by Kenneth Marquette
Generously transcribed and submitted by Nancy Bray
Thanks Nancy!

Charles Marquardt Sr. was a brother of John J. Marquette, my grandfather, and was born in 1835 in Germany.  His first wife was Lena Drahms who he brought over from Germany after he had migrated to America.  She died 4/16/1896 and he then married  a widow, Margaret Koch 3/1/1898.  Charles Sr. died in 1929 and is buried at Short Creek.  The children of Charles S. and his wife Leana were:

1.  John Frederick, b. 1/30/1856.  He married his first cousin Mina Emma Demene,     daughter of Mary Marquardt and Fred Demene.  They are buried in Riverside Cemetery at Falmouth.
2.  Joseph, who married Ida, oldest daughter of Tom Roberts.
3.  Albert who married Mary Henritta Sophia Steinfort on 3/10/1887. She was a daughter of Charles William Steinfort and Mary Knorr.  They are buried on the Cooper place across from the Goforth School house.
4.  Augusta who married Charles Trost, 4/23/1891.  He was the son of Harmon Trost and Wilhelmina Brandt.
5.  Anne who married Philip Moser, son of Preacher Moser, a Lutheran minister.

The children of John Frederick  Marquardt are:

1.  Lillie, who married Christopher Straub 2/26/1903.  I think they lived at Boyd, Kentucky and Mr. Straub was killed by an enraged bull.
2.  Clarence died age 3.  
3.  Mamie died age 5
4.Grace, who married Joe Bentle

Joseph's children are unknown.

Albert H. had these children:

1.  Charles A. who married Lula McNay 12/24/1910.  He died in 1977.
2.  Lillian, born 1890 first married John C. Monroe, was separated and later married Elmer Ewing.

The decendants of Augusta and Annie are unknown.


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