The Falmouth Outlook Newspaper Births, Deaths, much more! Index


The Falmouth Outlook Newspaper Index

Compiled and submitted by Col. Douglas A. Harper
Thank You so much Col. Harper!


This is absolutely wonderful!  The pages contain so much information!  It lists births, deaths, wills, cemeteries and even has notes!  What a fantastic tool for researchers!  It lists the date of the event and the date the newspaper was published!  It must have taken Col. Harper months if not years to compile all this data, we owe him a real debt of gratitude! Unfortunately I could not post these pages in the excellent format Col. Harper used because of web space, but visitors to the Pendleton County Library will be able to utilized his work in its original format.  This will save researchers so much time, God Bless Him!

This is a work in progress, so check back often to see the new postings, there are over four hundred pages of text!  My deepest gratitude goes to Teresa Skaggs for all the work she is doing to type and format these pages to fit on the web site for our viewers.  Thank you so much Teresa, God Bless You!

 I also want to thank The Falmouth Outlook and the publisher, Debbie Dennie, for giving me permission to post from their excellent newspaper! Thanks so much, God Bless!  Click here to visit their site, you will really enjoy it!

Please click here to view the Index for 1966 thru 1980 in PDF.  This is Col. Harper's excellent work!

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