Trimble Day Cemetery

The Day Cemetery at Lenox (Day/Trimble Cemetery)

Contributed by Diana Trimble Crace

The names are as follows
Row 1-front upon entering cemetary
Evelyn Ison Hughes, 5 March , 1932.  20 Sept. 1991, Daughter of Ira Ison & Mary Trimble Ison
Ira Ison, 26 Jun 1910, 11 July 1976    
Mary Trimble Ison, 4 Jan, 1909---11 May, 1972. Wife of Ira and mother to Evelyn.
Selona Williams Trimble, 1885---1966. Wife of John E. Trimble and mother to Mary Trimble Ison and Ora Trimble.
John E. Trimble  1881---1955
Ora Trimble  20 Feb 1902---16 Nov 1964
Edna Lewis Trimble 11 Feb 1903--26 Dec 1981. Wife of Ora Trimble
Judy Caskey Dehart  2 Nov 1957--16 Oct 1994. Granddaughter of Mary Trimble Ison and Ira Ison
Edgar Elam  22 May 1923--3 Nov, 1998
Row 2, from left upon entering
Jimmy Ison Sept 16, 1940. (no death date) Son of Mary Trimble Ison and Ira Ison. Brother to Evelyn Ison Hughes.
also are about 3 unmarked graves in this row.
Row 3, from left to right.
One unmarked grave.
Lydia Patton, 9 Feb 1884, 13 June 1915. Wife of Jas. S. Patton.
2 unmarked graves
Elizabeth Day. 10 June 1860--19 Apr. 1950. ( I believe this lady to be the wife of Anderson Day)
Anderson Day 14 Oct, 1846--30 Aug 1915
Everett Day  30 Sept 1900--20 June 1987. Son of Anderson Day.
Josephine Day 2 July 1910---18 Apr 1997. wife of Everett Day.
In a small lot behind this Cemetary is one that contains two graves.
Stella Adkins, 2 June 1897--17 May 1943. Stella was the wife of William Henderson Adkins, and she was a sister to Selona Williams Trimble.
Della Allen  3-6-1951----3-6-1951. Della was the granddaughter of Stella Adkins.

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