McClain Cemetery; Lenox, KY

McClain Cemetery @ Lenox, Ky

behind the Williams Creek Elkfork Community  Church


Transcribed on 20 Aug 2003, by Diana Trimble Crace and Ann Amanda Crace

Polly Keeton---8 April 1900-7 May 1993
Randolph Keeton--26 Dec 1926-21 July 1956
Tom R Keeton, Jr---9 April 1921-2 Sept 1972
Loretta Sheets--5 July 1940-9 Nov 1983
Buford Keeton--20 Feb 1928--27 Feb 2000
Double Stone
Fannie Hammons--12 Nov 1885--1 Nov 1981
Arthur Hammons--19 Oct 1886--4 Dec 1923
Eva Sue Mullins--17 June 1925--19 May 1960
Double Stone
Mae Hammond--17 Feb 1929--10 Feb 1977
Frits Hammond--26 July 1918-20 Sep 1987
Double Stone
Irene McClain--15 May 1921--8 Dec 1976
Shelton McClain--8 Oct 1916--2 Mar 1985
(married 4 Dec 1939  PFC US Army WWII
Double Stone
Virgil Lewis--18 June 1904--4 May 1983
Elizabeth Lewis-5 May 1903--7 Mar 1978
metal marker--no name or date
Double Stone
Lillie M  Longabaugh--21 Apr 1912--31 July 1980
Elmer N. Longabaugh--9 Nov 1909--3 Mar 1996
James Peyton--25 June 1926--10 May 1986
Reva C. McGlothen Wright--18 May 1929--23 Apr 1997   ("I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living")
Double stone
Clayton Dulin--9 Aug 1925---------
Inda Dulin--4 Jan 1927
Flat stone wit letter O.M. no other id
Leon Blackie McClain II--18 Dec 1949--16 Oct 1996     AIC US Air Force Vietnam
Double stone
Reva M. Hutchinson--12 Sep 1922---------
Charles E Hutchinson--27 May 1923--30 Oct 1996  TEC 4 US Army WWII
Mary Ann McClain--9 May 1929
Leon McClain--21 Aug 1923--18 Sep 1981
Double Stone
Clarice McClain--1921--1978
Ora B McClain--1915--1967]
Ivan R. McClain Jr--1949--1957 (our baby)
Ida Conley--1878--1948
W.H. Conley--1883--1970
Ray E. McClain--27 Mar 1930-8 Oct 1991
Baby Boy McClain--1953
Baby Boy McClain--1955
stone marked O.M
Donald B. Whitt--23 Aug 1933--31 Oct 1990    PFC US Army Korea
Martha June--24 Dec 1934
Doan Park Caskey--20 Nov 1910--5 Dec 1976
Harry McClain--19 July 1894--30 Oct 1958
Kentucky PVT Hospital Tn Unit 66 WW I
Double Stone
Zettie McClain--10 Nov 1902--12 May 1982
Harry McClain--19 July 1894--30 Oct 1958
Bernice McClain--14 Apr 1921--28 Aug 1985
Double Stone
Eva B. Elliott--1912--19----------
Curtis C,.Elliott--1911--1957
Double Stone
Minnie McClain--7 Apr 1895--15 Jan 1983
Chester McClain--20 Mar 1900--20 Aug 1985
Double Stone
Allie Susan McClain--1879--1964
Harlan McClain--1878--19----------
Dorsie McClain--1911--1947
Double Stone
Emma D. McClain--1878--1945
Alfred McClain--1870--1943
Florence M. Hamilton--20 Nov 1886--14 June 1979
Clyde Hamilton--1914--1954
Josephine Hamilton--1918--1962
Willie Williams --14 Mar 1881--25 Dec 1939
Lester McClain--16 Jan 1901--22 Dec 1920
Addie McClain--7 Oct 1860--27 Jan 1956
Double Stone
Elic Elliott--1882--1938
Pearl Elliott--1887--1980
Alfred McClain--14 Feb 1850-30 Sep 1935
John W. McClain--23 Sep 1844--16 Jan 1918--Pheba, his wife 25 Aug 1852 (all on same stone) There is also a small stone leaning against this that is not legible
Florence Williams--18 Mar 1898--18 Sep 1959  (wife of Willie Williams)
Double Stone
Annie Ison--22 May 1910--21 Nov 1988
Lura Ison--5 May 1913--8 Feb 1985
Floyd McClain--unable to read dates
Walter McClain--22 May 1909--10 Feb 1995
Double Stone
Lizzie McClain--1887--1968
Frank McClain--1885--1964
Double Stone
Susan C. McClain--7 Feb 1858--15 June 1891
James McClain--30 Mar 1852--2 Mar 1929
Thornton McClain--unable to read dates
Joshua McClain--18 Nov 1845--20 Jan 1932
Delia Adkins--1897--1987
James Adkins--1892--1980  PVT US Army WW II
grave marked with field stone--not legible
Scytha McClain--25 Dec 1848--11 Nov 1916    Wife of Joshua
Lola McClain--26 May 1897--19 Oct 1921
John W McClain--11 Jan 1870--15 Mar 1910
grave marked with field stone--no I.D.
Scott McClain--cannot read dates
2 graves marked with field stone
Herbie Keeton--3 May 1934--17 Apr 2000
Double Stone
Sam Elliott--3 Nov 1899--6 Sep 1986
Lou Elliott--2 May 1905--10 June 1978
There are 2 graves beneath a tree which have blocks around them. there are markers on them but not able to read the dates.