Assembly Building

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Early 1900's photo displaying its original facade

The Assembly Building, located in the Falmouth Renaissance District, is listed on the US Department of Interior National Register of Historic Places. Is is a two-story structure built in 1892 in the Italianate-Queen architectural style. It contains approximately 3,300 square feet of floor space per floor. The ground floor has historically served as a landmark downtown commercial anchor, while the second floor has had many uses including a theatre, a public assembly space, apartments, etc

 Renovating and revitalizing historic downtown Falmouth has been, and will continue to be, a high economic development priority of the Pendleton Industrial Authority. Part of the Industrial Authority's mission is to purchase and develop commercial and industrial sites to attract business and industry to community. During the latter part of 2002, the Industrial Authority was made aware the Assembly Building might be sold under an absolute public auction scenario. The Industrial Authority decided it was their duty to the community to purchase the property, salvage it for the future, and attempt to attract a desirable commercial development. The building sat vacant for almost four years under the Industrial Authority ownership.

The Industrial Authority is very pleased to announce it has succeeded in its mission in reference to salvaging the Assembly Building for the community and attracting the two restaurateur developers to the Falmouth business community.


Credit for the above article goes to Jack Wright, Executive Director of the Pendleton Industrial Authority; thanks Jack!



The Pendletonian

December 11, 2006


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The Pendletonian
January 23, 2007
Falmouth has a downtown dining and gathering place as . . . .
The Assembly Café quietly opens to the public

    Although the grand opening is being planned for February 1, the Assembly Café located at 100 West Shelby Street in historic downtown Falmouth is quietly opening its doors to the public at 11:00 AM, today, Tuesday, January 23, 2007. Local restaurateurs, Michael Wyrick and Alan Rider, took occupancy of the historic Assembly Building (also known as the "Old Moreland Drug Store") on September 1, 2006. They have since been completely renovating the first floor and furnishing the facility with restaurant and dining equipment to serve the public lunch and dinner seven-days a week.

     The facility has a seating capacity of 120, and represents an initial investment in downtown Falmouth of approximately $140,000 by the afore-mentioned restaurateurs.


The Pendletonian

September 13, 2006
Downtown café/pub in the works as
Local restaurateurs take the Assembly Building
    Michael Wyrick, Shelby Street, and Alan Rider, Lakewood Drive, both from Falmouth, executed a capital lease agreement with the Pendleton County Industrial Development Authority and, as of September 1, 2006, took occupancy of the Assembly Building (also known as the "Old Moreland Drug Store") located at 100 West Shelby Street in historic downtown Falmouth.
    The two development partners are in the process of renovating the historic structure to eventually provide the community with a much needed sit-down dining facility. They hope to salvage as much of the historic character of the building as possible and restore the facility into a unique café. When fully operational they plan to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner with gourmet coffee, specialty sandwiches, and juicy prime steaks.