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Anna Maria Helmich & Gotlieb Goker Helmich


 Gottlieb Goker & Anna Marie Helmich

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Anna Maria Helmich & Gotlieb Goker Helmich


The Helmich family came from Prussia, Germany, Destel Township in Luebbecke, Minden, and the Goker family lived in Levern Township.  The district of Luebbecke is now called Stemwede, West Germany.  The farm on which Gottlieb Goker (Helmich) was born is still in the Goker family.  Fritz and Anna Goker now presently living there (1986).  The farm is still producing grain but the farm house has been turned into a “pension” for tourists, called BauernhofpensionGoker, #42 Levern.  The Goker’s have lived on this farm since 1734.  Destel is only a short distance from Levern and most of the marriages took place within the area of these two towns.  Both the Helmich and Goker family are of Prussian descent.

  When Gottlieb Goker and Anna Maria Elizabeth Helmich were married Gottlieb assumed the name of his wife, Helmich, because, as it has been said, the Helmich family were shopkeepers and of a greater wealth than the Gokers.  So, it was advantageous for Gottlieb to take on his wife’s name and move to the estate at Destel # 120.  Here, all the children were born before they decided to sell everything and immigrate to America in 1850.  Some of the family had already immigrated to America, settling in Ohio.  Therefore it was only natural that Gottlieb and his family would first go to Ohio before migrating to Kentucky.


Children of Gottlieb Goker & Anna Marie Helmich

1.  Carl Friedrich “William”Helmich was the eldest son of Gottlieb and Anna Marie Helmich.  He was born 6 January 1826 in Destel # 120, Lubekke, Germany.  He and his wife, Julia, were listed on the 1850 Federal Census for Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio.  Enumerated with them was William’s brother “Charles”, who was born Karl but took the name of Charles when he came to America.  Both William and Charles, were listed as cigar makers, a trade they must have learned in their hometown in Germany, which was know for the making of cigars.   The census states:

William Helmich – age 25 – cigar maker – married

Julia (Helm) Helmich – age 24 - ____________   - married

Charles Helmich – age 16 -   cigar maker  - unmarried

Note:  William and Julia Helm Helmich were married in Germany prior to immigrating to America.

William Helmich was remembered by his nephew, David C. Helmich, as being the oldest of his uncles.  When David visited his uncle in Cincinnati, Ohio, William was working as a motorman or conductor of a streetcar.

“William” died 29 June 1904 in Cincinnati, Ohio and was buried in the Vine St. Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


2.  Christian “Fredrick” Helmich was the 2nd son of Gottlieb and Anna Marie Helmich.  He was born 27 July 1828 in Destel # 120, Luebekke, Germany.  Fredrick first married in Cincinnati, Ohio to Caroline Helm, a sister to his brother William’s wife, Julia.  The name “Helm” has been seen as the name for “Helmich”, therefore, it seems possible that both the Helmich and Helm families came to America along with the Hafers and other families from their neighborhood in Germany. Fredrick moved to Pendleton County, Kentucky where he operated a large store.  He married 2nd to Jane Northcutt.  Fredrick died 14 November 1912 in Gardnersville, Grant County, Kentucky, his will was probated in Grant County, Kentucky.  The will names his second wife, Jane and his three daughters.  Source:  Grant County Court Book H, page 88.

   Naturalization records found at the Pendleton County, Kentucky Library state:

V-K-P 197  ….King of Prussia – 20 October 1856
                 Frederich Helmich was a native of Prussia, age 23.  Subject to King of Prussia, immigrated to Carraces, Venz., April 1851        Arrived in New York, 25 May 1851

Declaration 28 February 1852  Hamilton County, Ohio.


3.  Henrietta Wilhelmine Charlotte Helmich was the third child and first daughter of Gottlieb and Anna Marie Helmich.  She was born 29 December 1831 in Destel # 120, Luebekke, Germany.  She married Fredrich Hafer on 12 October 1854 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She died 16 November 1903 in Demossville, Grant County, Kentucky.  Henrietta’s husband “Fred” Hafer, was also from Germany.  There, he was a sheep hearder for a group of farmers, including his father.  They would take the sheep out in the mornings and return to the farms each evening; except in the summer, when they would stay out with the sheep for two weeks at a time, finding shelter in the small shacks that dotted the countryside. “Fred” came to America in 1850 with his brother to avoid service in the Prussian Army. After 7 weeks on the ocean, they arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana.  From there they made a two weeks journey up river to Cincinnati, Ohio where they joined their brother, Gottlieb Hafer.  It is most likely that the Helmich’s took this same route and at the same time as the Hafer brothers.


4.  Karl Frederich Wilhelm Helmich was the fourth child of Gottlieb and Anna Marie Helmich.  He was born 29 January 1825 in Destal, # 120, Luebekke, Germany.  He was naturalized a U. S. Citizen as “Charles Helmich”.  His immigration certificate was issued on March 31, 1850.  He married Mary Elizabeth Gross in Cincinnati, Ohio on 13 June 1861.  In 1865 he joined a Methodist Colony and moved his family to Michigan.  “Charles” died 10 May 1914 in Unionville, Michigan.


5.  Henrietta Charlotte Louise Helmich was the fifth child and second daughter of Gottlieb and Anna Marie Hellmich.  She was born 20 September 1837 in Destel # 120, Lubekke, Germany.  Henrietta, known as “Nettie”, married William Henry Varnau and lived her life out in Pendleton County, Kentucky where she died 6 February 1923. She is buried along with her parents in the Smith Cemetery, Portland, Pendleton County, Kentucky.


6.  Heinrich Ludwig “Lewis” Helmich was the sixth child and youngest son of Gottlieb and Anna Marie Helmich.  He was born 29 November 1840 in Destel # 120, Lubekke, Germany.  Lewis married Isabell Daugherty on 1 December 1870 in Pendleton County, Kentucky.  Isabell was born in May 1850. She was the daughter of Joseph Harrison Daugherty and Elizabeth “Betsy” Ashcraft.  Her great-grandparents came to Kentucky from Virginia in 1780 arriving in what would become Pendleton County circa 1786.



Children of Lewis and Isabell Daugherty Helmich

a.        Rufus Leroy Helmich – Born February 11, 1872 in Pendleton County, Kentucky.  Died August 25, 1872 in Pendleton County.

b.        Gilbert H. Helmich – Born July 3, 1873 in Pendleton County, Kentucky.  Died May 14, 1895 in Cherokee, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma.

c.        Rosella Helmich – Born April 10, 1875 in Pendleton County, Kentucky.  Married William J. Bender, December 24, 1896.  Died January 8, 1836 in Cherokee, Oklahoma.

d.        Clara Helmich – Born March 13, 1877 in Kentucky.  Died November 28, 1882.

e.        Otto Helmich – Born May 29, 1878 in Kentucky.  Died April 8, 1964 in Cherokee, Oklahoma.

f.         Mary Elizabeth Helmich – Born February 8, 1881 in Kentucky.  Died June 19, 1888.

g.       Arthur Lewis Helmich – Born September 27, 1882 in Falmouth, Pendleton County, Kentucky.  Married Nelle Raney in Kansas.  Died July 3, 1931 in Syracuse, Kansas.

h.       Grace Armelia Helmich – Born February 20, 1884 in Kentucky.  Died September 14, 1955 in Long Beach, California.

i.         Anna Pearl Helmich – Born June 7, 1886 in Kiowa County, Kansas.  Married Emory Detwiler.  Died October 9, 1968 in Long Beach, California.

j.         Henderson Harrison Helmich – Born August 11, 1888 in Kiowa County, Kansas.  Married 1. Hazel K. Radcliffe on September 14, 1912 in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Married 2. Erma. Died September 4, 1944 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

k.       Sarah Josephine Helmich – Born January 25, 1891 in Kiowa County, Kansas.  Married Samuel Stephens.  Died September 14, 1980 in Anaheim, California.

l.         Ona Jane Helmich – Born October 19, 1893 in Kiowa County, Kansas.  Married George W. Prentice.


 During the Civil War, Lewis served as a private in Company E, 7th KY Volunteer Cavalry.  He enrolled August 12, 1862 and was mustered in August 16th at Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Lewis was mustered out on July 10th, 1865 in Edgefield, Tennessee.

General Affidavit

State of Kentucky...County of Pendleton

In the claim of Lewis Helmich Private in Company E. 7th KY Reg.

Personally came before me, A. Carter, Justice of the Peace in and for aforesaid County and State of Kentucky.  Lewis Helmich, aged 44 ....Citizen of the town of Knoxville, County of Pendleton, State of Kentucky..................etc.....

"I was a Private in Co. E. 7th KY Reg. Vols. Calvary.   waswith a number of Soldiers detailed out of C. E under L. Col. Vinomt  of the 7th KY Reg Cav, on a Scouting duty near Franklin, Tenisee on our about the 3rd day of June 1863 was ordered by L. Col Vinomt to Capture Some Rebels Soldiers while doing So I came in contact with a rail fence my horse Jumping the fence with me on him threw me on the Pirual (ferrule) of my Saddle it Sticking me in the left groin causing my rupture in Left Side at the Same time and force my horse Struck me with his head in my Left Breast causing my injuries in my Breast.  I returned to my Reg. on the Same day I was hurt and Rec'vd medical attention on the next day from Dr. Spilman."

                                                               (Signed )Lewis Helmich


 Lewis was the postmaster of Knoxville, Pendleton County from 1870 until about 1876. In 1874, Lewis bought from his father, Gottlieb, the same property on the East Fork of Grassy Creek that Gottlieb had obtained in 1854 from his son, Frederich, brother to Lewis; this property contained 79 ¾ acres. Lewis sold this property in 1876 to J. H. Johns, husband of his niece, Eliza, daughter of Fredrich Helmich.  In 1877, Lewis bought property on the /Covington – Lexington Turnpike, he built a depot (warehouse) on this land.


The 1880 Federal Census for the Flat Creek District in Grant County, Kentucky states that Lewis was working in the sawmill. Lewis and Isabell lived in this area of Kentucky until about 1884 when they pulled up stakes and moved to Kiowa County, Kansas near Greensburg.


 Gilbert Helmich, eldest living son of Lewis and Isabell, proved up land in Oklahoma that he had acquired in the “Cherokee Run” of 1893.  William Bender, husband of Rozelle, eldest daughter of Lewis and Isabelle, and his three brothers also gained land in the same area during the “Cherokee Run”.  This area is now known as Cherokee, Oklahoma.  At this writing, this land is still being farmed by the Bender family.  Gilbert Helmich died in 1895 and left his Oklahoma land to his parents.  Lewis and Isabell moved their remaining family from Kansas to the Oklahoma property willed to them by Gilbert.  On this Oklahoma property they built a dug-out house into a hill that was surrounded by nice trees.  It was there that Lewis and Isabell both died in 1899, Isabell on 9 June and Lewis on 14 October.  They were buried in a corner of the farm but their remains were later removed to the Cherokee Cemetery.  This move most likely took place when the property was sold.

 After their deaths, the minor children became the wards of Rozelle’s husband, William Bender who became their guardian.  The youngest girls, Josie and Ona were sent to boarding school in Wichita, Kansas, The Mount Carmel School.  Roscoe was the only son to stay in Oklahoma.  The other sons went to Johnson City, Kansas before 1908.  There, Arthur and Henderson met the girls they would eventually marry.  Arthur married Nell Raney and Henderson married Hazel Radcliffe, Hazel’s parents owned the Hotel Radcliffe, where the brothers lived.


Henderson Helmick (note the change in spelling at this time) and Hazel Radcliffe were married on 14 September 1912 at the Linden Hotel in Fort Collins, Colorado.  They were originally going to Fort Collins with another couple who were getting married and on the way, Henderson talked Hazel into “tying the knot” at the same time.  After all, they had been engaged for three years.  Both couples were married at 8 o’clock that evening.  Henderson had bought a house in Syracuse, Kansas prior to their marriage and the newly weds went there to live.  Soon, a baby was on the way.  Frances was born on August 19, 1913 in the house that was their “Honeymoon Cottage”.  Henderson had opened a Ford Automobile Dealership in connection with his garage business.  The new motorcars fascinated him and he loved working on them.  Whenever a new car was sent to him it was packaged and crated and Henderson would have to assemble it in his garage.  He was the first automobile owner in Johnson City, owning a Stanley Steamer and a White Steamer.  Henderson and Hazel moved from Kansas to Denver, Colorado where he opened a three story garage on California Street opposite the Denham Theatre.  He called his establishment the “Denham Garage.”  In 1916, another daughter, Rowena, was born followed by another daughter, Dorothy, in 1919.

  The marriage did not work out and after about 15 years of marriage, Henderson and Hazel divorced.  Hazel took the children to California where her mother was living and Henderson stayed in Denver.  They remained friends.  Hazel never remarried, Henderson married for the second time and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where he died in 1944.  Hazel died in California in 1960 and is buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, California.

  Henderson loved to hunt ducks, deer, etc.  He bought a lake in the mountains of Utah and planted the lakeshore with wild rice to attract the ducks.  Every year during duck season, Henderson and his buddies would go to the lake.  The lake and the mountain it is on was named “Helmick Mountain” in honor of him.  When he died, his ashes were sprinkled over this lake.



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