"Aunt" Polly Ingles

"Aunt" Polly Ingles

Source: Pendleton County Historical Society Newsletter - March 2000 - Issue1 - Volume 7
Generously transcribed and submitted by Nancy Bray.
Thanks Nancy!


"Aunt" Polly Ingles, a highly respected Colored Woman, died at her home in this city, last Sunday morning at 3:30 o'clock.  (1909)

She was married twice, her first husband being Caleb Hitch.  She leaves a husband and five children, and one brother W. L. Southgate.

She was born and raised in Falmouth, before the war, and was a member of the only free colored family in this place at the time.  Her mother was left here by Virginia people who were going west, and later she purchased her husband's freedom from the late John Hobday in 1846, hence "Aunt " Polly was born in a free family.

She was a devout Methodist and very religious.  Interment took place at Paris, Ky.


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