The Lewis Stephens Family


The Lewis Stevens Family


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Lewis Stephens, son of Thomas Stephens Sr. and Mary Adams, was born 13 December 1817 and died in Grant County on 30 Aug 1902.  He married Sarah S. Draper on 28 July 1839 in Grant County.  Sarah (Sallie) was the daughter of Martin Miskill Draper and Susannah Wren Landrum of Grant Co.  She was born 18 June 1820 and died 1 December 1895 in Lawrenceville, Grant County.  Lewis and Sallie lived in Pendleton County until 1868 when they moved to Lawrenceville, Grant County.


The children of Lewis and Sally were:


Granville A.                  b. 1841            d. 1889            Married Sarah Poore 

Aaron                           b. 1843                                    Never married - incompetent

Mary A.                       b.  1846                                   Married George Winter

Sally A.                        b. 1847                                    Married W. T. Hinsley

William Lewis               b. 1848           d. Aug. 1902    Married Susan B. Gregory

Susannah J.                  b. 1851                                    Married William Billiter  - 1876

Martha J.                      b. 1853                                   Married John Billiter

Hester                          b. 1854                                    Married James Pennick  - 1877

Henry                           b. 1858                                   Went to Nebraska

Married 1871- later went to Illinois

Eliza                             b. 1863                                    Married George Duncan 1879

Edward                        b. 1869                                    Went to Nebraska m. Alpha Mae Griffiths




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Thomas Stephens, born 1784 VA, the fifth child of Lewis and Mary (Oliver) Stephens, married first October 20, 1814 in Pendleton County, KY Mary Adams, under age 21 at the time. She was the daughter of Aaron Adams, also a veteran of the American Revolution. Thomas owned 100 acres on the waters of Grassy Creek. Here they raised their family:


1.     Joseph Stephens, married Mary Ann Holt, Whitley County, KY;


2.     Aaron Stephens, married December 21, 1856 Abigail Poore;


3.     Lewis Stephens, born 1817, married July 27, 1839 in Grant County, KY Sarah A. Draper. See a following article-


4.     William Stephens, resided in Gallatin County, KY;


5.     Anna Stephens, born 1821, married January 11, 1843 John M. Draper;


6.     Jacob Stephens, married September 11, 1853 Emily Porter. Resided in Covington, KY;


7.     America Stephens, born 1828, married January 8, 1849 Joseph Blackburn;


8.     Thomas Stephens Jr., born 1830, married September 21, 1853 Isabella Wolf, daughter of William and Sarah (Stephens) Wolf;


9.     Elizabeth Stephens, born 1831, married October 16, 1843  William Hoard;


10. Mary Jane Stephens, born 1832, Married John Thomas Blackburn on 20 Dec. 1855, Pendleton, Ky

Their children are:
1. Sedora b. 20 Oct. 1856 (this is my g grandmother) she died March 14, 1932.  
2. George W. b. 1858 married Eliza T.
3. Sarah A b. 1860
4. James T. b. 1863 
5. Walter J. b.1865
6. John J. b. 1867
7. Isabell b. 1869
8. Emaline 1872
*all born in Pendleton Co., Ky.

Sedora ( more commonly called Dora or little grandma) married Newton Price on 18 Mar. 1880.  Newton Price died August 14, 1925.  Sedora and Newton Price are buried in the Baltimore Pike Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Their children are:
Calvin b. Sep. 1881 Married Emma Sams
Lydia b. Dec. 1882 Married Ed Volkart
Grace b. Jun. 1887 Married Glenmore C. Moorhead She died 20 Aug. 1961
Bessie b. 13 Mar. 1890 in Dry Ridge, Ky. (my grandmother) Married Theodore Charles Kaiser 24 Jun, 1911 in Cinti, O
She died 6 Jun. 1947 They had 14 children. 10 grew to adulthood.

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11. Sally Stephens, married January 8, 1852 William Benson;


Thomas Stephens married a second time, May 7, 1834 Sarah Northcutt. They separated in 1850, with Sarah going to Indiana, and divorced in 1855. Their children:


12. Vinton Stephens, died in infancy; and


13.Nathaniel Stephens, married Biddie McKinsey;


Thomas Stephens married a third time, Sarah Poore, widow of H. J. Poore of Kenton County, KY. The Poore family consisted of sons Horace J. Poore Jr., William Poore, daughters Sarah Poore, who married Granville A. Stephens, son of Lewis and Sarah E. (Draper) Stephens and Abigail Poore, who married Aaron Stephens, son of Thomas and Mary (Adams) Stephens.


Both Thomas Stephens and Mary (Adams) Stephens are believed to be buried on their farm on Grassy Creek. Mary died before 1834 and Thomas died about 1874.



By Lynn Stephens Headley


William Lewis Stephens, a son of Lewis and Sarah A. (Draper) Stephens of Pendleton County, KY, was born October 25, 1848. He married December 28, 1871 Susan Burdella Gregory, born November 9, 1851, a daughter of Thurston and Rachel (Hicks) Gregory of Grant County. They were married at the Gregory home by Rev. Thomas Stephens Jr., uncle of the groom.


William Lewis and Susan B. Stephens resided in, at or near Williamstown, where he was a farmer, store owner, professional, etc. He was a member of the Knights of Phythias, the Oswego Tribe of Red Men, and a trustee of the Williamstown Baptist Church.


William Lewis died June 15, 1907 and Susan B. died December 22, 1922 at Covington. Their family:


1.     Walter Stephens was born 1873, died 1961. He married September 19, 1897 Sudie Rafferty of Grant County. Their children: (A) Rayburn; (B) Walter Burnley; and (C) Lorraine;

2.     Ben Johnson Stephens was born May 1, 1876, died February 4, 1960. He married May 7, 1899 Della Carter in Ipava, IL Their children: (A) Paul; (B) William Carter; (C) Howard Gregory; (D) Ben Johnson Jr.; (E) Robert Alan; and (F) Walter DeVere;

3.     Gus Stephens was born June 1, 1878, died July 30, 1935 at Covington. He married Grace Kell;

4.     Napoleon Vernon Stephens was born January 1882, died December 19, 1944. He married November 4, 1903 Anna T. Walker. Their children: (A) Theophilus; (B) Lillian Golds; and (C) Sue Virginia;

5.     William Thomas Stephens was born January 1884, died February 11, 1935. He served as manager of the Citizens Telephone Company and as a member of the Democratic Executive Committee from the East Williamstown Precinct. William Thomas married September 25, 1905 Icy May Fite. Their children: (A) Naomi Burdella; and (B) Clyde Walker;

6.     Ida Stephens was born May 12, 1888, died May 14, 1889;

7.     Claude Stephens was born March 1891, died March 14, 1908 while a student at Williamstown Graded Free School.