(GenerouslyTranscribedfrom the Barton Papers, Microfilm Roll #258 by Sherida Dougherty, thanksSherida!)


[Thefollowing was labeled Slave Colony in The Barton Papers.]


I N Walker                                                                            P Cir Ct.   Pkg 246

vs}  Petn.filed Mch 21, 71                          Ireland & Deaderick

Harrison Miller (colored)

2 Notes $212.50 & 212.50. Aug 1868 to plff –

3&4 (last) paymt on land

On waters of Clays Branch, near So Frk LkgR.

Beg. at stu in [?] Clay’s Branch, FrankColeman’s upper cor., on sd br., th w/ mean. of sd br. 63 p to sm elm, RStower’s ln., th w/ sd ln S 45W 12 p to stu. & Hwy on N. edge of theRiddle R., h w/ mean. Of sd Rd. 30 p to stu. & lrg WO, Frank Coleman’s NWCor., th w/ his ln N 58 E 91 p to beg.  cont.25 ˝ A – seed deed – has lien.

Cmrs Sale June 5, 71 to deft. HarrisonMiller for $394.93 for entire tr. of 52 ˝ A.

                                                                                   J B Rankins, Surety



[The following was labeled “Slaves – Colony of,after freed.”  with a notation of“By Otis Allender  1936.]


The farm of Otis Allender, on Fal. & ConcordRoad, was settled by a colony of ex-slave negroes. Cabins were there when Otis got the farm.  Otis bought part of the farm from Frank Allender, and partfrom John and Geo. Houston, two brothers.  Geo.Houston was father of Leslie Houston.  John Houston was Ed Houston’s father.

John Houston bought some of the land fromTom Johnson, (cold[?]).  Otis boughtab. 6 a from Newt Stenson (cold[?]) and Mariah, his mother.  The colored colony had a church, or school house – used forboth, had a cemetery of ab. 1 a, and was called “Evergreen Cemetery”. In 1935 a colored man was bur. there – Fount Ashbrook. Aaron Broadus is bur. there.

Daniel Rush’s father owned the landbefore the Civil War, and think he alloted the tracts to the several ex-slaveswho settled there.  Don’t know ifit was a gift or sale.

                                                                                               Note Bk. 10



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