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Adams, Daniel Weisinger-CSA Brother to Confederate General William W. Adams BORN: Frankfort, Kentucky- June 1821 DIED: Jackson, Mississippi- June 13, 1872 BURIED: Jackson City Cemetery, Mississippi (Unmarked grave) Brigadier General- May 23, 1862 Practiced law in Mississippi. Marker placed in cemetery to his memory.

Adams, William Wirt-CSA BORN:Frankfort, Kentucky- March 22, 1819 DIED: Jackson, Mississippi- May 1888 BURIED: Jackson City Cemetery, Mississippi Brigadier General- September 23, 1863 Killed in Street encounter by Jackson’s newspaper editor.
Baker, Alpheus-CSA BORN:Abbeville, South Carolina- May 28, 1828 DIED: Louisville, Kentucky- October 21, 1891 BURIED: Cave Hill Cemetery at Louisville, Kentucky Brigadier General- March 5, 1864 Practiced law in Louisville. Buried in Confederate Section on cemetery.
Beall, William Nelson Rector-CSA BORN:Bardstown, Kentucky- March 20, 1825 DIED: Nashville, Tennessee- July 25, 1883 BURIED: Mount Olivet Cemetery at Nashville, Tennessee Brigadier General- April 11, 1862 Store merchant in St. Louis, Missouri
Breckinridge, John Cabell-CSA Former vice president of the United States BORN:Lexington, Kentucky- January 15, 1821 DIED: Lexington, Kentucky- May 17, 1875 BURIED: Lexington City Cemetery, Kentucky Major-General- April 14, 1862 Practiced law in Lexington
Buckner, Simon Bolivar-CSA BORN: Munfordville, Kentucky- April 1, 1820 DIED: Munfordville, Kentucky- January 8, 1914 BURIED: State Cemetery at Frankfort, Kentucky Lieutentent General- September 20, 1864 Governor of Kentucky. Last surviving Lt. Confederate General of the war.
Buford, Abraham-CSA BORN: Woodford County, Kentucky- January 18, 1820 DIED: Lexington, Kentucky- June 9, 1884 BURIED: Lexington City Cemetery, Kentucky Brigadier General- September 2, 1862 Served in the Kentucky State Legislature.
Churchill, Thomas James-CSA BORN: Louisville, Kentucky- March 10, 1824 DIED: Little Rock, Arkansas- May 14, 1904 BURIED: Mount Holly Cemetery at Little Rock, Arkansas Major-General- March 17, 1865 Governor of Arkansas.
Cosby, George Blake-CSA BORN: Louisville, Kentucky- January 19, 1830 DIED: Sacramento, California- June 29, 1909 BURIED: Sacramento Cemetery, California Brigadier General- January 20, 1863 Board member of the US military academy at West Point.
Crittenden, George Bibb-CSA Son of Kentucky Governor Crittenden BORN: Russellville, Kentucky- March 20, 1812 DIED: Danville, Kentucky- November 27, 1880 BURIED: State Cemetery at Frankfort, Kentucky Major-General- November 9, 1861 Served as State Librarian of Kentucky. SCV Camp to mark his grave in 1997.
Davis, Jefferson Finis-CSA Son-In-Law of U.S. President Zachary Taylor BORN: Fairview, Kentucky-June 3, 1808 DIED: New Orleans, Louisiana-December 6, 1889 BURIED: Hollywood Cemetery at Richmond, Virginia President of the Confederate States-February 18, 1861 Wrote “The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government”. Retired to Private life. Largest cast-concrete monument in the US marks his birthplace in Fairview, Ky.
Duke, Basil Wilson-CSA Brother-in-law to Confederate General John Hunt Morgan BORN: Scott County, Kentucky- May 28, 1838 DIED: New York City, New York- September 16, 1816 BURIED: Lexington City Cemetery, Kentucky Brigadier General-September 15, 1864 Commissioner of the Shiloh Military Park.
Fagan, James Fleming-CSA BORN: Clark County, Kentucky- March 1, 1828 DIED: Little Rock, Arkansas- September 1, 1893 BURIED: Mount Holly Cemetery at Little Rock, Arkansas Major-General- April 25, 1864 United States Marshall under President Grant’s administration.
Field, Charles William-CSA BORN: Woodford County, Kentucky- April 6, 1828 DIED: Washington D.C.- April 9, 1892 BURIED: Loudon Cemetery at Baltimore, Maryland Major-General- February 12, 1864 Door Keeper of the US House of Represenatives.
Gano, Richard Montgomery-CSA BORN: Paris, Kentucky- June 17, 1830 DIED: Dallas, Texas- March 27, 1913 BURIED: Dallas, Texas Brigadier General- March 17, 1865 A minister of a Christian Church.
Gholson, Samuel Jameson-CSA BORN: Madison County, Kentucky- May 19, 1808 DIED: Aberdeen, Mississippi- October 16, 1883 BURIED: Odd Fellows Cemetery at Aberdeen, Mississippi Brigadier General- May 6, 1864 Served in Mississippi State Legislature.
Gibson, Randell Lee-CSA BORN: Versailles, Kentucky- September 10, 1832 DIED: Hot Springs, Arkansas- December 15, 1892 BURIED: Lexington City Cemetery, Kentucky Brigadier General- January 11, 1864 President of Tulane University, Louisiana.
Grayson, John Breckinridge-CSA BORN: Lexington, Kentucky- October 18, 1806 DIED: Tallahassee, Florida- October 21, 1861 BURIED: St. Louis Cemetery at New Orleans, Louisiana Brigadier General- August 15, 1861 Died during the war of disease.
Hanson, Roger Weightman-CSA BORN: Clark County, Kentucky- August 27, 1827 DIED: Murfreesboro, Tennessee- January 2, 1863 BURIED: Lexington City Cemetery, Kentucky Brigadier General- December 13, 1862 Killed at the battle of Murfreesboro. Grave monument erected by his brigade after the war.
Hawes, James Morrison-CSA Confederate Governor of Kentucky BORN: Lexington, Kentucky- January 7, 1824 DIED; Covington, Kentucky- November 22, 1889 BURIED: Highland Cemetery at Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky Brigadier General- March 5, 1862 Store merchant in Covington.
Helm, Benjamin Hardin-CSA Son of Kentucky Governor John LaRue Helm BORN: Bardstown, Kentucky- June 2, 1831 DIED: Chickamauga, Georgia- September 20, 1863 BURIED: Helm Family Cemetery at Elizabethtown, Kentucky Brigadier General- March 14, 1862 Killed at the battle of Chickamauga. Grave marked by SCV in 1996.
Hodge, George Baird-CSA BORN: Fleming County, Kentucky- April 8, 1828 DIED: Longwood, Florida- August 11, 1892 BURIED: Evergreen Cemetery at Newport, Kentucky Brigadier General- November 20,1863 Kentucky State Senator.
Hood, John Bell-CSA BORN: Owingsville, Kentucky- June 1, 1831 DIED: New Orleans, Louisiana- August 20, 1879 BURIED: Metaririe Cemetery at New Orleans, Louisiana General- July 18, 1864 Died of Yellow Fever. Restoration of his birthplace home is being done at Owingsville, Ky.
Jackson, William Lowther, CSA Cousin to General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson BORN: Clarksville, Virginia- February 3, 1825 DIED: Louisville, Kentucky- March 24, 1890 BURIED: Cave Hill Cemetery at Louisville, Kentucky Brigadier General Prominent judge in Louisville.
Johnson, Adam Rankin-CSA BORN: Henderson, Kentucky- February 8, 1834 DIED: Burnet, Texas- October 20, 1922 BURIED: State cemetery at Austin, Texas Brigadier General- June 1, 1864 Blinded during the war. Founder of Marble Hills, Texas.
Johnston, Albert Sidney-CSA Brother-in-law to CS General William Preston BORN: Washington, Kentucky- February 2, 1803 DIED: Shiloh, Tennessee- April 6, 1862 BURIED: State cemetery at Austin, Texas General- May 30, 1861 Killed at the battle of Shiloh. Wife and children are buried at Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Ky.
Lewis, Joseph Horace-CSA BORN: Glasgow, Kentucky- October 29, 1824 DIED: Glasgow, Kentucky- July 6, 1904 BURIED: Glasgow City Cemetery, Kentucky Brigadier General- September 30, 1863 Chief Justice of the Kentucky court of appeals. SCV to mark his grave in 1997
Loyn, Hylan Benton-CSA BORN: Loyn County, Kentucky- February 22, 1836 DIED: Eddyville, Kentucky- April 25, 1907 BURIED: Eddyville Cemetery, Kentucky Brigadier General- June 14, 1864 Commissioner of the Eddyville Penitentiary, Kentucky.
Marshall, Humphrey-CSA BORN: Frankfort, Kentucky- January 13, 1812 DIED: Louisville, Kentucky- March 28, 1872 BURIED: State cemetery at Frankfort, Kentucky Brigadier General- October 30, 1861 Practiced law in Louisville.
Martin, William Thompson-CSA BORN: Glasgow, Kentucky- March 25, 1823 DIED: Natchez, Mississippi- March 16, 1910 BURIED: Natches, Mississippi Major-General- November 10, 1863 President of the Natchez-Columbus Railroad.
Maxey, Samuel Bell-CSA BORN: Tompkinsville, Kentucky- March 30, 1825 DIED: Eureka Springs, Arkansas- August 16, 1895 BURIED: Paris, Texas Brigadier General- March 4, 1862 U.S. Congressman.
Morgan, John Hunt-CSA Brother-in-law to CS General A.P. Hill BORN: Huntsville, Alabama- June 1, 1825 DIED: Greenville, Tennessee- September 3, 1863 BURIED: Lexington City Cemetery, Kentucky Brigadier General- December 11, 1862 Murdered in Greenville, TN by a Tennessee Union Soldier.
Perry, William Flank-CSA BORN: Jackson County, Georgia- March 12, 1823 DIED: Bowling Green, Kentucky- December 18, 1901 BURIED: Fairview Cemetery at Bowling Green, Kentucky Brigadier General- February 21, 1865 Professor at Ogden College in Bowling Green. Ky.
Preston, William-CSA Brother-In-Law To Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston BORN: Louisville, Kentucky- October 16, 1816 DIED: Lexington, Kentucky- September 21, 1887 BURIED: Cave Hill Cemetery at Louisville, Kentucky Brigadier General- April 14, 1862 Served in the Kentucky Legislature.
Quarles, William Andrew-CSA BORN: Jamestown, Virginia- July 4, 1825 DIED: Russellville, Kentucky- December 28, 1893 BURIED: Christian County, Kentucky Brigadier General- August 25, 1863 Tennessee State Senator.
Robertson, Jerome Bonaparte-CSA BORN: Woodford County, Kentucky- March 14, 1815 DIED: Waco, Texas- January 7, 1891 BURIED: Waco Cemetery, Texas Brigadier General- November 1, 1862 Superintendent of the Texas State Bureau of Immigration.
Shelby, Joseph Orville-CSA BORN: Lexington, Kentucky- December 12, 1830 DIED: Adrian, Missouri- February 13, 1897 BURIED: Kansas City Cemetery, Missouri Brigadier General- December 15, 1863 U.S. Marshall of the western district.
Slack, William Yarnell-CSA BORN: Mason County, Kentucky- August 1, 1816 DIED: Elkhorn, Arkansas- March 21, 1862 BURIED: Fayetteville Cemetery, Arkansas Brigadier General- April 12, 1862 Killed in action at Elkhorn Tavern.
Smith, Gustavus Woodson-CSA BORN: Georgetown, Kentucky- November 30, 1821 DIED: New York City, New York- June 24, 1896 BURIED: New London Cemetery, Connecticut Major-General- September 19, 1861 Kentucky State Insurance Commissioner.
Taylor, Richard-CSA Son of President Zachary Taylor/Brother-in-law to Jefferson Davis. Louisville, Kentucky- BORN: January 27, 1826 DIED: New York City, New York- April 12, 1879 BURIED: Metairie Cemetery at New Orleans, Louisiana Major-General- July 28, 1862 Chief advocator in the release of President Jefferson Davis from prison.
Taylor, Thomas Hart-CSA BORN: Frankfort, Kentucky- July 31, 1825 DIED: Louisville, Kentucky- April 12, 1901 BURIED: State cemetery at Frankfort, Kentucky Brigadier General- November 4, 1862 Chief of Police in Louisville.
Williams, John Stuart-CSA BORN: Mount Sterling, Kentucky- July 10, 1818 DIED: Mount Sterling, Kentucky- July 17, 1898 BURIED: Winchester City Cemetery, Kentucky Brigadier General- April 16, 1862 Elected US senator from Kentucky.
---Although General Lloyd Tilghman was not born, died or buried in Kentucky. He lived before the war in Paducah, Kentucky, which he claimed as home. There are two monuments erected in Paducah for Gen. Tilghman. The city high school and two area SCV Camps are named for him.
---Most of this information came from GENERALS IN GRAY, by Ezra J. Warner.

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