The 1900 Pendleton County Census Index



The 1900 Pendleton County, KY Census Index
Generously compiled, transcribed and submitted by Jerry L. Page.
This is very hard work, Jerry has my and I am sure your, deepest gratitude,
 thanks so much Jerry!
If you use the census index please write Jerry and thank him!

Please Note:  This is not the excellent format Jerry sent to me.  This census was so large it would not fit on a disk therefore I had to remove the spacing to save memory.

In indexing the surnames in the 1900 Pendleton County, Kentucky, census, I have chosen to use the printed page number on the top right hand of the page rather than the more complex system of Enumeration District and Sheet Number as used in the SOUNDEX.

Many names in the census are spelled incorrectly and in various ways. Names are often difficult to decipher because of poor handwriting, smudges on the sheet or fading of the original text. Due to the above, another researcher could easily and justifiably reach a different conclusion than I have reached on some of the surnames. Researchers are advised to check the many varied possibilities for a surname when using this index. Also be aware that a surname may appear more than once on a listed page. Though it is realized that this index will contain some discrepancies, it is hoped that it will, nevertheless, be a useful tool to researchers. 

Jerry L. Pape
Butler, KY


Abbercrombie 182A
Abbott 143B, 158B
Abner 76B, 199B
Abraham 81A
Acha 89B
Achton 97A
Ackman 159A, 163B, 189A
Acre 159A
Acree 160B 
Acton 102B, 227A, 227B
Adams 86A, 86B, 123A, 179A, 179B, 191A, 198B, 216B
Adamson 114B, 115A
Adkins 209B
Airy 210B
Albert 197A, 128B, 204A
Alender 163B
Allen 122A, 143B, 202A, 207B
Allender 82A, 132B, 133B, 134B, 138A, 139A, 141A
Amall 109A
Amith 107B
Ammerman 79A, 79B, 89A, 89B, 181A, 183A, 202A, 204B
Anderson 108A, 122B, 154A, 162B, 165B, 223B
Andrews 113B
Angel 112A
Angell 206A
Antrobus 88A, 107A, 107B, 181A, 187B, 190A, 194B, 200A
Applegate 74A, 75A, 108A, 114B
Arcutt 225B
Arhaek (?) 218B
Armis 112B
Armstrong 131A, 132B, 136A, 210B, 228A
Arnold 96A, 160B, 173B, 181B, 182A, 184A, 187B, 190A, 198B, 209A
Asberry 195A, 198B
Asbey 116B
Ashbrook 93A
Ashcraft 93B, 97B, 112B, 156B, 157A, 167B, 169A, 172A, 172B, 173A, 174A, 175A, 176A, 178B, 180B, 182A, 183B, 226B, 230B
Askin 126B, 213B 
Askren 134A 
Atkins 95B, 103A, 193A
Auchter 96B
Aulich 74B, 76A, 80A, 88A, 93A, 114A, 114B, 121B, 189B , 202A, 204B, 205A 
Austin 94A, 95B, 191B
Aydlotta 171A
Aylward 90B, 111A
Ayres 108B, 109A
Bailey 94A, 95B, 103A, 110B, 156A, 165A
Baird 100A, 138A
Baker 95A, 105A, 108B, 110A, 116A, 124B, 144B, 169A, 175B, 177, 205A, 209A 
Ballinger 101A, 182B, 185A, 185B, 187B, 188B, 191A, 191B
Barberick 226A
Barbour (?) 114B
Barker 108A, 111A, 144B
Barlow 197B, 198A
Barnard 147B, 148A, 148B, 153B
Barnes 160B
Barnett 98A, 202B, 203A
Barnhill 152B, 216A, 216B, 221B
Barret 111B
Barrett 148B, 149B, 151A
Barry 84B, 85A, 86A, 86B
Barton 75B, 82A, 96B, 113A, 170A, 170B, 217B, 228B
Baumgartner 92B, 93A
Bayless 75A, 117A
Bayley 87A
Bazing 102A
Beach 215B
Beagle 111B, 153A, 155B, 187B, 193B, 195A, 196B, 197A, 200B, 204B
Beard 74B
Beaugren 112B
Beckett 93B, 119B, 225A, 228A
Beckman 137A
Bedford 99A
Beech 135A
Behymer 229B
Beighle 157B
Belew 159B, 173A, 173B
Bell 110B, 113B, 162A, 168B, 169A, 177A, 206A, 206B, 212A
Bellew 167A, 167B, 168A, 169A, 169B
Bender 91B
Benjamin 87A, 150A
Bennett 178B
Benson 180A
Bentle 97B
Berger 77B, 206A
Berry 80B, 86A, 212B
Bess 109A
Bethel 161B, 167A, 172B
Beunning 163A
Bicker 212B
Biddle 130A, 131A, 133B, 150B, 151A, 151B, 168B, 210B
Biehn 79A
Billing 212B
Billiter 179A
Bishop 74B, 75A, 77A, 84A, 112A, 123A, 123B, 126A, 143B, 148B
Black 96A, 109A, 111A, 169A, 175A
Blackburn 74A, 96A, 116A, 116B, 122A, 167A, 168A, 168B, 171A, 172A, 172B, 173A, 176A, 176B, 183A, 183B, 191A, 196B, 199B, 205A, 215B, 223A, 226B, 227B
Blackerby 151A
Blackerty 111A
Blackschmidt 101B
Blades 86A, 87A, 103B, 126A, 126B, 127B
Blair 210A
Blasingame 76B
Bloom 223A, 223B
Blumenstein 112B
Blythe 85B, 224A
Bobb 167B, 222A, 222B, 230B
Bock 148A
Boehme 231A
Boggess 83B
Boggs 177B, 224B
Bogs 162A
Bohannan 113A
Bold 147B
Boles 127B
Bonar 100B, 110B, 132A, 132B, 133A, 138A, 138B, 143A, 143B, 148B, 151B, 170A, 220A, 227B
Booher 122A, 207A
Boone 138B, 140A, 170B, 197B
Borgerdine 145B
Bornemann 165A
Boseke 137A
Boss 162B
Boules 119A
Bowen 158B, 175B, 176A
Bowles 85B
Bowman 192B
Boyers 195A
Bradbury 149A
Bradford 77B, 78B, 98B, 100A, 114A, 114B, 119A, 143A, 146B, 209B, 212A, 223A, 225B, 226B, 227A, 230A
Bradley 137B, 138A
Bradly 212A
Brain 141A
Brandt 99B, 100A
Branford 138B
Brann 90B, 110A, 163A, 187B, 191B, 192A
Brannock 102A, 118B
Brawley 161A
Bray 121A, 221A
Breckel 149B 
Brell 158B 
Brennan 85B
Brennen 166A
Brennensthule 148A
Brennenstuhl 146B
Brewer 85A
Brewir 124B
Bristow 121A, 121B
Brittenham 172B
Britton 81B, 83A, 148B, 220A, 220B
Bro Timothy 86A
Broadus 109A
Brockley 219A, 219B
Broderick 90B, 113A
Bromback 179B
Bromlus (?) 111A
Brooker 90B
Brooks 75B, 107A, 137B, 172B
Brown 78B, 79B, 86A, 138B, 156B, 166B, 179B, 205A, 227B
Brownfield 100A, 225B, 229B, 230A
Brownfry 110A
Browning 75B, 80B, 81A, 81B, 82B, 104B, 105A, 108A, 111A, 111B, 113B, 117A, 119A, 120B, 124A, 125A, 125B, 126A, 127A, 127B, 128A, 174A, 213B
Brucker 173B
Bryan 213B
Buchanan 107A
Buffington 114A
Bullock 104B, 115A, 162B
Burk 226B
Burke 187A
Burlew 215A, 215B, 216A, 224A, 228B, 231A
Burlingame 223B
Burris 146A
Bush 98B, 160A, 165A, 167A, 230B
Buskirk 192A
Butler 90A, 166A
Butts 94B
Butz (?) 183A
Byrd 210B
Bystafer 147B
Cahall 131A
Cahill 139B, 140A, 156A, 156B, 165B, 170B, 192B
Cain 161B
Caldwell 156B, 157B, 159A, 159B, 160A, 161A, 162B, 163A, 164B, 165A, 209A, 212A, 212B, 213A, 221B, 226A, 226B
Callen 163A
Callopy 114B
Cam 197A
Camp 82A, 87B
Campbell 97B, 98A, 98B, 102A, 149B, 179A, 224A, 228A
Cams 213B
Canada 113A
Canny 221B
Carey 118B
Carlin 202B
Carnes 110A, 134A, 143A, 143B, 146A, 147B, 149A, 152B, 153B, 154B, 213B (?), 214A (?) 
Carr 89B, 152B, 181B, 183B, 192A
Carroll 97B, 165B, 175A
Carson 224B
Carter 116A, 166A, 184A, 194A, 194B, 204A
Casey 74B, 75A, 120B, 124A, 144A, 179A, 229A
Cash 156A, 157B
Cason 197A, 199A
Cass 111A
Cassidy 109B
Cavanah 164B
Cavanaugh 202A
Cek (?) 165A
Chalfant 153A, 229A
Chandler 194B, 198A
Chapman 79B
Chatman 85B, 161B
Chenault 102A
Childs 114A
Chiles 181B, 182A, 183A
Chipman 93B
Clark 92B, 112B, 113A, 114B, 162A, 162B, 182B, 210A, 219B
Claycamp 160A, 160B
Claypole 204B, 205B
Clayton 74B, 119B, 125B, 126A, 128B
Cleaviland 121A, 121B
Clemons 178B, 198A, 200A
Cleveland 189B 
Clifford 78A, 173B, 205B
Clingner 178A
Clinkenbeard 204B, 212B
Cloe 196A, 196B
Coakley 157B
Cockayne 147A
Cocking 103A
Coffer 102A
Coghill 91A, 200A
Colbert 225B, 226A
Cole 193B
Coleman 76A, 79B, 99B, 101A, 103B, 104A, 106A, 114A, 115A, 188B, 190A, 191A, 203A, 203B, 204A
Collemer 223A
Collier 80B, 118A, 118B, 120B, 126A, 200A
Collins 79A, 79B
Collyer 108B
Colston 188B
Colvin 75A, 80B, 81B, 88A, 105A, 108A, 108B, 112B, 115A, 119A, 119B, 121A, 125A, 129A, 129B, 178A, 179B, 189B
Combs 92A, 92B
Comes (?) 214A
Conery 75A, 81B
Conner 138B
Conners 231A
Connery 79B
Conrad 104A, 109A, 111B, 183A, 183B
Conrey 76A
Conroy 92A, 181B, 204A 
Conyers 196A, 196B
Cook 91A, 91B, 145A, 154A, 156A, 161A, 165B, 188B, 197A, 209B, 212B, 213B
Cooke 207A
Cookendorfer 93A, 138B, 140B, 141B, 147A, 152B
Cooper 91A
Corbin 217B
Corkerill 80B, 81A
Cornelius 75A, 91B, 160B,161A
Cornulus 189B
Corwin 199A
Costelo 118B
Courtney 76A, 76B, 84B, 85B, 86B, 101A, 113A, 126B, 127A, 155A, 159B, 177B, 182A, 182B, 199B
Cowles 226A, 230A
Cox 113A, 125A, 132A, 134A, 200A, 216B, 217A
Coyle 108A
Craddock 77A
Craig 140A, 217A, 221B
Crail 143A, 143B
Crain 150A, 210B, 215B
Cram 169A, 187A
Crawford 82B, 85A, 124A, 128A, 161B
Crawley 140B
Crawly 83A
Crellen 83B
Cress 172B
Crist 182A, 186A
Crofford 112A
Crombie 91A
Crotty 90A
Crouch 122A, 194A, 207B
Croumbie 91B, 92A
Crouse 185A
Crout 213A
Crow 104B
Crowley 163B
Croxton 134A
Crugar 133A, 216A
Culbertson 165B
Cullen 85B
Cummins 74B, 80A, 82A, 82B, 84A, 84B, 87A, 87B, 91A, 97A, 98A, 102A, 105B, 109B, 115A, 116A, 117A, 122B, 124B, 129A, 130B, 131B, 132A, 133A, 138A, 140A, 142A, 150B, 153A, 187B, 204A
Cundiff 211A
Curry 151A
Curtis 157B
Cushman 125A, 126B, 128A
Czumwailden 162A
Dahlenberg 173B
Dahms 96B, 101B, 182B
Daily 126B, 143B, 153A, 153B, 180A, 180B
Daimaher 161A
Dairgin (?) 191A
Dance 76A, 102A, 113B, 197B, 198B, 199A, 199B 
Daniel 148B
Daniels 161A, 173A, 225B, 226A
Danson 154A
Davis 87B, 104A, 134A, 134B, 150B, 163A, 220B, 221B, 224B, 225A
Dawalt 173B, 177A
Dawson 80A, 88A, 99B, 146B, 148B, 154A, 199B, 218A
Day 90A, 100B, 101A, 187B, 189A, 207A, 207B, 209A
Dayly 204A
Deaman 113A
Dean 144B, 145B
Dearborn 210B, 227A, 230B 
Dearburn 170A
Debruler 89A, 124B
Decoursey 92B
Delaney 91B, 160A, 166B, 170A
Dennis 179A
Denny 193B
Deoone 105A
Detherage 161A, 162A
Detmus 175B
Dicher 151A
Dickerson 93A, 158A, 210A
Dietz 154A
Dillon 132B
Dilts 88A
Dinger 109A
Dittleburger 144A
Doan 180A, 185A, 188A, 188B
Doane 200B
Doel 82A
Doggett 124A
Dolphin 111A
Donahue 92A
Donaworth 123B
Donehue 171A
Donlan 143B
Donley 78A, 176B
Donnelley 202B
Donohoe 191B, 193B
Dougherty 83B, 86A, 104A, 106B, 107A, 111A, 158B, 160B, 161B, 164B, 165A, 165B, 167B, 169B, 170A, 175B, 176A, 182A, 184B, 198A, 209A
Douglas 111A, 202A
Downard 111B,112A, 112B, 133B, 141A, 151B
Downing 225B
Drake 122B, 147B, 216B
Dranier (?) 152B
Dranle (?) 160B
Draper 178B, 180A, 184B
Ducker 134A, 155A, 221A, 221B, 229B
Dudley 81A, 115A, 165B 
Dudly 109B
Duffy 111B, 112A
Dugeon 200B
Dummer 108A
Dunaway 153A, 195B, 217B, 218A, 223A, 230A
Dunn 81B, 92A, 94B, 120B, 133B, 166A, 168A, 192A, 192B, 197B
Dunstal 114B
Dunstall 83B, 106B
Durr 157B, 159A
Dwyer 166A
Eads 83B
Earl 180B
Earles 103B
Earls 121B, 199B, 230B
Eastip 84A
Echert 221B
Eckert 154B, 155A, 220B, 221A
Eckler 90B, 91A, 174A, 178B, 179A, 191A, 191B, 206B
Edmonds 160B
Edwards 205B, 206A, 217A, 227B
Eibeck 91A, 101B, 102A, 187A, 188B, 192A, 200B
Eilwonls (?) 113A
Ekus 94B
Eliott 122B, 126B
Elliott 93A, 93B, 97B, 99A, 150A, 156A, 157A, 160A, 160B, 164A, 164B
Ellis 134B, 135B, 148B, 149A, 154A, 155B, 211B, 212A, 214B, 216A, 223B
Elliston 188B, 204A
Elmore 122B
Elward 90B
Emerich 98B, 102B
Emminger 146B, 149A
England 227B
Epson 160A
Ernest 200A
Ervin 158B
Eshmen 150A
Ewell 104A
Ewing 180B, 182B, 187B, 189B, 192A, 207B
Eylmore 116A
F_nay 122A
Fabra 110B
Fahe (?) 187B
Fairgate 158A
Falkner 165B
Falvey 228B
Fanthorp 83B
Fardo 155A, 218B, 220B
Faucher 218B
Faulckner 198B
Faulhaber 144A
Feelu 108A
Fendler 156B
Ferry 91A
Fetzer 207A
Fey 111B
Fields 100B, 105A, 122A, 122B, 126B, 127A, 128A, 129A, 133A, 134A, 136A, 136B, 137A, 224A, 226A, 228B
Finley 211B
Finn 95A, 102A
Fiscus 86B
Fishback 75B, 105A
Fisher 202B, 203A, 220A, 224A
Fisk 115A, 159B
Flakenstine 146B, 154B
Flanigan 228A
Flarity 219A, 221A
Flarry 137B
Flaugher 137A, 138B, 142A
Flengsberg 134B
Fletcher 158A, 160B, 184A
Florence 188A
Flynn 125B, 128A, 129A, 157A
Fogal 199A
Foggle 187B
Fogle 78B, 89B, 119B, 125A, 125B, 182A, 185B, 186A, 205B, 206B
Foley 76A
Fookes 92B
Ford 91B, 92A, 101B, 185B, 187B, 206B
Fornash 77A, 90B, 92A, 180A, 181A, 195A, 200A, 229A
Forsythe 119A, 129B, 179B
Forward 229B
Fossett 77A, 77B, 108A, 110A, 113A, 130A, 143B, 144B, 146A, 146B, 147A, 152B, 153A, 154B
Foster 148B, 149A
Fowee 93A, 105A
Fox 105B
Frakes 170A, 179B, 180A
Francis 166B, 224B
Frank 100B, 101A
Frasier 148A, 167A
Frazer 113A
Frazier 81A, 93A, 102B, 168A, 168B, 223A
Free 94B
Freidel 130A
French 90A
Friday 202A
Frier 80A
Fries 219A
Fromme 162B
Frost 78B, 79A
Frye 162B, 213A (?)
Fryer 90A, 91A, 110A, 114B, 130A, 151A, 152A, 153B, 194B, 215A, 216B, 220A, 221B, 222A
Fryman 135B, 136A, 136B, 215B
Fugate 189A, 209B
Fullen 224B
Gabriel 220B
Gallagher 169B
Galloway 75B, 84A, 107B, 127B
Gamlin 172B
Gandes 109B
Ganford 109B
Gardener 144A
Gardner 160B, 171A, 172A, 178B
Garilner 108B
Garrard 107B, 144A, 192A, 206B
Garrett 80A
Garrison 152A
Garvey 155A
Gayle 111A
Gedge 219B, 221A
Gehlker 95A, 95B
Gemkel 144A
George 173B
Gereehy (?) 143B
Gibbons 99A 
Gibson 157B
Gifford 83B, 110A, 110B, 124B, 125A, 125B, 126A, 128B, 129A
Gilham 152A
Gill 86A, 86B
Gillard 203B
Gillaspie 76B, 86A, 99B, 139B, 140A
Gillidy 141B
Gilp 229A
Ginn 76B, 81A
Glacken 165A
Glasgow 153B
Glaves (?) 194A
Glosen 110B
Glover 144A
Gloves 102A
Glutts 131A, 131B
Godman 191A, 196A
Goins 212A
Golden 158B, 159B
Golida 140A
Golliday 89B
Gooch 211B
Good 192B
Goodny 193B
Gordon 195B
Gornpf 143B
Goshorn 177A
Gosnell 95A, 223A, 229A
Gosney 101A, 102B, 131A, 135A, 141B, 148B, 153A, 163A, 168A, 210A, 217B
Gott 203B
Gowers 170A
Grailor 102B
Gramer 143A
Grant 163A, 222B
Granz 91B
Graves 97B, 101B, 106B, 203B, 212A, 214A
Gravitt 167A, 167B
Grawe 178A
Gray 89B, 96B, 135A, 171B, 172A, 177B, 226B
Grebb 107A
Green 154A, 171A, 220A
Greene 189B
Greenough 152B
Greenwell 159A
Grey 172B
Gribble 94A, 100B, 104A
Grigson 143B
Grimes 82B, 83A, 133A, 137A, 137B
Grizzel 97A
Grogan 207B, 229B
Groves 171B
Gruell 117B, 118A, 119A, 119B, 124A
Guber 221B
Guinn 144B
Gulick 111A, 114B, 182B, 185B
Gunner 146B
Guynn 143A
Haberer 97A, 97B
Hackett 104B
Hafer 167A
Hagele 184A
Hagenmyer 210A
Haley 85B, 89A, 188A, 196A, 196B
Halfhill 80A, 133B
Hall 89A, 90B, 103B, 104A, 105B, 106B, 108B, 109A, 109B, 114B, 124A, 147B, 148A, 150A, 152B, 153A, 153B, 173A, 200A, 209B, 219A
Hamil 104A
Hamilton 78B, 100B, 104B, 107B, 117A, 118A, 121A, 123A, 123B, 126B, 127A, 128A, 138A, 140B, 160B, 161B, 166A, 194A, 211A, 226A
Hamon 219B 
Hampton 75A, 104B, 134A
Hancock 130B, 131A
Hand 109A, 187B, 188A, 189A, 190B, 192A, 203A
Handly 96A
Handy 94A
Haney 228A
Hannah 111B, 137A
Hanon (?) 210B
Hanson 188A
Harber 120A
Harcum 101A, 137B, 139B
Hardding 212B
Harden 120A, 206A
Hardin 79A, 121B, 122A, 189B
Harding 106A, 225B
Hareman 110A 
Hargis 209B, 227A
Harilman 105A
Harman 169A
Harmes 90A
Harp 196A
Harper 80B, 121B, 123B
Harris 175B, 176A, 198A, 224B
Harrison 91A, 134A, 151B, 200B
Hart 87B, 134A, 134B, 153B, 165A, 204A, 209B
Hartnett 146A
Hathaway 82A, 136B, 223A
Hathman 77A, 78B, 125A
Haufler 110A, 122A
Hauker 165A 
Hay 210B
Hazel 209B
Heart 121A
Hedge 205B
Hedges 172A, 174A
Heizer 101A
Held 112B
Helmick 160B
Helvie 152A
Hendericks 216B
Henderson 178B, 184B, 212B, 213A
Hendricks 135A, 135B, 138B, 152B
Henie 199A
Henry 192B, 195A, 197B, 203B, 204A, 204B, 205A
Hensel 93A
Hensley 162A, 213B, 216A
Hervey 102B
Hess 96B
Hessite 120A
Hesto 117A
Hetterman 203B
Hewling 108B
Hicks 176A, 225A
Higgans 112A, 112B
Higgins 87A
Highfill 76B, 183B, 185B, 199B
Hightower 157B, 158A
Hiles 141B
Hilis 212A
Hill 135A, 135B, 142A, 206B
Hinzeman 224A
Hitch 101A, 135B, 136A, 144B, 209A, 215A, 227B
Hizer 108B 
Hobbs 146A, 148A
Hobday 107B
Hochsaher 202A, 202B
Hoffman 94A, 96B, 97A, 106B, 193A
Hogan 171A, 175A
Hogle 144A
Holland 108A, 140A, 140B, 207A
Holmes 103A, 107B, 116B, 118B, 119A, 120B, 207B, 215B, 216A, 218A, 224A
Holoch 149B
Holt 112B
Holton 122B
Hopkins 159B, 160B
Hornback 210A
Hornbeek 155A
Houchen 79B, 82A
House 181A, 199A, 199B, 200A
Houston 81B, 82A, 136B, 148B, 151A, 214B, 215A, 216A
Howe 204B, 210A, 225A, 225B
Howerson 226A, 226B
Howland 113A
Hr__ne 79B
Huddleston 154A, 212B 
Hudson 136A
Huff 211A, 211B, 228B, 229B
Huffman 119A, 167A, 167B, 185A
Hughs 174A, 176A
Hughy 209A, 215B
Hume 198B, 207B (?)
Humphries 193A
Humphrys 78A
Hunter 93B, 151A, 215B, 220B
Hurd 137B, 141A
Husel 146B
Huston 141A
Hutchinson 180B, 181A, 224B, 227B
Hutchison 96B, 106B, 196B
Huthinson 156B, 168B
Hutte 146B
Hye (?) 213A
Hyland 170A, 170B
Idolot 161A
Ihrig 143B, 145B
Iler 148A
Incnees (?) 221A
Ingels 190A
Ingles 106A, 193B, 202B
Ingram 82B, 227B
Isabel 200A
Isbell 182A, 190A
Ivor 145A
Jackson 77A, 102A, 102B, 105A, 109B, 224A, 224B
Jacobs 79B, 84B, 89B, 100A, 101A, 112B, 139B, 176A, 215A
Jagee 89B
Janes 93A
January 224A
Jaynes 105A
Jeckel 147B
Jenkins 74A, 104B, 117A, 194A, 199B
Jennings 161B
Jestie 192A
Jett 78A, 128A, 152A, 189B, 192B
Johnes 122A
Johns 94B, 159A, 161A, 174B, 176A, 219B
Johnson 77A, 107A, 110A, 114B, 127B, 155A, 156A, 174B, 213A, 219A, 221B
Johnston 77B, 106B, 139B
Johnting 76A
Johntn 120B, 121A
Jolley 122B
Jones 74A, 80B, 89A, 92B, 122A, 140B, 172A, 178B, 181A, 182A, 183A, 187A, 194A, 201A, 202A, 205A, 206A, 207B, 212A, 213A, 222A, 224A, 227B
Jordan 141A
Judd 143B, 146A
Jump 157A
Justice 181A, 182A, 185B, 188B, 192A 203B
Kalbfleisch 105A
Kampten 132A
Kavanaugh 215A
Kayser 147B
Kearney 80B
Keiff 112B
Keiih (?) 110A
Keiter 79A
Keith 81A
Kellar 202B
Kellay 143B
Kellems 112B
Keller 224A
Kelley 157B, 158B, 162B, 167B
Kelly 104A, 147A, 203B, 204A, 230B, 231A
Kendall 189A
Kendnick 192A
Kennett 93A
Kenny 226 B
Kenter 118A
Kerlin 138A
Kerney 81A
Kerns 151A
Kibard 193B
Kibbeff 173B
Kibble 216B
Kidder 95A, 102B, 229B
Kidwell 95A, 131A, 134B, 136A, 136B, 137A, 165A, 165B, 166B, 175B, 219A, 221A, 223B, 224A, 226A, 228A, 228B
Kiencle 219A
Kimble 196A
Kime (?) 199A
Kims 98A
Kinchrick 195B
King 74A, 74B, 75B, 80B, 85B, 87A, 102A, 107A, 116B, 118A, 118B, 120B, 124B, 125A, 126B, 128A, 128B, 129A, 193A, 202B, 229B
Kirby 211A, 223A, 223B, 224A, 225A, 225B, 227B
Kirk 84B
Kiskaden 203B
Klaber 95B, 97B, 226B
Klean 218B
Klee 77B
Kling 120A
Klump 121B
Klums (?) 219A
Klute 217B
Knight 163B, 165A, 165B
Knox 194A, 194B
Kober 145A, 145B
Kobinger 103A
Koch 112A, 112B
Korte 230A
Krans 149A, 149B
Krebs 97A
Kribbs 176B
Krinuer (?) 199B
Lackey 224B
Lafolette 227A
Lafollette 168B, 229A, 230B
Lake 97A, 131B
Lambert 209A
Lampkin 138B
Lancaster 96B, 97B, 147A, 152A, 154A, 158A, 169B, 179B, 209B, 210A, 219B, 220A
Lance 198A, 198B
Landrum 165B, 173A, 177A, 182A
Langfel 98A
Langley 215B
Langly 117B
Lanter 195A
Lantry 85A, 86B, 87A
Larght 116A
Larkin 83A, 84B, 91A
Lashbrook 109B
Latart 192A, 205A
Latimer 171B, 178A, 207B
Lattimer 192A, 193A
Laugh 143B, 145A
Lavin 80B
Lawhorn 223B
Lawrence 106B, 203A, 207B, 211A
Lawson 169B, 171A, 174A
Laycock 103A
Layer 206A
Layman 138A, 144A
Lea 117B, 123A
Leach 195A, 195B, 196A
Leay 110A, 193B
Lee 107B, 111A, 121A, 168A, 190A
Lemming 163B
Lemmon 93A
Lemons 104A, 104B
Leslie 218B
Letton 107B, 108B
Levy 165B
Lewis 105B
Leyttleton 116B
Lightfoot 83B, 85B, 90B, 108B, 114B, 164B, 223B
Lillie 160A
Lilly 158A, 159B, 160A
Linder 156A
Linderman 148B
Linker 144A, 144B
Linley 136A
Lipscomb 199A
Lively 145B
Lloid 117B
Lloyd 95B
Lockwood 105A
Logan 83A, 83B, 203A, 204A, 207A
Lomis 165B
Lonaker 89B, 90A, 90B, 91B, 95B, 103B, 200B, 201A
Long 81B, 87B, 93A, 139B, 217B
Loninmeeker 190A
Loomis 98B, 103A, 103B, 107B, 162B, 164A, 167A, 181A, 182A, 198B
Lour 194A
Louse 189A
Love 109B, 131A
Lovelace 92B, 94A, 94B, 96A, 102B, 103A, 170B, 183B, 225A, 226A, 226B
Loveless 161B
Lovell 168B
Lowe 195A, 200A, 200B, 201A, 207B
Lowery 173A, 177B
Lozier 195B, 196A
Lucas 103A, 105B, 167A, 198B
Luckner 202B
Lucus 85B
Luke 163A
Lumis 227B
Lummis 226A
Luntz 135B
Mack 203A
Madison 211A
Maines 118A, 123A, 123B, 124B, 126A, 127B, 128B, 129A, 144B, 145B, 148A
Mains 80A, 80B, 83B, 84A, 84B, 88A
Makemsome 190B
Makenson 192B, 207A, 207B
Maloney 92A
Malony 82B
Maloy 78B, 82B, 84B, 86A, 87A
Mangold 170B, 176B
Mann 90A, 110B, 111A, 119B, 159B, 160A, 163A, 164B, 179A, 179B, 180B, 204B
Mante 75B
Maphet 167A
Mardis 86B
Marks 176A
Marquardt 77A, 90A, 112B
Marquett 181B, 182B
Marsh 218A, 218B
Marshall 78A, 138A, 150A, 150B, 151B, 152A, 192A, 213A, 216A
Martin 75B, 84A, 119B, 136A, 136B, 137B, 167A, 170A, 195B, 202B, 224A
Martz 80A, 83A, 103A, 108B
Marvin 111A
Mason 144B, 145A
Massey 150B, 172B, 173B
Massy 216B
Matherly 111A
Mathias 103B
Mattock 215A
Mattox 86A, 152A
McAtee 85A
McBride 108B
McCain 97A, 130B, 136A
McCall 131B, 153B
McCandless 189A, 190A, 192B, 197B
McCane 106B, 138A
McCann 141A, 193B, 194A
McCarty 78B, 89A, 94A, 96B, 118B, 127A, 142A, 155A, 177A, 177B, 194A
McClafferty 175A, 175B
McClain 188B, 190A
McClanahan 79B, 82A, 84A, 85A, 85B, 86B, 87A, 88A, 89B, 105B, 108B, 126B, 140B, 142A, 143A, 174B, 175A, 202B, 223B
McClean 137A
McClung 222A
McCoe 148A
McCormick 179B
McCracken 122B, 151A
McCullough 219B
McCullum 112A
McCurie 107B
McDonald 108B, 112A
McDowell 119A
McElfresh 146A, 172B
McElroy 182B, 196A
McGee 117B
McGibben 195A
McGill 110B, 151B, 162A, 162B, 215A, 228B, 229A
McGinety (?) 110B
McGlaughlin 211A, 211B, 218A
McGomery (?) 139A
McGraw 91B, 92A, 92B, 95B, 112B, 188A, 226B
McHatton 103A, 156B
McHugh 157A
McKandliss 125A
McKee 80A, 81B, 103A, 135A, 217A
McKibben 146A
McKinley 101A, 168A, 169A
McKinney 84A
McKinny 112B, 117B, 123A, 123B, 125A, 125B, 127B, 128A
McLane 82A, 139A
McLin 111A
McMahan 209A
McMath 113B
McMillan 94B, 175B, 176A, 176B
McMillen 133B, 183A
McMillens 107B
McMillian 170B
McNay 89B, 103B, 172A, 183A
McNeese 191A
Meek 106B
Meeks 89A
Menefee 176B, 177A, 179A, 180A
Merrell 125B, 126A, 182A
Merrill 124B, 185A
Merritt 104A
Mershon 172B
Messmer 82A
Meterich 157B
Metz 111B
Metzger 216B
Meyer 95A
Michabe 132A
Middleton 157A, 158A, 158B, 161A, 174A, 197B
Mildens 196B
Mileham 207A
Miles 117B, 119A, 121A, 121B, 138B
Miliner 221A
Mille 129A
Miller 81A, 83A, 87B, 89B, 94A, 104A, 106A, 125A, 126A, 127A, 127B, 133B, 140B, 193B, 197B, 222A, 224B, 225A 
Million 196B
Mills 157A, 157B, 158B, 159A
Milner 204B
Minor 114B
Minturn 189B
Mire 178A, 186A
Mitchell 97A
Mockabee 136A
Monday 106B
Monroe 99A, 203B
Montgomery 124B, 136A, 220A
Moore 78B, 91A, 117A, 117B, 124B, 130A, 130B, 135B, 145A, 145B, 147B, 149A, 150A, 151B, 152B, 153A, 154A, 165B, 187B, 189A, 189B, 190B, 191A, 193A, 194B, 195A, 197B, 199B, 200A, 200B, 207A, 210A, 211A, 229A
Moorhead 149B
Morehead 161A, 172A, 173A
Moreland 221A, 221B
Morford 131B, 132A, 146B
Morgan 100B, 101A, 107A, 107B, 116A, 117A, 204A
Morris 111B, 127A, 130A, 130B, 131A, 133A, 152B, 199A, 201A, 204A, 204B, 208A, 216B
Morrison 108B, 195A
Morton 109A
Mosley 145A
Moss 224A
Mulford 114A
Mullaly 224A
Mullican 195B
Mullins 79A, 93B, 98B, 101A, 115A, 149B, 161B, 162A, 162B, 164A, 164B, 165B, 166B, 213A, 227A
Mulloy 214B, 215B
Munday 93B
Mundy 203A
Munro 184B, 185B
Murphy 84B, 85A, 86A, 87A, 90B, 115A, 163B, 210B, 228B
Mutes 224B
Myer 147B
Myers 83A, 131B, 136B, 140A, 149A
Myleham 171B
Myrick 81A
Nagel 154B, 220B
Nance 198B, 212A
Neal 124A, 175A 
Neave 89A, 93A
Neaves 83A
Neel 140A
Neihouse 219A
Nelson 177A
Nevel 173B, 178A
Newkirk 75B, 137B, 139A, 155B, 230B
Newman 99A, 108B (?), 189A, 189B, 190A, 204B
Nicholas 111B
Nichols 84A, 87B, 145A
Nickle 196A
Nickols 207A, 207B
Nihof 143A
Noe 136A
Nolan 216B
Nordheim 147B, 149B
Norris 89B, 122B, 151B, 165A, 209B, 213B
Northcutt 160B, 173A, 177A
Norton 172B, 215A
Ntzs (?) 219A
Nunnymaker 118B, 119A
Oatcel 152A
O'Brien 146B, 147B
Ochs 82B
O'Conner 228A
O'Donnall 98A
Odor 171B
Oeder 165A, 165B
Oetzel 94B, 100B
O'Flara 89B
O'Hara 92A
O'Hearn 90B
O'Hearon 211B
Oldfield 105B, 187B
Oldham 81B, 82B, 89A, 102A, 110A, 115A, 158B
Oliver 170B, 171A, 175A
O'Neil 159A, 161A, 169B
Ophite 148B
Orr 96A, 112B, 152B, 159A, 167A, 212A, 213A
Osborn 119B
Ostendorf 98A
Ott 96A
Owen 221B
Owens 83A, 83B, 117A, 118A, 136A, 152A, 210A, 217A
Panghburn 131A
Parker 74A, 81B, 116A, 121B, 123A, 135A, 136A, 136B, 141A, 149B, 184B, 210A
Parmer 123B, 127A, 127B
Parr 152A, 164A, 182A
Parson 199B
Parsons 102B
Patton 78B
Payne 179B, 187A, 188A, 189A
Peck 104B
Peitch 112B
Pelle 193A
Pendergest 93B, 103B, 112B
Pendergist 86B, 87A
Pendleton 173B
Pengergash 107A
Pennington 108A
Peoples 211B, 229A
Percefield 174B, 177B
Percy 213A, 213B
Perkins 120A, 201A, 205A, 217B
Perrin 82B, 110A, 195B
Perry 102B, 194B, 199A, 201A
Persale 124B
Peters 141B
Petticord 112A
Pettit 134B, 143A, 155A, 224A
Petty 187A
Pfanstiel 166A
Pfierman 207A
Pfirman 110A
Phillips 144B, 187B, 191A, 197A
Piercefield 174B, 177B
Piercy 89A, 213A
Pigg 204B
Pinckard 81A
Piner 155A, 176B
Plumer 131A, 197B
Plummer 167B, 189B
Plummur 217A
Plunket 171B
Plunkett 183B
Pock 81B, 83B, 94A
Poe 132A, 132B, 133A, 209B
Pogue 193A
Pollard 107A, 116A
Polley 96A, 99B
Poole 84B
Poor 93B, 182A
Pope 78A
Porter 108B, 109B, 110A, 178B, 181B, 194A, 207B 217B
Poter 194A, 198A, 200B, 201A
Potter 194A
Pottering 98B
Potts 135B
Pouge (?) 192B
Powell 100A, 100B, 203A, 223B
Powers 146A, 171A
Pox 139B
Prather 102A
Preston 130A
Pribble 77A, 134B, 135B, 152A, 153B, 215A, 215B, 220A
Price 118B, 172A, 207A
Printy 174B, 179B
Pruett 219A
Pugh 102A. 130B
Purdy 80A, 82A, 91A, 93A, 98B, 99A, 181A
Purvis 211A
Puthoff 106A

Quilling 80A
Quinlan 132A
Quinlin 210B

Race 160B, 178B, 187A, 200B, 210B
Radenheimer 130A, 151A
Rainey 214B, 217B
Ramsey 113B, 119A, 126B, 129A
Ramsney 166A
Rand 89B, 171B
Ranking 117A
Ransely 107A
Ransom 174A
Rardin 133A, 153B, 155B, 213B, 214A
Raridan 226B
Rarreich 141B
Rath 147A, 149A
Ratliff 150A
Raueu 79A
Ravenscraft 91A, 193B, 201A, 207A
Ray 102A
Read 187A
Reaves 163A, 211A, 214B, 218A, 222A
Reckan 162B
Reckes 101B, 102A
Record 148A
Records 100A, 100B, 135A, 150A, 153A, 221A
Redd 195A
Reddy 111B
Redinhour 194B
Redman 205B
Redmon 100B, 107B, 134B, 138A, 150A
Reed 84A, 120A, 120B
Reeves 228A, 230B
Regan 89A
Reidenhour 198B
Reuber 98A
Reynolds 86B, 175A, 184A, 209B, 210B, 213B
Rice 74A, 74B, 85A, 105B, 106A, 127A, 223B
Rich 159A
Richards 81A, 106B
Richart 87B, 152B
Ricketts 106B
Ridell 122A
Ridgeway 105B
Rigg 127A
Riggle 115A
Riggs 108A
Riley 137B, 147A, 183A
Ring 210A, 210B (?), 213B
Ringo 107A
Risen 194B, 207A
Risk 106B
Riter 203B
Ritter 111B, 112A
Ritzler 104B
Rivel 211B
Robb 91B
Robbin 111A
Roberts 78A, 90A, 90B, 96A, 117A, 123B
Robinson 112A, 187B, 193A, 193B, 198A, 211A, 211B, 224B
Rodes 224B
Rodgers 199B, 201A
Roger 111B
Rogers 137B
Rohda 95B, 227B
Rohrs 172B
Roland 170B
Rosef 107B
Rosenstiel 95B
Rosof 105A
Rourk (?) 80B
Rouse 148B, 149A, 209A, 213B
Rout 224A
Routt 88A
Ruber 175B, 230B
Rudd 124B
Rule 108A, 113A
Rumery 131B
Rush 110B, 112B, 135B
Rust 148A, 223A
Ryan 83B, 87A, 107A, 196A
Ryder 212A, 212B, 217B, 218A
Saben 176B
Sabin 189A
Salaberry (?) 210A
Sanders 74A, 81A, 121A, 164A, 169A, 169B, 171A, 172A, 177B, 207B, 211A, 230A
Sargent 92B, 98B, 99A, 135A, 167A, 170B, 194B, 201A, 206A, 206B, 227A 
Saunders 192A, 211A
Sayre 212A
Scales 172A
Scanlan 86A
Scarnan 115A
Schachle 228B
Schalk 210A
Schanding 202A, 202B
Scharfenberger 139A, 146B, 149B
Scheitz 92B
Schest 185A, 185B
Scheutz 78A
Schill 174A, 174B, 220B
Schist 184B, 185A
Schitts 191A
Schitz 77B, 78B
Schlueter 167A, 167B
Schneider 91B, 94A
Schnete 147B
Schofield 162B
Schonert 114B
Schubert 218A
Schuetz 90B
Schufefist (?) 215B
Schuler 171B, 224B 
Schulkers 227A
Schurbert 113A
Schutter 76B
Schweinefus 161B
Scott 93B, 114A, 148B, 205B, 209A, 213A, 218B
Scully 145A
Seever 103A
Seevers 134A
Seiler 229A
Sellers 76A, 85A, 95B, 116B
Sempter 78B
Severs 153A
Shafer 94B, 98A, 103B, 138B, 139A, 154B, 159A, 183A
Shanating (?) 203A
Shanks 114A
Sharon 136A, 153A
Sharp 78A, 78B, 83A, 95B, 96A, 112A, 114B, 127A, 130B, 131A, 131B, 137A, 138A, 139B, 140A, 140B, 141A, 151A, 152A
Sharpe 204A 
Shaster (?) 203A
Shaver 150B
Shaw 133A, 212A
Shaws (?) 131A
Shearer 224A
Sheehan 132A
Shehan 79B, 83A, 86A, 108B
Sheilds 204B
Shelley 213A
Shelton 75A, 75B, 111B, 131B, 132B, 155B
Sheron 216A
Sherwood 112B
Shewalter 79B, 124B
Shields 81B, 120A, 122B, 123A, 129A
Ship 198B
Shipp 198A, 200B
Shitz 75A, 76A
Shives 92A
Shoemake 145A
Shoemaker 78B, 83A, 87B, 100A, 130A, 132A, 135A, 143B, 168A, 214B, 216A, 216B, 218A, 220B, 223A, 228A
Shonting 81A
Shotwell 101A, 101B, 140A, 184A, 213B
Shrader 108A
Shrock 156B
Shurer 111B
Sidney 176A
Sief__t 180A
Simmons 174B
Simpson 76A, 77B, 99B, 116A, 118A, 122B, 158A, 158B, 160B, 172A, 173A, 177A, 179A, 191A
Sims 107A, 112A, 112B, 114A, 214B (?)
Sine 217A
Sines 223A
Singer 113B
Skinner 217A, 218A
Slade 107A, 113A
Slater 172A, 173A, 179A, 184A, 184B
Smalley 81B
Smally 117B
Smith 75B, 78B, 89B, 94A, 97A, 99B, 106A, 106B, 112B, 116B, 124A, 139A, 145B, 148A, 149A, 151A, 162A, 167B, 169B, 179B, 185B, 205A, 208A, 217A, 220B, 224B, 227A, 230A, 231A
Smoot 77B, 78A
Smyth 157A
Snedagar 124A
Sneed 80B, 81A, 102B, 204A
Sneethen 156B (or Sreethen)
Snider 148A
Snodgrass 77A, 79A
Snow 138A
Sorrell 97B, 169B, 184B, 210B, 211B, 223A, 223B, 226A, 228B, 229A, 229B, 230A
Sothard 178A, 178B, 184B
Souder 196A, 196B
Southard 173B
Southgate 106A, 106B, 109B
Spalding 159A
Sparks 149A, 154A, 154B
Sparrou 194B
Spegal 158A, 159B, 160B
Spegeal 230A
Speigel 229B
Spencer 136A
Stallcup 87B, 88A, 108B
Stalle 90B
Stallings 158A
Stanfield 83A, 83B, 85A, 85B Steele 139A
Steiger 148B
Steinfort 181B
Stephens 98A, 135A, 165B, 171A, 171B, 175A, 184B, 185A, 191B
Stephenson 174B, 184A
Stevenson 81B, 170B, 171A
Steward 215A
Stewart 78A, 136B
Stiht 171B
Stills 170B
Stillwell 93B
Stiner 148A, 148B
Stines 80A
Stinson 109A
Stith 165A, 169A
Stitz 84A
Stone 195A, 195B, 196A, 197A, 201A, 204A, 205A, 205B, 206A
Stowers 75A
Straton 209B
Stratton 160B
Strebel 147A
Stroub 77A, 79A, 90A, 157A
Stroud 183A
Strout 157A
Strun 116B
Struve (?) 107A
Stuart 119A
Stump 74B
Stumpp 89B
Stutz 82B, 83A
Sulivan 80A
Sullivan 97A, 97B, 100A, 136A, 146A, 169B, 173A
Sutton 79B, 107A, 114B, 138A, 188B, 226B
Swears 75A
Sweeny 82B
Swetman 98A
Swiker 197A
Swoope 114A
Taaffe 170B
Tabor 114A
Talbot 90A, 213A
Talton (?) 113A
Tandy 105B
Tarvin 209A
Taylor 89B, 93B, 105B, 107B, 109B, 111A, 117A, 123B, 141B, 152A, 153A, 165A, 175B, 183B, 185A, 207B, 211B, 212A, 219B, 222A, 224A, 228A
Teegarden 124A, 124B, 125B, 155B
Tegard 124A, 124B
Tewell 175A, 184A
Thomas 102A, 111B, 116B, 130B, 133A, 160B, 190A, 192A, 199A, 228A, 228B
Thomasson 221B
Thomesberry 74B, 85B
Thompson 76B, 78B, 89B, 91B, 92A, 92B, 104B, 185B, 192B, 193A, 197A, 197B, 204A, 204B
Thornberry 137B, 140B
Thornesby 125B
Thornton 99A, 106A, 163A, 164B, 165A, 168A
Thrasher 162B
Tibbleman 192B
Tinker 130B
Tippett 125A
Tohmson 117B
Tolaferot (?) 124B
Tolle 124B
Tomlin 96A, 151B, 156A, 156B, 157A, 157B, 176B, 177A, 180B
Tomlinson 112A
Tooding 192B
Toomy 196B, 197A
Tout 108B
Townsend 206B
Trailer 213A
Trailor 218B, 221B
Trainer 152B
Traler 217A
Trankler 150B
Tranldar 132A
Traylor 74B, 95A, 117B, 135A, 183B, 184A
Trice 101A
Trinkler 140B
Triplett 174A
True 110B
Tryman 134B
Tucker 81B, 133A, 134A, 135B, 220A, 221A
Tungate 106B, 159A, 160A
Turl 143B
Turner 146A, 146B, 155A, 169B, 170A, 185B, 219A
Twenty 172A, 231A
Uruin (?) 131A
Utter 95B, 131B, 142A, 178A, 221B
Vallandingham 166A, 166B, 181A
Vanlandingham 130B, 150A
Varnan 167A 
Vastine 156B, 162A, 163B, 164A, 177A
Vater 220B
Vaughn 229B
Veirs 130B, 154B
Vellandingham 156A, 159A
Vendler 75A
Vice 172A, 174A, 191A
Vicroy 88A
Vitter 145B
Vogelsong 111B
Voires 213B
Wachter 93B
Wade 223B, 224A
Wadkins 119B, 121B
Wadsworth 181B, 182B, 183B, 191B
Waggonman 136A
Wagner 202A
Wagoner 119B, 123A
Wakefield 161B
Walde 163B
Walker 216B
Wall 165B, 228A
Wallace 92B, 138B, 141A, 145A, 178B, 179B, 225B
Waller 150B
Walthers 185A
Wandelohr 110B
Wanderlohr 215B
Ward 89A
Ware 155B, 219A, 220B
Warford 74A, 74B
Warner 109B
Warren 161B
Watkin 122B
Watkins 161B, 162A
Watson 88A, 150A, 150B
Weary 105B
Weathers 224B
Weaver 104A, 188B
Webb 132A, 173B, 175A, 195A, 204B
Webster 184A, 214B
Wedden 81A
Wedding 106A, 106B, 107A
Weisbrodt 146A
Welch 113A, 164A
Weldon 220A
Wellman 109B, 135B
Wells 78A, 89B, 180B, 181A, 188A, 192A, 192B, 194A, 198A, 198B, 199B, 207A
Wendt 144A
West 86B, 98B, 111A, 199B
Whalen 87B, 90A, 118A, 118B, 224A
Whaley 77A, 113A, 162A, 164A, 179B, 181A, 181B, 183A
Wheeler 93B, 105A, 213B
Wheste 81A
Whipps 224A
Whitaker 122B, 205B, 219B
White 106A, 135B, 143A
Whiteman 146A
Whitford 143A
Whitlock 88A, 88B
Whittaker 139B
Wicks 114A
Wiegandt 96B
Wiening 169A
Wiggans 74A, 124B
Wiggins 88A
Wilcoxson 95A
Wildens 196B (or Mildens)
Wiley 126A, 215A
Willet 109B
Williams 78B, 80B, 105B, 107B, 109A, 161A, 192A, 203A, 204B, 206B, 209B, 211A, 213B
Willimres (?) 195B
Willis 78A, 87B, 152B
Wilmoth 144B
Wilshire 163A, 163B
Wilson 76B, 77A, 89A, 89B, 90B, 91A, 93B, 104B, 105A, 105B, 111A, 112B, 113A, 116A, 119A, 136B, 167A, 180B, 181A, 190B, 207B, 212B, 213B, 215B
Windgard 184A, 184B
Winkle 193B, 195B, 196B, 205A (?)
Winn 156B
Winsel 154B
Witford 209B
Wolf 79A, 110A, 155A, 179B, 191B, 193A
Wolfe 93B, 94A
Wood 116A, 120B, 127A
Woodfork 109B 
Woodhead 108A, 112A
Woodruff 147A, 147B
Woods 75B, 85A, 86A, 118A, 127A, 127B, 192A, 199B
Woodworth 110B
Woodyard 95A
Wooley 111B, 116B, 122B
Workman 124A, 182B
Works 156A, 156B, 157A, 158A, 158B, 159A, 160A, 161A
Worthington 207B
Wright 78A, 78B, 80B, 81A, 88A, 119A, 119B, 120A, 120B, 121A, 121B, 122A, 123A, 126B, 152A, 178A
Wyatt 88A, 114A, 116A, 125A, 126A
Yates 118A
Yeager 119B, 113B
Yelton 93A, 132B, 135A, 137A, 138B, 139A, 139B, 148B, 152A, 152B, 158B, 161B, 162A, 168B, 209A, 210A, 212A, 212B, 214B, 216B, 217B, 219B, 220A, 225A, 228B, 229A
York 75A, 99B, 100A, 101B, 102B, 104A, 104B, 223B
Young 131B, 135A, 140A, 141A, 141B, 152B, 192A, 207B
Younger 195A
Youngman 163B, 164A, 219B
Zarn 79A
Zoller 99A, 99B
Zurburg 164A

Jerry' Note:  Unable to determine identity: Page 123A, line 40; Page 123B, line 98; Page 192A, line 56; Page 209B, line 56


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