5th Infantry (A-C) Civil War: Mercer Co. Ky
"The Louisville Legion"
from "Union Regiments of Kentucky"
(Under the 13th Army Corps)

Surnames (in this Regiment): A-C D-G H-L M-R S-Z

Data Contributed by Mark Fields, page created by Pam Carey Ison
© 1998,1999 all rights reserved

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Acherer, AnterPvtE 
Achwenzer, RichardMusicianStaff 
Adams, John M.SgtH 
Adams, LarkinPvtA 
Agan, ThomasPvtK 
Agee, HenryCorplF 
Albert, George A.1st.LtH 
Albert, WilliamPvtH 
Amann, PhilipPvtE 
Amon, MichaelPvtI 
Anderson, Charles1st.LtG 
Anderson, Howard A.PvtI 
Anderson, Marshall H.PvtI 
Anderson, Wm.SgtI 
Apel, JohnCorplD 
Arenat, JacobPvtE 
Armbruster, WilliamPvtK 
Arthur, BernardPvtC 
Atwood, JamesPvtF 
Ayars, William H. H.CaptI 
Ayars, Wm. H. H.2d.LtE 
Ayers, JohnPvtD 
Babcock, ThomasCorplF 
Backhoff, JohnPvtC 
Baker, ChristianPvtE 
Baker, John1st.LtD 
Baldwin, WilliamPvtF 
Ball, Robert P.SgtI 
Ball, VolneyPvtH 
Bammiester, Geo.PvtE 
Banmiester, FrankSgtE 
Barber, JacobPvtC 
Barker, HarryPvtC 
Barker, JohnPvtG 
Barkwell, Major C.MusicianStaff 
Barrett, ThomasPvtB 
Base, LouisPvtB 
Batman, William1st.LtF 
Batman, WilliamSgtB 
Baty, James H.2d.LtD 
Beal, John F.CorplF 
Beatt, RobertPvtB 
Beaty, RichardPvtG 
Bediker, WilliamPvtA 
Beeker, ChristopherPvtB 
Bell, HarveyPvtG 
Bell, HenryPvtG 
Bender, ChristopherSgtI 
Bennett, Benjamin F.PvtB 
Bennett, Joseph W.PvtB 
Bercile, ConradPvtE 
Berg, Joseph VonMusicianStaff 
Berge, JohnPvtI 
Bergman, JosephPvtH 
Bernds, FrederickPvtE 
Berry, William W.ColStaff 
Bessinger, AntonePvtH 
Bessinger, GeorgePvtH 
Binger, LudwigPvtE 
Black, WilliamPvtG 
Blackburn, Royal P.PvtD 
Blackburn, Wm.PvtD 
Blair, Frederick K.PvtE 
Bledsoe, Henry C.SgtI 
Bodkins, JohnPvtG 
Boesser, SimonPrin.MusStaff 
Boheim, HenryPvtE 
Boheim, MichaelPvtE 
Bordin, EdwardPvtK 
Borgel, GeorgeSgtH 
Bostan, William F.PvtK 
Botts, WilliamPvtG 
Bowers, CharlesTmstrA 
Bowman, JohnPvtG 
Brady, MichaelPvtF 
Branan, JohnPvtB 
Brandrick, JohnCorplK 
Bratcher, FranklinSgtF 
Brawner, ConradPvtD 
Brennen, MichaelCorplA 
Brent, John D.CaptK 
Brett, FrederickPvtE 
Briscoe, MosesPvtI 
Bristow, James H.ChaplainStaff 
Broadas, SidneyPvtC 
Brodock, JohnCorplF 
Brody, MichaelPvtI 
Brohm, FrancisPvtE 
Brooner, FrederickPvtH 
Brophy, MartinPvtG 
Brothers, CharlesPvtI 
Brown, EdwardPvtF 
Brown, JohnPvtC 
Brown, JohnPvtI 
Brown, Lanson V.PvtG 
Brown, LewisPvtH 
Brundage, EdwardPvtK 
Bryant, RobertCorplF 
Bryant, SimonPvtH 
Buchanan, AlonzoPvtC 
Buckley, BartholomewCorplA 
Buckley, Harvey M.ColStaff 
Buckner, Henry C.PvtK 
Buckner, RobertPvtK 
Buford, Benjamin T.PvtH 
Bumgardner, WilliamPvtH 
Burgess, WilliamSgtF 
Burk, DennisPvtC 
Burklin, John G.PvtH 
Burks, PatrickCorplD 
Burns, JamesPvtD 
Burns, Terrance F.2d.LtF 
Burns, ThomasPvtG 
Burns, WilliamPvtC 
Bussy, FrederickPvtK 
Butler, JerryPvtI 
Butler, MartinPvtC 
Buttler, Shadrach T.PvtK 
Byers, George W.CorplC 
Byron, LeviPvtG 
Cable, SquirePvtH 
Cahill, John C.SgtG 
Cahill, ThomasPvtA 
Cancelman, GeorgePvtB 
Canning, DanielPvtD 
Carey, JohnPvtI 
Carney, PatrickPvtA 
Carr, MilesPvtA 
Carroll, JamesPvtC 
Carter, Jas. D.PvtK 
Carter, JohnPvtB 
Carter, WilliamPvtI 
Casper, JohnPvtC 
Cassedy, William W.PvtA 
Cassen, Henry1stLtA 
Cawherd, ArchiePvtK 
Chandler, Elisha O.PvtK 
Clay, Henry B.PvtH 
Cleary, PatrickPvtB 
Clin,ton, PaulSgtA 
Cline, Samuel C.PvtF 
Cobble, John C.PvtK 
Coburn, James W.PvtG 
Coburn, John W.PvtG 
Cody, ThomasPvtG 
Coe, HenryPvtI 
Cole, William H.PvtH 
Coleman, James A.PvtK 
Coleman, JohnPvtC 
Colgan, MichaelPvtG 
Collins, Levin W.PvtB 
Collins, MichaelPvtC 
Conen, JosephCorplB 
Conklin, Benjamin H.PvtG 
Conklin, JamesPvtG 
Conley, MichaelPvtC 
Conley, ThomasPvtG 
Connell, JamesPvtB 
Conner, HenryPvtB 
Conner, James A.PvtK 
Connery, AndrewPvtF 
Conrad, JacobPvtI 
Conroy, DennisPvtC 
Cook, Charles J.1st.LtI 
Cook, Thomas H.PvtK 
Cooney, CorleyPvtK 
Cooper, George W.PvtB 
Cooper, James K.PvtD 
Corbitt, ThomasPvtA 
Corn, James C.CorplD 
Corrigan, JamesPvtI 
Cosgrave, RobertCorplA 
Cox, Lewis P.SgtB 
Craddock, Thomas J.PvtK 
Crane, PatrickPvtG 
Cronan, JohnPvtC 
Crosgo, MichaelPvtG 
Crow, JamesPvtA 
Cullen, James F.CaptA 
Cummings, Theodore F.1st.LtD 
Curran, DanielPvtA 
Curran, TimothyPvtG 
Curren, MichaelPvtA 
Curry, Milton W.2d.LtD 
Cusach, James V. C.PvtI 
Cusick, JohnPvtF 
Cusshin, DennisPvtD 

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