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Woodsmall - Mount - Dowden Cemetery

Your coordinator had a great time on the weekend of Sep 20-21, 2003 with a couple of Woodsmall descendents - David Dlouhy of Washington, D.C. & Oldham's own Becky Hicks. Elsie Roberts and Dot Carrico from the Historical Society also gave a hand in cleaning up this cemetery that rests on Gary Smith's farm on Zhale Smith Road. We cleared the wild brush and excavated the stones. We found the cemetery to have 15 gravesites with 4 headstones unearthed and 7 rock markers found. The tombstone photos are below with other pictures taken of the cleanup........Donnie, your coordinator.

John Mont (Mount)

b 10 Mar 1765 d 04 Feb 1843

Lydia, wife of John Mont

b 20 Mar 1773 d 29 Jan 1849

Inscription on top says "Our Mother". Stone placed by Mount children in 1881.
James Woodsmall

b Feb 1808 d 03 Sep 1838

It was a thicket when we started. Initially we drove right by the cemetery because it was not easily visible...even after I had visited earlier in the spring. It was a hard couple of days work, but it was quite rewarding to know that our efforts helped us learn a little more about these families and their history.
Becky & David decided to get a photo with their Woodsmall ancestor half way through the cleanup. The base for James Woodsmall's tombstone had to be excavated from under major roots and about a foot of soil. That was about a 3 and a half hour job in itself.
Elsie proved to know what she was doing with tombstone finding and cleaning. After it was all said and done, we felt like true professionals at cemetery restoration. This property originally belonged to James & Sarah Mount Woodsmall. It transferred to the Dowdens and then to Zhale Smith. Grandson, Gary Smith is the present-day landowner. James Woodsmall (married Sarah Mount), in-laws John and Lydia Mount, sister, Charlotte Woodsmall Mount Dowden married Amos Mount

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