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Levengood Ancestry



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The following is compiled from data found in the E. E. Barton papers.
May 1967
 by May Levengood Bottens


  The earliest of our line of Levengood's known at this time is Peter Carlos Levengood of Pendleton County. His Father who may have been named George, maybe it was Peter George, must have come from Pennsylvania to Blue Lick Springs, Kentucky in the early 1800's.

   From there Peter Carlos settled in Pendleton County after having lived for a time in Harrison County, Kentucky. He married Catherine Orr in Bourbon County, December 24, 1818 and they were the parents of 8 living children at the time of his death in August 1848. They were:
Isaac, George, Margaret, Elizabeth, Peter Andrew, Catherine, Nathan and Alexander Campbell.

   He died the possessor of 4 tracts of land in Pendelton County on the north fork of the Licking River and the waters thereof, known as the home tract, the Ewing tract, the Turner tract, and the Meriweather tract. He was also the owner of slaves, Negro woman Mary and her three children: George, Milly and Eliza. In settling the estate Mary and her three children were sold at the court house door in Falmouth on December 2, 1850 for the sum of $1275. to Richard Stowers. His widow Catherine remain in possession of the mansion and received her rightful share of her husbands estate, whereas the land was divided among his children, four of them being under 21 years of age.

  There is a family grave yard, probably on the home place, but at this writing I haven't located anyone that would search it for me. ( This graveyard was located in 1973)

   His children married into the most prominent families of the county, however in later years most of them, and maybe all of them left Kentucky and went to live in Missouri. Son Peter Andrew went on to Montana and was a pioneer in the old rugged west. Nathan and wife Lucinda  joined him a few years later.

   His widow Catherine married Brian Ingle, August 18, 1852. They later separated and she was buried by the name Levengood. Sometime after 1867, Catherine went to live in Lewis County, Missouri and died there on May 9, 1876. She was buried in the Deer Ridge cemetery in Lewis County. Many of her children and grandchildren are also buried in that cemetery. It is said that it is full of Levengoods.
  Levengood Station on the Kentucky Central Railroad was on his property and also a gist mill which was for many years operated by his oldest son, Isaac, later by Peter, son of Isaac.
  On July 3, 1866 a post office was established at Levengood Station and carried the name of Levengood, Wm. Scott was the postmaster. The name was afterwards changed to Hays Station as a man by the name of Timothy Hays built a distillery there.