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WILL OF JAMES HEAD [will book 4 pg 30-31]-contributed by Kathy Reeves

The last will of James Head sint of the County of Oldham and State of Kentucky.

I James Head since considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being of sound mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say first after all my Debts are paid is my will that all my real estate be sold and the proceeds equally divide amongst my ten children namely Richard Head and Zachariah G. Heads three children, George W. Head, Benj.M.Head, Jacob B. Head, Lawrence W. Head, Mahala Ballard's __ children, Rachael Dockins four children, Mildred C. Blankenships three children, Mary Overstreets three children. 2nd It is my will that my negro woman Charlott loan to my Daughter Rachel in her life time and now in the possesion of Churchwell Dockins and also Sarah loaned to my Daughter Mahala and now in the possesion of John Ballard together with their increase to be returned to my executors on administratiors at my death to be sold with the rest of my slaves among my ten children above named Exculisivley. 3rd. It is my will that my executors shall sell with my heirs agreeable to my account book. 4th and lastly I do hearby appoint Richard Head, George W. Head and Benj.M.Head my executors of this my last will and testament hereby revooking all other will by one made.

In Witness whereof I have herunto set my hand and said this fourteenth day of June One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty Four.

Allish James Head decd [seal]

Robert Mason

Richard Clove


Kentucky Oldham County Court

September 10,1854

A paper purposing to be the last will and testament of James Head went was this day produced in court and proposed to be such by the ouths of Robert Mason and Robert Clove suscribing withthis thereto and ordered to be recorded which is duly admitted to record.

Att. Brent Hopkins Clk

Oldham Co KY Courthouse Will book 4 pg 102

To this humb. Judge of Oldham County Court the undersigned Executors of James Head decd respectfully report that they in accordance with the directions of decedants will have sold his land and Rail Road stock after proper accounting to heirs after set forth to with.

March 12, 1855- Sold 6 Share stock in L&F R.Road at public outery to Jno C. Mount for $22 p share on a credit of 3- 1 months and he gave his note therefor =$132.00

Sold M Wilhite 289 acres 1 Road and 30 poles land near Brownsboro KY for $22.25 p acre 1/3 Payable March 1 1855 1/3 payable Dec 25 1855 and 1/3 payable Dec 25 1856 = $6,439.98

Sold to George W. Head a tract of land near Calhoun McLean County KY about____acres at $___ p acer Dec 12, 1854 1/3 due when sold 1/3 due Dec 12, 1855 and 1/3 due Dec 1856 for all of which said Head gave notes of $976.52 ea =$2,929.56

Sold L.W. Head Dec 12, 1854 200 acres of land in McLean County KY at $7 p acre he gave note 1/3 down 1/3 in one year after and 1/3 in two years on Insust from date = $1.400.00

Sold 1 town lot Oct 9th 1854 to A.M.Ballard for $166 at 6-12 months and said Ballard and JM Head his security exeutor two notes for $83 ea =$166

Sold 1 town lot to Blacksmiths shop and brick to W L Wright for $175 on 4-12 monts credit and he with R. Tale after Executes two notes of $87.50 ea =$175

amounting to all total.....$11,242.54

All of which is respectfully reported July 1855

B.M.Head Rich Head exec of Jas Head dec.

Kentucky Oldham County Court July ten 1855