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Danie lA. "Booney" Fossett & wife, Margaret Lida Yelton Fossett



The following is an article entitled "Fossett family prominent in county affairs," which appeared in the December 29, 1939 issue of the Falmouth Outlook. The article discusses the descendants of Daniel Fossett and his wife Eliza Cox-Fossett from Pendleton County, KY. At the end of the article there will be additional information on thisFossett/Fossitt family. Also note that although the Outlook spelled the surname with an"ett," it is known that most of the children of Daniel Fossett Sr., signed their name with an"itt." Fossett Family Prominent In County Affairs. From the records of a recent chancery suit in the Pendlton Circuit Court, we are enabled to present to our readers an authentic account of one branch of the Fossett family of Pendleton County. The home of the Fossetts was originally in the north-eastern section of the county, from whence they have migrated to nearly every part of the United States. The successive generations of the Fossetts intermarried with the prominent families in the eastern and central parts of the county, hence the record will be of wide interest. The following family history is taken from the report of the Master Commissioner showing to whom distribution should be made of the proceeds of the sale of real estate, and is therefore authentic. Also, there is added here some reminiscences of persons who were acquainted with some of the family during their life time. William H. Fossett (son of Daniel Fossett and his wife, Eliza Cox) will be remembered by the older residents of Pendleton County, as an officer who served well and faithfully as High Sheriff. He was born near Caddo in 1842, and died in 1923; buried at Lenoxburg. He was never married. His estate consisted principally of securities and was distributed among his heirs by "Joe" Fossett, his brother, who administered upon the estate. William H. Fossett also owned a cottage and one acre of land on the old Washington Trace near Caddo, where he lived out his latter days with another old bachelor and boyhood friend, James Onie Biddle. After Mr. Fossett's death, his heirs would not disturb his old companion and friend, and permitted Mr. Biddle to live out his days where he and Mr. Fossett had kept bachelors hall. But after Mr. Biddle died the heirs desired to have the property sold, more to prevent undesirable occupants in the neighborhood than for any share that might come to the numerous heirs. The real estate sold for a small sum and the heirs are scattered from Kentucky and Ohio to the Pacific Coast, but the handling of the chancery suit required as much attention to details as if each heir was to receive thousands of dollars instead of merely a little pocket change. One feature of this suit in court which will be interest to many residents and ex-residents of Pendleton County is the collection of a lot of history of the Fossett family. Daniel Fossett Sr., the ancestor of this branch, was a contemporary of several other Fossetts who were pioneer settlers, and closely related to Daniel. It is hoped that the Outlook will have opportunity of furnishing its readers with an account of the other branches of the Fossett family, and thus round out the history of a pioneer family of the county, and one which has taken a leading part in the development of the county. They have been leaders in the churches, schools and county affairs for nearly a century and a half. Daniel Fossett Sr: Daniel Fossett Sr. was married March 14, 1838 to Eliza Cox, by Rev. George Fisher, elder of the Christian Church. Daniel's home place where he and Eliza raised their family, was on the old Washington Trace near Caddo. Their childrenwere: Samuel Washington Fossett, married Hellena E. Anderson, daughter of Rev. Alexander (Sandy) Anderson and Maria Forsythe, daughter of John Forsythe, once a sheriff of Pendleton County. William H., born 1842, died 1923; buried at Lenoxburg.  He never married; was sheriff of Pendleton County. Margaret, married first George Washington Carnes of Pendleton County, married second Wm. H. Kearns of Lexington. Elizabeth, married Nicholas Carnes, brother of Geo. W. Daniel Barton (called "Bart"), married Flora Belle, daughter of Reuben Lancaster and Sarah Fryer. Richard Louis (called "Dick"), married Kate, daughter of John Fryer and Mary Maddox. Emma Dell, married Gilbert, son of Dudley Young and Emily Sharp.  Flavious Josephus (commonly called "Joe"), married Flora Belle, daughter of the old Esquire William Cummins and Virginia Harcum. These children of Daniel Fossett and his wife, Eliza are all dead now, but Flora Belle, widow of Daniel BartonFossett, survive. Revs. George Fisher and Alexander (Sandy) Anderson were two pioneer ministers of the Christian Church in Pendleton County, and on occasions teamed together in holding protracted meetings. Rev. Fisher was the regular pastor of the Flower Creek Christian Church upward of 40 years; and Rev. Anderson was also pastor of the same church for a while. The Flower Creek Christian Church was the first organized congregation of the Disciples of Christ in PendletonCounty. The early protracted meetings were held anywhere that room was available met at people's homes, in unoccupied dwelling houses, and after 1840 when the first free public schools were organized in the county, school houses were available for religious services. Rev. Anderson was perhaps the first pastor of the Mt. Auburn Christian Church, and before a school house was built there, he conducted services in a grove under the shade of the primeval forest. There a pulpit was erected and there regular services were conducted, including funerals, for a number of years. About 1850 Wm. Pribble donated one-half acre of ground and the community built a house for church and school purposes. Sandy Anderson was said to have had the strongest voice of any preacher known in these parts, and that the nearer neighbors could hear his sermons at their homes. He was also a noted singer. George Washington Carnes and Nicholas Carnes were sons of Edmond Carnes and his wife, Jane Newkirk. Edmond was a son of Jacob Carnes, a Revolutionary soldier. Jacob and his son, Edmond, came from Pennsylvania to Campbell County in the early settlement of Kentucky. Kate Fryer and Sarah Fryer were descendants of Walter Fryer Sr., who came to Kentucky from Maryland. Gilbert Young (1858-1934), who married Emma Dell Fossett, was a son of Dudley Young and Emily Sharp, and Dudley was a son of Samuel Young and Rebecca Sharp. Rebecca came here from Athens in Fayette County. There was another Gilbert Young who was a brother of Dudley Young and resided in Falmouth recently. His widow, Mrs. Belle Young resides in Falmouth now. Flora Belle (Cummins) Fossett, widow of Flavious Josephus Fossett, is the last surviving child of the old justice, Esquire William Cummins, an his second wife, Virginia, daughter of Rev. Elisha Bland Harcum. Rev. Harcum was educated in Maryland for the ministry of the M. E. Church, and rode to Kentucky horseback. Here he traded his horse for a farm on Kincaid Creek, where he made his home and reared a large family. Part of his old home farm is now owned by his grandson, G. M.Harcum. Next will follow a more detailed account of the descendants of Daniel Fossett Sr. and his wife ElizaCox.


I. Samuel Washington Fossett was married in 1861 to Hellena E. Anderson, the marriage ceremony being performed by Rev. Alexander (Sandy) Anderson, her father. Samuel was a member of the Pleasant Hill Christian Church; he died May 21, 1906; his wife died Dec. 31, 1913 and both are buried at Walnut Grove Cemetery. Their children were: Daniel Alexander (died May 8, 1927); married in 1886 to Margaret Lida, daughter of Enoch Yelton and Isabelle Smith. Wm H., never married, and died at the age of between 55 and 60 years.  Nellie Anderson, married in 1904 to Wm. Richard Hall (now deceased), who was a son of Francis Marion Hall and Nancy Ann Crain. Mrs. Nellie A. Hall now resides at Foster, Ky.  Daniel A. Fossett was familiarly called "Booney," and rode as deputy sheriff in the northern end of the county for many years. When the Populist Party came into control of the county offices about 1893, "Booney" felt like the county was ruined, and moved with his family to Carter County, where he and his wife are buried.  "Booney" was a familiar figure at Butler where he made his home. He rode horseback as deputy sheriff with a pair of saddle-bags, or when afoot, they hung across his shoulder; he never appeared in public without them, even at funerals. In the winter time when his official duties did not call him out, he liked to spend hours at the shoe shop of George A. Howe and of Charles Schupert Sr., where a game of checkers was often was in progress. "Booney's" wife was an orphan girl, born in 1864, and died in 1913. Her father, Enoch Yelton, died during the Civil War and his wife, Isabelle, married again to Hezekiah Dunn and raised eight children by him. Hezekiah was a good stepfather, and Margaret Lida often spoke of him with gratitude and affection. Daniel A. and Margaret Lida Fossett's children are: Mary Helena Hughes, Los Angeles, California. Velma Jewell Kibby, Samaria, Ky.  Ethel Isabelle Wilburn, now deceased. Daniel Dexter Fossett, Newberry, Michigan. Nelly Bly Fannin, Letitia, Ky.Sarah Elizabeth White, Friendship, Ohio. Ethen Isabelle married Elias Wilburn, who survives her, and resides at Kehoe, Ky. Their children are: Harvey, Milton, Edwin, Pierce, Claude, Warren, Chloe, Charles, Paul, and the youngest, John, age 8years. Nellie Anderson Fossett married in 1904 to Wm. Richard Hall (1878-1916), who was born in Fayette County, Indiana; was a Spanish American War veteran, and buried at Lenoxburg. Their children: Anna May, married Albert Hancock Jr., Foster R.F.D. Wm. Lloyd, married Florence Tucker, Foster R.F.D.  Jesse Leroy, married Virgie Hedge, Charleston, W. Va.  Oliver Hadley Asher, married Marie Halder, Baltimore, Maryland. Paul Edward, married Wilma Moyer, Baltimore, Maryland.


II. Wm. H. Fossett, born 1842, died 1923, aged 81 years; was never married.


III. Margaret Fossett, daughter of Daniel and Eliza, was born March 8, 1845, died Feb. 20, 1912; first married in 1862 to George Washington Carnes, born 1838 in Campbell County. Six children were born to this union, namely: Jacob Arnold, born April 17, 1863, and died while young.  Elizabeth Isabelle (Belle), born 1865, married in 1883 to Wm. H. Cummins now deceased. George Wm., born April 16, 1868, died 1934, married in 1900 to Lizzie E. Fields. Henry Clay, born May 2, 1872, died in 1933, was married in 1895 to Ella, daughter of Thomas Biddle. Susanna (Anna), married in 1892 to Oscar, son of Dudley Young. This genial and refined couple reside now in Lenoxburg, and are proud of the possession of the old family Bible and record of George Washington Carnes and his wife, Margaret Fossett.  Henry Clay Carnes was buried at Lenoxburg; his wife resides in Ft. Thomas. Their children: Clifford Clyde Carnes, married Sally B. Turner, Butler, R. 1 Clarence Edward, single, Chicago. George, married May Sphire, Milford, Ohio. Marie, now Mrs. Lawrence Ernest, Milford, Ohio. Thomas, single, Ft. Thomas. Wilford, married Mildred Steinhart, Cold Springs. Hattie, now Mrs. Cassius Day, Milford, Ohio. Sylvia, died aged 10, buried at Lenoxburg.  Ruth, now Mrs. Walter Harvey, Southgate. Elizabeth Isabelle Carnes, married in 1883 to Wm. Harvey Cummins, Jr., son of Wm. Cummins, Sr. Elizabeth Isabelle and her husband both died in the year 1924, and rest side by side in the Lenoxburg cemetery. Their children: George L., married Bertie Vandlandingham, Bradford R.F.D. Rollie W., married Missouri Thomas, Foster, R.1. Chatham D., married Mable Myers, Foster, R. 1. Nellie, now Mrs. E. A. Thomas, Falmouth. Mary Margaret, now Mrs. Hall Sharon, Falmouth. Stella, died at the age of 3years. Margaret Fossett married again in 1881 to Wm. H. Kerns of Lexington, and had one child by him: Harry C. Kerns, born Nov. 7, 1883, who resides in Newport.


IV. Elizabeth Fossett, daughter of Daniel Fossett Sr., was married to Nicholas Carnes. Both are dead and buried side by side in the Peach Grove Cemetery. Their children: Theodore, married Alice Smith, Butler, R. 1.Lorie, married John S. Smith, Butler, R.1. 


V. Daniel Barton Fossett married Flora Belle Lancaster.  "Bart" died Sept. 30, 1932; buried at Peach Grove. Their children:Verner, married and lives near Maysville, Ky. Howard, married and lives in California, Ky., Rt. 2Cleve, widower, Cleves, Ohio.  Claude, died unmarried Earl, widower, resides in Campbell County. Ray, died Feb. 15, 1919; married in 1917 to Nora Lemming of Demossville. They had two children, Elizabeth, married 1937 to Patrick Wm. McLafferty, and Raymond, age 20.  Denny, married and lives near Maysville, Ky. Ella, now Mrs. Dave Hornbeek, Butler, Ky. Ernie, now Mrs. Ernest Ihrig, Ivor, Ky.


VI. Richard Louis Fossett, born July 24, 1855, died Oct. 30, 1900, married Oct. 28, 1879 to Katherine (Kate) Fryer, who was born March 21, 1861, and died 1938 or 1939. Their children: Grace, now Mrs. W. J. Faulhaber, California, Ky., R. 2. Henry Cleveland, married Berta Hubert, California, Ky., R. 2.John, died unmarried, buried at Walnut Grove. Mary, married J. W. Thornton, California, Ky. R. 2.Fred W., married Virginia Laugh, California, Ky., R. 2.HazelNettie, now Mrs. Hazel N. Thorton, Newport, Ky. Vannie, married and lives at Lockland, Ohio. Berta, now Mrs. Bert Cummins, Butler, Ky. R.1.


VII. Emma Dell Fossett, born 1857, died 1906, married Gilbert Young (1858-1934), both buried at Peach Grove. Their children: Ernest, now deceased, married Nellie L., daughter of Rev. Wm. H. Crain of Butler. Myrtle, now Mrs. Andy Rath, Silver Grove. Bradley, married and lives in Detroit. Ernest Young (1882-1920) was buried at Walnut Grove. His widow, Nellie L. Young, resides at Detroit. Ernest left four children surviving him: hazel, now Mrs. Raymond E. Dade, Glendale, California. Ruth, now Mrs. Richard Campbell, Detroit, Michigan. Violet, at Detroit with her mother, and Paul, age 19, at Detroit with his mother.


VIII. Flavious Josephus Fossett (1860-1933), buried at Lenoxburg, married Floria Belle, last surviving child of Esquire Wm. Cummins and his wife, Virginia Harcum. Their children: Walter, married Ettie Poe, and resides near Pribble's Cross Roads. Roy Hubert, married and lives in Foster, R. 1.Winston, married and lives at Bellevue, Ky. Flavious Josephus Jr., married and lives in Covington. (Rev.) Dempsey, married and lives in Louisville, where he is engaged in ministerial work of theM.E. Church.  Harley, died in infancy, buried at Lenoxburg. Velma, now Mrs. Frazer Holton Moore, Foster, R. 1.Lorie, single, resides with her mother at the old Wm. Cummins homestead on the Washington Trace, at a place in later times called the Fossett Bend. Ruth, now Mrs. Leonard Jefferson, Foster, R. 1. The heirs of Wm. H. Fossett are mainly his nephews and nieces, although a few great-nephews and nieces are included. The latter would be great-grandchildren of Daniel Fossett Sr. and his wifeEliza. Where the grandchildren of Daniel Fossett Sr. are living, the inheritance vests in them; and for the purposes of the suit in court, the names of their children were not required. The record of this Fossett family became available to the Outlook through the work of E. E. Barton as Master Commissioner, in hunting up the numerous heirs and reporting their names to the court, and the relation each bears to the late Wm. H. Fossett.


 IX. Daniel Fossitt, Sr. was one of ten known children of William Fossitt, Sr. and his wife Mary. At the present time (February 2001) there are conflicting theories concerning the birthplace and parents of William Fossitt, Sr. However, all that is known as fact is that William was born between 1770 and 1775 in Pennsylvania according to census information from Ohio and Kentucky. William's first known child was John, born in 1805 in Pennsylvania. Sometime before the birth of his second son Richard, in 1810, William and his family moved to Moscow in Clermont County, OH. While in Ohio, William and Mary produced nine children. There were: Richard (mentioned), born March 20, 1810. He married first to Elizabeth Lewis in September 1834 and second to MaryAnn Dawson. Richard died April 24, 1886 and is buried in the Flagg Spring Cemetery in Campbell County near the Pendleton County line. The spelling of the surname on Richard's grave stone is FOSSETTE.  Margaret, birth date unknown to me at this time. She married Elizar Owens. William Jr., born March 17, 1813. He married Charlaitty Baynum April 17, 1834 in Campbell County. He died May 23, 1877 and is buried in the Wesley Chapel Cemetery near the Pendleton/Campbell Countyline. Daniel Fossitt (see Outlook article above), born 1815. He married Eliza Cox March 14, 1839 in Pendleton County. Daniel died December 6, 1868 and is buried on his farm with his wife. The actual graves are on the property (owned today) by Richard and Mary Redden, off of Hwy. 10 between Peach Grove and Mt. Auburn. The couple's old home place is now owned by the Stapletons. Jacob, born in 1818 or 1819. He married Emily Eads March 1, 1839.MaryAnn, born 1820-1823. Married first to Joseph Roberts in 1847 and second to Thomas Cook. David W., born 1820-1823. Married first to Catron Baynum and second to Eliza S. Rebecca, born about 1825. Married Delaney Perry Lancaster October 16, 1845.Barbary D., born about 1828. Married first to Jacob Phillips, March 27, 1845 and second to Gunner (?).William Fossitt, Sr. is listed among the men in Captain John Hume's company (from Clermont County, Ohio) who served in the Malitia during the War of 1812.Both William and his son John owned land along the Ohio River in Clermont County, and in 1836 William and his family (with the exception of John) moved across the river to Carntown, Pendleton County, KY. William's Pendleton County farm was located at the corner of StepStone Creek and the Ohio River. Today the Dravo Mine is in that location.


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