Will of Thomas Thirlwell 1901


Will of Thomas Thirlwell 1901

Submitted by Patricia Jones Settle

I, Thomas C. Therwell of Oldham County, Kentucky, do now make this
instrument of writing my last will and testament, revoking any previous
will or codicil.

1. I wish all my just debts and funeral expenses paid, and after this is
done I direct and will
2. That my whole estate, both real and personal, shall be owned, used and
enjoyed by my wife, Susan Virginia, for her support and maintenance during
her natural life.
3. Upon the death of my said wife, my farm in Oldham County, Kentucky,
near Skylight, containing fifty-six acres, more or less, shall pass to and
belong to my son, Albert A. Therwell in fee simple, together with all
personal property that may then be upon said farm, including farming
implements, household and kitchen furniture, and life stock of every kind.
4. Upon the death of my said wife, a lot of land upon which there is a
dewelling house situated on the south side of the alley North of Magazine
Street, between Ninth and Tenth Streets, in the City of Louisville,
Kentucky, fronting twenty-six feet on said alley and extending back in
parallel lines eighty feet, the number of the house being 928, shall pass
to and belong to my grandchildrenb Edward Thurwell and Lula Thurwell,
children of my deceased son, Frederick Therwell.  The said lot is
immediately in the rear and adjoining the lot on Magazine Street devised
to my son Robert.  I advanced to my son Frederick during his life time as
much of my estate as was his just share, but never the less, I make this
devise to two of his children.

I appoint my wife, Susan Virginia, Executrix of this will and request that
she be allowed to qualify without bond.

October 8th 1901                S/ Thos. C. Thirlwell

Attest:  David H. Farleigh
            John D. Hill
            William B. Taylor