(GenerouslyTranscribedfrom the Barton Papers Microfilm Roll #258 by Sherida Dougherty, Thanks Sherida!)


I have this day sold unto William Ellis a negro buoynamed Dick for the sum of Two hundred and fifty Dollars, in the folowingpayments.  One hundred and ThirtyEight dollars in hand, and seventy dollars in Twelve months. The above named buoy, I do sell unto the said William Ellis, as a slavefor life.  The right and title ofsaid boy, I warrant and defend, unto the said William Ellis, his heirs andassigns for ever give under my hand, and seal this seventh day of August, oneThousand eight hundred and Twenty nine.

                                                                                   Isham T. Reese {seal}


Isaac Reese, Jr.


[On back]: I sell the within named buoy as a sound buoy at this time and that thesaid buoy has been generally healthy during the time I have owned him, which hasbeen about eight-months given under my hand this 7th day of August1829.                                                                           Isham T. Reese


Isaac Reese Jr.




John E. McKee of Town Fal.

To}  J45 Mch 4, 1850                                                        Mtg 550.00

Augustus Robbins


Bargain & sell one negro woman namedEaster, aged ab. 45 yrs. One negro boy named Vincent, age ab. 13 warranted to besound in body & mind.

                                                                                   John E. McKee

Attest Ralph Tomlinson

                                                                                   R. McCarty, Clk



FM Fugate

To}Mtg  Oct 1, 1860

Joseph J. Brann

           Negro girl named Ann of dark complexion, about 22 yrs old.


Ackd & recorded Oct. 1, 1860 T.E.Moore Clk (of P.Co. Court)

Note this slave girl afterwards had achild, and when it was about 2 yrs old, J.J. Brann bought suit against FM Fugateto foreclose the Mtg on both the mother & child (Pkg 210 Cir. Clks Of)

A second Mtg on same slave to Thos S.Brann, dated Dec 19, 1863; recorded in Mtg Bk A page 103.



This affiant James C. Garrard says that itis necessary for him to have bound unto him Sally Garrard a colored child aged10 years because he says that if he is compelled to wait until next Term of thePendleton County Court to have said child bound to him that there is strongprobability that he will loose her and this he verily believes will be the caseif he is compelled to wait until said next Term he says that said child is inhis custody and that he is her former master.

                                                                                   Jas. C. Garrard

Sworn to before me by James C Garrard this11th day of April 1867

                                                                                   W W Ireland P.J.P.C.


This affiant R.F. Garrard says that he andhis brother Thos L Garrard Jr. are in possession of infant negro children towit

Richard Garrard aged ten years and

George A Garrard aged six years

That the mother of said children is dead;that he and his said brother are the late masters of said negroes that hehas cause to believe and does believe that having them bound to him and his saidbrother until the next Term of the Pendleton County Court that there is dangerof them losing said negroes that he desires to have said negroes bound tohim and his said brother until they arrive at the ages of 21 and 18 yearsrespectively.

                                                                                   R. G. Garrard

Sworn to before me by RF Garrard this 13thday of May 1867

                                                                                   W W Ireland P.J.P.C.

Filed May 13, 1867

Att JB Applegate Clk


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