10th Infantry (A-E) Civil War: Mercer Co. Ky
from "Union Regiments of Kentucky"
(Under the 13th Army Corps)

Surnames (in this Regiment): A-E F-L M-R S-Z

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Note: this history (compressed) provided by M. Dean Hunt

The 10th Kentucky Volunteer infantry was organized at Lebanon, Marion Co., KY under Col. John M. Harland. In November 1861, it was assigned to the 2nd Brigade, 1st Division of the Army of the Ohio. Commander of the brigade was Col. M. D. Manson. Commander of the Division was Brig. Gen. George H. Thomas.

The 10th participated in the following:
Went to Pittsburg Landing and took part in the siege of Corinth.
     A few days after the Battle of Shiloh, the brigade was sent by Gen. Grant up the Tennessee River on transports guarded by gunboat. The forces landed at Chickasaw, the object of the expedition being to penetrate the country from Chickasaw and destroy the large railroad bridge east of Corinth and near Iuka. The expedition was successful.
     In July 1862, Co. A and Co. H of the 10th was on duty in Courtland, AL where they were surrounded by an overwhelming force of enemy and captured.
     On December 25, 1862, the 2nd Brigade started from Gallatin under the command of Col. John M. Harlan in pursuit of rebel Gen. John H. Morgan, and to protect the Louisville & Nashville Railroad. Morgan was overtaken on December 29th at Rolling Fork and driven from the line of the railroad. Gen. Duke of Morgan's command was dangerously wounded there.
     The 10th also was with Rosecrans in the summer campaign from Murfreesboro to Chickamauga, participated in action at Hoover's gap, Fairfield, Tullahoma, Compton's Creek and Chickamauga, returning with the army to Chattanooga.
     The 10th mustered out of service on December 6, 1864 at Louisville, KY.

CREDIT: Taken from Adjutant General's Report, Federal Kentucky Volunteers -
War 1861 - 1866, Vol. 1, Page 823


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Abel, Joshua J.Pvt.I 
Abell, Benedict J. A.Pvt.D 
Abell, Cornelius W.Pvt.H 
Abell, EnochPvt.H 
Abell, George W.Pvt.H 
Abell, SamuelCorp.H 
Adams, Elisha M.Pvt.E 
Adams, William T.Pvt.E 
Adcock, Joseph T.2d Lt.F 
Ainsworth, Henry H.Pvt.H 
Allen, DavidPvt.C 
Allen, SamuelPvt.C 
Allen, Silas W.Pvt.C 
Alvey, AlexanderPvt.B 
Anderson, JohnPvt.C 
Andrews, Albert T.Corp.C 
Arnett, John Jr.Pvt.K 
Arnett, John Sr.Pvt.K 
Arnold, AdamPvt.A 
Arnold, JeremiahPvt.A 
Arnold, LeviSgt.A 
Arnold, SimpsonPvt.A 
Arnott, JohnPr. Mus.Staff 
Asbeck, GustaveCorp.A 
Ash, HenryPvt.F 
Askren, SamuelPvt.A 
Atkins, Lafayette F.Pvt.C 
Atkisson, Wm.Surg.Staff 
Averrett, John D.Pvt.I 
Avis, EdwardPvt.G 
Back, Jefferson B.Pvt.G 
Badgett, HardinCorp.F 
Baker, John L.Pvt.F 
Baker, SamuelPvt.A 
Baker, WilliamCorp.K 
Ballard, JosephPvt.G 
Ballard, ShelbyPvt.G 
Ballard, WilliamPvt.G 
Barry, Henry W.1st Lt.H 
Batman, WilliamPvt.K 
Baugh, EliPvt.K 
Baugh, HendersonPvt.F 
Bayne, PatrickPvt.H 
Bean, BenjaminSgt.G 
Beaven, Chas.Corpl.D 
Beavers, WilfordPvt.D 
Becker, UlrickPvt.K 
Begals, John H.Pvt.I 
Beggley, RolandPvt.D 
Beglous, William F.Q.M. Sgt.Staff 
Beglow, William F.2d Lt.H 
Bell, IsaacPvt.I 
Bellam, Richard R.Sgt.K 
Belton, AddisonCorp.H 
Benningfield, JohnPvt.C 
Berhnes, HenryPvt.A 
Bermingham, MartinPvt.H 
Berry, JamesPvt.A 
Berry, William G.Pvt.E 
Bevill, Seth P.Capt.E 
Birch, John H.Pvt.G 
Blair, DavidCorpl.B 
Blair, Jas.Pvt.B 
Blair, John T.Pvt.B 
Blair, John T.Pvt.K 
Bland, FletcherPvt.A 
Blandford, George H.Pvt.G 
Blandford, George W.Sgt.A 
Blanford, EdwardCorpl.B 
Blanford, RobertPvt.B 
Blemford, Edward O.1st Lt.G 
Blemford, JamesPvt.G 
Bllou, JohnPvt.C 
Boarman, Jno.Pvt.C 
Boone, WilliamPvt.G 
Bottom, Calvin W.Corp.F 
Bottom, Fidellar S.Pvt.F 
Bottoms, Bradford E.Pvt.D 
Bough, EliPvt.F 
Bowles, George W.Pvt.E 
Bowling, WilliamPvt.F 
Boyd, WilliamPvt.A 
Boyle, RichardSgt.E 
Boyle, Robert W.Corp.A 
Brackan, William C.Pvt.D 
Bradv, George W.Pvt.B 
Brady, JosephPvt.B 
Bright, William D.Pvt.C 
Broax, AlexanderPvt.K 
Brockman, JamesPvt.H 
Brothers, James M.Pvt.G 
Brown, D. MarcusPvt.B 
Brown, James F.Pvt.C 
Brown, James W.Pvt.I 
Brown, JoshuaPvt.I 
Brown, JosiahPvt.I 
Brown, Philip M.Pvt.I 
Brown, Thomas J.Sgt.I 
Brown, Thos.Pvt.K 
Browning, JosephPvt.F 
Bryant, John H.Pvt.I 
Buckler, WillistanCorp.G 
Buckley, JohnPvt.K 
Buckman, John C.Pvt.D 
Buckman, Jos. MadisonSgt.C 
Buckman, Jos. W.Corp.C 
Buckman, Joseph MikeCorp.C 
Bullock, James G.Pvt.B 
Bullock, WilliamPvt.B 
Bumgarder, George W.Pvt.A 
Bumgarder, John W.Pvt.A 
Burchell, Jno.Pvt.I 
Burger, AndrewCorp.K 
Burk, TobiasCorp.K 
Burnell, JamesPvt.F 
Butler, WilliamPvt.B 
Cabell, William T.Pvt.H 
Cable, JamesPvt.A 
Cady, MichaelPvt.K 
Cain, AdamPvt.D 
Campbel1, JamesPvt.H 
Campbell, DugaldCorp.K 
Campbell, John A.Pvt.K 
Campbell, JohnPvt.E 
Campbell, MosesPvt.H 
Campbell, William P.Pvt.H 
Cane, AdamPvt.K 
Carmode, SimonPvt.K 
Carney, JohnPvt.E 
Carpenter, Charles A.Pvt.K 
Carric, AndersonPvt.G 
Carroll, JamesPvt.E 
Carroll, John C.Corp.K 
Carter, Joseph E.Pvt.F 
Carum, James C.Pvt.C 
Casabon, Oliver D.Pvt.A 
Casey, JohnPvt.K 
Caughlem, WilliamPvt.G 
Ceaver, Jesse M.Pvt.I 
Cecil, Jno. H.Pvt.B 
Champion, Charles A.Pvt.E 
Champion, James C.Sgt.E 
Champion, Thos. M.Corp.E 
Clark, EdwardPvt.B 
Clark, JohnPvt.B 
Clark, Royal G.Pvt.B 
Clarke, John M.Pvt.G 
Clarkson, JamesPvt.E 
Clarkson, JohnPvt.E 
Clayton, Francis S.Pvt.G 
Clayton, Robert H.Sgt.C 
Clements, James P.Corp.H 
Col., 2-Lt.Lt. Col.Staff 
Compfort, ThomasPvt.D 
Conway, PatrickPvt.K 
Cooley, CorneliusPvt.F 
Cooley, EdwardPvt.F 
Cooley, John B.Pvt.F 
Cooley, StephenPvt.F 
Cooley, WilliamPvt.F 
Coomes, BurrCorp.E 
Cooper, John A.Pvt.C 
Cooper, PhilipPvt.E 
Corcoran, PhilipPvt.E 
Courtney, John W.Pvt.E 
Cox, MicajahPvt.F 
Cox, Peter A.Sgt.K 
Cozine, John S.Sgt.E 
Craig, JohnCorp.C 
Creagle, JamesCorp.A 
Crench, Martin O.Corpl.D 
Crench, Wm. W.Pvt.D 
Cronch, Jas. P.Pvt.D 
Cross, JamesCorpl.B 
Cross, Richard M.Pvt.B 
Cross, WilliamCorpl.B 
Crouch, StephenPvt.F 
Crowell, James A.Pvt.H 
Cruse, AndrewPvt.F 
Crutchett, HenryPr. Mus.Staff 
Crutchter, HenryPvt.A 
Cundiff, EliasPvt.C 
Cundiff, GeorgePvt.B 
Curby, John H.Corp.I 
Curby, William J.Sgt.I 
Curd, JosephPvt.E 
Cushin, DennisPvt.K 
Cussanger, JamesPvt.D 
Cutsinger, JamesPvt.K 
Dailey, PeterPvt.K 
Darian, SimonPvt.F 
Davenport, James M.2d Lt.B 
Davenport, Jas. M.Capt.G 
Davenport, RichardHosp. Stwd.Staff 
Davidson, Henry G.Capt.A 
Davidson, Henry G.Maj.Staff 
Davis, Nathaniel W.Corpl.D 
Dawson, Martin A.Corp.E 
Dearing, John L.Pvt.E 
Dearion, SimonPvt.K 
Decker, AugustPvt.A 
Demarsh, NicholasPvt.A 
Demarsh, StephenPvt.A 
Dennis, FrankPvt.A 
Denton, John H.Capt.K 
Dobson, JamesMus.C 
Dobson, William H.Pvt.C 
Dobson, William H.Pvt.E 
Donahoo, JamesPvt.B 
Dorsey, MorrisPvt.K 
Dorsey, Stephen N.2d Lt.D 
Duffield, JacobPvt.A 
Dunn, Henry C.1st Lt.H 
Dunn, Henry C.Com. Sgt.Staff 
Dunn, Henry C.Sgt.D 
Durbin, John C.Pvt.A 
Durham, James S.Pvt.B 
Durham, Jolm S.Pvt.B 
Dye, Robert T.Pvt.C 
Eads, ZachariahPvt.H 
Eady, HughPvt.K 
Earing, James C.Sgt.D 
Earls, MiltonCorp.H 
Edelen, BenedictSgt.H 
Edmonson, JosephPvt.A 
Edmonson, Wilson W.Pvt.A 
Edswards, John L.Pvt.E 
Edwards, William M.Pvt.E 
Ellis, BenjaminPvt.H 
Ellis, BenjaminPvt.I 
Elmore, AndrewPvt.C 
Emery, John W.Pvt.G 
Emms, JosephPvt.K 
Enbert, JohnWagonerG 
Enders, MichaelPvt.K 
Ensor, George W.Corp.E 
Estes, BenjaminPvt.F 
Estes, John2nd Lt.A 
Ewing, William T.Pvt.D 

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