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BETWEEN 1895 AND 1900

Transcribed and Complied by Eric C. Nagle, thanks so much Eric!



The following format was used:

Name; Birthdate; Birthplace; Sex; Race; Condition; Father; Mother's Maiden Name; Parents' Residents; FBP [Father's Place of Birth]; MBP [Mother's Place of Birth]

Ackman, H.T. 1897 Apr 15 Demossville m w Ackman, H.T. Beighle, Clara Demossville Ky Ky

Acre, Eda 1895 Apr 16 Demossville f w Acre, G.E. Spegal, Mary F. Demossville Ky Ky

Adams, Edna 1896 Sep 09 Doudton f w Adams, W.E. Simms, Lucy Doudton Ky Ky

Adams, Lizzie 1896 Oct 15 Kincaid f w Adams, Ben Barry, Mattie Kincaid Ky Ky

Allen, Lawrence 1897 Jun 17 Morgan m w Allen, Jesse Angel, Luncinda Morgan Ky Ky

Allender, Othel H. 1897 Apr 19 Demossville m w Allender, Newell Allender, Anna Demossville Ky Ky

Allender, Sherman 1897 Dec 28 Wampum m w Allender, O.S. Gosney, Lillie Wampum Ky Ky

Ammerman, Ester 1900 Dec 12 Kentucky f Ammerman, John J. Carter, Gertrude

Ammerman, Gladys 1899 Jul 29 Kentucky f w Ammerman, J.D. Daugherty, Alla M. Kentucky Ky Ky

Ammerman, Robert T. 1896 Feb 14 Morgan m w Ammerman, J.J. Carter, Gertrude Morgan Ky Ky

Ammerman, Sebra 1899 Mar 23 Kentucky m w Ammerman, John J. Carter, Gertrude Kentucky Ky Ky

Anderson, Edward 1896 Apr 17 Demossville m w Anderson, Thomas Cains, Ellen Demossville Ky Ky

Anderson, Samuel 1897 May 11 Demossville m w Anderson, Samuel Weaver, Malissa Demossville Ky Ky

Angel, Eva 1895 Nov 26 Morgan f w Angel, James Cummins, Maggie Antioch Mills Ky Ky

Angel, Robert 1895 Aug 08 McKinneysburg m w Angel, William Williams, Sarah Falmouth Ky Ky

Antrobus, Coleman 1895 May 10 Morgan m w Antrobus, Evan W. Asbury, Jane Morgan Ky Ky

Antrobus, Dewey 1899 Jun 15 Kentucky m w Antrobus, Clarence Carter, Geraldine Kentucky Ky Ky

Antrobus, Finnell 1896 Jul 18 Morgan m w Antrobus, Allen Asberry, Michel Morgan Ky Ky

Antrobus, Herbert 1897 Mar 05 Doudton m w Antrobus, Amis D. Clemons, Flora Morgan Ky Ky

Antrobus, Lillian 1895 Jul 08? Morgan f w Antrobus, Abner Rourke, Mary Morgan Ind Ky

Antrobus, Unis 1896 Dec 01 Williamstown m w Antrobus, J.T. Dance, Iceline Williamstown Ky Ky

Armstrong, Alice 1895 Apr 16 Kincaid f w Armstrong, J.W. Armstrong, Maggie Falmouth Ky Ky

Armstrong, Asa 1896 Apr 16 Wampum m w Armstrong, G.W. Armstrong, Ellen Wampum Ohio Ky

Arnold, Elizabeth 1896 Jan 27 Goforth f w dead Arnold, R.T. Whaley, Flora Goforth Ky Ky

Arnold, Elva R. 1896 Oct 10 Goforth f w Arnold, J.W. Tewell, Carrie Goforth Ky Ky

Arnold, Emery 1896 Jul 06 Morgan m w dead Arnold, Marion Booher, Lenorah Morgan Ky Ky

Arnold, Gladis 1897 Jul 18 Goforth f w Arnold, James J. Stith, Mollie Morgan Ky Ky

Ashcraft, Flora 1896 Sep 30 Schuler f w Ashcraft, O.J. Cram, Emma Schuler Ky Ky

Ashcraft, Gertrude 1896 Feb 22 Schuler f w Ashcraft, N.H. Seibert, Sallie Portland Ind Ind

Ashcraft, L.G. 1899 May 29 Kentucky f w Ashcraft, N.H. Seifert, Sally Kentucky Ky Ind

Ashcraft, Nellie N. 1896 Feb 14 Portland f w Ashcraft, B.F. Northcutt, Anna Portland Ky Ky

Askins, Jesse 1896 Dec 11 Falmouth m w Askins, J.C. Downing, Nora Falmouth Ky Ky

Atkins, Eddie 1898 Aug 20 Pendleton Co. m w Atkins, Lewis Riley, Martha Kentucky Ky Ky

Austin, Golda 1896 Jun 30 Falmouth f w Austin, Taylor Ford, Minnie B. Falmouth Ky Ky

Austin, Walter 1896 Jun 04 Falmouth m w Austin, James J. Collins, Julia Falmouth Ky Ky

Aylward, Nora 1900 Sep 24 Kentucky f Aylward, K. Kelly, Kate

Bailey, Libbia M. 1895 Aug 30 Falmouth f w Bailey, Frank Riley, Lewley Catawba Ohio Ohio

Barberick, Julia 1897 Sep 25 Boston f w Barberick, Ed Bradley, Lucy Boston Ky Ky

Barberick, Sherman 1896 Jun 16 Boston m w Barberick, Edward Bradley, Lucy Boston Ky Ky

Barnard, Lula 1897 Sep 13 Peach Grove f w Barnard, George F. Yelton, Carrie Peach Grove Ky Ky

Barnard, Lula 1898 Sep 13 Pendleton Co. f w Downard, G.F. Yelton, Carrie Kentucky Ky Ky

Barnhill, Robert H. 1897 Jan 02 Mount Auburn m w Barnhill, W.A. Moore, Amanda Mount Auburn Ky Ky

Barry, Ellen 1895 Oct 01 Kincaid f w Barry, John Mulloy, Mary E. Kincaid Ky Ky

Barry, Ellen 1896 Oct 01 Kincaid f w Barry, John Malloy, Mary Kincaid Ky Ky

Barton, Claud R. 1895 Nov 22 Portland m w Barton, J.W. Smith, Margaret Portland Ky Ky

Barton, not named 1897 Aug 15 Portland f w dead Barton, Manch Casey, Iva Ky Ky

Beagle, Seymour 1895 Oct 25 Peach Grove m w Beagle, C.F. Dunaway, Mary Peach Grove Ky Ky

Behymer, Jesse H. 1895 Jul 21 Butler m w Behymer, B.F. Sorrel, Ida Butler Ky Ky

Belew, Violet 1897 Jul 15 Portland f w Belew, William Highfill, Minnie Portland Ky Ky

Bell, Floyd 1898 Apr 25 Pendleton Co. m w Bell, James Cash, Hattie Kentucky Ky Ky

Bell, Lloyd 1898 Apr 25 Pendleton Co. m w Bell, James Cash, Hattie Kentucky Ky Ky

Bellew, Ollie 1895 Feb 11 Portland f w Bellew, J.W. Smith, Sarah E. Portland Ky Ky

Benjamin, Catherine 1896 Apr 11 Carntown f w Benjamin, F. Metzger, Bertha Carntown Ohio Ky

Bennett, Ettie R. 1895 Aug 08 Knoxville f w Bennett, W.H. Draper, Margaret Doudton Ky Ky

Biddle, H.E. 1896 Dec 20 Mount Auburn m w Biddle, Doss Biddle, Carrie Mount Auburn Ky Ky

Biddle, James 1896 Sep 05 Mount Auburn m w Biddle, W.J. Biddle, Malissa Mount Auburn Ky Ky

Biddle, Nannie 1897 Jan 31 Lenoxburg f w Biddle, S. McCall, Cora Lenoxburg Ky Ky

Billeter, Josie 1898 Dec 09 Pendleton Co. f w Billeter, Daniel Dance, Nola Kentucky Ky Ky

Bishop, Berthia 1898 May 16 Pendleton Co. f w Bishop, J.R. Stephens, Maggi Kentucky Ky Ky

Black, Howard 1897 Oct 28 Goforth m w Black, Ira K. Mockbee, Naoma Goforth Ky Ky

Blackburn, Bessie 1895 Jul 06 Morgan f w Blackburn, Rankin Patten, Mary Morgan Ky Ky

Blackburn, Casey 1895 Feb 04 Portland m w Blackburn, W.E. Barton, Ella Portland Ky Ky

Blackburn, Fannie 1896 Jun 12 Portland f w Blackburn, J.J. Abner, Mary Portland Ky Ky

Blackburn, Lena 1895 May 01 Morgan f w Blackburn, John Lemons, Violett McKinneysburg Ky Ky

Blackburn, Lena 1896 Aug 14 Falmouth f w Blackburn, Frank Scheit, Mary Falmouth Ky Ky

Blackburn, Rena 1895 Sep 20 Morgan f w Blackburn, William Freda, Anna Morgan Ky Ky

Blasengame, Clark 1895 Sep 22 Falmouth m w Blasengame, J.E. Mullins, Margaret Falmouth Ky Illinois

Blasengame, Lark 1895 Sep 22 Falmouth m w Blasengame, J.E. Mullins, Margaret Falmouth Ky Illinois

Blasengame, Mathew 1895 May 05 Falmouth m w Blasengame, N.B. Thompson, Sallie Falmouth Ky Ky

Bobb, Clarence E. 1897 Mar 22 Butler m w Bobb, John Sorrell, Belle Butler Ky Ky

Bobb, Ernest 1897 Apr 10 Portland m w Bobb, R. Barton, Bettie Portland Ky Ky

Bonar, Ida M. 1896 Jun 28 Ossipee f w Bonar, Milton Morford, Telitha Ossipee Ky Ky

Bowen, William 1896 Apr 17 Portland m w Bowen, Thomas McMillan, Clara Portland Ky Ky

Bowman, Jane 1895 Feb 15 Morgan f w Bowman, Albert Asbury, Rosa Morgan Ky Ky

Bradford, Mary E. 1899 Jul 12 Kentucky f w Bradford, J.W. French, Sarah J. Kentucky Ky Ky

Bradford, Mary R. 1897 Sep 27 Emery f w Bradford, A.C. Purdy, Nannie Emery Ky Ky

Bradford, Mary R. 1898 Sep 27 Pendleton Co. f w Bradford, A.C. Purdy, Nancy Kentucky Ky Ky

Bradley, Florence M. 1895 Jul 14 Peach Grove f w Bradley, J.W. Barnard, Fannie Peach Grove Ky Ky

Bradley, Sherley 1896 Jul 08 Falmouth f w Bradley, W. Blackburn, Ettie Elizabethville Ky Ky

Bradley, William O. 1896 Dec 15 Kincaid m w Merrill, Michael Williams, Mollie Kincaid Ky Ky

Brandt, Louis A. 1897 Jan 30 Falmouth m w Brandt, August Dahms, Bertha Falmouth Ger Ger

Brann, Bessie A. 1897 May 28 Morgan f w Brann, A.J. Porter, Ida Morgan Ky Ky

Brannock, James M. 1899 Nov 28 Kentucky m w Brannock, G.W. Collier, Nannie D. Kentucky Ky Ky

Brannock, Oran 1896 May 20 Antioch Mills m w Brannock, George Collier, Nannie McKinneysburg Ky Ky

Branock, Whiteker 1897 Dec 03 McKenneysburg m w Branock, Ed Mills, Cordia McKenneysburg Ky Ky

Bray, Robert 1897 Nov 08 Butler m w Bray, C.W. Cann, Ida M. Butler Ky Ohio

Brennenstuhl, C.J. 1897 Mar 29 Carntown m w Brunnenstuhl, William Holleck, Milly Carntown Ky Ohio

Brill, George J. 1895 Dec 10 Falmouth m w Brill, George J. Bieher, Anna Falmouth Ky Ky

Britton, Lucrecia 1896 Jul 17 Butler f w Britton, Victor Rardin, Anna Butler Ky Ky

Brownfield, Ed 1897 Nov 25 Butler m w Brownfield, Sam A. Kidder, Lula Butler Ky Ky

Brownfield, Sallie 1896 Sep 30 Butler f w Brownfield, Samuel Kidder, Lula Butler Ky Ky

Browning, J.T. 1898 Oct 18 Pendleton Co. m w Browning, S.F. Baker, Flora Kentucky Ky Ky

Browning, Joseph 1895 Aug 28 Fouroaks m w Browning, Frank Bishop, Rebecca McKinneysburg Ky Ky

Browning, M.R. 1900 Jun 11 Kentucky m Browning, J.C. Wyatt, Pauline

Browning, Rena A. 1895 Oct 31 Mains f w Browning, J.C. Mains, Alice Mains Ky Ky

Burke, John 1896 Jun 27 Morgan m w Burke, M.D. Welch, Maggie Morgan Eng Ky

Burke, William 1899 Jul 03 Kentucky m w Murke, M.D. Walsh, Margaret Kentucky Eng Ky

Burris, Charles 1895 Feb 15 Carntown m w Burris, Thomas Hobbs, Dora Carntown Ky Ky

Bush, Everet C. 1895 Feb 15 Shuler m w Bush, William Bush, Francis Schuler Ky Ky

Bush, William E. 1899 Jan 03 Kentucky m w Bush, James H. Campbell, Estella Kentucky Ky Ky

Cahill, Lovene 1895 Feb 15 Portland f w Cahill, L.A. Sellers, Minie Carntown Ky Ky

Cahill, Martin J. 1895 Sep 23 Portland m w Cahill, M.F. Lewis, Minie Portland Ky Ky

Cahill, not named 1897 Aug 29 Gardnersville f w Cahill, J.W. Hamilton, Jane Gardnersville Illinois Ky

Cahill, Susan 1896 Jul 12 Ossipee f w Cahill, M.F. Carey, Mary Ossipee Ky Ky

Cains, Anna 1896 Jun 24 Demossville f w Cains, Theodore Hensley, Cora Demossville Ky Ky

Caldwell, Bula 1897 Jun 26 Gardnersville f w Caldwell, C.L. Gibson, Laura Gardnersville Ky Ky

Caldwell, Florence 1897 Nov 22 Butler f w Caldwell, W. Clarke, Matha Butler Ky Ky

Caldwell, Gertrude 1896 Aug 16 Butler f w Caldwell, Burt Harvey, Tillie Butler Ky Ky

Caldwell, Gertrude 1897 Aug 16 Butler f w Caldwell, Birt Harvey, Lillie Butler Ky Ky

Caldwell, Lola E. 1897 May 18 Gardnersville f w Cadlwell, Louis Gibson, Lena Gardnersville Ky Ky

Campbell, Birtha 1897 Feb 12 Doudton f w Campbell, F.B. Ducker, Hattie Doudton Ky Ky

Carlin, Henry 1897 Oct 18 Morgan m w Carlin, P. Herrity, Lizzie Morgan Ky Ky

Carnes, Henry M. 1900 Dec 01 Kentucky m Carnes, George Fields, Lizzie

Carr, Jesse C. 1895 Jun 07 Doudton m w Carr, John A. Woods, Callie Marcus Ky Ky

Carr, Russell 1900 Apr 13 Kentucky m Carr, A.D. Black, Cordia

Carter, Floria 1895 Mar 14 Elizabethville f w Carter, H.S. Eckler, Rachel A. Goforth Ky Ky

Casey, Nellie 1896 Jun 25 Morgan f w Casey, Thomas Wolf, Catherine Morgan Ky Ky

Cash, Herald 1898 Mar 18 Pendleton Co. m w Cash, Luther White, Nancy Kentucky Ky Ohio

Chalfant, Minnie A. 1897 Aug 25 Goforth f w Chalfant, John Perry, May Marcus Ky Ky

Chiles, Roy C. 1897 Jun 18 Goforth m w Chiles, J.C. Monroe, Belle Goforth Ky Ky

Chiles, William 1898 Sep 26 Pendleton Co. m w Chile, William S. Nagle, Sophia Kentucky Ky Ky

Claycamp, Anna M. 1896 Jun 13 Gardnersville f w Claycamp, William Claycamp, Stella Gardnersville Ky Ky

Clayton, Dora 1895 Jul 01 Mains f w Clayton, R.C. Miller, Lucy J. Mains Ky Ky

Clayton, Flora 1895 Jul 01 Mains f w Clayton, R.C. Miller, Martha D. Milford Ky Ky

Clayton, Orville F. 1900 Mar 04 Kentucky m Clayton, F.O. Thornsberry, Elizabeth

Clayton, Ward T. 1895 Nov 12 Emery m w Clayton, Charles Morgan, Otlin Portland Ky Ky

Clayton, William 1896 Aug 20 Mains m w Clayton, Calvin Gifford, Mary E. Mains Ky Ky

Cleaveland, Lena 1896 Apr 05 Antioch Mills f w Cleaveland, Sidney Willis, Dollie Antioch Mills Ky Ky

Clemons, Edna 1899 May 06 Kentucky f w Clemons, Lee Ashcraft, Kate Kentucky Ky Ky

Clemons, Martha J. 1897 Aug 22 Doudton f w Clemons, Joseph House, Sarah Morgan Ky Ky

Clifford, Oscar 1897 Sep 08 Boyd m w Clifford, O.R. Cason, Nelia Boyd Ky Ky

Collins, Albert 1897 Apr 19 Falmouth m w Collins, J.B. Quinlan, Mollie Falmouth Ky Ky

Collins, Zola E. 1895 Feb 01 Falmouth m w Collins, J. Williams, Ida Falmouth Ky Ky

Colvin, John W. 1896 Dec 24 McKinneysburg m w Colvin, James W. Wright, Lizzie Four Oaks Ky Ky

Colvin, Mary 1895 Oct 09 McKinneysburg f w Colvin, Luther L. Hodge, Saphronia McKinneysburg Ky Ky

Colvin, Zelena G. 1896 Dec 13 Mains f w Colvin, B.M. Rigg, Eudora Mains Ky Ky

Cook, Daisy 1896 Oct 04 Peach Grove f w Cook, J.L. Lancaster, Elizabeth Peach Grove Ky Ky

Cook, Flora 1896 Sep 13 Gardnersville f w dead Cook, William Hopkins, Anna Gardnersville Ky Ky

Cookendorfer, Sallie E. 1896 Dec 08 Wampum f w Pugh, Elliot Cookendorfer, Lucy Wampum Ky Ky

Cookendorfer, Sarah E. 1895 Dec 08 Wampum f w Cookendorfer, E. Schubert, Rosa Ossipee Ky Ohio

Courtney, Cora 1896 Dec 09 Doudton f w Courtney, F.M. Bailey, Minnie Doudton Ky Ky

Courtney, Katie 1896 Jan 01 Portland f w Courtney, William Duwalt, June Portland Ky Ky

Craddock, John B. 1896 Aug 16 Falmouth m w Craddock, O.C. Ravenscraft, Ida Falmouth Ky Ky

Craddock, Stanley 1899 Sep 17 Kentucky m w Craddock, C.C. Ravenscraft, Ida Kentucky Ky Ky

Craig, Robert 1895 Sep 15 Carntown m w Craig, Charles Cookendorfer, Lucy Wampum Ky Ky

Cram, Anna 1896 Mar 18 Morgan f w Cram, W.H. Bird, Letta Morgan Ky Ky

Craven, Bryan 1896 Aug 21 Doudton m w Craven, Thomas Whitson, Hattie Doudton Ky Ky

Crawford, Leslie T. 1895 Mar 18 Falmouth m w Crawford, J.W. Stephens, Mattie Emery Ky Ky

Cress, B.H. 1897 Jan 28 Portland m w Cress, B.F. McCarty, Elizabeth Portland Ky Ky

Cummins, Cecil 1897 May 01 Falmouth m w Cummins, E. Sorrell, Mary Falmouth Ky Ky

Cummins, Charles 1897 Oct 02 Falmouth m w Cummins, Newel Stutz, Sallie Falmouth Ky Ky

Cummins, George M. 1900 Sep 15 Kentucky m Cummins, William Cummins, Flora

Cummins, John B. 1900 Nov 22 Kentucky m Cummins, C.A. Williams, Mamie

Cummins, Mary L. 1895 Mar 11 Morgan f w Cummins, H.C. Coghill, Minie Livengood Ky Ky

Cushman, Minnie R. 1897 Feb 02 Mains f w Cushman, J.M. Browning, Cora Mains Ky Ky

Dahms, Louis 1897 Jul 24 Goforth m w Dahms, William Stahl, Barbara Goforth Ky Ky

Dance, Edna B. 1899 Jul 27 Kentucky f w Dance, Charles Asberry, Florence Kentucky Ky Ky

Dance, Fannie B. 1896 Apr 01 Morgan f w Dance, William Adams, Lena Morgan Ky Ky

Dance, Joseph B. 1899 Oct 11 Kentucky m w Dance, V.S. Porter, Lucy Kentucky Ky Ky

Dance, Lillian L. 1899 Mar 18 Kentucky f w Dance, Walter Moore, Mattie Kentucky Ky Ky

Dance, Maria 1896 Nov 20 Morgan f w Dance, Walter Moore, Mattie Morgan Ky Ky

Dance, Maud 1897 Mar 20 Falmouth f w Dance, George Stephens, Lucy Falmouth Ky Ky

Dance, Nellie 1899 Oct 25 Kentucky f w Dance, William Adams, Lena Kentucky Ky Ky

Dance, Robert 1900 Nov 06 Kentucky m Dance, Marion Adams, Rosa A.

Dance, Robert C. 1896 Sep 16 Morgan m w Dance, Charles Asberry, Florence Morgan Ky Ky

Daugherty, not named 1897 Apr 06 Portland m w Daugherty, C.A. Caldwell, Alma Portland Ky Ky

Davis, Georgia F. 1895 Jul 20 Ossipee f w Davis, Gary Bennett, Anna Doudton Ky Ky

Davis, Georgia F. 1896 Jul 20 Ossipee f w Davis, George Schubert, Rosa Ossipee Ky Ohio

Davis, Helena E. 1900 Oct 24 Kentucky f Davis, William W. Mockbee, Millie

Davis, John E. 1896 Mar 12 Morgan m w Davis, John W. Myer, Anna Morgan Ky Ky

Dawalt, Alma 1898 Aug 08 Pendleton Co. f w Dawalt, J. Elliott, Agnes Kentucky Ky Ky

Dawson, J.H. 1897 Jan 29 Carntown f w Dawson, Reuben Flakenstein, Mary Peach Grove Ky Ky

Day, Bettie E. 1896 Dec 09 Boston f w Day, Thomas Atkins, Susan Boston Ky Ky

Dearborn, not named 1897 Jun 13 Portland m w dead Dearborn, R.J. Harper, Catharine Portland Ky Ky

Delisle, William P. 1895 Apr 22 Carntown m w Delisle, Edward Perkins, Leora Carntown Ky Ky

Doan, Annie H. 1897 Jun 05 Morgan f w Doan, Henry Blackburn, Ella Morgan Ky Ky

Doan, Harry M. 1895 Sep 15 Goforth m w Doan, Henry Ky Ky

Doan, Mary 1896 Mar 22 Goforth f w Doan, Henry Eckler, Rachel Goforth Ky Ky

Donnaworth, Victor L. 1899 Sep 02 Kentucky m w Donnaworth, George Roberts, Bettie Kentucky Ind Ky

Dougherty, Charles 1896 Jun 24 Falmouth m w Dougherty, Frank H. Collins, Nannie Falmouth Ohio Ky

Dougherty, Cora 1896 Sep 05 Demossville f w dead Dougherty, William Elliott, Martha Demossville Ky Ky

Dougherty, Ora 1895 Dec 06 Portland f w Dougherty, C.A. Egleston, Martha Portland Ky Ky

Draper, Allen E. 1899 Jun 24 Kentucky m w Draper, G.A. Vice, Eliza Kentucky Ky Ky

Draper, Emma E. 1895 May 29 Doudton f w Draper, John W. Brann, Narma Morgan Ky Ky

Draper, Flora 1899 May 22 Kentucky f w Draper, Filmore Thompson, Mattie Kentucky Ky Ky

Draper, Lawrence H. 1900 Oct 24 Kentucky m Draper, J.W. Bennett, Anna L.

Ducker, Harvey 1896 Oct 01 Peach Grove m w Ducker, Richard Bonar, Martha Peach Grove Ky Ky

Dudgeon, Leslie 1897 Jun 10 Falmouth f w Dudgeon, James A. Frakes, Fannie Goforth Ky Ky

Dunaway, Edith 1896 Jun 20 Butler f w Dunaway, Joseph Sorrell, Anna Butler Ky Ky

Dunaway, Lillian 1896 Jun 20 Butler f w Dunaway, Joseph Sorrell, Anna Butler Ky Ky

Dunn, Charles F. 1897 Sep 22 Falmouth m w Dunn, Joseph Strobridge, Mary Falmouth Ky Ky

Dunn, Forest 1898 Aug 08 Pendleton Co. m w Dunn, William P. Pogue, Anna Kentucky Ky Ky

Dunstall, Marie 1897 Oct 03 Falmouth f w Dunstall, G.A. Tungate, Ida Falmouth Ky Ky

Duvelins, Joseph 1897 Dec 16 Demossville m w Duvelins, Frank Cook, Mary Demossville Ky Ky

Earles, Goebel 1900 Jun 24 Kentucky m Earles, Robert Dance, Neva

Eckert, Lizzie 1897 Apr 16 Butler m w Eckert, George Gabriel, Lizzie Butler Ky Ky

Edwards, Edgar T. 1896 Jun 08 Morgan m w Edwards, Robert Ellis, Martha Morgan Ky Ky

Eibeck, Henry 1895 Jun 15 Falmouth m w Eibeck, Laurance Bradley, Julia Falmouth Ky Ky

Eibeck, John H. 1897 Jun 20 Falmouth m w Eibeck, Frank Donahoe, Mary E. Falmouth Ky Ky

Eibeck, John H. 1898 Jun 20 Pendleton Co. m w Eibeck, Frank Donahoe, Aary E. Kentucky Ky Ky

Eibeck, Julia A. 1895 Dec 23 Falmouth f w Eibeck, Frank Larkin, Francis J. Falmouth Ky Ky

Eibeck, Lizzie 1900 Sep 09 Kentucky f Eibeck, Lawrence Bradley, Julia Ky

Eibeck, Samuel J. 1899 Dec 15 Kentucky m w Eibeck, J.A. Jett, Lucretia Kentucky Ohio Ky

Elliot, Edward 1896 Feb 22 Demossville m w dead Elliott, H. Thornton, Sarah F. Demossville Ky Ky

Elliott, C.H. 1897 Feb 20 Gardnersville m w Elliott, A. Simpson, Mary Gardnersville Ky Ky

Elliott, Hughey 1898 Jul 27 Pendleton Co. m w Elliott, Joseph Smith, Ollie L. Kentucky Ky Ky

Elliott, Lee Vona 1898 May 02 Pendleton Co. f w Elliott, H.L. Morehead, Maggie Kentucky Ky Ky

Elliott, not named 1897 Apr 20 Gardnersville m w dead Elliott, H.L. Morehead, Maggie Gardnersville Ky Ky

Elmere, Lilian 1896 Oct 09 Antioch Mills f w Elmere, James Cummins, Margaret Antioch Mills Ky Ky

Elmore, Eva 1895 Mar 06 Antioch Mills f w Elmore, James Blackburn, Martha Morgan Ky Ky

English, George H. 1900 Sep 23 Kentucky m English, George Wadkins, Sally

Ewing, Grace T. 1897 Feb 12 Goforth f w Ewing, Ashland Courtney, Henrietta Goforth Ky Ky

Faugh, Grace 1898 Oct 04 Pendleton Co. f w Faugh, Elmer Abbett, Jennie Kentucky Ky Ohio

Faulhaber, Matilda 1896 Jun 16 Carntown f w Faulhaber, Tony Diddleberger, Maggie Carntown Ky Ohio

Faulhaber, William 1899 Jun 15 Kentucky m w Faulhaber, Antony Diddleberger, Maggie Kentucky Ohio Ger

Faulkner, James O. 1898 Feb 10 Pendleton Co. m w Faulkner, Thomas Plummer, Cabba Kentucky Ky Ky

Fields, Edith C. 1897 Jul 08 Penshurst f w Fields, Bert Pugh, Hark Penshurst Ky Ky

Fight, Anna 1896 Oct 25 Morgan f w Fight, Joseph Wigglesworth, Lizzie Morgan Ky Ky

Fischer, Albert 1895 Dec 28 Morgan m w Fischer, Nicholas Shields, Emma Falmouth Ky Ky

Fischer, Lena 1895 Dec 01 Morgan f w Fischer, George Gulick, Sallie Elizabethville Ky Ky

Fisher, Isabel 1897 Dec 27 Levergood f w Fisher, George Johnting, Mary Levengood Ky Ky

Fletcher, Mamie 1900 Mar 15 Kentucky f Fletcher, N.C. Marquardt, Lena

Fletcher, Mary 1897 May 12 Goforth f w Flecther, William Marquett, Lena Goforth Ky Ky

Flynn, Eliza 1900 Aug 07 Kentucky f Flynn, A.J. Wilkerson, Ida B.

Flynn, Russell 1898 Sep 22 Pendleton Co. m w Flynn, J.E. Tomlin, Estha Kentucky Ky Ky

Fornash,Irene 1897 Dec 30 Doudton f w Fornash, James Thornton, Luida Doudton Ky Ky

Fosset, John 1895 Sep 26 Falmouth m w Fosset, J.W. Gosney, Katie Falmouth Ky Ky

Fosset, Laura E. 1895 Sep 15 Ossipee f w Fosset, F.J.? Cummins, F.B. Wampum Ky Ky

Fossett, Charles Warner 1899 Dec 15 Kentucky m w Fossett, D.B. Lancaster, Flora Kentucky Ky Ky

Fossett, Cora E. 1896 Sep 15 Ossipee f w Fossett, F.J. Cummins, Cora Ossipee Ky Ky

Fossett, Dexter D. 1898 May 12 Pendleton Co. m w Fossett, Daniel H. Yelton, Maggie Kentucky Ky Ky

Fossett, Eugenia 1897 Jul 07 Carntown m w Fossett, D.N. Langh, Cora Carntown Ky Ky

Fossett, N.H. 1896 Jul 24 Peach Grove m w Fossett, R.L. Fryer, Catherine Peach Grove Ky Ky

Fossett, Thomas W. 1897 Sep 04 Lenoxburg m w Fossitt, F.J. Cummins, Flora Lenoxburg Ky Ky

Fossit, Ethel 1895 Mar 17 Ossipee f w Fosset, D.A. Yelton, Laura Ossipee Ky Ky

Fossit, Ethiel 1895 Jan 06 Carntown f w Fosset, D.N. Langh, Cora Carntown Ky Ky

Foster, E.R. 1895 Sep 25 Carntown m w Foster, John Fryer, Stella Carntown Ky Ky

Frakes, E.C. 1895 Dec 28 Portland m w Frakes, J.W. Race, Ida J. Ky Ky

Frakes, Earl 1896 Apr 05 Doudton m w Frakes, W.J. Payne, Anna Doudton Ky Ky

Frazer, Bertha E. 1897 Sep 17 Portland f w Frazer, George Simpson, Ida Portland Ky Ky

Frazier, Lee V. 1896 Jul 02 Emery m w Frazier, T.C. Traylor, Clarissa Emery Ky Ky

Fryer, Clara 1897 May 06 Falmouth f w Fryer, J.L. King, Elizabeth Falmouth Ky Ohio

Fryer, Gold. E. 1896 Jun 06 Mount Auburn f w Fryer, G.J. Tucker, Anna Mount Auburn Ky Ky

Fryman, Clara E. 1895 Dec 20 Penshurst m w Fryman, Anderson Boyd, Susan Wampum Ky Ky

Fryman, Clara E. 1896 Dec 20 Penshurst f w Fryman, A. Boyd, Susan Penshurst Ky Ky

Fryman, Tillie C. 1900 Jun 22 Kentucky f Fryman, Edward Yelton, Sallie

Gabriel, David 1896 May 15 Butler m w Gabriel, Michael Nagel, May Butler Ky Ky

Gifford, Effie M. 1896 Mar 02 Mains f w Gifford, H.L. Aulick, Emma Mains Ky Ky

Gifford, Pearl G. 1897 Mar 29 Falmouth f w Gifford, W.E. Kane, Callie Falmouth Ky Ky

Gil, John 1895 Mar 29 Falmouth m w Gill, C.C. Frakes, Lavina Falmouth Va Ky

Gill, Lucy M. 1897 May 08 Kinkead f w Gill, Chris Frakes, Melvina Kinkead Va Ky

Gillaspie, Mary 1896 Aug 29 Wampum f w Gillaspie, Shelton Jacob, Maggie Wampum Ky Ky

Gillespie, Jennie 1899 Aug 06 Kentucky f w Gillespie, Sherman Smith, Nannie Kentucky Ky Ky

Gillispie, Mary 1895 Aug 19 Kinkaid f w Gillaspie, Shelton Jacobs, Maggie Falmouth Ky Ky

Glacken, Leon 1897 May 12 Holbrook m w Glacken, P.E. Caldwell, Florence Gardnersville Ky Ky

Glacken, not named 1897 Aug 25 Gardnersville f w Glacken, P.E. Caldwell, Florence Gardnersville Ky Ky

Glasgow, Sallie G. 1895 May 01 Carntown f w Glasgow, Clayton Bonar, Mary Carntown Ky Ky

Godman, Forest F. 1897 Sep 09 Marcus m w Godman, John Criswell, Mary Branch Ky Ky

Godman, not named 1897 Sep 26 Morgan f w Godman, J.H. Wadsworth, Lola Morgan Ky Ky

Godman, Viola M. 1895 Jun 07 Colemansville f w Godman, James H. Artiman, Flossie Doudton Ky Ky

Gosney, Elizabeth 1898 Jun 07 Pendleton Co. f w Gosney, Edward Riley, Emma S. Ohio Ky Ky

Gosney, Hallie 1899 Jul 30 Kentucky f w Gosney, W.F. Dunaway, Laura Kentucky Ky Ky

Graves, William E. 1897 Jul 06 Knoxville m w Graves, James Graves, Fannie Knoxville Ky Ky

Gray, Augusta 1895 Jul 06 Dividing Ridge f w Gray, James Weining, Lotta Dividing Ridge Ky Illinois

Gray, Claude 1896 Jun 27 Elizabethville m w Gray, Joseph Blackburn, Ettie Elizabethville Ky Ky

Greb, Herbert 1897 Jun 25 Falmouth m w Greb, Harmon Stutz, Lizzie Falmouth Ohio Ky

Grizzell, William H. 1897 Aug 16 Tun? m w Grizzell, Ed Stephens, Belle Tur? Ky Ky

Gruelle, Mary E. 1896 Aug 17 McKinneysburg f w Gruelle, Clarence Wright, Bennie C. McKinneysburg Ky Ky

Gulick, Lillian 1896 Sep 25 Goforth f w Gulick, T.J. Turner, Norah Goforth Ky Ky

Gulick, Thomas 1900 May 18 Kentucky m Gulick, Thomas J. Turner, Elnora

Haley, Bergia 1899 Apr 29 Kentucky m w Haley, Benjamin Winkler, Ada Kentucky Ky Ky

Haley, Virgie 1899 Apr 29 Kentucky f w Haley, Benjamin Winkler, Ada Kentucky Ky Ky

Hall, Anna E. 1896 Jul 11 Butler f w Hall, David Fisher, Anna B. Butler Ohio Ky

Hall, Blanch 1896 Apr 08 Mains f w Hall, Daniel Earls, Minie Mains Ky Ky

Hall, Dice D. 1896 Apr 07 Mains f w Hall, James Earls, Serelda Mains Ky Ky

Hall, Dudley G. 1895 Mar 20 Milford m w Hall, L.G. Lonaker, Sarah Elizabethville Ky Ky

Hall, Emery E. 1899 Dec 20 Kentucky m w Hall, James Earles, Anna Kentucky Ky Ky

Hall, Fern 1899 May 15 Kentucky f w Hall, Charles Cann, Myrtle Kentucky Ky Ky

Hall, Newell H. 1899 May 15 Kentucky m w Hall, Charles Cann, Myrtle Kentucky Ky Ky

Hall, Thomas G. 1897 Jan 18 Falmouth m w Hall, W.B. Martz, Kate Falmouth Ky Ky

Hancock, Sanford 1899 Jun 09 Kentucky m w Hancock, A. Wales, Ettie Kentucky Ky Ky

Handley, Emma 1896 Sep 09 Goforth f w Handley, Redmon Rand, Nora Gardnersville Ky Ky

Hanker, Edna M. 1900 Feb 24 Kentucky f Hanker, George Schleuter, Mary

Hanson, Eliza M. 1895 Dec 25 Morgan f w Hanson, Charles Rankins, Milly Goforth Ky Ky

Harberer, Barbara 1896 Sep 08 Elizabethville f w Harberer, Andrew Hess, Susanah Elizabethville Ger Ger

Harden, George 1896 Sep 06 Four Oaks m w Harden, George Gifford, Katie Four Oaks Ky Ky

Hardin, Augustin 1895 Feb 11 Falmouth m w Hardin, John Jones, Hester Elizabethville Ky Ky

Harper, William P. 1897 Jan 04 McKenneysburg m w Harper, W.A. Aulick, Ollie McKenneysburg Ky Ky

Harrison, Nellie M. 1899 May 01 Kentucky f w Harrison, J.F. Miller, Carrie Kentucky Ky Ky

Hart, Earnest 1897 May 07 Penshurst m w Hart, Alvin Mockbee, Ida B. Penshurst Ky Ky

Hart, Ive 1896 May 06 Antioch Mills f w Hart, Thomas W. Richmond, Mary Antioch Mills Ky Va

Hathaway, Eddie 1897 Sep 12 Falmouth m w Hathaway, C.W. Cummins, Lizzie Falmouth Ky Ky

Hathaway, Ella 1897 Jul 16 Boston f w Hathaway, A.E. Gosnell, Eva Boston Ky Ky

Hathaway, Lelan 1895 Jun 11 Falmouth m w Hathaway, C.W. Cummins, Lizzie Falmouth Ky Ky

Hathaway, Lisle 1896 Jul 23 Falmouth m w Hathaway, Thomas Shehan, Lizzie Falmouth Ky Ky

Haufler, Emma 1897 Mar 10 Falmouth f w Haufler, Charles C. Booher, Martha Falmouth Ky Ky

Hays, Daisy 1897 Aug 13 Butler f w Hays, James Cook, Nora Butler Ky Ky

Hendricks, Ben T. 1895 Jul 09 Penshurst m w Hendricks, Albert E. Alender, Laura Penshurst Ky Ky

Hendricks, Ben T. 1896 Jul 09 Penshurst m w Hendricks, A.E. Allender, Laura Penshurst Ky Ky

Hendricks, Hall L. 1896 Dec 04 Penshurst m w Hendricks, Thomas McKee, Stella Penshurst Ky Ky

Hendricks, Hallie L. 1895 Dec 04 Penshurst f w Hendricks, Thomas McKee, Stella Penshurst Ky Ky

Hendricks, Minnie E. 1900 Mar 17 Kentucky f Hendricks, William F. Orr, Mary F.

Hicks, Christian 1898 Feb 10 Pendleton Co. f w Hicks, W.C. Spalden, Anna Kentucky Ky Ky

Hightower, Ella 1897 Oct 03 Gardnersville f w Hightower, J.H. Caldwell, Effa Gardnersville Ky Ky

Hightower, Mariah 1895 Feb 26 Gardnersville f w Hightower, R.H. Golden, Judith Gardnersville Ky Ky

Hiles, Violet 1899 Feb 28 Kentucky f w Hiles, E. Young, T.A. Kentucky Ky Ky

Hill, Mary E. 1900 May 05 Kentucky f Hill, Johnson Fryman, Tellisia

Hill, Nellie 1896 Jul 27 Morgan f w Hill, A.T. Scott, Jennie Morgan Ky Ky

Hitch, Beulah 1898 Jul 19 Pendleton Co. f w Hitch, John Rush, Carrie Kentucky Ky Ky

Hitch, Edwin R. 1900 Jun 30 Kentucky m Hitch, James H. Mains, May

Hix, Joseph T. 1897 Jun 21 Butler m w Hix, Joseph Limbrick, Lucy Butler Ky Ky

Hobday, Henry C. 1895 Oct 06 Falmouth m w Hobday, M.V. Clark, Florence Falmouth Ky Ky

Holmes, Lillian 1897 Apr 09 McKenneysburg f w Holmes, A.M. Aulick, Lela McKenneysburg Ky Ky

Holmes, not named 1897 Oct 18 McKenneysburg m w Holmes, John Provins, Amanda McKenneysburg Ky Ky

Holton, Hobert 1897 Apr 21 Marcus m w Holton, Dow Wells, Alma Marcus Ky Ky

Hopkins, C.W. 1896 Dec 06 Gardnersville m w Hopkins, S.M. Rand, Nora Gardnersville Ky Ky

Houchen, Louis 1895 Jul 31 Falmouth m w Houchen, F.W. Lovelace, Grace Falmouth Ky Ky

House, Orana 1899 Jul 30 Kentucky f w House, Walter Carr, Sallie Kentucky Ky Ky

Houston, H.F. 1899 Oct 26 Kentucky m w Houston, Frank Lach, Bertha Kentucky Ky Ky

Houston, Ida M. 1897 Dec 12 Kinkead f w Houston, Frank Lach, Bertha Kinkead Ky Ky

Houston, N.H. 1896 Jul 28 Mount Auburn m w Houston, M.L. Lytle, Sarah Mount Auburn Ky Ky

Howe, Julia D. 1898 Jan 30 Pendleton Co. f w Howe, M.L. Rouse, Carrie Kentucky Ky Ky

Huff, Edith M. 1896 Oct 08 Butler f w Huff, H.N. Forward, Emma Butler Ky Ky

Huffman, Earl 1895 Jun 01 Knoxville m w Huffman, Albert Highfill, Minie Knoxville Ky Ky

Huffman, Orie L. 1895 May 30 Portland f w Huffman, Isaac Hightower, Anna B. Portland Ky Ky

Hughes, Bertha 1896 Jun 11 Peach Grove f w Hughes, L.R. Blackburn, Elizabeth Peach Grove Ky Ky

Huse, Velma 1898 Sep 06 Pendleton Co. f w Huse, Robert Blackburn, Lizzie Kentucky Ky Ky

Huse, Violet 1898 Sep 06 Pendleton Co. f w Huse, Robert Blackburn, Lizzie Kentucky Ky Ky

Hutchinson, Henry H. 1895 May 01 Doudton m w Hutchinson, C.W. Pike, Sarah Doudton Ky Ky

Hutchison, Fred 1900 Dec 17 Kentucky m Hutchison, William V. Smith, Jesse B.

Hutchison, Michael 1897 Oct 31 Doudton m w Hutchison, Clarence Pike, Sarah Doudton Ky Ky

Ihrig, Lillie 1896 Sep 27 Carntown f w Ihrig, L.J. Lancaster, Laura Carntown Ky Ohio

Ihrig, Robert 1895 Sep 08 Carntown m w Ihrig, E. Irill, Anna Carntown Ky Ky

Jacobs, Earnest H. 1895 Aug 20 Catawba m w Jacobs, C.L. Frank, Dora Catawba Ky Ky

Johnson, Miles 1900 Dec 09 Kentucky m Johnson, Charles Hudson, Marthy

Johnson, Willie 1896 Aug 03 Portland m w Johnson, J.W. Northcutt, Elizabeth Portland Ky Ky

Johnting, George 1895 Aug 09 Morgan m w Jonting, Joseph Hutchinson, Hattie Morgan Ky Ky

Johnting, Rolf T. 1897 Mar 18 Falmouth m w Johnting, William Sellars, Iceline Falmouth Ky Ky

Johnting, Thomas W. 1896 Sep 06 Levingood m w Johnting, John Straub, Anna Levingood Ky Ky

Johnting, William 1896 Mar 18 Falmouth m w Johnting, William Sellers, Icey Falmouth Ky Ky

Jones, Frank E. 1895 Jun 01 Goforth m w Jones, Charles E. Taylor, Maggie E. Goforth Ky Ky

Jones, Ramond 1895 Jan 02 Goforth m w Jones, R.F. Lanter, George A. Morgan Ky Ky

Jones, Roger 1897 Jul 01 Falmouth m w Jones, William Oldham, Lillie Falmouth Ky Ky

Jones, Ruth 1895 Jul 08 Ossipee f w Jones, C. Gravitt, Clara Ossipee Ohio Ohio

Justice, Fannie 1897 Dec 14 Morgan f w Justice, J.K. Coghill, Minnie Morgan Ky Ky

Justice, Howard 1896 Jun 06 Doudton m w Justice, C.C. Loomis, Mary Doudton Ky Ky

Justice, Ida 1895 Feb 12 Livengood f w Justice, Richard Adams, Katie Falmouth Ky Ky

Kells, James 1898 Nov 26 Pendleton Co. m w Kells, James Ammerman, Eva Kentucky Ky Ky

Kelly, John M. 1895 Sep 29 Morgan m w Kelly, James Wyatt, Paulina McKinneysburg Ky Ky

Kelly, Lurena 1898 Oct 10 Pendleton Co. f w Kelly, Henry Cook, Eva Kentucky Ky Ky

Kelly, not named 1897 Sep 08 Portland m w dead Kelly, H.E. Kelly, Nora Portland Ky Ky

Kenner, Beulah 1899 Nov 08 Kentucky f w Kenner, Joseph Moore, Lizzie Kentucky Ky Ky

Kidwell, Anna 1898 Mar 04 Pendleton Co. f w Kidwell, W.S. Brittenham, Martha Kentucky Ky Ky

Kidwell, Dora E. 1899 Oct 29 Kentucky f w Kidwell, William Hornbeck, Belle Kentucky Ky Ky

Kidwell, Edna 1896 Oct 08 Mount Auburn f w Kidwell, William Hornbeck, Belle Mount Auburn Ky Ky

Kidwell, Luly 1895 Jul 25 f w Kidwell, C.W. Sullivan, Johanah Ky Ky

King, Albert L. 1897 Oct 28 Marcus m w King, A.T. Wolf, Maranda Marcus Ky Ky

King, not named 1897 Aug 27 Antioch Mills m w King, Washington McNees, Perline Antioch Mills Ky Ky

King, not named 1897 Aug 27 Antioch Mills f w King, Washington McNees, Perline Antioch Mills Ky Ky

King, Thomas E. 1898 Jun 20 Pendleton Co. m w King, Thomas McKenney, Sally Kentucky Ky Ky

King, Wesley W. 1895 May 28 McKinneysburg m w King, George Wagner, Ollie McKinneysburg Ky Ky

Kirby, Ada 1896 Jan 27 Boston f w Kirby, J.L. Manning, Sarah Boston Ky Ky

Kirby, Arthur L. 1898 Sep 12 Pendleton Co. m w Kirby, J.C. Keller, Mary Kentucky Ky Ky

Kirby, Ida F. 1895 May 28 Boston f w Kirby, J.L. Maning, Sarah Boston Ky Ky

Kirk, J.W. 1895 Sep 03 Falmouth m w Kirk, J.H. McAtee, Lucy Falmouth Ky Ky

Klaber, Carrie 1896 Feb 08 Elizabethville f w Klaber, Henry Lancaster, Jennie Falmouth Ky Ky

Klaber, Rosa 1895 Apr 04 Emery f w Klaber, John Acton, Katie Emery Ky Illinois

Klaber, William J. 1897 Jun 21 Emery m w Klaber, John Acton, Katie Emery Ky Ky

Klee, Minnie 1899 Nov 07 Kentucky f w Klee, Andy Ott, Barbara Kentucky Ger Ky

Klein, Hattie 1895 Apr 17 Butler f w Klein, William Redman, Eva Butler Ky Ky

Lach, Walter 1897 Apr 13 Wampum m w Lach, Otto Blades, Amanda Wampum Ky Ky

Lake, Herbert 1897 Jan 20 Emery m w Lake, Ed Acton, Rosa Emery Ky Ky

Lancaster, Abbie 1896 Jun 22 Mount Auburn f w Lancaster, Thomas Fossett, Lotta Mount Auburn Ky Ky

Lancaster, Emma 1898 Sep 08 Pendleton Co. f w Lancaster, Johnson Benjamin, Maud Kentucky Ky Ky

Lancaster, Jesse E. 1897 Nov 19 Carntown m w Lancaster, J.W. Baldwin, Isora Carntown Ky Ky

Lancaster, Mabel 1896 Apr 21 Mount Auburn f w Fryer, G.J. Layman, Maud Mount Auburn Ky Ky

Lancaster, Mary B. 1899 Sep 01 Kentucky f w Lancaster, John Hunter, M.A. Kentucky Ky Ky

Lancaster, Rosa M. 1897 Feb 22 Doudton f w Lancaster, J.H. Adams, Pollie Doudton Ky Ky

Landrum, Daisy 1898 Sep 16 Pendleton Co. f w Landrum, W.G. McKinley, Amanda Kentucky Ky Texas

Landrum, Wyatt A. 1897 Dec 26 Knoxville m w Landrum, Frank Lawson, Luta Knoxville Ky Ky

Langh, Andy 1899 Feb 09 Kentucky m w Langh, Warren Johns, Cora Kentucky Ky Ky

Lantry, Anna 1896 Jul 26 Kincaid f w Lantry, Patrick McClanahan, Kate Kincaid Ky Ohio

Latimer, Grace 1896 Jul 27 Goforth f w dead Latimer, L.L. Wadsworth, Sallie Goforth Ky Ky

Latimer, Maria 1897 Jan 23 Doudton f w Latimer, James R. Oder, Josa Doudton Ky Ky

Lawson, Edward 1896 Sep 20 Schuler m w Lawson, John Stephenson, Hattie Schuler Ky Ky

Lawson, Sebra 1899 Oct 30 Kentucky f w Lawson, J.W. Wynn, Selbra Kentucky Ky Ky

Lea, Eugene C. 1896 Jun 10 Four Oaks m w Lea, John R. Collier, Mary E. Four Oaks Ky Ky

Lea, Lemie 1897 Sep 13 McKenneysburg f w Lea, Jackson Rogers, Elsie McKenneysburg Ky Ky

Lea, Willie A. 1897 Feb 18 McKenneysburg m w Lea, Elijah T. Huffman, Frances McKenneysburg Ky Ky

Lemmon, Mamie 1897 Mar 29 Falmouth f w Lemmon, Calud Smith, Carrie Falmouth Ky Ky

Lindeman, Frank C. 1899 Jun 25 Kentucky m w Linderman, Henry West, Lena Kentucky Ky Ky

Linker, Edna 1897 Jul 12 Carntown m w Linker, Fred Stutz, Mary A. Carntown Ky Ky

Long, Belle 1897 Apr 29 Penshurst f w Long, Ben F. Sharon, Nannie Penshurst Ky Ky

Long, John B. 1897 Sep 09 Falmouth m w Long, John Pock, Ella Falmouth Ky Ky

Lovelace, Cecil 1895 Sep 17 Butler m w Lovelace, William Taylor, Martin Butler Ky Ky

Lovelace, John F. 1898 Dec 27 Pendleton Co. m w Lovelace, H.N. Blasingame, Ida Kentucky Ky Ky

Lowe, Letha 1896 Jun 27 Morgan f w Lowe, J.L. Gray, Amanda Morgan Ky Ky

Lowe, William L. 1897 Jun 19 Morgan m w Lowe, William Perry, Susan Morgan Ky Ind

Lowe, William R. 1896 Jun 27 Morgan m w Lowe, J.L. Gray, Amanda Morgan Ky Ky

Lowry, Lawrence 1900 Dec 20 Kentucky m Lowry, Mark Courtney, Minnie

Mains, Earl R. 1897 Jun 01 Mains m w Mains, J.L. Mains, Eva Mains Ky Ky

Mains, Ethel 1900 Mar 19 Kentucky f Mains, John N. Mains, Alice

Mains, Haley M. 1897 Feb 03 Four Oaks m w Mains, James Wagoner, Cyntha E. McKenneysburg Ky Ky

Mains, Lillie 1895 Jan 16 McKinneysburg f w Mains, J.W. Moore, Jane McKinneysburg Ky Ky

Mains, Lucille 1897 Oct 14 Kinkead f w Mains, Willis Woods, Mary Kinkead Ky Ky

Mains, William M. 1896 Jun 18 Mains m w Mains, Willis Wood, Mary E. Mains Ky Ky

Malloy, Christina 1896 Sep 05 Butler f w Malloy, F.C. Ellis, Amanda Butler Ky Ky

Malloy, John 1896 Dec 22 Kincaid m w Malloy, John Crowley, Julia Kincaid Ky Ohio

Malloy, Joseph E. 1897 Jan 18 Kinkead m w Malloy, Pat Lantry, Ellen Kinkead Ire Ky

Malloy, Pat B. 1895 Dec 24 Kincaid m w Malloy, John Crowley, Julia Kincaid Ky Ohio

Malloy, Patrick B. 1896 Dec 08 Kincaid m w Malloy, Patrick Malloy, Mary A. Kincaid Ky Ky

Maloney, Pat H. 1898 Apr 04 Pendleton Co. m w Maloney, John W. Sweeney, Agnes Kentucky Ky Ky

Maloney, Patrick 1897 Apr 03 Falmouth m w Maloney, J.W. Sweeney, Agnes Falmouth Ky Ky

Mann, Dora T. 1897 Apr 03 Demossville f w Mann, J.A. Rich, Sarah A. Demossville Ky Ky

Mann, Ella 1896 Aug 22 Doudton f w Mann, James Potter, Minnie Doudton Ky Ky

Mann, Hamond 1895 Oct 02 Demossville m w Mann, Stephen Bush, Anna L. Demossville Ky Ky

Mann, Infant not named 1897 Jul 15 Gardnersville m w dead Mann, E.M. Yelton, Nella Gardnersville Ky Ky

Mann, R.S. 1895 Dec 03 Demossville m w Mann, James A. Rich, Susan Demossville Ky Ky

Mardis, Eugene 1899 Oct 18 Kentucky m w Mardis, John T. Ceins, Elizabeth Kentucky Ky Ger

Mardis, Nora 1897 Jan 08 Kinkead f w Mardis, James F. Hynes, Elizabeth Kinkead Ky Ger

Mardis, Raymond 1895 Mar 23 Kincaid m w Mardis, J.E. Hains, Elizabeth Kincaid Ky Ger

Mardis, Raymond 1896 Mar 22 Kincaid m w Mardis, J.T. Hines, Elizabeth Kincaid Ky Ger

Mark, Raymond 1897 Sep 18 Antioch Mills m w Mark, Samuel Wagoner, Cora Antioch Mills Ky Ky

Martin, Benjamin 1896 Mar 22 McKinneysburg m w Martin, Wincent Wright, Gertie McKinneysburg Ky Ky

Martin, Charles W. 1900 Dec 12 Kentucky m Martin, Ely Shields, Emma

Martin, Florence 1897 Dec 13 Lenoxburg f w Martin, Alan Wilson, Alpha Lenoxburg Ky Ky

Martin, Mary 1895 May 10 Morgan f w Martin, Eli Whalen, Elizabeth McKinneysburg Ky Ky

Martin, Ramon 1900 Jul 24 Kentucky m Martin, V.A. Wright, Violet

Mattox, Carrie L. 1895 May 28 Ossipee f w Mattox, George Burris, Dora Ossipee Ky Ky

McCarty, Dessie 1897 Oct 16 Mains f w McCarty, Harry Blades, Onie Mains Ky Ky

McClain, Milton 1896 Apr 25 Morgan m w McClain, Edward Ravenscraft, Lizzie Morgan Ky Ky

McClanahan, Belle B. 1897 May 15 Falmouth f w McClanahan, Homer Fossett, Etta Falmouth Ky Ky

McClanahan, John N. 1896 Jun 06 Mains m w McClanahan, J.T. Harden, Ellen Mains Ky Ky

McGill, James 1897 Nov 01 Butler m w McGill, James Strong, Martha Butler Ky Ky

McGraw, William 1896 Apr 19 Falmouth m w McGraw, William Donohue, Margaret Falmouth Ky Ky

McKee, Ruth 1899 Oct Kentucky f w McKee, H. Hendricks, Effie Kentucky Ky Ky

McKee, William E. 1899 Nov 07 Kentucky m w McKee, A.T. Hendricks, Myrtle Kentucky Ky Ky

McKenney, Howard F. 1900 Nov 07 Kentucky m McKenney, John L. Hamilton, Marthy

McKenney, Mary F. 1900 Apr 17 Kentucky f McKenney, Tilden C. Gruell, Lilly M.

McKenney, Sidney C. 1900 Aug 21 Kentucky m McKenney, Charles Wyatt, Katie

McKinley, Emmett 1896 Sep 15 Schuler f w McKinley, R.B. Sissel, Alice Schuler Ky Ky

McKinley, Leroy 1897 Nov 02 Portland m w McKinley, T.L. Grizzel, Alice Portland Ky Ky

McKinney, Vaden S. 1896 Oct 10 Schuler m w McKinely, T.L. Sanders, Nannie Schuler Ky Ky

McMillan, Walter 1897 Jun 09 Morgan m w McMillan, R.T. McMillan, Mary A. Morgan Ky Ky

McMillian, Lucy B. 1897 Nov 11 Gardnersville f w McMillian, David Barton, Grace Gardnersville Ky Ky

McMillian, Maude C. 1897 Jul 09 Gardnersville f w McMillian, P.B. McMillian, Eliza Gardnervsille Ky Ky

McNay, Viola 1896 Apr 25 Goforth f w McNay, J.T. Cram, Elizabeth Goforth Ky Ky

McNees, James 1896 Apr 25 Antioch Mills m w McNees, William Cole, Lillie Antioch Mills Ky Ky

Merrell, Irene 1896 Jul 15 McKinneysburg f w Merrell, Otis Taliferro, Sallie McKinneysburg Ky Ky

Merrill, Malcom 1896 Mar 01 Kincaid m w Merrill, R.H. Minton, Elizabeth Kincaid Ky Ky

Merrit, Hattie A. 1895 Nov 18 Falmouth f col Merrit, Lon Ray, Sue Falmouth Ky Ky

Middleton, Verna 1897 Aug 04 Gardnersville f w Middleton, W.H. Detmus, Ninus Gardnervsille Ky Ky

Mileham, Charles 1897 Jun 01 Knoxville m w Mileham, Samuel Fisher, Lula Knoxville Ky Ky

Mileham, Charles C. 1897 Jun 01 Portland m w Mileham, Samuel Fisher, Lula L. Portland Ky Ky

Miles, Flora 1895 Dec 26 Gardnersville f w Mills, J.P. Lovelace, Lorena Gardnersville Ky Ky

Miles, Ramon 1900 Oct 09 Kentucky m Miles, R.A. Holmes, Malissa

Miller, Daniel 1896 Nov 08 Lenoxburg m w Miller, J.F. White Margaret Lenoxburg Ohio Ky

Miller, Daniel W. 1895 Nov 08 Ossipee m w Miller, John F. White, Margaret Wampum Ky Ky

Miller, Nellie M. 1897 Jun 26 Butler f w Miller, Charles Jones, Harriet Butler Ger Ky

Mire, Charles E. 1897 Aug 31 Doudton m w Mire, W.E. Jump, Belle Doudton Ky Ky

Mockbee, Hazel 1897 Nov 15 Goforth f w Mockbee, James M. Arnold, Charlotte Goforth Ky Ky

Mofford, Charles 1898 Sep 22 Pendleton Co. m w Mofford, A. Cummins, Permelia Kentucky Ky Ky

Monroe, Anna 1895 Feb 28 Goforth f w Monroe, J.W. Baird, Effa Goforth Ky Ky

Monroe, Ben C. 1895 Mar 30 Falmouth m w Monroe, H.F. Bullock, Rachel Falmouth Ky Ky

Monroe, James L. 1899 Oct 06 Kentucky m w Monroe, J.W. Taylor, Maggie Kentucky Ky Ohio

Montgomery, Ralph 1897 Apr 09 Butler m w Montgomery A. Wilson, Nancy Butler Ky Ky

Montgomery, Raymond 1897 Apr 09 Butler m w Montgomery, A. Wilson, Nancy Butler Ky Ky

Moore, Calbert 1897 Jan 15 Butler m w Moore, Marcus Taylor, Nora Butler Ky Ky

Moore, Edward 1899 Aug 23 Kentucky m w Moore, Thomas Malloy, Ella Kentucky Ky Ky

Moore, Lula J. 1895 Feb 15 Doudton f w Moore, Burt Abner, Mary Morgan Ky Ky

Moore, Nella 1897 Apr 16 McKenneysburg f w Moore, J.R. Gruelle, Martha Morgan Ky Ky

Morand, Josephine 1896 Sep 03 Doudton f w Morand, Martin Graham, Matilda Doudton Ky Ohio

Morehead, C.B. 1897 Jun 14 Portland m w Morehead, Joseph Bethel, Ida Portland Ky Ky

Morehead, Cline 1898 Jul 15 Pendleton Co. m w Morehead, Joe Bethel, Ida Kentucky Ky Ky

Morehead, James 1896 Feb 02 Peach Grove m w Morehead, J.H. Downard, Laura Peach Grove Ky Ky

Moreland, Martha 1896 Apr 09 Falmouth f w Moreland, Ben Jett, Lucy Falmouth Ky Ky

Moreland, Verner 1898 Aug 04 Pendleton Co. m w Moreland, T.M. Owens, Elsie Kentucky Ky Ky

Morford, Zela 1897 Sep 28 Lenoxburg m w Morford, Albert Sharp, Flora Lenoxburg Ohio Ky

Morris, Frances 1898 Dec 19 Pendleton Co. f w Morris, Charles Radenheimer, Rosa Ohio Ky Ky

Mullican, Lumsie 1898 Dec 26 Pendleton Co. m w Mullican, Henson Canady, Letha Kentucky Ky Ky

Mullins, not named 1897 Mar 28 Demossville m w Mullins, A.L. Boyd, Lou Demossville Ky Ky

Mulloy, Pat B. 1895 Dec 09 Kincaid m w Mullow, Pat Malloy, Mary A. Kincaid Ky Ky

Murphy, Clara M. 1895 Oct 23 Kincaid f w Murphy, Edward Pendergest, Della F. Kincaid Ky Ky

Murphy, Clara M. 1896 Oct 23 Kincaid f w Murphy, Edward Pendergest, Della F. Kincaid Ky Ky

Murphy, Earl 1896 Jul 15 Butler m w Murphy, J.B. Huff, Emma Butler Ky Ky

Nagel, Katie 1896 Feb 27 Butler f w Nagel, William Rath, Katie Butler Ky Ky

Neal, Anna M. 1897 Jun 18 Portland f w Ashcraft, Jed Race, Anna Portland Ky Ky

Neal, James R. 1896 Oct 14 Morgan m w Neal, Elza Ashcraft, Mary E. Morgan Ky Ky

Newkirk, Willie E. 1898 Nov 22 Pendleton Co. m w Newkirk, Douglas Thornton, Mytle Kentucky Ky Ky

Newman, Homer 1895 Sep 15 Morgan m w Newman, Alvin Kenedy, Anna Morgan Ky Ky

Nichols, Albert 1895 Mar 11 Varntown m w Nichols, Truman Columbia, Georgie Carntown Ky Ky

Nichols, George T. 1898 Aug 11 Pendleton Co. m w Nichols, T.F. Columba, Georgia A. Kentucky Ky Ky

Northcutt, Daisey 1896 Sep 01 Goforth f w dead Northcutt, W.H. Renaker, Ollie Goforth Ky Ky

O'Brien, Ethel 1896 Apr 26 Carntown f w O'Brien, William Cary, Nellie Carntown Ky Ky

Oder, William 1896 Nov 03 Morgan m w Oder, Thomas Jones, Rosa Morgan Ky Ky

O'hryen, Elsie F. 1898 Jun 24 Pendleton Co. f w O'hryen, W. Curry, Nina Kentucky WV WV

Oldham, George L. 1896 Feb 03 Falmouth m w Oldham, J.L. Liter, Carrie Falmouth Ky Ky

Orr, Herbert L. 1897 Sep 11 Portland m w Orr, W.H. Cains, Ora Portland Ky Ky

Owen, Lottie 1899 Nov 15 Kentucky f w Owen, Homer Tucker, Bertha Kentucky Ky Ky

Owens, Martha E. 1896 Nov 22 Butler f w Owens, W.W. Huff, Alice Butler Ky Ky

Owens, not named 1897 Oct 22 McKenneysburg m w Owens, Henry Bristow, Lula McKenneysburg Ky Ky

Parker, Francis 1896 Jun 11 Four Oaks m w Parker, William Clark, Sarah Four Oaks Ky Ky

Parker, Franklin B. 1897 Apr 23 McKenneysburg m w Parker, J.F. Rainey, Martha A. McKenneysburg Ky Ky

Parker, Hallie 1895 Jan 15 McKinneysburg f w Parker, Edward Rawlings, Ida (smeared) Ky Ky

Parker, Lotta M. 1897 Jan 15 McKenneysburg f w Parker, E.S. Blackburn, Martha McKenneysburg Ky Ky

Parson, Charles 1897 May 18 Boston m w Parson, J.W. Lovelace, Martha Boston Ky Ky

Parson, Lucian 1895 Jul 22 Morgan m w Parson, Willis Courtney, Martha Mains Ky Ky

Payne, Gilbert 1897 Feb 10 Levengood m w Payne, W.R. Doan, Rosa Levengood Ky Ky

Payne, Harry 1896 Oct 15 Morgan m w Payne, F.M. Lowe, Maggie Morgan Ky Ky

Pendergest, John A. 1895 May 28 Kinkaid m w Pendergest, J.W. King, Samantha E. Kinkaid WV Ky

Pendergest, John A. 1896 May 28 Kinkead m w Pendergest, J.W. King, Samantha E. Kinkead WV Ky

Perrin, Rufus 1896 Sep 23 Boyd m w Perrin, T.J. Lail, Maud Boyd Ky Ky

Perry, Carter 1900 Jul 08 Kentucky m Perry, W.M. Carter, Stella

Perry, Ella 1897 Mar 03 Doudton f w Perry, Walter Brown, Mary Marcus Ky Ky

Perry, Harley M. 1897 May 13 Doudton m w Perry, James H. Clemons, Cora T. Marcus Ky Ky

Perry, Harry J. 1896 Oct 26 Morgan m w Perry, Willard Carter, Stella Morgan Ky Ky

Perry, James L. 1897 May 19 Boston m w Perry, J.L. Sharon, Lizzie Boston Ky Ky

Perry, Jane 1895 Mar 09 Boston f w Perry, John Sharron, Lizzie Boston Ky Ky

Perryman, John R. 1897 Feb 20 Mount Auburn m w Perryman, J.B. Thompson, Letha Mount Auburn Tenn Tenn

Phillips, Bessie 1895 May 15 Morgan f w Phillips, J.H. Wadsworth, Lola Morgan Ky Ky

Phillips, McKinley 1897 Jan 24 Carntown m w Phillips, J.W. Wilmoth, Eva L. Carntown Ky Ohio

Plummer, Arva 1897 Oct 15 Portland f w Plummer, Louis Loomis, Minnie Portland Ky Ky

Plummer, Emma F. 1895 Mar 01 Portland f w Plummer, Louis Bethel, Nora Gardnersville Ky Ky

Plummer, Margaret 1897 Feb 21 Boyd f w Pfierman, D. Booher, Ida Boyd Ky Ky

Poe, Ashael 1897 Nov 17 Lenoxburg m w Poe, W.P. Rice, Martha Lenoxburg Ky Ky

Poe, Josephine A. 1900 Dec 15 Kentucky f Poe, J.S. Cowey, Elizabeth A.

Pogue, Alexnader 1896 Apr 17 Morgan m w Pogue, A. Hobs, Ellen Morgan Ky Ky

Polly, Mary M. 1895 Feb 13 Catawba f w Polly, Brack Sargent, Margaret Catawba Ky Ky

Porter, Flossa F. 1895 May 10 Doduton f w Porter, J.W. Whaley, Ida F. Doudton Ky Ky

Powers, Nellie 1896 Feb 27 Mount Auburn f w Powers, J.L. Hopkins, Hattie Schuler Ky Ky

Pribble, Burket 1897 Aug 25 Boston m w Pribble, George Houston, Nellie Boston Ky Ky

Price, Charles 1895 Nov 10 McKinneysburg m w Price, B.F. Johnting, Mary Morgan Ky Ky

Price, Flora 1897 Oct 03 McKenneysburg f w Price, B.L. Hodge, Sophia McKenneysburg Ky Ky

Purdy, George C. 1898 Apr 19 Pendleton Co. m w Purdy, Thomas B. Cockerell, Ella Kentucky Ky Ky

Purvis, Lucille M. 1897 Nov 13 Butler f w Purvis, F.N. Moore, Alfa Butler Ky Ky

Race, Dellie M. 1897 Apr 20 Morgan f w Race, James Artman, Belle Goforth Ky Ky

Race, Richard 1895 Aug 17 Morgan m w Race, james Merrill, Lizzie Doudton Ky Ky

Radenheimer, E.F. 1895 Jul 11 Carntown m w Radenhymer, George Bonar, Katie Carntown Ky Ky

Ramsey, Stella 1897 Oct 02 Mains f w Ramsey, W.H. Woods, Sally Mains Ky Ky

Rand, Anna 1895 Apr 03 Gardnersville f w Rand, P.G. Cahill, Maud Gardnersville Ky Ky

Rand, Anna 1896 Oct 30 Gardnersville f w Rand, Peter Stephens, Fannie Gardnersville Ky Ky

Rand, not named 1897 Dec 28 Falmouth f w Rand, Robert ---, Frances Falmouth Ky Ky

Rankin, Edna 1900 Nov 08 Kentucky f Rankin, J.F. Dennis, Emma E.

Rarrick, Frederick 1896 Feb 26 Boston m w Rarrick, John Shotwell, Sarah Boston Ger Ohio

Rath, A.M. 1895 Jun 05 Carntown m w Rath, Jacob Weingle, Catherine Carntown Ger Ohio

Rauen, Hugh 1897 Feb 25 Falmouth m w Rauen, J.P. Kling, Annie Falmouth Ky Ky

Ravinscraft, Willie 1897 Jun 13 Marcus m w Ravenscraft, William Petty, Mollie Marcus Ky Ky

Records, Florence 1897 Feb 18 Catawba f w Records, M.F. Cook, Samanatha Catawba Ky Illinois

Records, N.H. 1898 Aug 12 Pendleton Co. m w Records, Emmet Eckert, L. Kentucky Ky Ky

Records, Stella M. 1895 Aug 20 Catawba f w Records, M.F. Cook, Ella Catawba Ky Illinois

Redden, Willian 1896 Jul 03 Peach Grove m w Redden, William Redden, Mary Peach Grove Ky Ky

Redman, Delora 1900 Sep 05 Kentucky f Redmon, Mace Fryman, Essa

Redmon, Ernest B. 1900 Jun 27 Kentucky m Redman, John A. Houston, Cinda B.

Rendols, Walter 1897 Jul 04 Morgan m w Rendols, Sherman Wolf, Lucy Goforth Ky Ky

Rice, Martha 1899 Sep 20 Kentucky f w Rice, W.R. Woods, Rachel Kentucky Ky Ky

Riddle, Lucile 1899 Nov 08 Kentucky f w Riddle, James Monroe, Bessie Kentucky Ky Ky

Rouse, Otto L. 1897 Jul 08 Peach Grove m w Rouse, W.H. Rardin, Mary Peach Grove Ky Ky

Routt, C.L. 1895 Jul 16 Falmouth f w Routt, Willie T. Adams, Dora Falmouth Ky Ky

Ruber, Henry 1896 Jun 02 Falmouth m w Ruber, Fred Dahms, Millie Falmouth Ky Ger

Sabin, Nellie 1896 May 07 Morgan f w Sabin, Arthur C. Bryan, Florence Morgan Ky Ky

Sabin, Virgil 1895 May 05 Morgan f w Sabin, Clarence Buyan, Florence Morgan Ky Ky

Sanders, not named 1897 Oct 01 Demossville m w dead Sanders, George Huff, Amelia Demossville Ky Ky

Sanders, Bertha M. 1896 Mar 03 Schuler f w Sanders, E.B. Lawson, Sabina Schuler Ky Ky

Sargent, Cecil 1897 Feb 15 Boston m w Sargent, Thomas Gosney, Mattie Boston Ky Ky

Sargent, William H. 1899 Sep 16 Kentucky m w Sargent, James Dunaway, Amada Kentucky Ky Ky

Schaeffenberger, Clarence 1897 Apr 02 Carntown f w Schaeffenberger, P.M. Brennenstuhl, Minnie Carntown Ky Ky

Schakle, Joseph 1896 Aug 28 Butler m w Schakle, Stephen Klein, Katie Boston Ger Ky

Scharfenbarger, J.J. 1895 Aug 10 Carntown m w Scharfenbarger, Jacob McEntire, Maggie Carntown Ohio Ire

Schill, Lenora 1900 Aug 01 Kentucky f Schill, Thomas Dougherty, Polina

Schill, Maggie 1896 Dec 17 Butler f w Schill, William Nagel, Sophie Butler Ky Ky

Schite, Eddie 1895 Dec 09 Goforth m w Schite, J.M. Kelly, Hanah Morgan Ire Ind

Schite, Ella 1895 Feb 20 Falmouth f w Schite, John Workman, Sarah Falmouth Ky Ky

Schites, Anna 1899 Jun 28 Kentucky f w Schites, John Austin, Renia Kentucky Ky Ky

Schubert, Carrie C. 1896 Dec 20 Ossipee f w Schubert, George H. Houston, Laomi Ossipee Ohio Ky

Schuetz, Margaret 1896 Nov 25 Falmouth f w Schuetz, John Aylward, Ellen Falmouth Ky Ky

Schuter, Katie 1895 Jul 17 Falmouth f w Schuter, Tony Felter, Sophia Falmouth Ky Ky

Sellers, Birdie 1897 Jan 14 Mains f w Sellers, James Haufler, Lou Falmouth Ky Ky

Sharp, Cora B. 1897 Aug 23 Goforth f w Sharp, Oliver Sharp, Sarah Goforth Ky Ky

Sharp, Mary 1895 May 24 Falmouth f w Sharp, Thornton Sharp, Victoria Falmouth Ky Ky

Shaver, S.N. 1896 May 31 Carntown m w Shaver, J.L. Campbell, Sarah Carntown Ky Ky

Shelton, Hasel 1898 Jan 15 Pendleton Co. f w Shelton, George Shelton, Rachel Kentucky Ohio Ohio

Shites, Lawrence 1899 Nov 12 Kentucky m w Shites, John Workman, Sarah Kentucky Ky Ky

Shoemaker, H.L. 1895 Jun 01 Boston m w Shoemaker, J.W. Hamilton, Fanie Boston Ky Ky

Shoemaker, Leland 1897 Jul 16 Boston m w Schoemaker, C.C. Bonar, Belle Boston Ky Ky

Shoemaker, Nellie 1900 Jun 25 Kentucky f Shoemaker, C.B. Blackburn, Annie

Shoemaker, Stella 1900 Jun 25 Kentucky f Shoemaker, C.B. Blackburn, Annie

Shotwell, Florence 1897 Sep 17 Catawba f w Shotwell, H. Orr, Maggie Catawba Ky Ky

Shotwell, John 1896 Aug 24 Falmouth m w dead Shotwell, Hartwell Orr, Maggie Falmouth Ky Ky

Simpson, Allie N. 1897 Mar 16 Morgan m w Simpson, J.W. Martin, Sarah Morgan Ky Ky

Simpson, Della 1895 May 15 Knoxville f w Simpson, R.L. Loomis, Laura Knoxville Ky Ky

Simpson, Icy B. 1897 Sep 10 Antioch Mills f w Simpson, N. Bush, Mary Antioch Mills Ky Ky

Simpson, John 1897 Jan 03 Knoxville m w Simpson, W.V. Race, Lenora Knoxville Ky Ky

Smith, Albert 1896 May 08 Morgan m w Smith, Alonzo Godman, Lizzie Branch Ky Ky

Smith, Edward 1896 Jul 21 Emery m w Smith, J.W. Sorrell, Jennie Emery Ky Ky

Smith, Garfield 1897 Jun 20 Falmouth m w Smith, G.K. Merrill, Rhoda Falmouth NC Ky

Smith, Lee R. 1896 Oct 24 Butler m w Smith, Frank Wolf, Mary E. Butler Ky Ky

Smith, Ollie 1897 Aug 20 Falmouth f w Smith, W.H. Barns, Amanda Falmouth Ky Ky

Smith, Ona G. 1900Aug 22 Kentucky f Smith, G.R. Merrill, Rhoda

Smith, Pearl 1898 Jul 13 Pendleton Co. f w Smith, Elmer Frakes, Anna M. Kentucky Ind Ky

Smith, Raymond 1896 Dec 24 Boston m w Smith, Elmer Franks, Ann Boston Ky Ky

Smith, Stephen 1896 Sep 08 Elizabethville m w Smith, Stephen Krebs, Carrie Elizabethville Ky Ky

Snodgrass, Maria 1898 May 04 Pendleton Co. f w Snodgrass, Kirby Schuter, Lizzie Kentucky Ky Ky

Sorrell, Lenora K. 1898 Mar 06 Pendleton Co. f w Sorrell, C.W. English, Emma Kentucky Ky Ohio

Sorrell, not named 1897 Jul 04 Falmouth f w Sorrell, Enoch Cooper, Amanda Falmouth Ky Ky

Sorrell, Velma 1897 May 05 Portland m w Neal, Elza Ashcraft, Lizzie Portland Ky Ky

Sorrell, W.E. 1895 Sep 25 Boston m w Sorrell, Lee Brownfield, Isabella Boston Ky Ky

Sothard, George 1898 Aug 16 Pendleton Co. m w Sothard, B.F. Middleton, Satira Kentucky Ky Ky

Souder, Haley 1897 May 05 Branch m w Souder, James F. Haley, Fannie Branch Ky Ky

Sparrow, Mary 1896 Mar 03 Williamstown f w Sparrow, W.V. Downing, Lula Williamstown Ky Ky

Speagle, Hattie 1895 Feb 17 Gardnersville f w Speagle, G.F. Glacken, Florence Gardnersville Ky Ky

Spegal, Porter 1897 Apr 09 Portland m w Spegal, Ben Belew, Lucy Portland Ky Ky

Steele, Corbet 1897 Dec 04 Penshurst m w Steele, George W. Hart, Dollie Penshurst Ky Ky

Steiger, John 1897 Dec 11 Carntown m w Steiger, George W. Huesel, Kate Carntown Ky Ky

Steinfort, Willie 1896 Apr 25 Doudton m w Steinfort, C.E. West, Martha Doudton Ky Ky

Stephens, Della 1895 Feb 19 Falmouth f w Stephens, W.A. Boone, Amanda Falmouth Ky Ky

Stephens, Hettie 1896 Mar 12 Gardnersville f w Stephens, A.H. Anderson, Lula Gardnersville Ky Ky

Stephens, Lona M. 1897 Mar 24 Tur f w Stephens, Edward Sargent, Mary Tur Ky Ky

Stephens, Nella 1899 May 26 Kentucky f w Stephens, J.W. Larkins, Minerva Kentucky Ky Ky

Stephens, Nella V. 1897 Apr 16 Portland f w Stephens, E.D. Smith, Maggie Portland Ky Ky

Stephenson, Frances M. 1897 Jun 16 Schuler f w Stephenson, J.W. Larkin, Minerva Schuler Ky

Stephenson, Iva 1896 May 17 Portland f w Stephenson, J.E. McMillan, Anna Portland Ky Ky

Stephenson, John W. 1895 Jan 15 Elizabethville m w Stephenson, F.E. Arnold, Rabid Doudton Ky Ky

Stephenson, Manie 1897 Jan 17 Kinkead f w Stephenson, Reuben Huff, Mary Kinkead Ky Ky

Stephenson, Noah 1895 Jul 06 Elizabethville m w Stephenson, William Mocabee, Naomi Goforth Ky Ky

Stevens, A.T. 1895 Dec 05 Emery m w Stevens, Edward Sargent, Sraha Emery Ky Ky

Stone, James 1895 Jan 17 Falmouth m w Stone, John Courtney, Rachel Falmouth Ky Ky

Sulivan, Beatrice 1900 Dec 03 Kentucky f Sullivan, Harry Hitch, Cynthia P.

Sulivan, John L. 1895 Sep 29 Shuler m w Sullivan, Thomas Kelher, Julia Schuler Ohio Ohio

Sullivan, Charles M. 1897 Jun 15 Emery m w Sullivan, Pat McCane, Eliza Emery Ky Ky

Sullivan, Patrick 1896 May 23 Portland m w Sullivan, Patrick Bellew, Mary Portland Ky Ky

Sullivan, Wesley D. 1895 Jan 12 Elizabethville m w Sullivan, J.T. Donahoe, Mary E. Falmouth Ky Ky

Sutton, Thomas W. 1895 Jun 10 Goforth m w Sutton, Thomas Blackburn, Ella Morgan Ky Ky

Taylor, Nellie 1900 Jun 28 Kentucky f Taylor, E.F. Baird, Essa

Taylor, Samuel H. 1895 Apr 22 Goforth m w Taylor, E.F. Auston, Rena Goforth Ky Ky

Tewell, J.W. 1896 Nov 16 Schuler m w Tewell, George F. Hopper, Lucy Schuler Ky Ky

Thorberry, Joel H. 1897 Aug 18 Kinkead m w Thornberry, Joel H. Bell, Nancy C. Kinkead Ky Ky

Thornton, not named 1897 Nov 11 Demossville f w Thornton, R.D. Mullins, Nella Demossville Ky Ky

Tomlin, Harry B. 1896 Mar 26 Gardnersville m w Tomlin, Jerry Tomlin, Mary M. Gardnersville Ky Ky

Traylor, Richard E. 1898 Jul 01 Pendleton Co. m w Traylor, Edward Gray, Bettie Kentucky Ky Ky

Traylor, Sanley A. 1900 Feb 08 Kentucky m Traylor, Edward Gray, Bettie

Triplett, Maud 1899 Oct 07 Kentucky f w Triplett, J.J. Bethel, Minnie Kentucky Ky Ky

Tucker, Orena M. 1897 Jun 02 Butler f w Tucker, M.L. Dawson, Sallie Butler Ky Ky

Tucker, Penelope 1898 May 18 Pendleton Co. f w Tucker, Charles Taylor, Sarah Kentucky Ky Ky

Turner, Elva 1895 Oct 14 Peach Grove f w Turner, A. Courtney, Lida Peach Grove Ky Ky

Turner, Frank 1898 Dec 09 Pendleton Co. m w Turner, Asbury Courtney, Lida Kentucky Ky Ky

Turner, James 1896 Aug 08 Peach Grove m w Turner, W.T. Fardo, Emma J. Carntown Ky Ky

Turner, Lillie 1899 Feb 21 Kentucky f w Turner, William Ford, Emma Kentucky Ky Ky

Twenty, Charles 1895 Sep 27 Schuler m w Twenty, Newton Schulkers, Mary Schuler Ky Ky

Utter, Minnie 1897 Dec 19 Mains f w Utter, James Colvin, Sarah Mains Ohio Ky

Valandingham, George 1895 Jan 13 Demossville m w Valandingham, G.L. Caldwell, Anna E. Demossville Ky Ky

Valandingham, William R. 1895 Feb 04 Demossville m w Valandingham, J.M. Houston, Minerva Demossville Ky Ky

Vetter, Mary 1895 Aug 23 Carntown f w Vetter, F.J. Wichbach, Anna Carntown Ky Ger

Vice, Bessie 1897 Oct 11 Morgan f w Vice, Frank Draper, Ida Morgan Ky Ky

Vice, Edward 1895 Jan 28 Morgan m w Vice, Frank Merrill, Nana Goforth Ky Ky

Wadsworth, Laurence 1895 Nov 05 Goforth m w Wadsworth, J.F. Grogan, Lizzie Goforth Ky Ky

Wadsworth, Nellie 1899 Nov 18 Kentucky f w Wadsworth, John L. Eggleston, Rachel Kentucky Ky Ky

Wadsworth, Thomas G. 1897 Mar 10 Goforth m w Wadsworth, H.H. Stroud, Eleanora Goforth Ky Ky

Wafford, William 1897 Aug 26 Falmouth m w Wafford, W.P. McCarty, Annie Falmouth Ky Ky

Wagner, L.T. 1895 Aug 28 Morgan m w Wagner, Thomas Sanders, July Goforth Ky Ky

Wagoner, Della B. 1896 Jul 01 Morgan f w Wagoner, William Haley, Rachel Morgan Ky Ky

Wagoner, Georgia 1896 Oct 18 McKinneysburg f w Wagoner, Walter Dailey, Martha Four Oaks Ky Ky

Walden, Leslie T. 1896 Jun 11 Branch m w Walden, Enoch Haley, Lula Branch Ky Ky

Walford, Walter 1896 Aug 15 Four Oaks m w Walford, Clay Adams, Nannie Four Oaks Ky Ky

Wallage, Frank 1897 Aug 27 Boston m w Wallage, William Hathaway, Lillie Boston Ky Ky

Walsh, George 1900 Oct 22 Kentucky m Walsh, Thomas Rankin, Susan

Weaver, Everett N. 1897 Jan 20 Morgan m w Weaver, Charles Cook, Lucy Doudton Ky Ky

Webster, Minie 1895 Jan 26 Butler f w Webster, A.S. Plummer, Julia Butler Ky Ky

Welch, Robert 1896 Dec 28 Morgan m w Welch, Thomas Rankin, Rosa Morgan Ky Ky

Wells, Agnes 1897 Jan 01 Marcus f w Wells, Alta Moore, Pearl Marcus Ky Ohio

Wells, Eda 1897 Mar 15 Doudton f w Wells, George P. Earls, Ella Morgan Ky Ky

Wells, Emma 1896 Oct 02 Morgan f w Wells, William Abner, Mollie Morgan Ky Ky

Wells, Mary A. 1899 Jul 05 Kentucky f w Wells, Alta Moore, Pearl Kentucky Ky Ky

Wiley, Floyd 1897 May 05 Portland m w Wiley, J.A. Wiley, Martha Portland Ky Ky

Wiley, Lester 1895 Sep 10 Knoxville m w Wiley, G.W. Thomas, Latica Demossville Ky Ky

Williams, Ethel 1896 Sep 20 McKinneysburg f w Williams, Percy Haley, Arabelle Mc Kinneysburg Ky Ky

Williams, Pearl 1898 May 31 Pendleton Co. f w Williams, Enock C. Ross, Lall Kentucky Ky Ky

Wilson, Clarence 1899 Oct 09 Kentucky m w Wilson, James C. Whaley, Theresa Kentucky Ky Ky

Wilson, Emma E. 1896 Aug 01 Falmouth f w Wilson, H.C. Cooper, Sue Falmouth Ky Ky

Wilson, Henry A. 1897 Oct 07 Penshurst m w Wilson, James H. Prathin,Mary Penshurst Ky Ire

Wolf, Pearl 1895 Feb 05 Falmouth f w Wolf, Robert Whalen, Georgia A. Morgan Ky Ky

Wood, Catherine 1895 Jul 21 McKinneysburg f w Wood, W.B. Parker, Mattie Four Oaks Ky Ky

Woods, James 1899 Apr 23 Kentucky m w Woods, J.C. Malloy, Maggie Kentucky Ind Ky

Woodyard, John 1895 Oct 05 Falmouth m w Woodyard, Ben Gosnel, Ellen Falmouth Ky Illinois

Works, Gertie 1895 Dec 04 Gradnersville f w Works, Z.A. Mann, Ellen W. Gardnersville Ky Ky

Works, not named 1897 Jul 11 Gardnersville m w Works, J.F. Caldwell, Julia Portland Ky Ky

Wright, Flora 1895 Nov 11 McKinneysburg f w Wright, Lewis Ammerman, Clara McKinneysburg Ky Ky

Wright, Forest B. 1896 Oct 21 Four Oaks m w Wright, Evan Parker, Katie Four Oaks Ky Ky

Wright, James 1895 May 29 McKinneysburg m w Wright, Zacariah Smith, Minie Falmouth Ky Ky

Wright, Richard C. 1896 Apr 08 Four Oaks m w Wright, Gideon Colvin, Susie Four Oaks Ky Ky

Wyatt, Martha 1897 Jun 22 McKenneysburg f w Wyatt, J.H. Lea, Nancy McKenneysburg Ky Ky

York, Edna L. 1897 Jun 01 Falmouth f w York, J.W. Neaves, Oda Falmouth Ky Ky

York, Kirby 1899 Feb 15 Kentucky m w York, John Ingram, Florence Kentucky Ky Ky

York, Lena 1896 Nov 09 Morgan f w York, Charles Dawalt, Catherine Morgan Ky Ky

York, Lula B. 1896 May 07 Falmouth f w York, Aquilla Sargent, Fannie Falmouth Ky Ky

York, Mary 1897 Feb 23 Falmouth f w York, J.L. England, Lucy Portland Ky Ky

Young, Flavius 1896 Jun 13 Peach Grove m w Young, A. Fossett, Edna D. Carntown Ky Ky

Youngman, Maggie 1897 Feb 10 Demossville f w Youngman, G.W. Hensley, Anna Gardnersville Ky Ky

Zolar, not named 1899 Jul 24 Kentucky m w dead Zoler, Valentine Ruber, Sophia Kentucky Ger Ohio

Zoller, Milie 1895 Mar 30 Falmouth m w Zoller, Valentine Riber, Sophia Falmouth Ger Ohio


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