Holy Bible of John Ambrose Cissell
Holy Bible of John Ambrose Cissell
Bought 24 March 1862

Alexander Reid born in 1804 and died September the 6th, 1878

Howard Reid born December the 4th, 1875 and died January the 19th, 1887 after being taken sick - 7 weeks on - December 4, 1886

Willis Ballard born May the 15th, 1807 and died May the 5th, 1873 in the 66th year of his age

Hillary Cissell born April the 18th, 1807 and died September 3, 1878

There was a picnic at St. Vincent's Church August the 11th, 1883 near Newhope
Mas Clark and Mary Newton were married at Holy Cross Church June the 2nd, 1884

Stephen Wimsatt born on October 15, 1802 and died April 25th, 1876

My grandfather John Ballard was born in the year 1786 and died in the year of 1835, February the 26th, in his 49 year.

Father Vantroostenbugh died at Memphis, Tennessee September 19, 1878

There was a mission at Holy Cross commencing September the 29th and lasting 7 days conducted by Father Bronsgust and Fr. Hillman, this October 5th, 1878.

Martin Blandford hung himself near John A. Wimsatt's on June the 11th, 1877.

Charles B. McCauley and Ellvina Clark married March 11, 1879

John Fenwick and Rosy Nalley married March 17th, 1879 at Raywick.

Written this today July 29, 1879, a cloudy morning. Penwick and Rosy here today.

Bob or Job (?) Cissell got killed by the explosion of a steam boiler December the 26th, 1879 at F. M. Head's.

G. W. Brady got accidently killed by John Brady near Millers Springs December the 26th, 1879.

Charles B. McCauley and Jemima Mattingly married April the 28, 1885.

Sarah Jane Hagan or Newton died March the 29th, 1885, aged about 28 years.

John Ambrose Cissell, this is the 12th day of February 1859 and born the 7 day of November 1835.

One child found at John O'Bryan's house one Fri. night about nine o'clock on the 5th day of May, 1868, neither father or mother. Written by John A. Cissell, May the 10th, 1868.

John P. Gilkey was born June 6, 1781.

John Holthouser was born January 13, 1774.

John P. Gilkey died March 12, 1867. John Holthouser died November the 7th on Saturday about 2 o'clock in the evening in 1868, Saturday is a pretty day.

Old John Norriss born April 5th, 1792 and died May the 8th, 1875.

My Aunt Mary Lucretia Holthouser born October the 18th, 1822 and died March 30th, 1876.

Old Mrs. Elizabeth Holthouser died January 30th, 1878 and buried at St. Thomas, January 31, 1878 - born September 1, 1782.

A warm day, June 10th, 1877.

Mandy Ellen Cissell born May the 22nd, 1857 and died October the 23rd, 1879 In the 23rd year of her age, died at half past 10 o'clock, a clear night.

Joseph R. Cissell was borned Jan. 14, 1862

Marzetta(?) Read born April the 4, 1887.

Anna Florence Read born Sep. 3, 1868.

Robert Floyd Read born April the 6th, 18' Thomas S. Hagan was killed by Tom Ferrill on Saturday, May the 5th, 1871 at Loretto Depot.

Bland Ballard killed himself on December the 13th, 1872 and was found in the woods about 3/4 of a mile, northwest from home, and was buried December the 18th, 1872. My Uncle Charles Cissell was the first one to find him.

There was a jubilee at Holy Cross Church September 21-22 and 25 conducted by John Hutchins and David Russell in 1875.

There was a retreat at Holy Cross Church October 15-16-17-18-19-20 conducted by Rev. Vilanot Drury and Fehan Chichgo - 1877.

Old James Nalley died June 22, 1871 age about 77.

Barny Nalley died May 29, 1871 age about 27 years.

Thomas Hagan taken up out of the grave, after being six weeks buried - this June 23rd, 1871.

Ursula Wimsatt died March the Ist, 1872.

James McClasky Cissell born August the 28th, 1871.

Richard Willis Ballard died May 5th, 1873.

Treasy Ann Ballard or Ball died March the 6th, 1874.

Tom Woods got killed by Ben Hardy July the 30th, 1877 near home in the 22nd year of his age.

Felix Nally died August the 10th, 1877 in the 60 year of his age.

Sally Roberts, wife of Wm. A. Roberts died December 19, 1877 age about 59 years old, 11 months, 6 days.

Leo Cissell died January 22nd, 1877 aged about 69 years.

Mahala Cissell, Leo Cissell's wife, died March 10, 1877, aged about 62 years.

Pius Hagan, born May 5th, 1808 and died February the 10th, 1878 - a thunderstorm today.

George A. Roberts died April the 12th, 1878 in the 24th year of his age.

Diceann Nalley or McCauley died April the 18th, in the 46 year of her age - 1878.

Simon Humphrey died March 31st, 1878 aged about 63 years.

Old James Hagen died May Ist, 1878 aged about 64.

Mary Catharine Ritcherson born September 18th, 1874.

Richard Feehan ordained Priest at Louisville August 26, 1877.

Hillary Cissell died Sep. the 3rd, 1878 about 4 o'clock a.m. and buried at Holy Cross Church on the 4th about 12 o'clock a.m. A very large crowd attended this funeral.

Green Clayton and Washington Burks got killed February the 26, 1884. Clayton got wounded.

Lawrence My grandfather John Ballard and Elizabeth Nalley married Oct. 10th, 1814,

There was a mission at Holy Cross Church on September the 12, 1886 and ended on September the 18th 1886, conducted by Father Durham.

Old Ben Wheeler born April the 14th, 1790 died June the 4th on Sunday morning 1882 aged 92 years, I month and 20 days.

Old Alley Smith died August the 2nd, 1882 aged about 70 years.

Morgan Gilkey taught school at schoolhouse #47 in 1879.

Henry Clay Holthouser died August the 28, 1883 - interred at St. Thomas - aged about 48 years.

Old Nancy Mudd died June the 6th, 1884 aged about 90 years - interred At St. Thomas on June the 8th

James Grant born October the 12th, 1800 and died December the 10th, 1878 - interred at Holy Cross.

Old Mary (Polly) Reid died December the 27, 1876 and born in 1786.

Rev. John B. Hutchins born July the 13, 1803 and died on Friday, February 7th, 1879.

Old Joseph Howard died March the 11th, 1879 aged 80 years - interred at St. Ann's Church.

Sudie Ballard or Downs died March the 24th, 1879 - aged about 24 years - Interred at Holy Cross.

Thomas W. Newton died March 24, 1879 aged 63 years.

Jennie Rose Ballard died April 2nd, 1879 aged 28.

James Downs died April 28th, 1879 aged 14 years.

Joann French died May 7th, 1879, aged 25 years.

Julann French died May 1st, 1874, aged 23 years.

Dixie Roberts died May the 11th, 1879 aged 17.

Margrett Blandford died May 14, 1879.

Old James E. Edelen born November the 9th, 1800 and died July the 14th, 1879.

John Greenwell died August 31, 1879.

Joshua Greenwell died September 9th, 1879.

Old Tom Hutchins died October 22, 1879 aged 74.

Jerry Nalley died December 24, 1879, aged 45 years.

Thomas Cissell died October the 17th, 1878.

Nick Clark and Alice Newton married November 19th, 1878.

Nanny Ballard's baby born November the 27th, 1878 - the baby a boy.

Jerry Nalley left here for John Nalley's in Marion County November the 19th, 1878.

Old Joseph Clark died May the 7th, 1878 aged about 66 years,

Taylor Wheeler died at Adam Donohoe's August the 20th with the cholera 1873, lived 10 hours.

Christina Wheeler died August the 22nd, 1873 on Friday with the cholera - lived 8 hours.

Ignatius Marion Wheeler died with the cholera Aug. 22, 1873 - lived 6 hours.

Anna Donohoe died with the cholera August the 25, 1873 - lived 2 days.

Thomas Woods died with the cholera Tuesday, August the 26th, 1873 - lived 4 days.

Old Corner Woods died with the cholera Wednesday, August the 27th, 1873 lived about 20 hours.

Sidney Holtshouser died August the 22nd, 1876 died with inflamatory rheumatism on Tuesday morning, a warm day.

Old Jefferson Cissell died May 10, 1875.

Old Nancy Wheeler died June the 18th, 1875 about 80 years old.

Eliza Ballard, Tom Ballard's wife, died July the 17th, 1875.

Cary Cissell moved to his new house December 16, 1876.

Henry Hagan and Sarah J. Newton married Sept. the 18, 1877 married at Charchigo(?)

Old Uncle Stephen Wimsett had two horses today killed by lightning, this the 25th day of June 1873.

Elizabeth Ann Ballard married Augustus Willett September 13, 1874 - married at Holy Cross at half past 2 o'clock.

Willis Ballard's wife died September the 27th, 1874 leaving ten children, 5 boys and 5 girls.

Moses Hinton died April 4, 1876.

Minerva Mattingly died April 8, 1876.

Betty Ann Clark died in Hardin County February the 5th, 1885 aged about 25 years of age.

John Martin Hill shot and killed his wife on Wednesday February 11, 1885, wife lived 16 hours after she was shot, died on Feb. 12, 1885.

Tomy Thompson and Anne Ballard married February 2, 1885.

Sid Sims and Alice Wimsatt married February 3, 1885.

William Hardesty and Mandy Edelen married February 10, 1885.

Andrew Holthouser born April 28, 1804.

James A. Garfield, President of the United States of America got shot by Charles J. Giteau on July the 2nd, 1881 and died September the 20th on Tuesday and lived after he got shot 79 days, 1881, Written by John A. Cissell on September the 22nd on Thursday, 1881. A warm day, getting out staves today.

Victor Cissell born January 27th, 1873.

Burndette Cissell born March 6, 1875.

Old Bennett Wheeler born April 14, 1790 and died June the 4th, 1882.

Sally Ann Ballard died October 13, 1876.

Hariett Bruby died April 12, 1877, age about 60 years.

S. Nalley died April 30, 1877.

Shelton Nalley died April the 14, 1877 age about 52 years.

Shelby Ballard got killed at William Cissell's by some unknown person May the 29, 1877.

There was a procession at Bardstown for in Favour of the Pope, June the 3rd, 1877.

Rose Ann Devers died May the 30th, 1877.

Martin Blandford hung himself near A. N. Vinson's June the 11th, 187?, aged 25 years.

Family Records


John Ambrose Cissell was born November 7th, 1835.
Martha Ellen Cissell was born December 29th, 1836.
Elizabeth Alice was born January 26, 1856.
Mandy Ellen Cissell was born May 22, 1857.
Ann Bethany Cissell was born July 1, 1859.
John Ambrose Cissell was born May 23, 1868.
Albert Hillman was born February the 28, 1879.
Francis Alexander Cissell was born June 12, 1863.
Nancy Regina Cissell was born April the 2nd, 1865.
Linus Boyd Cissell was born December the 17th, 1866.
Martha Venter Cissell was born January the 25th, 1869.
Charles David Cissell was born May 17th, 1879.
Julia Bridgett Cissell was born June the 7, 1872.
Edward Anithasurt was born August the 31, 1875.


John A. Cissell was married February 6, 1855.
Jeremiah Nalley was married Mar. 23rd, 1862 to Mahalia Lamkins.
Michael Medermott and Mahalia Jane Nalley was married March 27th, 1856.
My grandfather John Ballard and Elizabeth Nalley married October 10, 1814.
Joseph Ritcherson and Elizabeth Alice Cissell married November 25, 1873.
Linus Cissell and Elizabeth Ballard married February 20, 1834.
Linus Cissell and Rosy Nalley married April 30, 1848.
John H. Cissell married the 6 of October 1853.
Sylvester B. Nalley and Teresa Cissell married July the 12, 1839.
John D. Read and Missouri Cissell married October the 28th, 1861.
G. W. Read married Ann Luvina Cissell July the 8th, 1866.


Ann Bethany Cissell died January 20th, 1859.
Caroline Donohoe died September 3, 1861.
Ellen Nalley died July the 12th, 1862.
Nancy Ann Nalley died September the 25th, 1862.
Louisa Coy died June 1865.
Mahala M. died November the 1st 1864.
Alexander Nalley died March the 20th, 1866.
Martha Venter Cissell died January the 25th, 1869.
My sister AnJulina Cissell died November the 15th 1842.
William Ballard died January the 30th, 1851.

Mary Ellen Ballard or Thornsbury born May 8th, 1846.
Eliza Hagan or Ballard born January the 16th, 1812.
John Norriss born April 5, 1793 and died May the 8, 1875.
Mary Elizabeth Nalley born July the 5th, 1863.
Manda B. Medermott was born December 6th, 1856.
Charlotte Johnson born July the 24th, 1823.
Jerry Nalley's son Charles Lavielle Nalley was born July the 26th, 1866.
Riley Elmer Nalley born December the 25th, 1872.

Riley Cissell and Susan Cissell married January 27, 1874.
Charles K. Cissell was married to Lillie Willett September 18, 1877 - married at New Haven.

The Nelson County Genealogist - Winter, 1990 Pages 27-33
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