35th Infantry (A-C) Civil War: Mercer Co. Ky
from "Union Regiments of Kentucky"
(Under the 13th Army Corps)

Surnames (in this Regiment): A-C D-G H-L M-R S-Z

Data Contributed by Mark Fields and Gerald Tudor, page created by Pam Carey Ison
© 1998,1999 all rights reserved

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The 35 Infantry was a mounted unit, so it is properly called the Thirty Fifth Mounted Infantry Regiment.


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Abner, JosephPvtH 
Adams, George W.PvtA 
Adams, James V.SgtA 
Adwell, WilliamPvtB 
Ahl, WilliamPvtI 
Ahl, WilliamSgtK 
Alexander, Christ C.PvtD 
Allen, James S.PvtH 
Allison, JohnPvtG 
Alsop, JohnCaptI 
Amas, John W.PvtB 
Anderson, Harvey B.PvtI 
Anthony, Tyberius M.2dLtE 
Arnett, LewisPvtE 
Ashley, JosephPvtK 
Ashley, WilliamPvtE 
Aten, GeorgePvtI 
Atherton, Charles W.SgtD 
Atherton, JamesPvtD 
Atherton, JamesPvtK 
Atkins, JohnPvtI 
Auberry, Philip F.PvtB 
Baker, Francis M.PvtA 
Baker, Hendrick D.CaptB 
Baker, Isaac N.PvtA 
Baker, John H.PvtB 
Baker, VolneyCaptC 
Baker, William R.CorplB 
Balmere, NoahPvtH 
Baltzell, NewtonMusicianK 
Baltzell, NewtonPvtG 
Bandy, JeffersonCorplD 
Barkwell, James C.PvtE 
Barkwell, JamesMusicianK 
Barr, HenryPvtA 
Barr, JohnCorplA 
Basham, Reuben B.PvtB 
Bass, JosephusPvtI 
Bassinger, HenryPvtE 
Baughn, James R.PvtD 
Baughn, Joseph F.PvtD 
Baxtin, James A.PvtE 
Baxton, James A.PvtK 
Beaver, Lyssus A.CorplC 
Beeney, Robert M.Com.SgtStaff 
Beeney, Robert M.SgtA 
Bell, JamesPvtE 
Bell, WilliamCorplE 
Bennett, John L.1stLtC 
Bennett, John L.Com.SgtStaff 
Benton, Allen H.PvtD 
Berry, Gilbert C.SgtA 
Berry, JamesPvtH 
Berry, JohnPvtH 
Bishop, George W.PvtB 
Bishop, Temple V.PvtI 
Bledsoe, James A.CorplG 
Bledsoe, James P.SgtB 
Boatwright, Edward B.WagonerE 
Booth, George W.PvtF 
Booth, George W.PvtK 
Boothe, James W.PvtG 
Boothe, JosephPvtG 
Bowling, Lafayette L.PvtF 
Boyd, James A.PvtI 
Boyd, James A.SgtK 
Bradley, Samuel C.SgtG 
Bratcher, DavidPvtG 
Bratcher, GranvillePvtH 
Bratcher, John W.SgtH 
Bray, Hildreth A.PvtA 
Bristow, Frank H.MajStaff 
Brodie, RobertCaptA 
Brooks, AbrahamPvtB 
Brooks, BenjaminPvtB 
Brooks, JacobPvtB 
Brown, EliCorplK 
Brown, EliPvtG 
Brown, GranvillePvtD 
Brown, HutsonCaptF 
Brown, JohnSgtF 
Brown, SamuelPvtF 
Brueese, AbijahPvtG 
Bruner, James R.CorplG 
Bruner, P. Mc.PvtG 
Bryant, John A.PvtB 
Bumpass, Edward J.CorplE 
Burden, Benjamin F.PvtH 
Burden, Eli J.PvtH 
Burden, James V.PvtG 
Burdett, WilliamBuglerC 
Burnett, DavidPvtI 
Burnett, HenrySgtB 
Byers, Anderson R.1stLtH 
Byers, AveryCaptH 
Byers, JamesPvtH 
Byers, William S.SgtH 
Byers, William S.SgtMajStaff 
Callay, JohnPvtA 
Cally, BryantPvtF 
Calvert, Willis A.PvtI 
Calvin, PresleyCorplD 
Campbell, EdwardCaptE 
Canary, George W.PvtE 
Canary, GeorgePvtK 
Cantrell, BradfordPvtA 
Capshaw, JacobPvtB 
Carroll, JacobPvtI 
Carroll, JacobPvtK 
Carter, ArchibaldPvtF 
Carter, PeterPvtE 
Carter, ThomasPvtG 
Cary, Remos G.PvtD 
Casey, William S.PvtG 
Cates, Andrew C.PvtE 
Cates, Elias F.PvtA 
Cates, John W.PvtE 
Cates, Newton S.PvtE 
Cates, SamuelPvtE 
Cates, SamuelPvtK 
Cates, William E.PvtA 
Cates, William E.PvtK 
Caughman, Wm. T.PvtA 
Chambers, JohnPvtK 
Chancellor, WilliamPvtH 
Chandler, David M.PvtA 
Chapman, PhilemonCorplD 
Childers, Charles W.PvtF 
Childress, Andrew T.PvtE 
Clapp, William H. H.PvtH 
Clark, George W.PvtG 
Clark, James R.PvtH 
Clark, John L.PvtH 
Clark, Thomas W.PvtK 
Clark, William T.PvtI 
Cliff, George A.PvtA 
Cliff, George A.PvtK 
Cline, John B.PvtH 
Clouse, GeorgePvtD 
Cobb, BryantPvtC 
Cobb, JohnCorplE 
Cobb, Lawrence W.PvtE 
Cobb, NathanielPvtE 
Cobb, Thomas J.PvtC 
Coffman, John T.CorplC 
Colburn, Reuben F.Q.M.SgtStaff 
Cole, Wesley1stLtC 
Coleburn, Norman R.PvtK 
Coleman, Lewis T.PvtF 
Collins, JeremiahCorplI 
Combs, William H.PvtH 
Conklin, William H.CorplG 
Conley, MichaelPvtD 
Conway, John W.PvtB 
Cook, WalterPvtH 
Coomes, Lewis A.PvtI 
Cosby, Albert D.SurgStaff 
Cowan, GeorgePvtH 
Cox, Henry G.PvtB 
Cox, James L.PvtB 
Cox, JohnPvtH 
Crabtree, John H.PvtK 
Crabtree, John R.PvtG 
Crabtree, JohnPvtI 
Crabtree, Thomas E.PvtK 
Crabtree, ThomasPvtI 
Craig, DavidPvtA 
Crawford, James T.PvtH 
Crawford, James T.PvtK 
Crawford, Richard F.2dLtK 
Crawford, WilliamPvtH 
Crews, James W.PvtE 
Crist, William R.PvtE 
Crowley, Edmund H.CorplE 
Crowley, George W.CorplC 
Crowley, George W.PvtA 
Crowley, James A.PvtA 
Crowley, James A.PvtK 
Crowley, Sebron J.PvtA 
Crowley, SquirePvtA 
Crowley, WilliamPvtE 
Crowling, Starling E.PvtC 
Curn, WilliamPvtI 
Curran, WilliamPvtK 

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