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Nancy's note:  

I am going to be typing obituaries from the above mentioned book.  I have picked out the ones that are from the areas in and around Pendleton County.  Beings these obits go so far back,  they might otherwise be very hard to find.  Every now and then I come across one that may be of interest, or have a name familiar with the area, so have included it also.  Most of the obituaries are from around the Fayette County area, so if anyone would like me to look up one for them, just e-mail me and put Kentucky Obituaries, 1787-1854 in the subject line.  This book is also available at the Pendleton County Library.


Kentucky Obituaries, 1787-1854

Compiled by G. Glenn Clift

This volume of genealogical notes together with the first book--Kentucky Marriages 1797-1865 (published in the Register April, 1938-October, 1940)-was taken from newspaper files owned by and housed in the Lexington Public Library. The original purpose of the compilation was to make the finished work available only to users of the above mentioned newspapers, in an effort to minimize usage of this valuable source material. With their publication in the Register it is hoped the records will prove of worth to a larger audience.

The obituary notices have been edited to include: (a) the name of the person deceased, (b) place of residence, (c) wife or husband, parentage or other survivor or survivors and (d) date of death. In many instances obituaries too lengthy for inclusion were published by the newspapers. Such notices have been edited for their genealogical value and the word Obituary appended, this to enable the researcher to secure the complete necrology if desirable.

For purpose of bibliography an abbreviation of the name of the newspaper from which any notice is taken is given with that notice. The notation following any obituary refers in every instance to the year named in the obituary. As below, in the first entry, KG 10/6 designates the (Lexington) Kentucky Gazette, October 6, 1787. The abbreviations used in this first installment denote: KG (Lexington) Kentucky Gazette and R. The (Lexington, Ky.) 




Mrs. Elizabeth Downing, consort of John Downing, of Louisville. Died Thursday, Aug. 9, 1787, aged 25 years. KG 10/6




Major Isaac B. Dunn, of Lexington. Suicide June 28, 1879. Buried in the public burying ground there. KG. 6/28.




Thomas Reeder. Died May 29, 1795. He was Clerk of Bourbon County. He married a daughter of J. Edwards, Esq. KG 6/6




Capt. William Kennedy, of Campbell county. Died May 16, 1799. KG 7/25.




Mrs. _________Craig, consort of Elijah Craig, of Georgetown. Died April 18, 1802. KG 4/30
(left blank in book)

Miss Eliza Marshall, only daughter of Humphrey Marshall. She was killed by lightning on Friday, July 2, 1802. KG 7/9

Mrs. ________McDaniel, of Bourbon county, and two of her children. Died during a storm Tuesday evening, Sept. 7, 1802 KG. 9/10
(left blank in book)

Capt. James Moody, of Lexington. Died Saturday night, Oct. 30, 1802. KG 11/2




Mrs. Elizabeth Moseby, wife of Capt. John Moseby, of near Georgetown, Scott county. Died July 18, 1804. KG. 7/24

Elizabeth Story, daughter and only child of William Story, of Georgetown. She died Thursday, Aug. 30, 1804 of cholic. She was buried in Lexington the following day. KG 9/4

Mrs. Sanders, consort of Col. Robert Sanders, of Scott county. Died Saturday evening, Dec. 23, 1804. KG 12/25

Mrs. Jane Maxwell, of near Lexington. Died Friday, Dec. 28, 1804, at a very advanced age. She was the mother of John Maxwell. KG 1/1/1805

Miss Mahalah Ayres, daughter of Samuel Ayres. Died Saturday, Dec. 29, 1804. KG 1/1/1805

Mr. Burton Ayres. Died Sunday, Dec. 30, 1804. KG !/!/1805




Col. Robert Sanders, of Scott county. Died May 17, 1805. KG 5/21

George G. Boswell, sheriff of Scott county. Died Wednesday, May 22, 1805. KG 5/28

Mrs. Ann Henry. Died Monday morning, July 15, 1805, at an advanced age. KG 7/16

Mrs. Kay, consort of James Kay, of Scott county. Died Tuesday, Nov. 5, 1805. KG 11/7




Mrs. Ann Payne, consort of Edward Payne, of Fayette county. Died Jan. 11, 1806, aged 78 years. She had been married to Edward Payne for fifty years. KG 1/16

Edward Payne, died Saturday evening May 17, 1806, aged 80 years. KG 5/20

Archibald Milam, of Scott county. Died at his place, "Shannon's Mill," June 12, 1806. KG 7/1.

Joseph Walker, of Scott county. Died July 10, 1806, aged 84 years. KG 7/15

James Hutchinson, of Scott county. Died July 28, 1806, aged 66 years. He was buried July 29, at 10 o'clock a. m., "in Col. Collin's grave-yard." KG 8/5

Edward Fugate, of Bourbon county. Died Sept. 28, 1806. KG 10/6




Edward Porter, brother of Capt. Porter, of Paris. He died Sunday, Apr. 3, 1808, when attacked by a party of Indians as he traveled on a trading expedition up the Tennessee River. R 5/7/1808

Mr. _____Hervy, of Mason county. Died Apr. 3, 1808, during the attack mentioned above. R 5/7




John Tucker, of Bourbon county. Died Friday, Mar. 31, 1809, when his powder mill, located about five miles from Paris, blew up. There were about 7,000 pounds of powder on hand. KG. 4/4

John Jones, of Bourbon county. Died Friday, Mar. 31, 1809, when John Tucker's mill exploded. See above. KG 4/4




Mrs. Sarah Maxwell, consort of John Maxwell, of Lexington. Died March 4, 1811, aged 53 years. KG 3/5




John Monroe, of Georgetown. Died in Apr. 1814, aged 60-odd years. KG 4/11

Col. William Johnson, of Scott county, second son of Colonel Robert Johnson. Died Monday evening, Apr. 25,1814. Obituary. KG 5/2




Col. Robert Johnson, of Gallatin county. Died Sunday, Oct. 15, 1815, aged 71 years. Obituary. KG 10/23

Richard Corwine, of Maysville. Printer and one of the editors of the Maysville Eagle. Died Dec. 19, 1815. KG 12/25




Col. John Davis, of Gallatin county. Died Aug. 25, 1816. R 10/9




Miss Eleanor Kindead Lindsay, daughter of Henry Lindsay, of Scott county. Died June 17, 1817, aged 20 years. KG 6/5




General George Rogers Clark, of Locust Grove. Died Friday, February 13, 1818. He was almost 60 years. Obituary. R 3/25.

Rev. William Wallace, pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Paris. Died Thursday, Sept. 10, 1818, aged 33 years. R 9/6




Miss Juliann Lee, daughter of General Henry Lee, of Mason county. Died Sunday, May 23, 1819. R 5/26

John Maxwell, of Lexington. Died Thursday, July 2, 1819, at an advanced age. He was a first settler of Kentucky. R 7/7

Gary Clark, of Georgetown. Died July 23, 1819. R 8/18

William Sinclair, of Scott county. Died in September, 1819/ R 9/29

Daniel Bennett, of Scott county. Died in Sept., 1819, aged 76 years. R 9/29

Samuel Ewing, of Fayette county. Died in Oct., 1819, at an advanced age. R 10/13

Capt. William Sutton, of Scott county. Died in Dec., 1819. R 12/22



Benjamin Howard Payne, son of Edward Payne, of Fayette county.  Died Feb. 22, 1820/  R  3/1 and 3/8

Colonel Daniel Boone, discoverer and first settler of Kentucky.  Died Tuesday, September 16, 1820, at Charette Village, in Missouri, where he was buried.  R  10/23

Mrs Sarah Clifford. Died Friday, Nov. 3, 1820, at an advanced age.  R  11/6

Mrs. Rebecca Woods, consort of James Woods, of Breckinridge county.  A native of Ireland; she died Dec. 12, 1820, aged 59 years.  R  1/1/1821



Mrs. Mary Tandy, consort of Willis Tandy, of Fayette county.  She died in Feb. 1821.  R  2/19.  The Lexington (Ky) Public Advertiser  recorded that she was the only daughter of Rev. Robert Cloud, and that she died Jan. 18, 1821, aged 24 years. 

Mrs. Gist, consort of Henry Gist, of Paris, Ky.  Died in April 1821.  R.  4/16. 

Mrs. Nancy Mitchell, consort of John Mitchell, and daughter of the late Daniel Boone.  Died in July or August, 1821, and is supposed to have been buried in Mason county.  R  8/6.

Dr. Harvey S. Bradford, of Scott county, and formerly of Port Gibson, Miss.  Died August 5, 1821.  R  8/20.

Mrs. Dulcenea Payne, consort of Col. Jilson Payne, of Montgomery county.  Died Aug. 15, 1821, aged 50.  See obituary in R  8/20.

George Robinson, of Carlisle, Ky.  Died in September, 1821, aged 58 years.  R  9/10.

Gen. Percival Butler, of Gallatin county.  Died in September, 1821.  He was Adjutant General of Kentucky for many years.  9/24.

Edmund Butler, youngest son of Gen. Percival Butler, of Gallatin county.  See above.  Died in Sept., 1821.  R  9/21

Mrs. George Chamblin, of Bourbon county.  Died Monday Sept. 23, 1821, aged 73 years.  R  10/1

Hugh Miller, of Harrison county.  Died in Nov., 1821, leaving his widow and six children.  R  12/3




James Kelly, of Bourbon county.  Died on the last Saturday in Nov., 1821, aged 84 years.  He was a native of Ireland.  R  1/7/1822.

Col. James Garrard, formerly Governor of Kentucky.  Died on Saturday night Jan. 19, 1822, at Mount Lebanon, his residence in Bourbon county, aged 74 years.  Obit in R  1/28.

Mrs. Mary Marshall, wife of A. K. Marshall.  Died Jan. 28, 1822.  Buried Tuesday Jan. 29, in the family burying ground at the Marshall farm, at Washington, Ky.  R  2/11

Mrs. Eliza Huey, consort of Samuel Huey, of Falmouth, Ky.  Died in February, 1822.  R  2/25.

Joseph Best, of Pendleton county.  Died in February, 1822, at an advanced age.  R  2/25

Joseph K. Glenn, of Pendleton county.  Died from a fall from his horse, in February, 1822.  R  2/25

William Payne, of Franklin county.  Died in Feb., 1822.  R  3/4.

Edward C. Owings, of Paris, Ky.  Died in Aug., 1822.  R  8/26.

Major Walker Baylor, of Bourbon county.  Died in Sept.  1822.  Long obituary in R  10/14.




Mrs. Ruth Frazer, consort of Dr. Joel Frazer.  Died May 11, 1823, at the residence of Mrs. Ruth Warfield, near Cynthiana.  R  5/19.

Thomas Ficklin, of Scott county.  Died September 18, 1823, aged 81 years.  R  9/29.

Mrs. _______ Bradley, daughter of Thomas Ficklin, of Scott county.  Died in September, 1823.  R  9/29.  (name left blank in book)

Mrs. Sarah Cavins, of Scott county, consort of Absalem Cavins.  She died in September, 1823.  R  10/6.




John Moore, of Fayette county.  Murdered Wednesday night, Feb. 18, 1824, by his son John Moore, Jr.  R  2/23.

Mrs. Francis Marshall.  Died Mar. 6, 1824, aged 26 years.  R  3/15.

Major William Simpson, formerly of Lexington.  Died in August, 1824, at Fredericksburg, Gallatin county.  R  9/6.

Samuel Ayers, of Danville, and formerly of Lexington.  He died on Thursday September 16, 1824.  R  9/20.

Samuel Ayres.  Born in Essex county, Virginia.  Emigrated to Kentucky in 1784.  Died 16, 1824.  See page --(44).  He was 57 years of age.  R  10/8.




Samuel Lamme, of Harrison county.  An old soldier of the American Revolution. Died in December, 1824, "upwards of 75 years."  KG  1/3/1825

Sarah Ann, infant daughter of John Henry.  Burned to death Feb. 5, 1825.  KG  2/10.

Reverend John Lyle, of Paris, Ky.  Died in July, 1825, aged 55 years.  R  8/1.



Note:  The abbreviations used denote:
A---Argus of Western America 

KG--Kentucky Gazette
R--(Kentucky) Reporter



John Shackleford, son of Samuel Shackleford, of Lincoln county.  Murdered at the mouth of Salt River in January, 1826.  R  1/30.

Robert Porter, of near Falmouth, Ky. A soldier in the Revolution. Died in Feb., 1826, aged 77 years. R 2/27.
William Wheeler, of Bourbon county. Died in Feb., 1826. R 3/6.

Edward H. Garrard, son of Gen. James Garrard, of Bourbon county. Died in April, 1826, aged 18 years. He was a member of the Senior Class of the Union Philosophical Society at Transylvania University. R 5/1.

Richard Biddle, High Sheriff of Bourbon county. Died on the 25th of April, 1826, at an advanced age. R 5/1

Mrs. Nancy Clay, consort of Sidney P. Clay, of Bourbon county. Died June 25, 1826. R 7/17.

James Matson, of Bourbon county. Died June 29, 1826, aged 80 years. R 7/17.

David Morrison, of Cynthiana. Died Sunday July 11, 1826. R 7/17.

Gabriel Hughes, of Bourbon county. Died from injuries received when he accidentally walked through an upper floor window on the night of July 6, 1826. He was 29 years of age. R 7/17.

Col. James Johnson, of Scott county. A member of Congress. Died August 13, 1826. R 9/14.

Gerald Jones, formerly of Paris, Ky. Died at Evansville, Ind., in August 1826. R 8/28.

Mrs. Rachel Sedwell, of Bourbon county. Died in August, 1826, aged 83 years. R 8/28.

Henry Thomas, of Bourbon county. Died in August, 1826. R 8/28.

Mrs. Mary Standeford, of Bourbon county. Died in Aug., 1826. R 9/4.

Samuel Schwartzwelder, of Paris, Ky. Died in August, 1826. R 9/4.

Samuel Griffith, a representative elected from Harrison, and in favor of the new court. Died Monday Aug. 28, 1826. R 9/4.

Rev. John H. Ficklin, of Scott county. Died August 21, 1826, aged 56 years. R 9/4.

John H. Coleman, lately of Paris. Died at Athens, Alabama, in Sept. 1826. R 9/11.

Mrs. Nancy T. Spears, consort of Abram Soears, of Bourbon county. Died in Sept. 1826. R 9/11.

Mrs. Frances Conn, consort of Capt. William Conn, of Bourbon county. Died in October, 1826. R 10/9.

Col. James Elliston, of Grant county. Died in September, 1826. R 10/9.

Mrs. Lydia Wheeler, widow of the late George Wheeler, of Culpepper county, Va., died in Bourbon county, Kentucky, in October, 1826, aged 50 years. R 10/9.

Zachariah Herdon (Herndon?), of Scott county. Died in September, 1826. R 10/9

John A. Miller, of Georgetown. Died in Sept., 1826. R 10/9.

James M. Hickman, of Franklin, Mo., formerly of Paris, Ky. Died in Sept., 1826. R 10/16.
Mrs. Betsey Beckett, of Bourbon county. Died in October, 1826. R 10/16.

Mrs. Margaret Ward, consort of William Ward, of Missouri. Died in Bourbon county, Ky., in October, 1826. R 10/30.

Benjamin Hardesty, of Bourbon county. Died in Oct., 1826. R 10/30.

Nathaniel Sanders, Sr., of Gallatin county. A soldier in the Revolution. Died in Oct., 1826, aged 84 years. R 10/30.

Alexander Barrett, of Bourbon county. A native of Virginia and a soldier in the Revolution. Died in Oct., 1826, aged 72 years. R 11/6.

 Benjamin Taylor, of Paris, Ky. Died in Oct., 1826. R 11/6.

 Mrs. Julia E., consort of Dr. A. F. Davis, of Augusta, Ky. Died in December, 1826. R 12/11.



Mrs. Edgar, of Harrison county, mother of J. T. Edgar, of Maysville. Died in December, 1826. R 1/10/1827.

John W. Chinn, of Burlington, Ky. Died at the Bourbon county residence of John M. Vonn, Feb. 29, 1827, aged 28 years. R 3/14.

Davis Chinn, of Bourbon county. Died in March, 1827. R 5/9.

Mrs. Clarkson, consort of Peter Clarkson, of Bourbon county. Died in May, 1827. R 5/9.

Mrs. Rebecca, consort of Levi Owen, of Scott county. Died in April, 1827. R 5/9.

Thomas Lewis, of Bourbon county. Died in Sept., 1827. R 9/19.

Elijah Thornberry, of Scott county. Died Nov. 6, 1827. aged 55 years. R 11/14.

George W. Thornberry, son of E. Thornberry (see above). He died in August, 1827, aged 10 years. R 1/14.

William, son of Gen. James Garrard, of Bourbon county. Died in Lexington, Wednesday Nov. 21, 1827, aged 24 years. Obituary in R 11/28



Julius M. Clarkson, of Bourbon county. Died in January, 1828, aged 24 years. R 1/5.

Nicholas Talbott, of Bourbon county. Died in May, 1828. R 5/7.

Miss Susan Moore, daughter of William Moore, of Paris, Ky. Died in May, 1828. R 5/7.

Mrs. Cassandra Flournoy, wife of D. Flournoy, of Scott county. Died May 8, 1828. R 5/14.

Dr. Basil Duke, of Mason county, an aged citizen. Died in May or June, 1828. See R 6/11.

Joseph Rogers, of Scott county. Died in June, 1828, aged 65 years. R 6/25.

Judge Robert Trimble, of Bourbon county. Died Monday Aug. 25, 1828. R 8/27.

Capt. James Coleman, of Cynthiana. Died in Nov., 1828, aged 55 years. R 11/19.



Sidney Bedford, of Bourbon county. Died in February or March, 1829. R 3/11.

William Sheely, of Harrison county. Died at the residence of his mother, near Nicholasville, in March, 1829. R 3/11.

Robert Bedford, of Bourbon county. Died in July, 1829. R 8/5.

Gabriel All, of Bourbon county. Killed in August, 1829, by a company of Negroes. Story in R 8/26.

Mrs. Elizabeth Nelson, of Campbell county. Died in Fayette County Saturday, Sept. 26, 1829. R 9/30.

William Jackson, of Bourbon county. Died in October, 1829. R 10/14.

Mrs. Nancy H. Rainey, daughter of the Rev. William H. Rainey, of Harrison county. Died Oct. 16, 1829, aged 18 years. She was from Aberdeen, Ohio. (Mrs. evidently typographical error.) See R 10/28.

Mrs. Elizabeth Watkins, widow of Henry Watkins, her second husband. Died in Woodford county Dec. 4, 1829, aged 80 years. Henry Watkins died ten days before. She was the mother of Henry Clay. R 12/9. (She was Elizabeth Hudson, of Hanover county, Va. She married John Clay, father of Henry Clay, in 1765 when she was 15 years of age. She married Henry Watkins, 26 year old planter and militia captain, in 1784, almost a year after the death of John Clay.)



Benjamin Kendrick,. Sr., of Bourbon county. Died in July, 1830. R 7/28.

Mrs. Jane Penn, wife of John Penn, of Bourbon county. She died in August, 1830. R 8/18.

Jonas Markee, of Bourbon county. Died in August, 1830, at an advanced age. R 8/18.

John Reitzer, a resident of the Mason county Poor-house. Died in August, 1830, supposed to be 115 years of age. He was a native of Holland. R 8/18.

Solomon Spears, of Bourbon county. Died in Aug, 1830. R 8/25.

Mary Matilda Eldridge, daughter of Mr. W. W. Eldridge, of Paris, Ky. Died in August, 1830. R 8/25.

John Baldwin, of Scott county. Died in August, 1830, aged about 60 years. R 8/25.

Martin Hawkins, of Scott county. Died in November, 1830, at an advanced age. R 11/24.

Joseph, second son of Edward H. Herndon, of Bourbon county. Died Friday December 3, 1830. R 12/8.

Henry Warfield, of Cynthiana. Died in Dec., 1830. R 12/22.

Mrs. Ann Redmon, of Bourbon county. Died in December, 1830, aged 71 years. R 12/22



James D. Offutt, of Scott county. Died Thursday Feb. 3, 1831. R 2/9.

Mrs. Harriett Caldwell, wife of Rev. S. B. F. Caldwell, of Scott county. Died in March, 1831. R 3/30.

Thomas C. Dlay, of Bourbon county. Died in Milledgville, Ga., in May, 1831, aged 26 years. R 5/18.

William E. Arnold, of Paris, Ky. Suicide May 22, 1831, aged 19 years. R 6/8.

Major Shadrach Penn, Sr., of Scott county. A soldier in the Revolution. Died in June, 1831, aged 80 years. R 6/15.

James Robinson, of Bourbon county. Died in November, 1831. R 11/30.

Amos Francis, of Bourbon county. Died in November, 1831, aged 20 years. R 11/30.

Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Col. Thomas H. Bradford, of Scott county. Died Thursday December 29. 1831, aged 4 years. R 1/6/1832.


The abbreviations used denote:

O--Lexington (Kentucky) Observer

OR--Lexington (Kentucky) Observer & Reporter

R--The (Lexington, Kentucky) Reporter



Susan Mary, second and last child of Col. Thomas Bradford, of Scott county. Died January 9, 1832, aged 2 years. See above. OR 1/13. 

William Hall, of Bourbon county. Died Jan 4, 1832, aged 58 years. R 1/11.

 Mrs. Mary H., consort of John S. Van de Gaff, of Scott county. Died January 9, 1832, aged 24 years. OR 1/13/1832.

 Col. Allen Withers, of Scott county. Died in March, 1832, aged 38 years. O 3/30.

 James Briscoe, of Scott county. Died May 30, 1832. OR 5/31.

Mrs. Nancy Elliott, consort of John Elliott, of Scott county. Died July 18, 1832, aged 55 years. OR 7/26.

 Samuel Greenup, of Scott county. Died July 27, 1832, aged about 50 years. OR 8/2.

Gustavus Keene, of Lake Providence, La.m formerly of Scott county, Kentucky. Died July 6, 1832. OR 8/9.

Mrs. Eliabeth (?) Garrard, relict of the late Col. James Garrard, of Bourbon county. Died August 29, 1832, aged 82 years. OR 9/6.

Mrs. Susannah Hart, widow and relict of the late Colonel Thomas Hart. Died in Lexington August 26, 1832, aged 86 years. She had 7 children, 2 only surviving her. One of the latter was Lucretia Hart, Mrs. Henry Clay. OR 9/6.

 Mrs. Elizabeth Herndon, wife of John Herndon, and daughter of Major Rodes Thompson, of Scott county. Died Monday October 8, 1832. OR 10/11.

 Abraham S. Van De Graff, of Scott county. Died October 2, 1832, aged 70 years. OR 10/11.

 Joseph Miller, youngest son of the late John Andrew Miller, of Scott county. Died in Georgetown in Nov., 1832. OR 12/13.



George R. Payne, son of James Payne, dec'd. Died May 13, 1833, aged 23 or 24 years. OR 5/16.
Henry Lindsay, of Scott county. Died May 25, 1833, aged 67 years. OR 5/30.

There is a list of deaths in the CITY OF LEXINGTON, Kentucky from June 1 to August, 1833. Most of these deaths were caused by cholera. Whites only.

Ward No. 2 - 7th. Lunatic Asylum.

Elizabeth Plummer, Scott county

Dow Halfacre, Pendleton county

John Armstrong, Scott county 

Courtney Knapp, Bourbon county

Mary Lemon, Harrison county

Mrs. Newman, of Maysville. Died of cholera in May, 1833. OR 6/6.

Jones B. and John K. Thompson, of Scott county. Died in June, 1833. OR 6/6.

James M. Boswell, son of the late Gen. William E. Boswell.  Died July 30, 1833, at the Harrison county residence of his mother.  He was 18 years of age.  OR  8/15

David Terrance, of Scott county.  Died August 22, 1833, at an advanced age.  OR  8/29.

Hezekiah Offutt, of Harrison county.  Died Aug. 20, 1833.  OR  8/29.

Mrs. Margaret Finnell, wife of Benjamin W. Finnell, of Scott county.  Died Aug. 27. 1833.  OR  9/5.

Mrs. Amanda F Brown, wife of William Brown, Jr., of Georgetown, and daughter of the late Jeremiah Tarlton.  Died at the residence of her mother in Scott county in September, 1833.  OR  9/15.

Col. Benjamin Whaley, of Bourbon county.  A soldier in the Revolution.  Died at the Bourbon county residence of his son-in-law, Mr. Moreland, Sept. 7, 1833, aged 74 years.  Obituary in OR  9/15.

Mrs. Rachel Frances Hill, wife of James Hill, of Scott county, and daughter of John Finnell, late of Orange county, Va.  She left two small children, one an infant six months of age.  Died in Scott county Sept. 12, 1833, aged 26 years.  OR  9/19.

 Mrs. Henrietta Buford, wife of Charles Buford, of Scott county.  Died at Flat Rock, N. C., Aug.  31, 1833.  OR  9/19.

Charles Buford, infant son of James K. Duke, of Scott county.  Died Sept. 10, 1833.  OR  9/19.

Miss Hannah McCalls, of Scott county.  Died September 30, 1833.  OR  10/2.

Joseph Nelson Owen, son of Thomas Owen, of Scott county.  Died October 6, 1833, aged 26 years.  OR  10/10.

Major Benjamin Chambers, of Little Rock, Arkansas, late of Georgetown, Ky.  Died Oct. 14, 1833, leaving his wife and six small children, all daughters.  OR  10/31.

Mrs. Martha McIntyre, wife of Benjamin McIntyre, of Cynthiana late of Lexington.  Died Oct. 30, 1833.  OR  11/7. 

Samuel D. Moore, a native of Fayette county, but late of Missouri.  Died at the Scott county, Ky., residence of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Tarlton, November 3, 1833.  OR  11/7.





James C. Applegate, of Georgetown.  Died Jan. 12, 1834, aged 21 years.  OR  1/30.

Cleo Hawkins, merchant of Georgetown.  Died Jan. 17, 1834.  OR  1/30.

 Hugh Alexander, of Scott county.  Died Jan. 13, 1834, at an advanced age.  OR  1/30.

Mrs. Dorothy Kerr, wife of Capt. David Kerr, of Scott county.  Died Feb., 21, 1834, aged 71 years.  OR  3/6.

Miss Maria Warren, daughter of the late William Warren, of Georgetown.  Died April 3, 1834, aged about 18 years.  OR  4/10.

Miss Julia Cullen, daughter of John P. Cullen, of Georgetown.  Died Apr. 5, 1834. aged about 15 years.  OR  4/17.

Frederick Kleet, of Campbell county.  Died April 24, 1834, aged 40 years.  OR  5/1.

Mrs. Naomi Nash, consort of Mr. W. Nash, of Newport, Ky.  Died April 23, 1834.  OR  5/1.

William Theobald, Sr., of Scott county.  Died May 9, 1834, aged 68 years.  OR  5/15.

Mr. _____Shotwell, Sr., of Georgetown.  Died May 12, 1834.  OR  5/15.

(left blank in book)

Mrs. Eliza Henderson, wife of William Henderson, of Georgetown, and daughter of James Betts.  Died June 1, 1834.  OR  6/5.

Theodore Taylor, of Georgetown.  Died in May, 1834.  OR  6/5.

Mrs. Nancy Miller, consort of Capt. Jacob Miller, of Scott county.  Died in June, 1834.  OR  6/18.

Jonathan Robinson, of Scott county.  Died Saturday July 12, 1834, aged 87 or 88 years.  OR  7/16.

Albert Humrickhouse, of Virginia.  Killed when the stage coach bearing Henry Clay from Harper's Ferry to Winchester overturned July 6, 1834.  Mr. Clay was not hurt "though the horses were at half speed descending a hill at the instant the stage capsized."  OR  7/23.

Peter G. Winn, son of Dr. Minor Winn, of Pendleton county.  Died in Georgetown, Ky., Aug. 14, 1834.  OR  8/20.

James D. McCoy, of Alexandria, La., formerly from Georgetown, Ky.  Died Sept. 16, 1834, aged 28 years.  Obituary in OR  10/15.

Miss Mary Cartright, daughter of Henry Cartright, of Bourbon county.  Died October 18, 1834.  OR  10/29.

Mrs. Eliza Williams, daughter of William Smith, dec'd.  She died in Scott county Nov. 15, 1834.  OR  11/19.

Col. John Thomson, of Christian, formerly of Scott county.  Died Oct. 29, 1834, at an advanced age.  OR  11/19.

 Mrs. Frances Chalk, of Georgetown.  Died Dec. 12, 1834, aged 60 years.  OR  12/24. 

Nathaniel Mothershead, Sr. of Scott county.  Died Sunday Dec. 28, 1834, aged 80 years.  A soldier in the Revolution.  See obituary in OR  1/12/1835.




Milton Suggett, son of John Suggett, Sr.  Died in Scott county Jan. 19, 1835, aged 40 years.  OR  1/12.

 Francis Flournoy, of Scott county.  Died Jan. 29, 1835, aged 64 years.  Obituary in OR  2/4.

 Mrs. Mary Brown, wife of George D. Brown, of Georgetown.  Died May 24, 1835.  OR  5/27.

General Robert McHatton, late of Scott county, Ky.  Died in Marion county Ind.  May 20, 1835.  Obituary in OR  6/3.

 Mrs. Eliza A. B. West, consort of Preston West, of Georgetown, and daughter of James B. Crawford.  Died June 5, 1835, aged 26 or 27 years.  She left her husband and several small children.  OR  6/10.

 Eli Kennady, of Bourbon county.  Died of cholera June 29, 1835.  See obituary in OR  7/1.

Gen. John H. Rudd, formerly of Bracken county, Ky.  Died in Tazoo county, Miss., May 12, 1835.  OR  7/1.

Mrs. Mary Shellers, of Georgetown.  Died July 16, 1835.  OR  7/22.

Mrs. Lucinda Graves, consort of Harvey C. Graves, of Fayette county, and daughter of Capt.  John Garth, of Scott county.  Died July 9, 1835, aged 27 years.  OR  7/22.


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