The Daugherty/Dougherty Family


Taken from "The First 200 Years of Pendleton County"
Compiled by Mildred Bowen Belew
Transcribed by Bonnie Snow with permission of the author/compiler.
I am sure the Dougherty/Daugherty researchers will be most grateful to Millie.

The above picture is part of the Original 500 acres (1803) of John Daugherty.
Now owned by the widow of Russell Bowen, a descendant.
Picture courtesy of Millie Bowen Belew.  Thanks Millie!

The Dougherty family first came to Pendleton County, Kentucky supposedly from Bourbon County ,Kentucky, in the late 1700's. There were four brothers and three sisters who migrated to Pendleton County along with their parents. It is believed that John Dougherty's 1st wife was a Conway, but the only one we do not have a husband for is Nancy. His wife when he came here was Elizabeth. We have no maiden name for her. One report states that the parents were John and Elizabeth Dougherty, who bought 500 acres on the Middle Fork of Grassy Creek in 1803. John originally came from Ireland. Another report says William and Elizabeth Conway Dougherty came to Pendleton County with her parents, John and Elizabeth Bridgewater Conway, and her brother, Samuel Conway, from Bourbon County. According to the story told in the Conway records, the Conway and Dougherty families were captured at Ruddles Station in 1780. William and Elizabeth had t least three children, Joseph, Jonathan and Jesse. William had at least two brothers, John and Joseph, who married a Conway girl and went West.

1. Jesse Dougherty, born circa 1778, in Virginia. He married Elizabeth "Betsy" Overby in Bourbon County, Kentucky on December 13, 1806. Elizabeth was born in Nicholas County, Kentucky; she died circa 1850. She was the daughter of Henry and Polly Conway.
Overby. The children of Jesse & Elizabeth Overby Dougherty were:

1. John N. (Slick) Dougherty, born 1812, died 1872. He married Emily Race in 1841.

2. Evaline Dougherty, born 1814, died 1876. She married
William Clark in 1833, she married second to William Frakes in 1841.

3. Joseph Harrison Dougherty, born 1815, died 1886. He married Elizabeth Ashcraft in 1837.

4. Elizabeth Dougherty, born 1821, died 1851. She married John M. Dougherty in 1842. A letter written in 1894 to Mrs. Fanny Daugherty says Elizabeth married a cousin, John M. Dougherty. He was the son of Joseph and Polly Rafferty Dougherty. If true, William and Joseph Dougherty who came to Pendleton County together were brothers.


John and Elizabeth Dougherty had at least the following children, their names were obtained from marriage records John signed and from Elizabeth's will:

1. Jesse Dougherty, there is much confusion concerning this Jesse, nothing has been proven.

2. James Dougherty, born Feb. 22, 1784 in Virginia, died May 19, 1872. He married Sarah Belew. Sarah was born in 1872, the daughter of Solomon and Elinia Belew. From census records their children were John, Joseph, Henry and two daughters.

3. Sarah Dougherty, born 1787 in Virginia, died 1854 in Pendleton County. She married first to Thomas Thrasher on April 4, 1805; she married second to Thomas Belew on June 9, 1809. Thomas Belew was born 1787 in Virginia, the son of Solomon & Elinia Belew. Sarah and Thomas Thrasher had one son, Thomas. Sarah & Thomas Belew had three children: Elizabeth, Emily and Joseph.

4. Joseph Dougherty, born 1793 in Bourbon County, Kentucky, died 1851 in Pendleton County. He first married 1813 in Boone County, Kentucky to Patsy Rafferty. He married second to Elizabeth Jane Collins on January 20, 1831 in Grant County, Kentucky. Elizabeth Collins was born 1812, the daughter of Ralph Collins and Margaret Wharton Collins. Elizabeth Collins Dougherty married second to Henry Duckworth. Joseph and Elizabeth are buried in the Daugherty/Oldham Cemetery on the Middle Fork of Grassy Creek, originally their homestead.

5. Anna Dougherty, born July 27, 1795 in Kentucky, died December 6, 1868 in Pendleton County. She married Ebeziner Mileham on March 30, 1815 in Pendleton County. Ebeziner Mileham, son of Samuel Mileham, was born March 25____, in Gulfport County, North Carolina, died 1932. He is buried in Menefee Cemetery, Flingsville, Grant County, Kentucky. Anna & Ebeziner Mileham had three known sons: Alfred, John and Dr. Hampton Mileham.

6. Jonathan Dougherty, born 1803 in Kentucky, died April 11, 1857 in Pendleton County. He married first to Sarah Margaret Thrasher on October 7, 1824. Sarah was born 1802, the daughter of Stephen & Jane Powers Thrasher. He married second to Sarah Willett on June 4, 1847 in Pendleton County. He had eleven children: Elizabeth Jane, Mary Ann, Cynthia, Nancy, Sarah Ann, Malinda, Susannah, Ezra A., Arabell, Harriet and Sarilda/Zarilda Dougherty.

7. Cynthia Ann Dougherty, born 1814 in Pendleton County. She married Larkin Smith on November 17, 1825. Larkin was born 1790, died 1854. Larkin married first to Elizabeth Bonar and third to Nancy P. Ford. Cynthia Ann and Larkin Smith had four children: Elmira, Elvira, Oliver Perry and Mary Helen Smith.


Joseph Dougherty, born 1793 in Bourbon County, Kentucky, died 1851 in Pendleton County, Kentucky. Joseph married twice and had twenty children. His first family used the spelling of DOUGHERTY and the second family used the spelling of DAUGHERTY; thus the different spelling of the name. His father, John, used the spelling of DOUGHERTY, although there were dozens of spellings for the Irish name. He owned and lived on 500 acres on the Middle Fork of Grassy Creek. He served a term in the House of Representatives of Kentucky in the years 1849 through 1851. He first married Patsy Rafferty, daughter of Malcolm Rafferty, on July 26, 1813, in Boone County, Kentucky. Joseph and Patsy had ten children. Joseph married second to Elizabeth Jane Collins on January 20, 1831, in Grant County, Kentucky. Elizabeth was born 1812, the daughter of Ralph and Margaret Wharton Collins.
Joseph and Patsy Rafferty Dougherty had the following children:

1. Jesse Dougherty

2. Julia Anna Dougherty, born circa 1813. She married first to Isaac Tomlin on July 11, 1832. Isaac was born circa 1810, he died before 1851; he was the son of Christian and Lucy White Tomlin. Julia is buried in the Dougherty/Oldham Cemetery. She had the following children: Joseph, Parthina, Oliver Perry, Asa, William Harvey, Ezra and Cynthia.

3. Sarah C. Dougherty, born circa 1815. She married first to William R. Andrews on December 20, 1837, in Pendleton County. William was a native of New York. She married second to Charley Wakefield. The 1850 census for Pendleton County lists six children: William B., Martha, Emily, Mary, Zachary and Obediah.

4. John Malcum Dougherty, born 1818, died 1851, in Pendleton County. He married Elizabeth B. Daugherty on March 2, 1842. Elizabeth was born 1812, died 1851. She was the daughter of Jesse & Elizabeth Overby Dougherty. John and Elizabeth died of Cholera within a few days of each other; they are buried in the Dougherty/Oldham Cemetery. They had the following children: Sanford, Annie Elizabeth, Arnis and Evaline Dougherty.

5. Joseph "Green" Granville Dougherty, died circa 1868, in Campbell County, Kentucky. He married first to Mary Jane Green on March 25, 1842 in Pendleton County. Joseph was called Joe Green, because of his wife's name and there being so many Josephs, it was their distinguishing one from the other. He married second to America Jane Orcutt, born May 16, 1859, in Campbell County, died July 22, 1921 the daughter of William & Elizabeth Smith Orcutt. America Orcutt Dougherty married second to Hardin Perin Anderson, son of Mason and Margaret Crawley Anderson. Hardin was born March 9, 1822, in Mason County, Kentucky, died May 31, 1891. Joseph Dougherty had twelve children, America and Hardin Anderson had nine children. Joseph's children were: William F., Nancy M., Nathaniel G., Louisiana, Julia A., Mary Alice, Elizabeth Jane, James Buchanan, Joseph, Cynthia Ann, Margaret and Ellen Dougherty.

6. William Dougherty, born March, 1822. William married first to Eliza Dougherty, born 1822, she was the daughter of William & Elizabeth Smith Dougherty. William married second to Ellen Northcutt McCarty. William had two children, one by each wife: Mary F. and Mollie.

7. Newton Dougherty, born 1826. Newton married Sarah Ann Blackburn on November 28, 1845, in Pendleton County. Sarah was born 1829/30. They had the following children: Oliver P., Patsy and Salentatis/Sarryalis Dougherty.

8. Jasper Dougherty, born September, 1826, died January 19, 1889, in Pendleton County. Jasper married to Priscilla Ella Simpson Mileham on August 28, 1852, in Pendleton County. Priscilla was born December, 1827, in North Carolina, she was the daughter of Nathan & Patience Hilman Simpson. Pricilla married first to John Mileham, Jr.; they had no children. Jaspar & Priscilla had the following children:

1. James Dougherty, married Rose Bowen

2. Jeanette Dougherty, married William Thomas Bowen. Refer to Bowen Records.

9. Mary Angeline Dougherty, married Henry/Harvey Dial on April 6, 1848, in Pendleton County. They lived in Iowa and had one daughter, Margaret Dial. Margaret married John C. Simpson.

10. Unknown

Joseph & Elizabeth Jane Collin Dougherty had the following children, their last name was spelled DAUGHERTY:

1. Louisa A. Daugherty, born February 12, 1836/37, died March 1, 1907, in Menefee County, Kentucky. Louisa married Thomas Winn/Wynn on October 10, 1855, in Pendleton County. Thomas Winn/Wynn was born May 16, 1833, he died November 6, 1899, in Menefee County. He was the son of Thomas & Louisa "Polly" Seals Wynn. Louisa & Thomas moved to Menefee County about 1880; they are buried in Rangee Cemetery, located near Wynn Flats, Menefee County. They had seven children: James E., George V., Thomas F., Jonathan W., Sarah G., Isaac E. and John Wesley.

2. Martha Jane Daugherty, born 1838, died before 1900. She married to Thomas Coleman Bullock on February 16, 1853. Thomas was born January, 1832. Martha Jane & Thomas had nine children: George M., John Henry, Thomas J., Catherine, Sarah E., Mary E., Frank A., Wesley D. and Malinda Bullock.

3. James L. Daugherty, born January 19, 1839/40, died May 5, 1889. James married Ellen Callahan December 29, 1864, in Pendleton County. James was known as "Brittle Top". He was a lawyer and served as mayor of Falmouth from 1884 - 1885. Ellen Callahan was born August, 1849, died 1901, she was the daughter of William S. Callahan. James & Ellen had eleven children: William C., Charles M., Arthur D., Eva, Ida, Edward, Daisey, James, Joseph and Harriet Daugherty.

4. Orville Sylvester Daugherty, born December 14, 1842, died March 3, 1923. Orville married first to Lucinda Akins Sims on October 29, 1860. Lucinda was born March 26, 1840, died August 14, 1900. Orville married second to Mariah Ware on August 12, 1902. Orville & Lucinda had fourteen children: Joseph, Sarah E., Miles, Sylvester, Ralph, Lydia, Lucinda, Ada Mae, Eunice, Orville, Jr., Sylvester, Lydia, Mary and Arminta Daugherty. (I am not sure the number of children are correct as there are two listings for Sylvester and Lydia; it could be that they followed the tradition of the time and named children after children who had died, bs).

5. Hampton E. Daugherty, born 1844. Hampton married first on August 1, 1866 to Elizabeth "Betsy" J. Dougherty, daughter of Jesse & Julianna Tomlin Dougherty. Elizabeth died in April, 1877. Hampton married second to Martha Ellen Courtney on July 31, 1877. Martha Ellen was born in 1852, she was the daughter of James & Nancy Draper Courtney. Hampton and Elizabeth had four children: Jesse, John, Orville and Arminta Daugherty. Hampton and Martha had three children: Cash, Manard and M. Ellen Daugherty.

6. Arminta Daugherty, born 1846. Arminta married first to ____ Meyers; they had two children: Rafe and Lewis Meyers. Arminta married second to Caseous Cram, an attorney who practiced in Williamstown, Grant County, Kentucky. Arminta & Caseous had four children: Luzaetta, Mary, Glydon and Henry Cram.

7. Rev. Alexander Hamilton Daugherty, born January 18, 1848, died August 4, 1932 in Menefee County, Kentucky. Alexander married Rosetta Belew on September 1, 1867 in Pendleton County. Rosetta was the daughter of Madison & Julianna Tomlin Belew. Alexander and Rosetta are buried in the Hamilton Cemetery, Menefee County, Kentucky. Alexander & Rosetta had ten children: Louisa, Thomas, Lawrence, Narve G., George E., Myrtle, Sarah Emma, Willie, Alexander and Cashious Daugherty.

8. Margaret Daugherty, born 1849.

9. Norvin Green Daugherty, born 1851, died June 19, 1931, in Pendleton County. Norvin married first to Sarah C. Egleston in Pendleton County on December 22, 1870. Novin married second to Melinda Egleston on January 27, 1876. Norvin married third in 1885 to Rosa L. Plunkett. Rosa died circa 1910 in Dayton, Campbell County, Kentucky; she was the daughter of John Plunkett. Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Southgate, Campbell County, Kentucky. Norvin had two children, one died in infancy and Arminta Daugherty who married Ray Reid.

10. Ralph Collins Daugherty, Since writing her book, Mrs. Belew has found some information on Ralph Collins Dougherty, he md. 1853, Mary E. Sims, daughter of Simeon P. Sims and had the following children:

1. Lucy J. Daugherty

2. Warfield S. Daugherty

3. Arminta D. Note: she may have been his sister. This information was from 1860 census of Scottland Co., MO. and we know Arminta was in MO. when her 1st husband died.

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