Bentle Family



The Bentle Family

Pictured above is the old Bentle family home on Lightfoot Fork Hill, Pendleton County, about 1910.
Front Row:  Raymond Brant, Alfred Bentle, Ed Bentle
Second Row:  Will Bentle, Carrie Brandt, John Brandt with Lucille Brandt, Anna Eckert Bentle, H.A.W. Bentle, Marie Englebrecht
Back Row:  Cora Cummins Bentle, Joe Bentle, Minnie Bentle, Leonard Bentle, Emily Bentle, George Bentle, Fred Englebrecht
Original photo courtesy of Ruth Chiles
Tinted version by Bonnie Snow from the newspaper article.


Bentle Family

Generously transcribed & submitted by Nancy Bray courtesy of The Falmouth Outlook, thanks so much!

Andrew Bentle and Eva Marie Heurlein, parents of the late H. A. W. Bentle, migrated to the U.S. in 1850 from Germany in an effort to avoid compulsory military conscription, where the king at the time had rented out his army to other countries since Germany was not then at war.  Andrew  and Eva planned to marry, wanting to start their new life and future generations in a world they heard had better opportunities and freedoms.  Eva went first and took a job so she could send Andrew money for boat fare.  Her voyage was 18 weeks; they got lost at sea, and eight people died on the ship.  Once Andrew got his boat ticket, he left secretly, came to America, married, and later sent for both their families.

The original German name was spelled, "Bentel".  Some of these are buried in the Bethel Cemetery and the tombstones reflect both the "Bentel"  and "Bentle" spellings.  The original family home and church prior to the 1850 move to America are still standing in Thalmassing, Germany.

H. A. W. Bentle (Eva and Andrew Bentle's son, born in America) and his wife Anna raised their family of 11 children in the Pendleton County area.  Their homestead was on Lightfoot Fork Road on the current Kenneth Bentle property.  H. A. W. was a rural mail carrier for many years, as well as a farmer.  Ten of their eleven children lived to have children of their own.  Most stayed in the Pendleton County area until 1917, when many moved to the Lawrenceburg, Ind. area, where the majority of the family live today.  H. A. W.'s sons, Joe and Will, stayed in Pendleton County.