Descendants of John Hensley Marksberry

Descendants of John Hensley Marksberry 
Emily "Courtney" Wilson

Generously contributed by Beverley Williams Wallace, thanks Bev!



Emily Courtney Wilson Marksberry Conn

Daughter of Hiram Marksberry

1884 - 1928

John Hensley Marksberry b.1848 Grant Co.,Ky. He married Emily "Courtney" Wilson date unknown. Parents of John Hensley Marksberry are at question at this time. Emily "Courtney Wilson was born Nov. 16,1843 in Owen Co., Ky. She was the daughter of Hiram Wilson and Mary Emily "Courtney" Webster. John Hensley Marksberry died sometime prior to 1865. Emily died December 21,1928 in Bryan Co.,Ok. and is buried at the Highland Cemetery, Bryan Co., Ok.
Children of John and "Courtney" were:

1. Mary Marksberry 

Mary Marksberry, daughter of John Hensley Marksberry and Emily "Courtney" Wilson was born Oct. 28,1861 in Grant Co., Ky. married George Washington Wilson July 30,1879 in Wilson, Ellsworth Co., Kansas. George Washington Wilson was the son of Isaac "Ike" Wilson and Nancy E. Burns. He was born April 25,1858 in Wayne Co., Iowa and died 1932 in Denison, Tex. Children:
(a)Richard Wilson b.1879 and died 1881.
(b)Hensley born 1880 and died 1882



Hattie May Wilson Williams

1883 - 1963

Dearly beloved grandmother of Beverly Williams Wallace


(c)Hattie May Wilson born May 24,1883 Grant Co., Ky. married Joseph Simeon "Sim" Williams May 7,1903 in McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Ok. She died October 4,1963 in Pueblo, Colo. Buried Mt. View Cemetery, Pueblo, Colo.
(d)Emma C. Wilson born 1885 married unknown Moore. She died 1915 in Durant, Bryan Co., Ok.
(e)Walter Lee Wilson born 1887 married (1)Carrie unknown (2)Sadie Smoak.
(f)Hiram Thomas Wilson born May 25,1889 married Elgie unknown. He died Feb. 19,1912,
(g)Claud DeVaul Wilson born Apr. 25,1891 married Sadie.  Death date unknown.
(h)Mary Eva Wilson born Dec.23,1896 died 1918 married unknown 
(i)George Perry Wilson born 1899 married (1)Margie unknown (2)Katheryn Newman Ok. City, Ok. he died 1979 in Sherman, Tex. buried St.Mary Cemetery, Sherman, Tex.
(j)Hensley Wilson born 1880 died 1882
(k)Charlie Asbury Wilson born 1890 died May 1960 married Julia D. 
(l)Stillborn Jan. 14,1901
Sources: Information from daughter Hattie May Wilson, my grandmother.
Notes: Mary Marksberry died during childbirth of stillborn Jan.14,1901.


2. Hiram Marksberry



The Hiram Marksberry Family
Front: Hiram Jr.; "Little Mollie"; Luther Hensley; Jesse Hatiley
Back: Mary  "Mollie"Sherrif (second wife of Hiram); Emma Agnes; Kirtley Thomas; Lily


Hiram Marksberry was born Jan.31,1863 in Grant Co., Ky. He married (1)Amanda Elizabeth Hearn May 28,1882 in Owenton, Owen Co., Ky. Children were:
(a)Kirtley Thomas Marksberry b.July 20,1883 in Owen Co., Ky. married Polly Story. Nov.24,1912 in Owensboro, Daviess Co., Ky. Kirtley died Sept.30,1958 in Owensboro, Daviess Co., Ky.
(b)Lily Marksberry born Oct.22,1884 in Owen Co., Ky. and died July 26,1903 in Daviess Co.,Ky.



The "Hense" Marksberry Family
Annie; "Hense"; Martine; Thelma


(c)Luther Hensley "Hense" Marksberry b. July 7,1886 Daviess Co., Ky. married Annie Blythe.
(d)Elvie May Marksberry born May 18,1888 in Owen Co., Ky. married unknown Rogers. She died May 19,1908 in Owen Co., Ky.
Hiram Marksberry and Amanda Hearn were divorced in 1890 Owen 
Co., Ky. Amanda returned to live with her parents, Andrew "Andy" 
Hearn and Lydia Stewart, taking the baby Elva with her. Hiram 
retained custody of the other children and took them to Daviess Co 
around 1891. Amanda Hearn died Dec. 4,1926 in Utica, Daviess Co., 
Sources: 1900 census Grant Co., Ky., Hiram was found in the home of
John Andrew Conn and Emily "Courtney" Wilson, Marksberry, Conn.
Death Certificate dated Dec. 18,1926 McLean Co., Ky.
Buried: Hix Cemetery, Daviess Co., Ky.
Information and pictures received from Elaine Price, descendant of
Hiram and Amanda Hearn. 
Obituary from Owensboro Messenger Newspaper dated Dec.29,1926
After the divorce of Hiram and Amanda Hearn, Hiram married Mary Jane "Mollie" Sherrif abt. 1890. "Mollie" was born July 31,1867 in England and died July 13,1952 in Daviess Co., Ky. Children were:



Left unknown, Hiram Marksberry, Jr.


(a)Hiram Marksberry II born July 20,1891 in Daviess Co., Ky. married Alma Hailey. Hiram II died Feb. 4,1916.
(b)Mollie Marksberry born July 14,1893 in Daviess Co., Ky. married N.M.
She died Oct. 31,1908
(c)Emma Agnes Marksberry born Aug. 11,1897 in Daviess Co., Ky. married Mark Howard. She died Feb. 12,1981 in Utica, Daviess Co., Ky.
(d)James John Marksberry born March 13,1900 in Daviess Co., Ky. married Nina Lydle.
(e)Harl Marksberry b. June 2,1902 in Daviess Co., Ky.
(f)Harvey Thorpe Marksberry born July 14,1906 in Daviess Co., Ky. married Ellabee Horrell. He died May 27,1970 in Daviess Co.
(g)Jesse Marksberry - nothing known.

This writer has a letter written by Hiram Sr. to his parents "Courtney" and John Andrew Conn in Bryan Co.,Ok. dtd. April 20,1925. He was living in Owensboro at the time.
Also in my possession is a letter written by Elva Marksberry to her grandparents "Courtney" and John Andrew Conn dtd. March 19,1899. She was living in Jonesville, Ky. at the time.
Lastly regarding Hiram Sr. According to his obituary from the Owensboro Messenger dtd. Dec.29,1926, Hiram was once a Prominent Daviess Co. farmer. He lost his fortune in a Corporation called The Owensboro Products Co., which he became surety for in large amounts. He had worked a lifetime to accumulate the money that he lost. The newspaper account didn't state that Hiram eventually paid back all of the investors however, I learned that he did just that.

Alfred Thomas Marksberry Family


Alfred Thomas Marksberry
1864 - 1904


Alfred Thomas Marksberry, son of John Hensley Marksberry and Emily "Courtney" Wilson was born 1864 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky. He died 1904 in Bryan Co., Ok. Married Addie Ellen "Ella" Cammack, date unknown. "Ella" was born 1870 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky. She died April 22,1926 in Bryan Co., Ok. and is buried Highland Cemetery, Bryan Co., Ok. Children:
(a)Etna Marksberry born Oct.3,1889 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky. married J.D. Kileen. She died Feb. 10,1962 in Durant, Bryan Co., Ok.
(b)Dollie Marksberry b.1892 Oklahoma married (1)Willie Westley (2)Bill McCabe. She died in Achille, Bryan Co., Ok.
(c)Clarence Marksberry born Oct. 9,1894 Ok. married Ruth Lee Crowder in Utica, Bryan Co., Ok. He died from Pneumonia Dec. 2,1936 in Utica, Ok.
(d)Ludie Marksberry b. Sept.14,1904 Ok.
Sources: Death Cert. for "Ella" Cammack,Marksberry dtd. Apr.22,1926
Highland Cemetery Records, Bryan Co., Ok. Clarence Marksberry is buried beside his mother Ella.
Information and photos received from Lorene Marksberry Lardie, daughter of Clarence Marksberry and Ruth Lee Crowder.
Photos from album of my grandmother Hattie May Wilson,Williams.