Harman Frederick Theodore Clingner Family




Harman Frederick Theodore Clingner Family

Generously transcribed by Nancy Bray, thanks Nancy!

Harmon F. Clingner, or Clinger was born 9/20/1848 nine miles north of Berlin, Germany, and died 10/21/1923 at Falmouth. His father John F. Klinger, born in 1809, married Christine Foss, Voss, or Fox Marquardt. This was her second husband, so Harmon was a half brother to my grandfather John Julius Marquette. Harmon married Mary Alice Wadsworth on 9/29/1870. She was born 12/31/1852 and died 9/30/1930. They are buried at Short Creek. Mary Alice's parents were John S. Wadsworth and Elizabeth Thompson, daughter of Joseph Lindsey Thompson. Harmon was about 6 years old when the family came to America. The children of Harmon and Mary Alice were:

1. Ida Alice, b. 7/26/1871 and d. 6/8/1872, buried Gulick cemetery.

2. Mary Elizabeth, b. 4/20/1873, and married John S. Baker of Grant county 1/6/1890.

3. John Frederick, b. 7/3/1875 and d. 12/3/1929, married Maude Ashcraft 10/5/1902.

4. Charles Durward, b. 10/3/1877, lived at Denver Colorado. He married Della Agnes Ward 5/10/1905.

5. Emerson Theodore, b. 6/14/1880 and d. 1944. He married Maude Smith of Chicago on 

6. Thomas Franklin, b. 11/7/1883 was married to Gay Hancock of Ohio on 12/24/1911.

7. Harry Wadsworth, b. 11/7/1885 married Edna Vice on12/13/1907. They lived in Denver, Colorado.

8. Harmon Floyd, b. 9/7/1888, married Ruth Hightower 2/11/1912.

9. Fannie Viola, b. 1/10/1891 married Lisle Gulick 11/30/1911.

10. Cora Violette, b. 10/23/1893 never married.

11. Harold Stout, b. 9/20/1901 married Louise Bishop 12/24/1927.

John F. Klinger, b. 11/19/1809 in Germany and d. 6/14/1874. He is buried in the old Gulick cemetery on the Fishing Creek pike. Christina, his wife, b. 8/27/1811 in Germany and d. 10/11/1879 is buried at Short Creek. John F. came to America with a brother who settled in Ohio.

(Above information furnished by Fannie Gulick)
From the files of Kenneth Marquette