Caskey Cemetery Lenox Morgan County Kentucky

The Caskey Cemetery in Lenox, Morgan County, Ky

Contributed by Diana Trimble Crace

To get to it, take rte 172 out of West Liberty about 6 miles (or less) turning right on Paradise Lane. Follow till road forks and turn right. Cemetery will be on left on a small hill. You can drive right up to it.

Henry McClain    1871--1955--(Henry was son of of Hannah Caskey from her first marriage)
Pruda B. McClain (first wife of Henry McClain)  21 Oct 1879--4 Feb 1908
John W. Pelfrey--5 Dec 1860--15 July 1945
Anna E Pelfrey (wife of John) 3 Dec 1863--24 July 1909
Johnny D. Stevens (infant son of John Stevens)    
6 Apr 1949--28 July 1949
Michael Lee Gibson  26 Nov 1962
John Stevens  19 Dec 1921--21 Jan 2003
Jennie  (Trimble) Caskey (wife of William H. Caskey)  1893--1977
William H. Caskey  1894--1954  (son of Ellis and Manda Caskey--listed below)
Dessis Marcella (Caskey) Dalton (daughter of Jennie and WH Caskey)  1 Oct 1918--22 Sep 1980
Maxie (Caskey) Ellis (daughter of Jennie and WH) 23 May 1921--18 June 1996
Ratricia Lea Kersey (granddaughter of Jennie and WH Caskey)  23 May 1945--8 July 1962  (She died in a motorcycle accident)
Estil N . Holbrook--11 May 1900--4 Nov 1985
Ethel (Doolin) Holbrook (wife of Estil) 28 June 1911--(no death date given)
Wick K. Caskey--1916--1919
Lillie V Caskey--1912--1912
Forest Caskey (Carved in field stone, unreadable)
M C Holbrook (infant child of Estil and Ethel Holbrook) 1930--1931
Amanda F Caskey (wife of Castle) 1864--19__ (death date not given)
Castle Caskey--1863--1951
James Ezra Caskey (son of Castle and Amanda)  Pvt US Army WWI  21 Mar 1889--23 Apr 1976
Roger Wayne Williams (son of Lillian and Avery William) 29 Sept 1946--29 Jan 2000
Avery Williams--20 Mar 1921--(still living)
Lillian Delayne Williams--17 Jan 1922--11 Nov 2001
Oliver Caskey--1878--1924
LBC--(no names or dates given)
Ella F. Adkins--1914--19__( rest of date not given)Lenville P. Adkins 1916--1947
Millard Adkins (son of Ella and Lenville) 25 Oct 1888--22 Dec 1916
Hannah A Caskey (wife of WT) 12 Sep 1853--6 Apr 1929  
W T Caskey  30 Mar 1860--14 Dec 1946 (W.T. full name was William Thomas)
Cecil Barker  Sgt. US Army WW II 7 Feb 1919--19 Dec 1944. Bronze SrT MDL Purple HRT OLC
Willie Junior Barker  16 July 1929--18 Jan 1947
Simon R Williams  24 Nov 1912--16 Jan 1999
Ida Mae Williams (wife of Simon) 20 Mar 1920--18 Aug 1982
(Simon and Winford were brothers)
Winford C. Williams  14 Mar 1904---(no death date)
Josie M Williams (wife of Winford) 23 Dec 1900--18 Aug 1982
Ellis Caskey  23 Dec 1872--19 Oct 1956
Manda L Caskey (wife of Ellis) 23 Aug 1877--11 June 1953
Dennie M Caskey -- 10 Sep 1886--16 Nov 1956 (son of WT and Hannah Caskey)
Josie (Buskirk) Caskey (wife of Dennie) 8 Sept 1889--19 Jan 1975
Darrel Gene Caskey (son of Donald H and Estella) 12 Jan 1939--20 Nov 1972
Donald Henry Caskey  6 Sep 1913--6 June 1999
Martha Estella Davis Caskey  20 Aug 1917--(Still living)
Castle Caskey, Tom (WT) Caskey, Ellis Caskey and Oliver Caskey were brother)

There are 2 graves at the foot of Estil and Ethel Holbrook's grave. These are unmarked, but are Ethel's parents, (John Frank Doolin--12 Aug 1876--26 July 1941, Matilda Alice (Rowland) Doolin--25 Mar 1882--11 June 1967.
    Also there are several graves in there that are marked only with field stones with no writing on them. I have no idea who any of them are.  There may also be unmarked graves in this cemetery, but not sure.

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