153)

Lucy Jane Dunn b.1874
Bertha Dunn b. 1877
Catherin Belle Dunn b. 1880
Bessie Eva Dunn b. 1883
Nancy Ann Dunn b. 1886
Harry Dunn b. 1889

PERLINA GROVES4, b. 1852, Grant County, Kentucky; d. Bef. 1900; m. DANIEL TUCKER GROVES, December 10, 1874, Corinth, Grant County, Kentucky26.
Abstract County Court Records
by Janet Pease

Volume X Page 188
D. T. GROVES to Perlina G. GROVES.
Bond Date: 07 Dec 1874.
Bondsman: C. L Kendrick.
Consent of Georg (sic) W. GROVES for "Daniel GROVES to marry miy
daughter Perlina GRVS".
Attest: Thomas J. Anness, B. Bradley, D. T. GROVES
Statement by G.? W. Trimmell dated at Corinth Dec 7th as a "note in
reference to issuing license to Daniel T. GROVES for marriage to
Miss Perlina J. GROVES He has a certificate but failed to get
witnessed to it. I know that it is all right. The young girl
is 21 years old and her father is perfectly willing as they are
ankered (angered?) about the requirements of witnessees to
the certificate....."
Groom of Grant Co. age 22y, 1st marriage, far__r, born Estill Co.
Ky. Both parents born Grant Co.
Bride of Grant Co. age 22y, 1st marriage, born Grant Co.
Both parents born Grant Co.
Married at the residence of William S. Anness.
"certificate proved by oath of Thomas J. Anness and __?__ Crouch"
Married: 10 Dec 1874. [Page 188]
(transcribers note: copied verbatim)

The note from her father, George Groves is a seperate note and signed by her father, George Groves.

As per her marriage bond, Perlina is the daughter of George Groves brother of Samuel Groves. She is sometimes referred to has Perlina or Pulina.George Groves was married to Rebecca McLain at the time of her birth, who is assumed to be her mother. She was born in 1852 after the 1850 census and Rebecca had died by 1860 census.Perlina is not listed with her father, George Groves and his new wife, Mahala Wolf in 1860. She is under 10 years old at the time of her mothers death but no guardian has been found.

Robert Lee Groves b. 1876
William Groves b. 1878
Annie Groves b. 1880
Julius Caesar Groves b.1889

Perlina is listed in 1880 Grant County Census with husband D.T. Groves and children Robert Lee b. 1876, William 1878 and Annie 1880.

Birth of Annie Groves
Janet Pease VOLUME VI.....
Grant Co Ky Records.
Annie GROVES. white, female. 2/12, April.
J.T.? (26) and Pulina (25 GROVES, both born KY
Grant Co Birth Records Reported in 1880 Census taken 01 Jun 1880.
Page 128

The date of death for Perlina Groves is undetermined. In her granddaughter Edna s bible, it is stated that he died when Julius was a baby. Julius her last child was born in 1889. No record has been found for either Annie, Perlina's only daughter or Robert Lee her first born.

See Groves family for Notes on DANIEL TUCKER GROVES:

Generation -2- SAMUEL2 MCCLAIN (ARTHUR1) was born 1804 in Nelson co, Kentucky17. He married (1) MARGARET NEW August 04, 1824, daughter of PETER NEW and RACHEL. He married (2) NANCY NEW February 03, 1853 in Harrison County, Kentucky18. He married (3) SAVANNAH WOOD February 12, 1869 in Grant County, Kentucky.

In 1848, In Harrison Co, a deed "Samuel McClain and others" reads in part: Between Samuel McClain and Margaret McClain, his wife, Samuel Dunn and Jane Duun, his wife and Margaret McClain, all of Harison County; and George Groves and Rebecca his wife of Grant Co, Ky, a tract of land owned by Arthur McClain to Benjamine Robinson, lying in the County and State aforesaid on the North side of the North Fork of Raven Creek, 60 acres more or less.

Children of Samuel McClain and Margaret New are:
GEORGE4 MCCLAIN, b. March 31, 1825; d. September 11, 1901.
PETER MCCLAIN, b. 1840; d. August 21, 1856.

Generation No. 3 . GEORGE3 MCCLAIN (SAMUEL2, ARTHUR1) was born March 31, 1825, and died September 11, 1901. He married SARAH A. RULON September 28, 1848. SARAH RULON d. September 11, 1895

Children of George McClain and Sarah Rulon are:
WILLIAM WASHINGTON4 MCCLAIN, b. June 09, 1850 d. August 24, 1918.
ALLEN ROSS MCCLAIN, b. December 08, 1852. d. July 26, 1938
BENJAMIN THOMAS MCCLAIN, b. September 28, 1854. d. December 25, 1913
MARGARET CATHERINE MCCLAIN. b.October 26, 1856 d. 1926
MARIETTA MCCLAIN, b. May 05, 1858. d. April 23, 1880
JOHN FRANKLIN MCCLAIN, b. April 25, 1863; m. ALICE SHARP, December 19, 1889.d. January 29, 1929
MARTHA JANE MCCLAIN. b. November 3, 1860 d, May 17, 1862
ZACARIAH TAYLOR MCCLAIN, b. June 09, 1867. d. February 22, 1955

George McClain who married Sarah ann Rulon 9-28-1848


Children of William McClain and Mary Shropshire are:

MARY ANN MCCLAIN3 (SAMUEL2,ARTHUR1) b. 1837, Harrison County, Kentucky; m. THORNTON WHEAT, February 09, 1854, Harrison County, Kentucky20.

Wheat, Thornton and Mary A. McClain, Bond #4670
Bond Date: 8 February 1854. Bondsman: Samuel McClain
He of age and consent of her father was given in person.
Marriage Date: not found in marriage book.
Sutton Register:
Thornton Wheat of Pendleton Co., KY ae 23y. single b. Harrison County
Mary A. Mclane of Harrison Co age 16y, single born Harrison County
Married 9 February 1854


Other Marriages for Samuel McClain, no children were born after the death of Margaret New
2nd Marriage of Samuel McClain son of Arthur McClain
From Harrison County Kentucky Marriage Bonds and Records, 1852
Janet Pease Abstract County Court Records Volume XI
MC CLAIN, Samuel amd Nancy NEW. Bond # 4560
BOND DATE: 26 January 1853. Bondsman: Perry WHERRITT.
Groom seems to sign bond as Samuel McLEAN
Married 3 February 1853 by Whitfield COLLINS, minister of the Old R.?
Baptist Church at Twin Creek:
Samuel McCLAIN of H. Co. ae 51y born at "his father's in Nelson Co.,KY,
Nancy NEW of H. Co. (Grant County seems to be written in first and then
H.Co. written over that), 42y born at her father's in H.Co, single
(*2) Both of age
Marriage Date: 3 February 1853, 4th mariage book, page 43.
WHEAT, Thornton (x) and Mary A. McCLAIN. Bond #4670.
BOND DATE: 8 February 1854. Bondsman: Samuel McCLAIN
He of age and consent of her father was given in person.
MARRIAGE DATE: not found in marriage books.
Thornton WHEAT of Pendleton Co, JY ae 23y, single born H.Co.
Mary A. McLANE of H.Co ae 16y, single, born H. Co
Married 9 February 1854.

3rd marriage of Samuel McClain son of ARTHUR and SARAH McCLAIN
McClane, Samuel and Savanah Wood
bond date: 12 Feburary 1869
Bondsman: James Brooks
Groom signs bond as Samuel McClan. Consent of Savanah (x) Wood
given 11 Feburary 1869 for the marriage of "myself".
Attest: James Brooks, Hugh (x) Rogers
Groom of Harrison Co. Ky. ae 66y, 3rd marriage , farmer born Nelson
Co. Ky. Both parents born Penn.
Bride of Gr. Co. Ky. ae 44y, 2nd marriage born Harrison Co. Ky. No
birth place given for parents.
Married: 12 February 1869 at the residence of Savanah Wood by John
Witness: Thornton Wheat and George McClane.

The following is an outline on the Arthur McLain FamilyB

1 Arthur McClain Bef. 1765 - 1828
.. +Sarah - 1833
. 2 Susannah McClain - 1828-1839
..... +Johnathan McClain - 1824
..... 3 Rabecca Mclain 1824 - 1854-1859
......... +George W. Groves 1820 - 1890
......... 4 Willaim Noah Groves 1846 - 1880
............. +Lucy Jane Nelson 1856 - 1946
......... 4 Perscilla Groves 1849 - 1936
............. +John L. Dunn 1846 - 1929
......... 4 Perlina G. Groves 1852 - Bef. 1900
............. +Daniel Tucker Groves 1852 - 1913
..... 3 Harriet Margaret Mclain 1817 - Aft. 1850
..... 3 James Mclain Bef. 1824 -
. *2nd Husband of Susannah McClain:
..... +James Dunn
. 2 Joseph McClain Abt. 1790 - Bef. 1839
..... +Polly Miller
..... 3 Bethia McClain Abt. 1812 -
......... +Jarrett Riley
..... 3 Johnathan McClain Abt. 1814 -
......... +Mary Gordon
......... 4 William McClain
............. +Josephine
..... 3 Dudley McClain Abt. 1818 -
......... +Rebecca Hannah
......... 4 James D. McClain 1845 -
......... 4 Joseph J. McClain 1848 -
......... 4 Mary F. McClain 1852 -
..... 3 Allen McClain 1823 - 1899
......... +Elizabeth Busey
..... 3 Lewis McClain 1822 -
..... 3 Susan McClain 1824 -
......... +Washington Nebaker
. 2 Mary Abt. 1792 -
..... +John McLain
. *2nd Husband of Polly McClain:
..... +William Fogle
. 2 Jane McClain 1804 -
..... +Samuel Dunn 1800 -
..... 3 James Dunn 1837 -
..... 3 William Dunn 1841 -
..... 3 Taylor Dunn 1850 -
..... 3 Eliza Dunn
......... +John Mauzey
......... 4 Pheobe Mauzey ............. +Henry Bruce
. 2 Samuel McClain 1804 -
..... +Margaret New 1804 - Bef. 1853
..... 3 George McClain 1825 - 1901
......... +Sarah Ann Rulon 1828 - 1895
......... 4 William Washington McClain 1850 - 1918
......... 4 Allen Ross McClain 1852 - 1938
......... 4 Benjamine Thomas McClain 1854 - 1913
......... 4 Margaret Catherine McClain 1856 - 1926
......... 4 Marietta McClain 1858 - 1880
......... 4 John Franklin McClain 1863 - 1929
............. +Alice Sharp
......... 4 Martha Jane McClain 1860 - 1862
......... 4 Zachariah Taylor McClain 1867 - 1955
..... 3 William H. McClain 1827 -
......... +Mary E. Shropshire
......... 4 Alice McClain
......... 4 Nan McClain
......... 4 Cyndia McClain
......... 4 Sam McClain
......... 4 Margaret McClain
......... 4 Elizabeth McClain
......... 4 Nellie McClain
......... 4 Rebecca McClain
..... 3 Sarah McClain 1831 - 1852
..... 3 Mary Ann McClain 1837 -
......... +Thornton Wheat 1831 -
..... 3 Peter H. McClain 1840 - 1856
..... 3 Elizabeth McClain 1843 -
..... 3 Susan McClain 1846 -
......... +Willliam Boggess
. *2nd Wife of Samuel McClain:
..... +Nancy New
. *3rd Wife of Samuel McClain:
..... +Savannah Wood 1825 -
. 2 Johnathan McClain Abt. 1795 - 1824
..... +Susan Mcclain


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